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Indian Affairs Bureau-Continued
Tribes, Indian; regulations respecting certain tribes—Continued
Kaw or Kansas Indians:

Certificates of competency, 25 & 241.6

Determination of heirs, 25 $ 81.34
Klamath Tribes:

Judgment and payment in lieu of allotment of funds, 25 $ $ 223.1-223.18
Loans from tribal fund; eligibility, application, security, repayments,

etc., 25 Part 28
Menominee Indians:

Clearing and use of forest lands for nonforest purposes, 25 $ $ 62.50–62.52
Enrollment of, 25 Part 51

Sale of timber products from forests on reservation, 25 $ $ 62.1-62.13
Metlakahtla Indians; occupancy of Annette Islands Reserve, Alaska (local

government, membership, land permits, etc.), 25 Part 1
Mission Indians, enrollment of, 25 Part 54
Navajo Indians:

Grazing on reservation, 25 Part 72
Leases, 25 $ 171.30
Loans, 25 $ 21.18

Traders on reservation, 25 Part 277
Oregon tribes or bands, funds awarded to; preparation of rolls for distribu-

tion of funds, 25 Part 56
Osage Tribe. See Osage Tribe, above.
Pueblo Indians:
Irrigation and drainage works of Middle Rio Grande Conservancy

District, New Mexico; acreage designated as benefited by, 25 $ 129.1
Leasing or permitting of lands, period of, 25 $ 171.28
Quapaw Agency, lead and zinc mining operations and leases, 25 Part 201
Seminole Indians. See Five Civilized Tribes, above.
Shoshone Indians:

Agricultural and grazing leases, 25 $ 171.27
Funds, tribal; judgment and payment in lieu of allotment funds, 25

$ $ 223.50–223.70
Mining, oil and gas; leasing of lands for, 25 Part 192
Siletz Indians, Confederated Tribes; enrollment of, 25 Part 57

Zuni Indians; traders on reservation, etc., 25 Part 277
Trust periods on certain Indian lands, extensions of; list of Executive orders

and acts of Congress continuing trust or restricted period of Indian lands,

25 Chapter I, Appendix Tuition funds. See Education of Indians. Water charges, for operation and maintenance of irrigation projects. See

Irrigation projects. Welfare of Indians. See Relief of Indians. Wilderness and roadless areas, establishment of; definitions, roadless area, wild

area, roads prohibited, 25 Part 281 Wills. See Heirs and wills. Wind River Reservation. See Shoshone Indians. Zinc; mining on lands of various tribes. See Mining, and sale or lease of

minerals. Zuni Indians, traders on reservation; application for license, articles prohibited,

etc., 25 Part 277
Indian Arts and Crafts Board, Interior Department:
Certificates of genuineness of Indian Arts and Crafts Board, use of:

Alaskan Indian and Alaskan Eskimo hand-made products, 25 $ $ 310.1–310.7
Attachment to trademarks by Indian enterprises concerned with production

and sale of genuine handicrafts, 25 $$ 308.1-308.4 Wool woven fabrics. See Wool. Eskimos, hand-made products; use of Government mark of genuineness, 25

$$ 310.1, 310.5–310.7 Government stamp or mark: Certificates of genuineness for various hand-made products. See Certifi

cates of genuineness.

Indian Arts and Crafts Board, Interior Department Continued
Government stamp or mark—Continued

For silver. See Silver.

For silver and turquoise products. See Silver and turquoise.
Handicrafts; certificates of genuineness for:

Attachment to trademarks by Indian enterprises, 25 $$ 308.1-308.4
For Alaskan Indian and Alaskan Eskimo hand-made products, 25 $$ 310.1–

Wool woven fabrics. See Wool.
Hopi Indians:

Silver; use of Government mark, 25 $$ 304.1-304.9

Silver and turquoise products; standards, 25 $$ 301.1-301.8
Navajo Indians:

Silver; use of Government mark, 25 $ $ 304.1–304.9
Silver and turquoise products; standards, 25 $$ 301.1-301.8
Wool woven fabrics (all-wool); use of Government certificate of genuine-

ness, 25 $$ 307.1-307.13 Pueblo Indians:

Silver; use of Government mark, 25 $ $ 304.1–304.9

Silver and turquoise products; standards, 25 $ $ 301.1–301.8 Silver (Navajo, Pueblo, and Hopi), use of Government mark, 25 $$ 304.1-304.9 Silver and turquoise products (Navajo, Pueblo, and Hopi); standards,

25 $$ 301.1-301.8 Turquoise and silver products (Navajo, Pueblo, and Hopi); standards, 25

$$ 301.1-301.8 Wool (all-wool) woven fabrics, Navajo; use of Government certificate of

genuineness, 25 $$ 307.1-307.13 Indian Claims Commission: General rules of procedure for presentation of and hearings on claims of Indians,

25 $$ 503.1–503.40
Alaskan Indians:

Allotments of land to, 43 $$ 67.1-67.12
Annette Islands Reserve, occupancy by Metlakahtla Indians and other

natives, 25 Part 1
Claims to lands and waters, fishing rights, etc., 50 $ $ 6.5, 46.4, 46.31, 101.6,

Hospitals for, 42 Part 36
Reindeer, declarations of ownership of, 25 Part 2

Reservations, trustee towns, etc., 43 $ $ 67.13, 80.18–80.27
Annual charges for use of Indian tribal lands in connection with electric power

projects; regulations under Federal Power Act, 18 $$ 11.22–11.27 Arts and crafts of Indians, regulations respecting. See Indian Arts and Crafts

Board. Claims; procedure for presentation of. See Indian Claims Commission. Damage to lands due to oil and gas operations, 30 $ 221.56 Filming of sound or motion pictures of Indians, in areas administered by Indian

Affairs Office, 43 $ 5.2 Food commodities acquired through price support operations; disposal to Indian

Affairs Bureau for use of needy Indians, 6 Part 501 Health services for Indians:

In Army hospitals, 32 $ 577.22

In Public Health Service hospitals, etc., 42 Part 36
Insane Indians, commitment to St. Elizabeths Hospital, 25 Part 86
Jewelry manufacturing by Indians on Navajo, Hopi, and Pueblo Indian

Minimum wage orders, 29 $ 607.12
Silver and turquoise products; use of Government mark, and standards,

25 Parts 301, 304 Lands within Indian reservations, regulations respecting. See Indian Affairs

Bureau; and Land Management Bureau. Mailing of beer and wine to, 39 $ 14.6 (c)

Medical treatment for Indians:

In Army hospitals, 32 $ 577.22

In Public Health Service hospitals, 42 Part 36 Regulations of Indian Affairs Bureau respecting lands, funds, education, etc.

See Indian Affairs Bureau. Rights to certain public lands. See Land Management Bureau. Indo-China, exports to; licenses, 15 $$ 373.68, 384.10 Indorsements or testimonials, claiming falsely; cease and desist orders, 16 & 13.330 Inducements to purchase or deal, offering unfair, improper, or deceptive induce

ments; cease and desist orders, 16 $ $ 13.1910–13.2090 Induction into armed forces of United States:

Selective Service regulations respecting. See Selective Service System.

Standards, mental and physical; Defense Department regulations, 32 Part 43
Inductors; test fee schedules, 15 & 201.201
Industrial bag and cover industry; trade practice conference rules, 16 Part 213
Industrial machinery and apparatus:

British Token Import Plan, export to United Kingdom under, 15 § 361.13
Export control, 15 § 399.1 (Group 7)
Heating equipment, industrial, which transmits radiofrequency energy; opera-

tion of, radio regulations, 47 Part 18 Welding equipment, industrial, which transmits radiofrequency energy; tem

porary exemption from licensing, etc., requirements, 47 $ 18.1, note Industry, industrial purposes, etc.:

Alaska national forests, industrial sites in; permits for, 36 § 251.7
Alcohol, industrial; excise tax regulations. See Internal Revenue Service.
Industrial Advisory Committees, in Federal Reserve districts; membership

and functions, 12 & 219.3
Industrial Defense Committee; establishment in Office of Defense Mobiliza-

tion, 32A Chapter I, DMO VII-8 Industry advisory committees (transport mobilization); appointment and

operation of, 32A Chapter VIII, AO DTA 3 Industry committees (Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands) for making deter

minations as to wages and hours for employees in various industries;

appointment, hearings, reports, etc., 29 Part 511 Education, industrial and trade; use of Federal funds for, under Federal Voca

tional Education Acts, 45 $ $ 102.155–102.207 Emergency facilities. See Emergency facilities. Employment services, industrial; regulations respecting, 20 $$ 602.4a, 604.11 Gold for industrial purposes, licenses required to acquire, hold, transport, melt,

import, export, or earmark for use; regulations of Monetary Ofices Treasury

Department, pursuant to Gold Reserve Act of 1934, 31 $ $ 54.21-54.27 Indians; loans from Indian tribal industrial assistance funds, 25 $ 21.12 Instruments for use in various fields (chemistry, electricity, heat and power,

etc.); test fee schedules. See National Bureau of Standards. Instruments (industrial) industry; minimum wage determinations for persons

employed on public contracts, 41 § 202.39 Loans, industrial, by Federal Reserve banks, 12 Part 219 Mobilization measures, industrial. See Defense Mobilization, Office of. National Industrial Reserve; industrial property under control of United States

Government and subject to National Security Clause, designation, main

tenance, transfer, etc., 32 Part 145 Protective construction for industrial facilities, availability of tax amortization

incentive for, 32A chapter I, DMO VI-4 Radio services, industrial:

Industrial heating equipment, operation of, 47 Part 18
Special industrial radio services (agricultural, construction, manufacturing,

trade, mining, public service activities, etc.), 47 Part 11 Securities; financial statements, submission of, in connection with registration

of securities, 17 $ $ 210.5-01-210.5a-07 Security; industrial security regulations, Defense Department, 32 Parts 66, 67, Surplus industrial plants in foreign areas, costing $1,000,000 or more; disposal

of, 44 § 308.13

71, 72

Infant food; label statements, 21 § 125.5
Infant and maternity care, emergency, grants to States for; regulations of

Children's Bureau, 42 Part 20
Infants' and children's knitted outerwear industry. See Knitted wear industries.
Inflammable substances. See Explosives and other dangerous articles.
Information (public, restricted, or confidential):
Availability of information, regulations of various Government agencies re-

specting, see specific agencies. Confidential or restricted information or matter, Governmental, etc., acquiring

or treating unfairly or improperly, in business; cease and desist orders,

16 $$ 13.1, 13.500, 13.505, 13.2110, 13.2168 Customs matters; treatment of confidential information with respect to, 19 Part

Export control of technical, professional and scientific information, 15 Part 385
Military information, classified, defense, etc.; safeguarding of:
Air Force Department regulations, 32 Part 805

Army Department regulations, 32 Part 505
Industrial security information, 32 Parts 66, 72

Navy Department regulations, 32 $ 701.1
Non-security military information, release of; Army Department regula-

tions, 32 $ 504.3
Technical data; international traffic in arms, etc., 22 Part 75
Technical information, release of, to foreign governments, and protection of

proprietary rights; Navy Department regulations, 32 Part 744 New-drug applications, confidentiality of information contained in, 21 g 3.37 Postal matters; confidential information, 39 § 4.3 Public Health Service records, clinical and nonclinical; disclosure, limitations,

etc., 42 Part 1 Radio communications received by ship stations or other stations in maritime

service, secrecy concerning, 47 $$ 7.173, 8.174 Retirement claims of Federal employees, disclosure of information in connection

with, 5 $ 29.11 Securities; information respecting, detrimental to national security, nondis

closure of, 17 $ $ 230.171, 240.6, 250.105 Selective Service regulations respecting confidential information and records,

32 $$ 1606.31–1606.42, 1670.5–1670.18 Technical information, military. See Military information, above. Unfairly or improperly acquiring or treating information, in business; cease and

desist orders, 16 $ $ 13.1, 13.500, 13.505, 13.2110, 13.2168 Information Agency, United States. See United States Information Agency. Information and Educational Exchange Act of 1948, payments for persons inter

changed between United States and other countries pursuant to. See State

Department. Informational media guaranties under Economic Cooperation Act of 1948, 22 Part 501 Informers, respecting violations of certain laws; compensation of:

Customs or navigation laws, 19 § 23.27

Internal revenue laws, 26 $ 455.1 Infringement suits, threatening of, not in good faith; cease and desist orders, 16

$ 13.2265 Initiation fees and dues, for membership in social, athletic and sporting clubs; ex

cise tax regulations, 26 $ $ 101.22–101.44 Injunctions or restraining orders, for prevention of certain unfair labor practices

(strikes, boycotts, etc.); procedure respecting, 29 $ $ 101.35, 101.36, 102.79–102.82 Injuries, bodily: Compensation of various employees for injuries incurred in line of duty. See

Compensation. Medical treatment for persons receiving injuries. See Hospitals; and Medical

care. Military personnel, injuries incident to noncombat activities; claims against

United States for
Air Force personnel, 32 g 836.19
Army personnel, 32 $ $ 536.12-536.29

Navy personnel, 32 $ 750.2
Inland waters; navigation requirements etc., respecting. See Coast Guard; and

Engineers, Corps of.

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Inmates of institutions:

Prisons, etc. See Penal and correctional institutions.
St. Elizabeths Hospital; admission of insane persons. See St. Elizabeths Hos-

Selective Service registration, 32 SS 1611.6, 1613.41, 1642.31–1642.33
Inner tubes; excise tax regulations, 26 $$ 316.30–316.32
Insane persons. See Mentally incompetent or insane persons.

Economic poisons. See Poisons.

Foreign trade statistics respecting, 15 $ 30.23
Customs entry:

Honeybees, 19 $ 21.32

Injurious insects; entry prohibited except for scientific purposes, 19 $ 12.31 Insect pests, control of; plant quarantine regulations respecting importation or

interstate movement of plants and products. See Agriculture Department. Mailing of, 39 $ $ 14.2, 15.4 (e), 113.1 (e), 132.1 (e) Insigne, official, of United States Civil Defense Corps; manufacture, sale, use, etc.,

32 Part 1708
Insignia, naval, to be worn on uniform by persons not in service, 32 $ 765.13
Insolvent banks and trust companies:

See also Banks and other financial institutions.
Assessment and collection of taxes, where collection would diminish assets, 26

Part 464
Exemption from income tax, 26 $$ 39.3798–39.3798–11
Inspections, etc.:
Agricultural commodities (fruits, vegetables, grains, etc.). See Agriculture

Animals, meat and products, dairy products, poultry, and eggs. See Agriculture

Employment, places and conditions of, inspection by State agencies; regulations

respecting, 29 Part 515
Foods, merchandise, etc., examination in connection with enforcement of Fed-

eral Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, 21 $ 1.700 Foreign quarantine, inspection of vessels and aircraft in connection with, 42

$$ 71.46–71.48 Inspections in connection with functions of various agencies, see specific agen

cies or functions.
Military procurement, inspections in connection with:

Armed services procurement regulations, 32 Part 14, 146
Army procurement regulations, 32 Parts 603, 608, 610
Inspection and acceptance stamps, for military supplies or services; design,

specifications, etc., 32 Part 146
Motor carriers; inspections and maintenance, 49 Part 196
Railroad equipment, locomotives, etc.:

Locomotive inspection, 49 Part 91

Safety appliances; inspections, 49 Part 131
Stockyards; brands, records, etc., 9 $$ 201.80–201.87, 201.89
Tax returns (employment, estate, excise, income, etc., taxes), inspection of, 26

Part 458
Vessels; inspection of vessels, cargo, etc. See Coast Guard.

Inmates of. See Inmates of institutions.
Prisons, etc. See Penal or correctional institutions.

State land grants for institutional purposes, 43 Part 270
Institutions or societies (educational, charitable, religious, etc.), articles for; cus-

toms entry, 19 $ $ 10.43–10.46, 10.51
Instrument fiight operations for aircraft; regulations respecting. See Civil Aero-

nautics Administration; and Civil Aeronautics Board.
Airplane instruments, requirements respecting; civil air regulations. See Civil

Aeronautics Board.
Export control, of scientific and professional instruments, 15 g 399.1 (Group 9)
Mailing of sharp instruments, 39 $ 15.2 (e)

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