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Price support programs, 6 Part 430
Standards for grades of cheese:

Cheddar cheese, 7 Part 45

Swiss cheese, 7 Part 20
Use of skim milk cheese as ingredient in pasteurized process cheese foods or

spreads, 21 $ 3.21
Chemical machinery and parts; export control, 15 $ 399.1 (Group 7)

British Token Import Plan, export to United Kingdom under, 15 $ 361.13
Export control, 15 $$ 373.54, 373.55, 399.1 (Group 8)
Pesticide chemicals. See Poisons.
Priority ratings for certain chemicals, 32A Chapter VI, BDSA Regulation 2, In-

terpretation 1
Soil conditioner industry; trade practice conference rules, 16 Part 222

Standard samples, 15 $$ 230.11 (a), (g), (h), (n)
Chemicals and related products industry; minimum wage determinations, 41 $ 202.44
Chemicals and Rubber Committee, Interdepartmental; establishment in Office of

Defense Mobilization, 32A Chapter I, DMO V-1, Supp. 1 Cherokee Indians; regulations applicable to members of Five Civilized Tribes. See

Indian Affairs Bureau.
Cherries. See Fruits and berries.
Chickamauga and Chattancoga National Military Park; admission fees, 36 $$ 13.1,

13.13 (b)
Chickasaw Nation; regulations respecting. See Indian Affairs Bureau.
Chickens. See Poultry.

See also Minors.

Documentation of. See State Department.

Naturalization; nationality regulations, 8 Parts 322, 323
Born to American nationals abroad:

Citizenship certificates, 8 Part 341

Registration of birth; duties of Foreign Service officers respecting, 22 $ 109.12 Child actors; exemption from provisions of Fair Labor Standards Act, 29 $ 4.125 Child health and welfare services, grants to States for; regulations respecting,

42 Part 200 Child labor: Conditions of employment of minors, certificates, hazardous occupations,

etc. See Labor Department. Protection against unintentional employment of under-age minors, 41

§ 201.2 Standards for employees of National Park Service concessioners, 36 Part 28 Citizenship and nationality: Alien children of citizen parent, or adopted by United States citizen; natu

ralization of, 8 Parts 322, 323 Assertion of claim to United States nationality, 22 $$ 50.9, 50.10 Born to citizens outside United States, and children of naturalized parent;

citizenship certificates, 8 Part 341 Dependents of certain persons, benefits for, etc. See Dependents. Housing; discrimination against children prohibited for certain multifamily or

national defense housing with FHA insured mortgages, 24 $$ 232.20, 294.28 Passports for; regulations respecting. See State Department.

Veterans, children of; claims to benefits, etc. See Veterans Administration. Children's Bureau, Department of Health, Education, and Welfare: Maternal and Child Health, and Crippled Children's Programs; description of

services, use of Federal funds and private funds, etc., 42 Part 200 Children's and infants' knitted outerwear industry. See Clothing industries. China and Chinese persons:

See also China Trade Act corporations.
Arms, ammunition, and implements of war; exportation to Communist China

prohibited, 22 § 75.81 Canal Zone, entry of Chinese into; restriction revoked (Canal Zone Order 22),

35 Chapter I, Appendix

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China and Chinese persons-Continued

Emergency aid to selected citizens (students, teachers, scholars, etc.), 22 Part 67 Exports to China, including Hong Kong and Macao, export licenses for, 15

$$ 371.22, 371.23, 373.69, 384.4–384.7 Foreign assets control regulations; transactions involving China and nationals

thereof. See Treasury Department. Immigration quotas, 22 $$ 42.15, 42.17, 42.18 Restrictions on shipments to Communist China, Hong Kong and Macao, 32A

Chapter VII, T-1 and T-2
Students, teachers, etc., selected; emergency aid to, 22 Part 67
China products manufacturing industries:

China recess accessories industry; trade practice conference rules, 16 Part 55
Vitreous or vitrified china industry; minimum wage determinations for, 41

$ 202.16 China Trade Act corporations: Income tax regulations respecting, 26 $$ 39.22 (b) (8), 39.116 (d), 39.261-39.265,

39.3805 Incorporation, stock, etc.; regulations respecting certain corporations organized

under provisions of Act, 15 Part 363 Postponement of due dates for tax on income or capital stock, 26 § 472.806 Chippewa Indians:

See also Indian Affairs Bureau.
Loans to Chippewa Indian Marketing Association, 25 Part 27
Minnesota; Chippewa Indians lands, entry, sales, etc.:
Entry of lands legally assessed or sold by State for drainage charges, 43

$ 118.32

Public sales, authorization, 43 Part 250, note Chloral:

See also Drugs.

Designation as substance from which habit-forming drugs are derived, 218 165.1 Chloramphenicol (antibiotic drugs). See Drugs. Chlordane. See Poisons. Chlorobutanol; exemption from prescription requirements of drugs containing, when

for external use only, 21 $ 1.108 Chlortetracycline (antibiotic drugs). See Drugs. Chocolate and chocolate products; definitions and standards of identity for cacao

products, 21 Part 14
Choctaw Nation; regulations respecting. See Indian Affairs Bureau.

Canal Zone; quarantine regulations, 35 $ $ 24.44, 24.75, 24.76
Hog cholera; viruses, serums, etc. See Agriculture Department.
Quarantine measures; regulations respecting, 42 $$ 71.1–71.3, 71.82, 71.83, 71.139,

71.608 Christmas trees and greens; inspection and certification, 7 Part 51, note Chrome ores and concentrates, purchase program for, at Grant's Pass, Oregon;

General Services Administration regulations, 44 Part 99 Chronometers; test fee schedules, 15 § 206.204 Cigar and cigarette holder and tobacco smoking pipe industry, trade practice con

ference rules, 16 Part 225 Cigar and cigarette lighters, mechanical; excise tax on, 26 $$ 316.196–316.199, 320.75a Cigars and cigarettes. See Tobacco and tobacco products. Circulation (notes and checks) of banks other than national banks; excise tax reg

ulations, 26 Part 160 Circulars, mailing of; third-class matter, 39 Part 24 Circus outfits; rates for transportation of, by rail or motor carriers, 49 $$ 141.63,

145.63, 187.95 Citizens and citizenship:

Advice to foreign governments by American citizens, 22 Part 30
American nationals abroad:
Control and protection of; duties of Foreign Service officers. See State

Deceased persons:

Customs entry of effects of, 19 $ 10.14
Duties of Foreign Service officers in connection with deaths and per-

sonal estates, 22 Part 120
Real estate, 22 $ 109.24

Citizens and citizenship-Continued

Civil service examinations; citizenship requirement for admission to, 5 $ 2.104
Claims of citizens interned or prisoners of war. See Foreign Claims Settlement

Former American citizens:

Naturalization of, 8 Parts 324, 327, 343; 22 $$ 50.41-50.44
Nonquota immigrant status for, 22 $ 42.7

Visas for, 22 $$ 41.2-41.4
Nationality regulations respecting citizenship. See Immigration and Natural-

ization Service; and State Department. Public lands, applicants for; citizenship requirement, 43 $$ 137.1, 137.2, 185.73,

185.74 Renunciation of American nationality, 22 $ $ 50.4, 50.5 Selective Service registration and classification for citizens outside United

States, 32 Part 1655 Vessels: Citizenship oaths, by owners or mortgagees of vessels of United States, 46

$ 221.11 Citizenship requirements under Merchant Ship Sales Act of 1946, 46 Part 299 Wartime control of entry into and departure from United States; regulations

respecting, 22 $ $ 53.1-53.9 Citizens radio service for private communication, signaling, and control of objects

by radio, 47 Part 19 Citrus fruit. See Fruits and berries.

Civil Aeronautics Administration:

Accident reports; Washington National Airport, 14 $ 570.47
Agents and representatives. See Aviation Safety Representatives
Air agencies (ground schools, flying schools, flight instructor schools, repair

stations, mechanic schools, parachute lofts, ground instructors, commercial

operators), certificates for; issuance, etc., 14 part 406 Air carrier operating certificates; issuance, etc., 14 Part 406 Air defense identification zones; designation of, and operations within, 14

Part 620
Air navigation:

Air traffic control. See Air traffic control.
Airports, navigation at or near. See Airports.
Altitude minimums, for instrument flight. See Instrument flight rules.
Areas within which hazards to aircraft exist. See Restricted areas.
Civil airways, designation of. See Civil airways.
Communications respecting. See Communications.
Control areas and zones on civil airways. See Control areas, control zones,

and reporting points.
Grants to citizens of other American Republics for training in, 14 Part 450
Instrument approach procedure. See Instrument flight rules.
Reporting points, on civil airways. See Control areas, control zones, and

reporting points. Air navigation facility (lights, structures, etc.); issuance of certificates for, 14

Part 406 Air traffic control: Air traffic control rules, for traffic on or in vicinity of landing areas; visual

signals, radiotelephone traffic clearances, operating instructions from

control tower, etc., 14 Part 617 Grants to citizens of other American Republics for training in airway com

munications, airway traffic control, airport traffic control, etc., 14 Part

450 Security control of air traffic; designated air defense identification zones,

operating rules, etc., 14 Part 620 Washington, D. C.: High density air trafic zone rules; designation of zone, operating rules,

etc., 14 Part 618

National Airport. See Washington National Airport. Aircraft: Certificates (type, production, registration, airworthiness, export, ferry,

foreign flight); issuance of, etc, 14 Part 406

Civil Aeronautics Administration Continued
Certification of small airplanes, delegation option authorization and proce-

dures, 14 Part 410
Equipment and components; specifications, etc. See Technical standard

Recordation of ownership of aircraft, or of encumbrances. See Recordation,
Registration of aircraft. See Registration.

Seizure of aircraft operated in violation of regulations, 14 § 408.24
Aircraft materials:
External covering material; technical standard orders (C Series):

Grade A (C15), 14 § 514.15

Intermediate grade (C14), 14 § 514.14 Fire-resistant aircraft material, technical standard order (C17), 14 $ 514.17 Airmen (pilots, mechanics, parachute technicians, control tower operators, dis

patchers, radio operators, engineers), and air agencies (schools); issuance

of certificates for, etc., 14 Part 406 Airports: Civil airports, operated or controlled by CAA: Anchorage Airport and Fairbanks Airport, Alaska; aircraft rules, rules

of conduct, loading areas, fees, etc., 14 Part 580
Canton Island, Wake Island and Cold Bay, Alaska, airports on; loading

areas, landing and parking fees, etc., 14 Part 575
Washington National Airport. See Washington National Airport.
Instrument approach procedure. See Instrument flight rules.
Public airports:
Federal aid to public agencies for development of sponsors, eligible

development, grant payments, etc., 14 Part 550
Lands owned or controlled by United States, acquisition by public

agencies for airport purposes, conveyances, etc., 14 Part 555 Reimbursement for damage to public airports by Federal agencies;

requests for reimbursement for cost of rehabilitation or repair,

etc., 14 Part 560
Washington National Airport. See Washington National Airport.
Public lands, leasing of, for airports and aviation fields; action in connec-

tion with, 43 Part 251
Surplus airport property, disposal of:

Functions of Administrator respecting, 44 $ 101.51
Release of airport property from restrictions of surplus airport property

instruments of disposal, 14 Part 565
Trafic control at or near. See Air traffic control.
Washington National Airport; aircraft rules and general rules respecting.

See Washington National Airport. Airspeed indicator, technical standard order (C2a), 14 $ 514.2 Airspeed tubes, technical standard order (C16), 14 $ 514.16 Airways. See Civil airways. Airworthiness certificates, for aircraft; issuance, etc., 14 Part 406 Airworthiness directives, compliance with; recordation respecting, upon trans

fer of aircraft, 14 Part 506 Alaska; airports operated by or controlled by CAA: Anchorage Airport and Fairbanks Airport; aircraft rules, general rules

of conduct, etc., 14 Part 580 Cold Bay Airport; loading areas, landing and parking fees, etc., 14 Part 575 Allowances, to recipients (citizens of other American Republics) of aviation

training grants, 14 § 450.6 Altimeter, pressure actuated, sensitive type, technical standard order (C10a),

14 $ 514.10 Altitudes; instrument. See Instrument flight rules. American Republics; awards of aviation training grants to applicants from,

14 Part 450 Approach procedure, instrument. See Instrument flight rules Automatic pilot, technical standard order (C9a), 14 $ 514.9 Aviation industry, on-job training in; training grants to citizens of other

American Republics, 14 Part 450

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Civil Aeronautics Administration-Continued
Aviation Safety Representatives (medical examiners, engineering, manufac-

turing inspection, etc., representatives):
Certification, designation, etc., 14 Part 418

Certification procedures, 14 Part 406 Awards of aviation training grants to applicants from other American Repub

lics, 14 Part 450 Bank and pitch indicator, technical standard order (C4b), 14 $ 514.4 CAA representatives. See Aviation Safety Representatives. Canton and Wake Islands, Federal civil airports on; loading areas, landing

and parking fees, etc., 14 Part 575 Ceiling and visibility minimums for take-off and landing at particular airports;

instrument approach procedure. See Instrument flight rules. Certificates and certification: Aircraft registration certificates, requirements respecting, 14 Parts 501, 502

Issuance of; procedure, 14 $$ 406.14 (c), 406.14 (d)
Aviation Safety Representatives:

Certification, designation, etc., 14 Part 418

Certification procedures, 14 Part 406
Certification procedures, with respect to airman, air agency, air carrier,

aircraft, and air navigation certificates, and medical certificates

and certification, 14 Part 406
Alteration, amendment, and modification of certificates; hearings, etc.,

14 $$ 406.41-406.52
Definitions of terms, use of forms, etc., 14 $$ 406.1, 406.2
Denial of certificates, 14 $8 406.31, 406.32
Examiners, authority of, in connection with alterations, etc., of certifi-

cates, 14 § 406.52
Issuance of certificates, 14 $$ 406.11-406.19
Subpoenas, in connection with alteration, etc., of certificates, 14 $ 406.48

Suspension and revocation of certificates, 14 $ $ 406.61, 406.62
Fees for certification of records, 14 Part 414
Small aircraft, certification of; delegation option authorization and pro-

cedures, 14 Part 410 Charting, aeronautical; grants to citizens of other American Republics for

training in, 14 Part 450 Civil airways: Altitude minimums, IFR, over various civil airways. See Instrument flight

rules. Construction or alteration of structures along or near civil airways, notice

of, 14 Part 625
Control areas, control zones, and reporting points, on various civil airways.

See Control areas, control zones, and reporting points, below.
Designation of civil airways, colored and VOR, 14 Part 600
Basis and purpose, scope, terms, etc., 14 $$ 600.1-600.4, 600.10

Directions of airways, 14 $ 600.4
Colored civil airways (amber, blue, green, red), 14 $$ 600.11-600.687,


VOR civil airways, 14 SS 600.6001-600.6223, 600.6401-600.6410 Civil aviation official trainee, to study organization, administration and opera

tion of civil aviation as developed in United States; training grants to citi

zens of other American Republics, 14 Part 450 Climb indicator, pressure actuated, technical standard order (C8a), 14 $ 514.8 Commerce, Secretary of; approval of awards of aviation training grants to ap

plicants from other American Republics, 14 $ 450.4 Commercial operators, air agency certificates for; issuance, etc., 14 Part 406 Communications, telephone, telegraph, radio, etc.: CAA communications stations; acceptability of messages respecting inter

national or overseas aircraft operations, priority of transmission, fees,

etc., 14 Part 612 Grants to citizens of other American Republics for training in, 14 Part 450 Construction or alteration of structures along or near civil airways, notice of, 14

Part 625

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