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of him. He came forward, unattended, in solitary grandeur, exhibiting the proud gait and majesty of an Eastern monarch. His dress was rich, but not distinctive; and he carried in his hand the gold-sheathed sword, which seems to have taken the place of the sceptre of ancient times. But it was his high aspect and commanding eye that chiefly riveted our attention. He strided on; every head, excepting ours, was now in the dust. He sat down on an elevated seat, his hand resting on the hilt of his sword, and his eyes intently fixed on us: then the minister presented our petition; and, in a few moments said to us, • In regard to the objects of your petition, his Majesty gives no order. In regard to your sacred books, his Majesty has no use for them; take them away.

“ It is an interesting account, father; but the subjects of the Emperor of Burmah must be all slaves; are they not?”

“ Indeed they are, Harry. Christianity, whilst it teaches us to fear God and to honour the king,' discountenances the idolatrous regard of one creature by another. When Peter came to visit Cornelius, he threw himself at the Apostle's feet; but Peter nobly said to him, “ Stand up; I myself also am a man!

“ It is a delightful thought, that the greatest Being in the universe,—the only Being properly so called --He who is enthroned above all might, majesty, and dominion, by whose power all creation is upheld every moment, and by whose smile it is made happy, is infinite in His condescension; though the Heavens are His throne, and the earth is His footstool, He has declared, that He will look to that man with complacency, and take up

His abode with him, who is of a humble and of a contrite heart, and who trembleth at His word. Indeed, not a sparrow falleth to the ground without our Heavenly Father.””


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“ ABEL, it is said, brought of the firstlings of his flock to God; did he sacrifice them, father?"

“ No doubt but that was the case." " But God did not bid him do so."

“ There is indeed no express command to him to this effect. But when man became a rebel against his Maker, it is evident that, by divine appointment, he was to approach Him with sacrifices. If God had not directed him to do so, it can scarcely be imagined that he would ever have thought of it himself. The skins with which the Almighty clothed our first parents, it is thought by most learned men, and with the greatest probability, were from beasts which were offered in sacrifice."

“ But why were sacrifices instituted ?”

“ It was to remind men continually that they had sinned against God, and so deserved to die, like the victim which they were directed to offer; and that, as the sacrifice was accepted, so the sinner should be approved and pardoned through faith in that one great sacrifice, which, in the fulness of time, was to be made for the sins of men. You know who it was that was thus sacrificed, Harry. It is said of Him by the prophet Isaiah, that 'He was wounded for our transgressions, and

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bruised for our iniquities; that the chastisement of our peace was upon Him, and that by His stripes we are healed.' And the Apostle declares, that · He bare our sins in His own body on the tree.”

“ You refer, my dear father, to the Lord Jesus Christ ?” " I do so.

There does not seem any thing in the appointment of sacrifices worthy of the wisdom of God, unless this was the case.”

“ But sacrifices were not confined to the Jews.”

“ True, they were not,--they were common among the Gentiles, who, as well as the Jews, received them from Noah, the second father of the human race, who offered a burnt sacrifice to God on leaving the ark, which was accepted. They were always offered in the way of atonement, to appease the anger of

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