Port Series, Issue 15

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Page 12 - Vessels carrying explosives shall be at all times in charge of competent persons and must display by day a red flag of at least 16 square feet at the masthead, or at least 10 feet above the upper deck, if the vessel has no mast; at night a red light will be displayed in the same positions specified for the red flag.
Page 8 - A vessel upon being notified to move into the anchorage limits or to shift its position on anchorage grounds must get under way at once or signal for a tug, and must change position as directed with reasonable promptness.
Page 12 - Trains, wagons, and other vehicles shall not be stopped on a drawbridge for the purpose of delaying its opening, nor shall water craft or vessels be so manipulated...
Page vii - In circles at arms' length a lighted lantern at night and a flag by day. When the draw of the bridge can be opened immediately, the draw tender shall reply by raising and lowering in a vertical plane a number of times a lighted lantern by night and a flag by day.
Page 51 - ... is hereby imposed at each entry on all vessels which shall be entered in any port of the United States from any foreign port or place in North America, Central America, the West India Islands, the Bahama Islands, the Bermuda Islands, or the coast of South America bordering on the Caribbean Sea, or Newfoundland; and a duty of six cents per ton, not to exceed...
Page 29 - ... of the Potomac River or its tributaries in the District of Columbia, or on the shores of said river below high-water mark, unless for the purpose of making a wharf, after permission has been obtained from the Commissioners of the District of Columbia for that purpose, which wharf shall be sufficiently inclosed and secured so as to prevent injury to navigation.
Page iii - Nothing in this section shall be construed as relieving the owner or person in charge of any vessel from the penalties of the law for obstructing navigation or for obstructing or interfering with range lights, or for not complying with the navigation laws in regard to lights, fog signals, or for otherwise violating law.
Page 24 - ... a further list containing the names of all alien employees who were not employed thereon at the time of the arrival but who will leave port thereon at the time of her departure, and also the names of those, if any, who have been paid off and discharged, and of those, if any, who have deserted or landed...
Page 8 - F while carrying explosives, the Captain of the Port may require the attendance of a tug upon such water craft, when in his judgment such action is deemed necessary.
Page vii - The corporations or persons owning or controlling a drawbridge shall provide the same with the necessary tenders and the proper mechanical appliances for the safe, prompt, and efficient opening of the draw for the passage of vessels.

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