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All of the PPSSCC reports were considered and acted upon in a meeting open to the public by a Subcommittee of the Executive committee of PPSSCC, along with other statements and recommendations. Written comments submitted by the public, if any, have been forwarded to the White House along with the final PPSSCC reports. In addition to individual reports, the PPSSCC Executive Committee will adopt a Final Summary Report to the President, summarizing the scope of its individual task force recommendations and offering general conclusions and advice. This Summary Report is tentatively scheduled for release in late Fall.

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Projected Costs and Resultant Savings from
Acceleration of Inventory Management
Systems and ADP Modernization

Estimated Savings -- Cost to Demilitarize
Existing Inventory

Estimated Savings -- Conversions and In-
house Streamlining

Weapons Acquisition Process

U. S. Government Direct Costs Associated
with IR&D Management -- lo 81

U. S. Government Indirect Costs Associated
with Industry Administration of IR&D
Program -- 1981

Acquisition Cycle Inter relationships

Instability Costs for 25 Selected Programs
as of December 1981

Military Retirement System: Total Past
and Projected Basic Pay and Retired
Appropriations Outlay

Comparison of Military and Private Sector
Pension Costs -

Estimated Military Retirement Plan Outlays

Effects of Proposed Earned Income Offset

Estimated Savings -- Earned Income

Estimated Savings -- Social Security

Accumulated Unused Leave at Time of

Estimated Savings -- Unused Leave at

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