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Page 3116 - TAKING EFFECT OF REORGANIZATIONS SEC. 6. (a) Except as may be otherwise provided pursuant to subsection (c) of this section, the provisions of the reorganization plan shall take effect upon the expiration of the first period of sixty calendar days, of continuous session of the Congress, following the date on which the plan is transmitted to it...
Page 3321 - In apportioning any appropriation, reserves may be established to provide for contingencies, or to effect savings whenever savings are made possible by or through changes in requirements, greater efficiency of operations, or other developments subsequent to the date on which such appropriation was made available.
Page 3046 - In prescribing standards, rules, and regulations, and in issuing certificates under this title, the Administrator shall give full consideration to the duty resting upon air carriers to perform their services with the highest possible degree of safety in the public interest...
Page 2880 - The Board shall issue a certificate authorizing the whole or any part of the transportation covered by the application, if it finds that the applicant is fit, willing, and able to perform such transportation properly...
Page 3346 - The committee met at 10 am, Hon. Carl Vinson (chairman) presiding. The CHAIRMAN. Let the committee come to order. Members of the committee, this is a continuation of the hearing on HR 6826.
Page 3202 - Last year I told this committee — there is no question but that, today, our Strategic Retaliatory Forces are fully capable of destroying the Soviet target system, even after absorbing an initial surprise attack.
Page 3261 - Fleet. b. Attack Submarine Forces By the end of the current fiscal year the submarine force, excluding POLARIS, will number 105 submarines, 32 of which will be nuclear powered. We have continued to encounter difficulty in getting the SSN program on schedule, principally because of the Submarine Safety Program and a shortage of skilled workers.
Page 2974 - No term, condition, or limitation of a certificate shall restrict the right of an air carrier to add to or change schedules, equipment, accommodations, and facilities for performing the authorized transportation and service as the development of the business and the demands of the public shall require.
Page 3109 - The committee met at 10 am, Hon. Carl Vinson, chairman of the committee, presiding. The CHAIRMAN. Let the committee come to order. Members of the committee, I was requested by Mr.
Page 2864 - State, the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of the Army, the Secretary of the Navy, the Secretary of the Air Force, the...

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