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The Bryant and Gay Popular History of the United States. Volume II. Profusely Illustrated. Royal 8vo, extra cloth.....


5 00

Bible (Speaker's) Commentary. Vol. I. of the New Testament. St. Matthew, St. Mark,
and St. Luke. 8vo, cloth.....
Beaconsfield (Lord). The Political Adventures of. 16mo, paper, 40 cents; cloth...... 75
Bismarck's (Prince) Letters. Translated from the German by FITZH. MAXSE. 16mo, cloth, I 00
Burnett (Mrs. F. H.). Earlier Stories. Each 16mo, paper. LINDSAY'S LUCK, 30 cents;


12mo, cloth..

40 I 75 250


I 50

Clarke (Charles and Mary Cowden). Recollections of Writers.
Cruttwell (C. T.). History of Roman Literature. Crown 8vo, cloth......
Chambers (Robert and William). Autobiography and Memoir. New edition.

DeKay (Charles). The Bohemian. 16mo, cloth.....

Eggleston (Rev. Edward). Roxy. Illustrated by WALTER SHIRLAW.

The Circuit Rider. New edition.....

Epochs of Ancient History. Ihne's Early Rome. 16mo, cloth. With Map....
Epochs of Modern History. Johnson's Normans in Europe. 16mo, cloth. Three Maps,
Froude (J. A.). Short Studies on Great Subjects. Third Series. Popular edition
Life and Times of Thomas Becket. 12mo, cloth........

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3 50



I 00

Gilder (R. W.). The Poet and His Master. 16mo, extra cloth....
Hodge (Charles). Discussions in Church Polity. Edited by Rev. Wм. DURANT. 8vo,

I 50 5 00

Harland (Marion). The Dinner Year Book. With Plates. 12m0, cloth, 720 pages.
Hunt (H. G. B.). A Concise History of Music. 16mo, cloth......
Keats' (John) Letters to Fanny Brawne. With Portraits and fac-simile. 16mo, cloth.. I 50
Kingsley (Charles). All Saint's Day and other Sermons. 12mo, cloth.....
Lange's Commentary. Vol. XXIV. Isaiah. Edited by Dr. PHILIP SCHAFF. 8vo, cloth,
Popular Commentary on the New Testament. Dr. PHILIP SCHAFF, General Editor.
Richly Illustrated. Vol. I. Matthew, Mark, and Luke. Half calf, $8.50; cloth......
Porter (Prest. Noah). American Colleges and the American Public. 12mo, cloth.... I 50
Perry Prof. A. L. Elements of Political Economy. New and revised edition.............
Shedd (Dr. W. G. T.). Literary Essays. With Portrait. Crown 8vo, cloth...
Socrates. A Translation of the Phaedo, etc., of Plato. With Vignettes. 12mo, cloth, 1 50
Saxe-Holm Stories. Second Series. 12mo, cloth....

6 00

2 50

2 50

I 50

Stanley (Dean). History of the Jewish Church. Westminster edition. Three vols., 8vo., gilt top, in a box, per set....


Trench (Archbishop). Mediæval Church History. 8vo, cloth.....
Thompson (Maurice). The Witchery of Archery. Square 12mo, cloth. Illustrated.... I 50
Tolstoy (Count Leo). The Cossacks. Translated by EUGENE SCHUYLER.
Vincent (Rev. M. R.). Gates into the Psalm Country. 12mo, cloth.....
Verne (Jules). Dick Sands, the Boy Captain. About one hundred illustrations...

3 00

I 25

I 50

3 00

Any of the above will be sent, post or express charges paid, by

the publishers.

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Special rates for yearly or other contracts.

$18 00

10 00
6 00
4 00


A deduction at the rate of $4 per page, throughout these terms, for each re-insertion of standing matter. Pages for re-insertion must be ordered kept standing. Special positions, $5 per page extra. Applications for special pages will be honored in order of receipt.

All advertisements not ordered re-inserted or contracted for, to be charged at single rates. In case of imperfect fulfilment of contracts, all pages inserted to be charged up at single rates.

Books Wanted, or for Exchange, or Rare and Secondhand Books for Sale, 10 cents per line. Situations Wanted, free insertion of five lines.

Short advertisements must be paid in advance. Advertisements should reach the office not later than Wednesday morning, but are desired as much earlier as possible.

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37 PARK Row, N. Y.

NOTES IN SEASON. PINDAR," by the Rev. F. D. Morice, just issued by J. B. Lippincott & Co., completes the supplementary series of Ancient Classics for English Readers.

A. D. F. RANDOLPH & Co. have just ready a new edition of their smaller "Hymn and Tune Book," for prayer-meetings and small churches, which they put forward as the cheapest hymn and tune book in the country.

HENRY T. COATES' "Fireside Encyclopædia of Poetry," published by Porter & Coates, has already reached the sixth edition, within three months from its date of publication-certainly a most gratifying success. It has won the commendation of such poets as Longfellow, Whittier, Holmes, Aldrich, Trowbridge, and numer. ous others, and of many of the most eminent critics in poetical literature, and its success is therefore not surprising.

JAS. P. BURBANK, Salem, Mass., has just published a fourth edition of Alex. Melville Bell's" Principles of Elocution." This work, formerly published as the " Elocutionary Manual," is not a compilation of readings and recitations, like the author's "Standard Elocutionist," but a manual of principles and annotated exercises, adapted to private study. The present edition has been carefully revised by the author, and several pages of new matter have been added.

D. APPLETON & Co. send out this week "The Commercial Products of the Sea," by P. L. Simmons, which treats the commercial products of the sea as a whole, and goes over the field of research in a systematic manner so as to show the importance of the subject; "The Multitudinous Sea," by S. G. W. Benjamin (no. 23 Appleton's New Handy- Volume Series), a picturesque description of the ocean; Elementary Lessons in Historical English Grammar," by Rev. Richard Morris; and 'A Glossary of Biological, Anatomical, and Physiological Terms," by Thomas Duncan.



R. WORTHINGTON has just ready a uniform edition of the leading works of Henry Kingsley the novelist, brother of Charles, the first published in this country. It includes those on the old Osgood list, and others newly set, the series comprising " Ravenshoe,"" Austin Elliott," "Leighton Court," "The Hillyards and the Burtons," and "Geoffry Hamlyn." The volumes are in very neat shape. He has also just ready an entirely new and enlarged edition of Chambers' "Mathematical Tables," in 12mo, containing about twice as much matter as the old edition. A new edition of the "Girl's Own Book" is in preparation, to be uniform with the " Boy's Own Book," which he now pub

PETER PAUL & Co. are about issuing the second edition of "Lenten Mosaics," having al-lishes in improved shape. most entirely exhausted the first during the Lenten season of 1878. As the Lenten season is fast approaching, booksellers should note that their stock is not complete without the ribbon book "Lenten Mosaics."

THE fine new edition of Waterton's "Wanderings in South America" is now received at Macmilian's, with some other new books, and is well worth the attention of all interested in natural history and travels. This is one of the books that last from generation to generation, and this edition as edited by Rev. J. G. Wood, with many text wood-cuts, is by far the finest yet issued.

"HEREDITY," the fifth of Joseph Cook's volumes of Boston Monday Lectures, with its quota of "Preludes on Current Events," will be published shortly by Houghton, Osgood & Co. Considering the frequent statement that Joseph Cook is played out," it is quite surprising what crowds still attend his lectures whenever he speaks, and what a healthy demand there is for his books.

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EARLY in February Roberts Brothers will publish the "Life and Times of Stein; or, Germany and Prussia in the Napoleonic Age," by Prof. J. R. Seeley, whom everybody knows as the author of "Ecce Homo." This important work covers a most interesting period, and one that has never been adequately treated in English. Stein was one of the great men of history, and the debt of Germany to him is hardly smaller than to Bismarck. Prof. Seeley's work is in two volumes 8vo, uniform with Life of Chancellor, and can hardly fail to be one of Charles Sumner," has portraits of the illustrious the most interesting and valuable of this season's books. At the same time Roberts Brothers will publish "Mary Wollstonecraft's Letters to Gilbert Imlay," a volume of special interest to those who cannot help admiring the genius and character of Mary Wollstonecraft, notwithstanding her erratic, or at least unconventional, ideas and acts; and " Canterbury Chimes; or, Chaucer Tales retold for Children," by Francis Storer and Hawes Turner, with illustrations.


In this list, the titles in brevier are direct transcriptions from books actually received, according to the rules of the American Library Association; those in nonpareil are from the best information available, and will be repeated in brevier when the book is received for registry.

The notes followed by a number are those which are sent out on printed title-slips, as revised by the Library Association authorities; unless bracketed, which means that they have not yet been so revised. Those not followed by a number are on the sole authority of the WEEKLY, and are not included in the title-slip registry.

The abbreviations are usually self-explanatory. A colon after initial designates the most usual given name, as: A: Augustus; B: Benjamin C: Charles; D: Daniel; E: Edward; F: Frederic; G: George; H: Henry; I: Isaac: J: John; L: Louis; N: Nicholas; P: Peter; R: Richard; S: Samuel; T: Thomas; W: William.

Sizes are designated as follows: F. folio; over 30 centimeters high); Q. (4to: under 30 cm.); O. (8vo : 25 cm.), D. (12m0: 20 cm.); S. (16mo: 171⁄2 cm.): T. (24m0: 15 cm.); Tt. (32mo: 121⁄2 cm.); Fe. (48mo: 10 cm.). Sq., obl., nar., designate square, oblong, narrow books of these heights. Where figure instead of letter symbols are used, the record is from publisher's designation, and not measurement.

Imported books are marked with an asterisk; authors' and subscription books, or books published at net prices, with two asterisks; educational books published at “wholesale" prices, with a dagger.

Ball, J: see Hooker, Jos. Dalton.


Berean question book, International ser. for 1879. N. Y., Nelson & Phillips, 1879. 132 p. map. 18°. bds., 20 c. Besant, Annie. Marriage as it was, as it is and as it should be; with a sketch of the life of Mrs. Besant, ed. by Asa K. Butts.. N. Y., Asa K. Butts, [1879]. 6+ 52 p. D. flex., 50 c.; pap., 25 c.

London boys and girls still in the school-room; the story is amusing but also instructive, having a religious tendency, aiming to show who are the real heroes to be worshipped and imitated.


Engelbach, Alfr. H. The king's warrant : story of old and new France. N. Y., Pott, Young & Co., [1879]. 252 p. D. cl., *$1.25. Historical romance of Canada and France in the beginning of the last century; with a hero and heroine of rank, and an interesting young Indian girl as a chief character, who is won to Christianity; scenes from the Indian cam

Essay advocating the author's peculiar and liberal views about marriage and the divorce laws; relating especially to the condition of married women under the laws of Eng-paigns, life in Paris, etc. land. Contains a fine portrait of Mrs. Besant.

Charcot, J. M. Lectures on localizations in diseases of the brain; ed. by Bourneville; tr. by E: P. Fowler. N. Y., W: Wood & Co., 1878. 8+ 133 p. il. 8°. cl., $1.50. Charcot, J. M. Lectures on Bright's disease of the kidneys; ed. by Bourneville and Sevestre; tr. by H: B. Millard. N. Y., W: Wood & Co., 1878. 10 + 100 p. il. 8°. cl., $1.50.

Chautauqua text-books. 7 nos. N. Y., Nelson & Phillips, 1879. 32°. ea., pap., 10 c.

Cont. :-No. 1, Biblical exploration, by J. H. Vincent.2, Studies of the stars, by H. W. Warren.-3, Bible stories for little people, by B. T. Vincent.-4, English hist., by J. H. Vincent.-7, Memorial days of the Chautauqua literary and scientific circle.-8, What noted men think of the Bible, by L. T. Townsend.-9, W: C. Bryant, by R. H. Stoddard.

N. Y.,

Clare, Austin. The royal banner: a tale of
life before and after confirmation.
Pott, Young & Co., [1879]. 256 p. D. cl.,

Story for boys; scene laid in small sea-coast town of Scot⚫land; characters mostly fishermen or children of fishermen ; designed to instruct in religious matters, the "royal banner" meaning the banner of Christ, and to draw from the life of the hero, a high-spirited, bright young lad, a lesson in self-control and self-sacrifice.

Crooks, G: R., and Hurst, J: F. Library of theological
and biblical literature. v. 1: Introd. to the study of the
Holy Scripture, by H. M. Harman. N. Y., Nelson &
Phillips, 1879. 738 p. 8°. cl., $4.

Curtis, G. W: Life, character and writings of
W: Cullen Bryant; address before the N. Y.
Hist. Soc., Acad. of Music, Dec. 30, 1878.
N. Y., C: Scribner's Sons, [1879]. 64 p. S.
cl., 75 c. pap., 50 c.



4th ed.

Eulogistic of the man and author; briefly biographical; details of intellectual life, incidents of publication of atopsis," defining his place in American literature; generally critical of writings; résumé of entire life. Cutler, Jos. Massachusetts insolvent laws. Boston, G: B. Reed, 1878. 220 p. 8°. shp., $2.75. Death (The) of death; or, a study of God's holiness in connection with the existence of evil, in so far as intelligent and responsible beings are concerned; by an orthodox layman. Richmond, J. W. Randolph & English, 1878. 12 + 210 p. D. cl., $1.25.

Treatise on the subject of future punishment; reviews arguments for and against it as an endless and hopeless state, and advocates author's theory that it is not hopeless but reformatory.

Delafield, Francis, and Stillman, C: F. Manual of phys-
ical diagnosis. N. Y., W: Wood & Co., 1878. 30 p. 2 dis-
sected pl. 4°. cl., $2.

Eadgyth. [pseud.] The Wilford family; or,
hero-worship in the school-room. N.Y., Pott,
Young & Co., [1879]. 160 p. D. cl., *75 c.
The characters of this child's book are a number of little

Flipper, Henry Ossian. The colored cadet at West Point: autobiography of Lieut. Henry Ossian Flipper, U.S.A., first graduate of color from the U. S. Military Academy. N. Y., Homer Lee & Co., 1878. 322 p. S. cl., $2. Narrates the trials, experiences, and incidents of the author's four years' life while a cadet at West Point; also gives a general idea of the institution and the examinations to be passed, author's early life, etc.; contains two engravings of author, one as cadet, other as second lieutenant. Calmly and impartially written.

Haines, Elijah M. Laws of Illinois rel. to cities and villages, with notes and forms; to which is added general principles of parliamentary law adapted to the use of city councils and boards of trustees. Chic., E. B. Myers, 1879. 205 p. 8°. shp., $3.50.

Harman, H. M., see Crooks, G: R.

Harvey Compton's holiday; by the author of 'A child of the glens,' etc. N. Y., Pott, Young & Co., [1879]. 154 p. D. cl., *75 c. Account of a boy's school holidays spent in Ireland; study of a nervous, poetical, undisciplined nature, and the influence for good exerted over it by a high-spirited young girl.

Hodgson, Ja. T. Memoir of Francis Hodgson, scholar, poet, and divine, with numerous letters from Lord Byron and others. 2 v. N. Y., Macmillan, 1878. 12 + 297 P. por.; 7+ 347 P. 12°. cl., *$5.

Hooker, Jos. Dalton, and Ball, J: Journal of a tour in Marocco and the Great Atlas; with app, incl. a sketch of the geology of Marocco, by G: Maw. N. Y., Macmillan, 1878. 16 + 499 p. il. and maps. 8°. cl., *$6.50. House (The) and its surroundings. N. Y., Appleton, 1879. 96 p. sq. T. (Health primers, no. 3.) cl., 40 c.

Simple, practical information, in popular form, of all matters connected with the drainage, water-supply, ventilation, warming, lighting, etc., of the house. Series edited by prominent medical and scientific London men. Huntington, F. D. Unconscious tuition. Syracuse, N. Y., Davis, Bardeen & Co., 1878. 45 p. sq. T. (School-room classics, no. 1.) pap.,

15 C.

A lecture delivered several years ago before New England teachers by the bishop of central N. Y., pointing out the unconscious educational influence a teacher possesses; with valuable suggestions for teachers; contains also a list of books for teachers by the publishers.

Hurst, J: F., see Crooks, G: R.

Johnson, Edwin A. The live boy; or, Charley's letters. N. Y., Nelson & Phillips, 1878. 224 p. il. 16°. cl., $1. Knox, Loren L. Evangelical rationalism; or, a considertion of truths practically rel. to man's probation, Cin., Hitchcock & Walden; N. Y., Nelson & Phillips, 1879. 250 p. 16°. cl., $1.25.

Lamb, C: and Mary. Tales from Shakespeare; ed. with introd. by Alfred Ainger. N. Y., Macmillan, 1879. 19 + 368 p. 16°. cl., *$1.25.

Modern fishers of men among the various sexes, sects and sets of Chartville church and community. N. Y., Appleton, 1879. 179 p. S. pap., 50 c.

A continuous story about the social and church relations of the community of Chartville, a small American town; the heroes being an ex-captain of the late war and a young clergyman, who are successfully "angled " for by two clever young women.

Premature death its promotion or prevention. N. Y., Appleton, 1879. 94 p. sq. T. (Health primers, no. 4.) cl., 40 c.

Enumerates the causes of-the conditions under which they operate; gives practical advice as to the prevention of, and a rudimentary arithmetic of premature death. A handbook for general use, popularly written.

Reply to Roswell D. Hitchcock on socialism; by a socialist. N. Y., C: P. Somerby, 1879. 67 p. D. flex. cl., 50 c.; pap., 25 c. Ringer, S: Hand-book of therapeutics. 7th ed. N. Y., W: Wood & Co., 1879. 12+ 648 p. cl., $4.50. Rose-buds; by the author of "Our valley," etc. N. Y., Pott, Young & Co., [1879]. 255 p. D. cl., *75 c.

About three little motherless children who come from abroad with their father to live in a retired English village; an attractive story for children is made out of their trials, adventures, their friends and amusements; the development of their characters is also carefully described.

Russell, H. Rutherfurd. Hidden workings. N. Y., Pott. Young & Co., [1879]. 192 p. D. cl., *$1.

A tale, with an orphan girl of sixteen for heroine; she resides with two rich maiden aunts, after her mother's death, in an old English home; here her character is worked out, and her brief love experience recounted. Stillman, C: F., see Delafield, Francis.

D. APPLETON & Co.. N. Y.

Swallow, S. C. Camp-meetings: their origin, history and utility; also, their perversion and how to correct it, embr. a careful review of the Sabbath question. N. Y., Nelson & Phillips, 1878. 68 p. 16°. flex., 30 c.; pap., 20 c. Tales on the beatitudes; by the author of "Clary's confirmation," etc. N. Y., Pott, Young & Co., [1879.] 125 p. T. cl., *50 c. Eighteen short stories for children, illustrative of "the poor in spirit," they that mourn, "the meek," " they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness," "the merciful," and so on.

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Thomas, Lawr. B. A dream of Arcadia, and other verses. Balt., Turnbull Bros., 1879. 87 p. sq. T. cl., $1.

Poems and sonnets: A dream of Arcadia; A love story; Realmah; A castle in Spain; Towton field; A Venetian tragedy; Twilight musings, etc. etc. With six illustrations. Trollope, Ant. An eye for an eye a novel. N. Y., Harper, 1879. 35 P. Q. (Franklin sq. lib., no. 37.) pap., 10 c.

A story of the western coast of Ireland-of a mother who avenges a wrong done to her daughter; the hero a young English officer, who succeeds to a title.

Waterton, C: Wanderings in South Carolina, the northwest of the U. S., and the Antilles, in 1812, 1816, 1820 and 1824, with original introd. for the perfect preservation of birds, etc., for cabinets of nat. hist. New ed., with biog. introd. and expl. notes by J. G. Wood. N. Y., Macmillan, 1879. 16+ 520 p. 8°. cl., *$6.50. What shall I read? a confidential chat on books. N. Y., Nelson & Phillips, 1879. 186 p. 16°. cl., 75 c. Williams, C. H. S. (comp.) Index to all the decisions on

the general statutes of Massachusetts, and on the acts and resolves of the General Court, from 1860 to 1877, incl. Bost., G: B. Reed, 1878. 138 p. 8°. shp., $2. Witthaus, R. A. Essentials of chemistry, inorganic and organic, for the use of students in medicine. Pocket ed. N. Y., W: Wood & Co, 1878. 4+ 257 p. 24°. cl., $1.


Johnson, Live boy.....

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Knox, Evangelical rationalism.. Swallow, Camp meetings...

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50 What shall I read?...



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RESOLVED, That this Convention recognize the PUBLISHERS' WEEKLY as the established organ of the entire trade, and recommend it to publishers as the medium through which they should make their "first announcement" of books they propose to publish, and the full title of all books immediately on publication.-AMERICAN BOOK-TRADE ASSOCIATION.

EUGENE L. DIDIER, Baltimore.

American Publishers and English Authors. By Stylus. 8°, pp. 24. Paper, 30 c. (Ready Feb. 1.)

WARREN F. DRAPER, Andover, Mass. Compendious and Complete Hebrew and Chaldee Lexicon to the Old Testament, with an English-Hebrew Index. By Benjamin Davies. Carefully rev., with a concise statement of the Principles of Hebrew Grammar, by Edward C. Mitchell. 8°.

Introduction to the Greek of the New Testament. By Geo. L. Cary. 12°, pp. 72. 75 C.

The Use of the Old Testament in the Study of the Rise of our Doctrines. Address at Airedale College, Bradford, Eng., on entrance on work there as Prof. of Hebrew and Old Testament Theology, with Adjunct Professorship of Mathematics, Sept. 18th, 1878, by Archibald Duff, Jr., M.A. Pap., 25 c.


A Manual of Practical Anatomy, with Outline Plates. By J. Cosser Ewart, M.D. Edin., etc.

Manual of Medical Ophthalmoscopy. By Dr. Gowers, University College, London. Illus.

The Heart and its Diseases, and their Treatment. By J. Milner Fothergill, M.D. 8°. Illus. 2d ed. Diphtheria: Its Nature and Treatment. Varieties, and Local Expressions. By Morrell Mackenzie. 104 pp. 8°. The Laryngoscope in Diseases of the Throat. By Morrell Mackenzie. 3d ed. 8°.


The Government of M. Thiers. By Jules Simon. Tr. from the French. 2 v. cr. 8°. Cl., $4.50. Goethe and Schiller: their Lives and Works; incl. a Commentary on Faust. By Prof. H. H. Boyesen. 12°. Cl., $2.

The Final Philosophy; or, System of Perfectable Knowledge issuing from the Harmony of Science and Religion. By Prof. C. W. Shields, D.D. 8°. New ed. Cl.. $3. International Law. By Theodore D. Woolsey, D.D., LL.D. New ed., rev., enl., and printed from entirely new stereotype plates. Cr. 8°. Cl., $2.50.


The Reign of the Stoics. By Frederic May Holland. 12°, 248 p. Cl., $1.25.

Faith and Reason: Heart, Soul, and Hand Work. Embracing a Concise Account of the Christian Religion, and of all the Prominent Religions before and since Christianity. By Halsey R. Stevens. 3 parts in I v. 12°, 441 p. Cl., $1.50.


Berühmte Criminalfälle aus der höheren u. niederen Gesellschaft, auf Grund wahrer Thatsachen dargestellt von Loeffler, Temme, Habicht, Hoffmeister, Krueger, Langer, Pasqué. Rasch. No. 1. 48 pp., large 8°. 15 c. (To be completed in 13 numbers.)


From the New York Commercial Advertiser for the week ending January 23.


Harper & Bros. :-A Winter with the Bedouins of the Euphrates Valley, by Lady Anne Blunt.-A Medium of the Last Century.-The Last of her Line.-The Grahams of Irvermoy.-Beneath the Wave.-The Vicar's Govern



J. B. Lippincott & Co.:-Grig: the Adventures of a Handy and Willing Boy.-Mademoiselle de Mersac.-BeBe, the Nailmaker's Daughter.- Black, but Comely.Beneath the Wave.-The Job of Unterach, by Karl E. Franzos. Married, by H. Wild.-Airy, Fairy Lilian.Sir Gibbie, from advance sheets.


D. Appleton & Co.:-Le Fils de Covalie, by Madame
Charles Rhone.
Harper & Bros.:-Black, but Comely.-Love Loyal.-
The Classic Poets, by W. T. Dobson.-Elizabeth Eden.--
Mrs. Lancaster's Rival.-Queen of the Meadow.-Cousin
Kate. What Will Society Say?

A. D. F. Randolph & Co. :-Strahan's Bible hours.

Harper & Bros. :-A True Marriage, by Emily Spender.-Michael Gargrave's Request, by Mrs. J. H. Riddell.-A Winter with the Bedouins of the Euphrates Valley.-Mademoiselle de Mersac.

[blocks in formation]

Houghton, Osgood & Co.:-The Longfellow Birthday Book.-The Whittier Birthday Book.

J. B. Lippincott & Co.:-Sœur Louise, the Rose of Antibes from the French.

A. D. F. Randolph & Co.:-Sermons on Some Questions of the Day, by T. G. Bonney.-Pretty Arts for the Employment of Leisure Hours, by Elias A. Davidson. JANUARY 21.

D. Appleton & Co.:- History Primer: History of France, by C. M. Yonge.-Literature Primer: English Composition, by Professor John Nichol.

J. B. Lippincott & Co.:-Rawlinson's Ancient Monarchies. Beneath the Wave.-Robin Adair.-Called to the Rescue.

Chas. Scribner's Sons:-A Key to Shakespeare, by Mrs. Mary Cowden Clarke.-Kampf des Christenthums, by Dr., Uhlhorn,


Lee & Shepard :-Queen Frederique: First Episode of the Kings in Exile. From the French of Alphonse Dau


G. P. Putnam's Sons:- The Devil's Advocate, by Percy Greg.

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