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Table 10. BUDGET RECEIPTS BY SOURCE (in millions of dollars)—Continued

Source 1977 1978 1979 actual estimate estimate Trust funds: Highway: Gasoline-------------------------------------------- 4,364 4,529 4,675 Trucks, buses, and trailers---------------------------- 708 745 790 Proposed legislation-------------------------------- --------- –9 –9

Tires, innertubes, and tread rubber

Diesel fuel used on highways - 454 516 593 Use-tax on certain vehicles---------------------------- 240 281 277 Truck parts and accessories--------------------------- 165 200 221 Lubricating oils------------------------------------- 101 113 114 “fund--------------------------------------------- —135 —136 —140 Proposed legislation-------------------------------- --------- -4 --------Total highway trust fund------------------------- 6,709 7,086 7,418 Airport and airway: Transportation of persons---------------------------- 1,007 1,070 1, 179 Proposed legislation-------------------------------- --------- --------- –295 Waybill tax----------------------------------------- 51 64 7| Proposed legislation-------------------------------- --------- --------- –28 Tax on fuels---------------------------------------- 56 67 72 International departure tax--------------------------- 57 60 64 Aircraft registration fees------------------------------ 22 26 28 Tires and innertubes--------------------------------- | | I Refunds-------------------------------------------- –2 –2 –2 Total airport and airway trust fund------------------ 1, 191 1,287 1,089 Abandoned mine reclamation fund----------------------- --------- 120 190 Total trust fund excise taxes------------------------ 7,900 8,493 8,697 Total excise taxes--------------------------------- 17,548 20, 150 25,475 Estate and gift taxes------------------------------------- 7,327 5,618 6,067 Customs duties------------------------------------------ 5, 150 5,792 6,390 Miscellaneous receipts: * Miscellaneous taxes------------------------------------ 253 279 296 Deposit of earnings, Federal Reserve System-------------- 5,908 6, 200 6,500 Proposed legislation---------------------------------- --------- --------- –200 Fees for permits and regulatory and judicial services: Immigration, passport, and consular fees---------------- 59 65 68 Patent and copyright fees----------------------------- 31 28 28 Registration and filing fees---------------------------- 73 73 75 Import fees on crude oil and petroleum products---------- —13 39 160 Miscellaneous fees for permits, licenses, etc.-------------- 30 36 37 Miscellaneous fees for regulatory and judicial services----- 53 61 45 Proposed legislation-------------------------------- --------- --------- 11 Fees for legal and judicial services---------------------- sk -k *

Total fees for permits and regulatory and judicial services----------------------------------------- 234 303 426

See footnotes at end of table.


Table 10. BUDGET RECEIPTS BY SOURCE (in millions of dollars)—Continued

Source 1977 1978 1979 actual estimate estimate Fines, penalties, and forfeitures-------------------------- 103 110 145 War reparations and recoveries under military occupation---- 3 3 Gifts and contributions--------------------------------- 31 33 32 Refund----------------------------------------------- -' --------- --------Total miscellaneous receipts------------------------- 6,531 6,928 7,203 Total budget receipts------------------------------- 355,881 too,337 T450,588 MEMORANDUM

Federal funds------------------------------------------- 240,412 267,889 289,095 Trustfunds----------------------- 152,763 168,490 187,991 Interfund transactions –36,313 –35,992 –37,497

*$500 thousand or less.

1 Deposits by States are State payroll taxes that cover the benefit part of the program. Federal unemployment tax receipts cover administrative costs at both the Federal and State level. Railroad unemployment tax receipts cover both the benefits and administrative costs of the program for

the railroads.

* Represents employer and employee contributions to the civil service retirement and disability fund for covered employees of Government-sponsored, privately owned enterprises and the District

of Columbia municipal government.

* Includes both Federal and trust funds. Trust fund amounts in miscellaneous receipts are: 1977,

$42 million: 1978, $48 million; and 1979, $48 million.

Note.—Estimates for 1978 and 1979 include effects of proposed legislation.


Table 11. OFFSETTING RECEIPTS BY TYPE (in millions of dollars)


1977 actual

1978 estimate

1979 estimate

[blocks in formation]

Intrabudgetary transactions:
Federal intrafund transactions:

Interest on Government capital in enterprises ----

Total Federal intrafunds...
Trust intrafund transactions: 1

Railroad retirement/social security-
Other --

Total trust intrafunds....

Total intrafund transactions..
Interfund transactions:
Distributed by agency and function:
Federal fund payments to trust funds:
Contributions to insurance programs:

Old-age and survivors insurance..
Military service credits, various programs.
Supplementary medical insurance..
Hospital insurance...
Railroad dual benefits..
Supplementary retirement contributions.
Unemployment insurance.

Miscellaneous contributions:

State and local government fiscal assistance.-

Trust fund payments to Federal funds:

Charges for services to trust funds.-

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Total employer share, employee retirement. Interest received by trust funds -

Total interfunds undistributed by agency and function ---




8, 131




12, 381

12, 979

Total interfund transactions..

36, 313


37, 497

Total intrabudgetary transactions

39, 073

39, 476


See footnotes at end of table.

Table 11. OFFSETTING RECEIPTS BY TYPE (in millions of dollars)— Continued


1977 actual

1978 1979 estimate estimate

[blocks in formation]

Receipts from off-budget Federal entities:
Distributed by agency and function:

Interest on loans to Government-owned enterprises ..
Surplus income, Federal Financing Bank...

Total distributed by agency and function ----
Undistributed by agency and function:
Employer share, employee retirement..

Total receipts from off-budget Federal entities..
Total intragovernmental transactions ----

Distributed by agency and function:
Interest on loans, Foreign Assistance Act..
Interest on foreign military credit sales.--
Interest on loans to United Kingdom...
Other interest on foreign loans and deferred foreign collections.
Other interest (domestic-civil): --
Other interest (domestic-national defense).

Total interest..
Dividends and other earnings.
Rent and bonuses from land leases, etc.
Rent of land and other real property
Rent of equipment and other personal property-

Total rents.
Sale of products:
Sale of timber and other natural land products 3-
Sale of minerals and mineral products..
Sale of power and other utilities..
Sale of other products --
Recovery of mint manufacturing expense.

Total sale of products---
Fees and other charges for services and special benefits:

Veterans life insurance (trust funds).
Other :

Total fees and other charges.....

[blocks in formation]


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See footnotes at end of table.

Table 11. OFFSETTING RECEIPTS BY TYPE (in millions of dollars)-Continued


1977 actual

1978 estimate

1979 estimate


[blocks in formation]

Distributed by agency and function—Continued
Sale of Government property:
Sale of land and other real property :
Sale of equipment and other personal property:

Sale from the stockpile of strategic and critical materials...
Military assistance program sales (trust fund).-..

Profit on the sale of gold...
Sale of scrap and salvage material:

Total sale of property---
Realization upon loans and investments:
Dollar repayments of loans, Agency for International Develop-

Foreign military credit sales.-
Dollar conversion of foreign currency.
Repayment of loans to United Kingdom.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Deposits in clearing accounts..

Total proprietary receipts from the public distributed by

agency and function...
Undistributed by agency and function:
Rents and royalties on the Outer Continental Shelf:

Rents and bonuses.
Total proprietary receipts from the public undistributed by

[blocks in formation]

agency and function...
Total proprietary receipts from the public 4-



1, 800



17, 244

Total offsetting receipts...

59, 194



*$500 thousand or less.

1 Interchange receipts between the social security and railroad retirement funds place the social security funds in the same position they would have been if there were no separate railroad retirement system. Interchange receipts between Federal retirement funds occur when an employee transfers from coverage by one system to coverage by another system.

Includes provision for covered Federal civilian employees and military personnel. 3 Includes both Federal funds and trust funds. • Consists of:

1978 1979 1977 esti


actual mate mate Federal funds.

6, 308 6,611 6,944 Trust funds.

10,386 9,766 10, 300

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