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Page 18—Line 9, The word appellent should be appellant.
Page 24Footnote 42, Harsed E. Sutton, should read Harold E. Sutton.
Pages 47, 49, 51, 53, 55—John v. Steffens et al., should read John V. Steffens.

Page 74—Line 2 The Contract also provides as follows." 14 should be a 10 point paragraph, instead of 8 point.

Page 75—Footnote 23, Line 2, February 11, 1966, well before most of the acts of trespass complained of Exhibit 19., should read trespass complained. Exhibit 19.

Page 94Line 9, understanding between the contractor and a complaint inspector, should read compliant inspector.

Page 102-Lines 10 and 11 (43 U.S.C. sec. 315t), should read 43 U.S.C. sec. 315f.

Page 138Footnote 5 “Act of February 25, 1920, sec. 17, as amended, 77 Stat. 782 (1960), should read 74 Stat. 781.

Page 182—Footnote 5, ICBA-376, should read IBCA-376.

Page 209—Topical Index Heading Reguations: Waiver, should read Regulations: Waiver.

Page 211-Court case Wm. J. Coleman, A-30241 (May 7, 1965) should read Colman.

Page 215—Paragraph 2, Lines 12 and 13, Court case Lewis J. A. Bockholt, etc. should read Lewis J. H. Bockholt, etc.

Page 226—Footnote 41, Court case of James P. Cross, Eng. BCA No. 2506, 65–2 BCA par. 4488, should read 4988.

Page 227-Footnote 45, Court case of Herman Groseclose, IBCA-190, 61–1 BCA par. 2885 (1961) should read (1960).

Page 241—Paragraph 4, Line 3–43 CFR 201.60 (now CFR 3381.1) should read 3385.1.

Page 244—Last paragraph-Line 13 after the word "date,.” add an asterisk (*). The remaining text *By letter of Aug. 23, 1967 should follow after the signature (ed. note).

Page 280_Footnote 103, Line 9, court case Inter-City Sand & Gravel Co. and John Kovtynovich, IBCA-128 (May 29, 1965), should read (May 29, 1959).

Page 323—Footnote 65, Line 3 (S (/10/60), Government Exhibit No. 11). should read (8 3/18/60).



Allison & Haney, Inc., Appeal of . American Cement Corporation,

Appeals of.. Anderson, Robert E., Jr., et al.,

United States v.. Appeal of Allison & Haney, Inc. Appeal of Farber & Pickett

Contractors, Inc.-Appeal of Harris Paving and

Construction Company -----Appeal of Kean Construction

Company, Inc.. Appeal of Kinemax Corporation. Appeal of L. B. Samford, Inc.-Appeal of Orndorff Construc

tion Company, Inc.---Appeal of S. S. Mullen, Inc.--Appeal of Vitro Corporation

of America.. Appeal of Winston Brothers

Company, Foley Brothers, Inc., Frazier-Davis Construction Company, and Hurley

Construction Company Appeals of American Cement

Corporation --Appeals of Peter Reiss Con

struction Co., Inc. and Lew

Morris Demolition Co., Inc.. Atlas Corporation -Bergdal, Ed., United States v.. Bobby Carlton..-Bugas, George and Susie et al... Carlton, Bobby --Continental Oil Company et al-Curtis E. Thompson.David W. Harper et al. Edwards, Lawrence.. Elgin A. McKenna, Executrix,

Estate of P. A. McKenna.--. Farber & Pickett Contractors,

Inc., Appeal of...


Page 178 Frank Winegar, Shell Oil Com

pany, D. A. Shale, Inc... 161 15 George and Susie Bugas et al.--- 64 Grace Kinsela..

386 292 Hamel, Lester J..

125 178 Hamlin, Zella

400 Harper, David W. et al.--

141 70 Harris Paving and Construction Company, Appeal of..

218 218 Jacob N. Wasserman.

173, 392 J. M. Jones Lumber Company 106 et al.-

416 28 John V. Steffens et al ..

46 86 Kean Construction Company, Inc., Appeal of..

106 305 Kinemax Corporation, Appeal of

28 152 Kinsela, Grace..

386 Kunkel, Robert P..

373 253 Lawrence Edwards ..

120 L. B. Samford, Inc., Appeal of 86 Lester J. Hamel...

125 Lyons, Monte L..

11 McKenna, Elgin A., Executrix, 157 Estate of P. A. McKenna.

133 Monte L. Lyons...

11 15 Myers, C. B. et al., United States v.

388 New Jersey Zinc Company, 35 United States v..

191 76 North American Coal Corpora245 tion, Jase O. Norsworthy---- 209 214 Orndorff Construction Com64 pany, Inc., Appeal of.

305 214 Peter Reiss Construction Co., 229

Inc. and Lew Morris Demo168

lition Co., Inc., Appeals of..-- 35 141

Raymond J. Stipek, R. A. Keans. 57 120 Robert P. Kunkel.

373 133 Rubenstein, Geraldine H.------ 357

Smith, Henry P. and Leoda M. 378 70 S. S. Mullen, Inc., Appeal of...- 152

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