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"To one interested in horse-racing, no more magniticent or acceptable prezent could be made than " Portraits of Celebrated Racehorses."'-TRUTH. Portraits of Celebrated Racehorses of the Past

AND THE PRESENT CENTURIES. In strictly Chronological Order, commencing in 1702, and ending in 1870, together with their respective Pedigrees and Performances recorded in full. By T. H. Taunton, formerly of Oriel College, Oxford. These Volumes, handsomely bound, contain the Portraits of about 430 Horses, together with those of some of the most celebrated Jockeys of the period. The letterpress is in large and elegant type. In 4 vols., crown

4to. £6. 6s. • The four handsome volumes are such as every owner, breeder, trainer, rider, and lover of the racehorse, whet ber in this country or in any other, will desire to possess, if only a glimpse of them be obtained, or the faintest idea of wbat they are like be presented to the fancy. Nor must it be imagined for a moment that the interest of the book is confined to the adherents of the turf, that curious and not very reputable institution at wbich so many good people look askance, or to persons who are more or less intimately acquainted with horse-racing and its history : for the volumes are by no means withont value from many other points of view, especially the antiquarian and artistic.'-ATHESÆCY, Sept. 22.

• No racing man can look at the quaint old pictures in this book without amusement. . Mr. Taunton's book will be found both entertaining and interesting by all racing men worthy of the name, especially owners and breeders Is certain to be popular, and it would make an admirable Christmas present.'-SATURDAY REVIEW.

"A book, the first of a series which will extend to four handsomely bound and charmiogly illustrateil volumes, bas just been published by Messrs. Sampson Low, Marston, Searle & Rivington, and judging from perusal, cannot fail to take the highest rank in the literature of the Turf. Indeed, it may at once be prophesied that amongst the best recognized racing men it will become in great demand and highly prized.'--SPORTING LIFE.

Dedicated by Permission to Her Majesty the Queen. The Native Flowers of New Zealand. Illustrated

in Colours, in the best style of Modern Chromo-Litho Art, from Drawings Coloured to Nature. By Mrs. CHARLES HETLEY. The Work is in Three large quarto Parts (imp. 4to.). Each Part contains Twelve Chromo-Lithographic Plates, in facsimile of the original Drawings, with Descriptive Text. Price, in 3 Parts, three guineas (£3. 3.); in cloth gilt, handsomely bound in bevelled

boards, £3. 138. 6d.

*Lovers of flowers will be delighted with this charming portfolio of admirably executed and coloured illustrations of the flowers of New Zealand. They are really works of art, and will win a place upon the drawing-room table of many besides those addicted to the collection of books on floral subjects.'-STANDARD.

* All flower-lovers will find much to interest them in studies of blossom and leaf, frond and foliage, from beyond the seas.'-DAILY TELEGRAPH.

"A remarkably handsome work. ... The plates are perfect facsimiles of accurate and beautiful water-coloar drawings. The delineations are absolutely lifelike and perfect, and do not seem capable of improvement. To lovers of rare and choice flowers and to botanists the selection will be a source of enduring gratification.' -QUEEN.

• Whether As regards works of art, or as specimens of the flora of New Zealand, it would be difficult to commend these graceful and artistic studies too highly.'-MORNING Post.

*Judging from the sample before us, the publication will be very serviceable, for while the book is pretty enongh for the drawing-room table, it has the more solid qualities of botanical accuracy and artistic design. Rarely indeed hare we seen plants rendered with greater truth to Nature.'-GARDENER'S CHRONICLE.

By Permission of the Trustees of the British Museum.

Bindings Remarkable for their Beauty in the


BRITISH MUSEUM: a large 4to. book containing sixty monotint plates reproduced from the originals, and fully described by HENRY B. WHEATLEY, Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries. Two HUNDRED COPIES only will be printed for England, and sold as follows:

in Japanese paper covers, £3. 3s. 150 copies will be offered

in half morocco, £3. 13s. 6d. 25 copies, with Plates sur Japon (in Japanese paper covers), £4. 14s. 6d. 25 copies, with coloured plates in Japanese paper covers), £8. 8s. (all sold).

The book will be sold to subscribers only. It will not be reprinted, and no coples will be sold at a reduced price. London: SAMPSON LOW, MARSTON, SEARLE & RIVINGTON, LIMITED,

St. Dunstan's House, Fetter Lane, Fleet Street, E.C.

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Hugo's Hunchback of Notre Dame. An Edition

de Luxe of an entirely new Translation of .THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME,' in two volumes, demy 8vo. white vellum cloth, price 30s. This Edition will be illustrated by sixteen Coloured Etchings, and 150 Text Illustrations from blocks prepared by an entirely new process by Guillaume, of Paris. It is not likely that a more exquisitely printed book than this of Hugo's masterpiece will be produced this season.

KOV A French Edition of the same Work, in precisely uniform style, issued simultaneously with the above, the sole right in our hands.-S. L., M. & Co.

The Pioneers of the Alps: a Collection of Photo

. gravure Portraits of the leading Guides of the Oberland, of the Valais, of Savoy, and of Piedmont. By Captain ABNEY, C.B., R.E., F.R.S., and C. D. CUNNINGHAM. Second and Cheaper Edition, with additional matter. Imp. 8vo. cloth extra, 21s.

CONTENTS.-I. Growth and Development of Mountaineering. II. The Training of Mountaineers. III. The Portraits. IV. Guides of the Present Day. V. In Memoriam.

*Captain Abney may be cordially congratulated on having succeeded in a by no means easy task. ... The portraits, as a rule, are both excellent as likenesses and admirable as photographs.'- ATHENÆUM.

Ur. Cunningham has done well bringing together a series of lives of the great guides of the Alps, written as far as possible each by the amateur in whose company the guide most frequently worked. .... The time is propitious for the appearance of such a work. The volume in question would be but half noticed if one omitted to mention the remarkably fine series of portraits and other illustrations with which it is embellished.'-ACADEMY.

Artistic Japan: an Illustrated Journal of Arts

and Industries. VOL. I., conducted by S. BING. Besides illustrated text, the Volume contains 60 royal quarto Coloured Plates, being reproductions of Work by the best Japanese Artists. Cloth, price 15s.

The Text is written by several of the best English Authorities on Japanese Art, including Dr. WILLIAM ANDERSON, Mr. Huish, Editor of the Art JOURNAL, &c. Parts I. to VI., issued in most attractive Coloured Wrappers, price 28. each, can still be obtained.

• The new magazine is a sumptuous folio, and the greater part of the contents consists of loose plates, very beautiful and carefully executed specimens of colour printing, representing various examples of the decorative art of a nation of in born decorators. The letterpress, which is contributed by Mr. S. Bing, Mr. Marcus Huish, and other competent authorities, is at once descriptive and expository, and the new venture, for which we hope all success, will be not merely & storehouse of beautiful things, but an instructive guide to the noble art product with which it deals.'

MANCHESTER EXAMIXER. • The plates are good and useful, the blocks in the text are commendable, and the price is reasonable.'-QUEEN.

The Boyhood of Christ.


. Author of · Ben Hur, a Tale of the Christ,' &c. With numerous Illustrations. 4to. cloth, gilt edges, 15s.





Shakespeare's Songs and Sonnets. Illustrated

by Sir John GILBERT, R.A. 4to. elegant fancy boards, 5s. 16 Coloured Plates

and numerous Text Illustrations. 'A charming gift book for the season.'--GLASGOW HERALD.

*** This charming little Volume is a careful reproduction in miniature of Sir John Gilbert's beautiful Illustrations to the Songs and Sonnets,' which Volume was published by SAMPSON Low, MARSTON & Co. in 1862—in a large Imperial Volume—a work which is now very scarce, and has always been regarded as one of the highest achievements of Chromo-Lithography. The book has been again undertaken by the same Lithographers (Vincent Brooks & Co.), and the result of their work in this reduced form will certainly bear favourable comparison with its predecessor. London: SAMPSON LOW, MARSTON, SEARLE & RIVINGTON, LIMITED,

St. Dunstan's House, Fetter Lane, Fleet Street, E.C.

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Birds in Nature. Text by R. BowdleR SHARPE,


F.L.S., F.Z.S., Zoological Department, British Museum, &c. With 39 superb Coloured Plates of Birds and other Illustrations by P. ROBERT, as seen wild in nature, and the surroundings in which they are found. In 1 vol., 4to. cloth extra, £3. 3s.

A handsome quarto of very beautiful designs in colour. The drawings are generally faithful and spirited; are admirably reproduced.'-SATURDAY REVIEW.

Mr. Sharpe's knowledge of the form and colour of birds is well shown in this beautiful work. The size of the plates, quarto, ensures a life-size reproduction of the living subject, and their colour, at any rate, does justice for tratb.

The selection is certainly good, and the general resemblance of plates to birds admirable. It is a fine edition, and its size and finish should make it a delightful present to bird lovers.'—SPECTATOR.

The Courtship of Miles Standish. By HENRY

WADSWORTH LONGFELLOW. With Illustrations from Designs by BOUGHTON,
MERRILL, REINHART, PERKINS, and others. Imperial 4to. cloth gilt, 21s.

This is a handsome volume, printed from beautiful type on one side only of the paper, and illustrated with equal spirit and sympathy.'--SATURDAY REVIEW.


Endymion. By JOHN KEATS.

Illustrated with 28 Photogravures, illuminated and arranged by Mary and ANY

COMEGYS. Demy 4to. cloth, gilt edges, 31s. 6d.
An attractive illustrated edition.'-SATURDAY REVIEW.
No book of the season is likely to be more attractive than a handsome edition of Longfellow's “ Nuremberg."


Illustrated by
W. ST. JOHN HARPER. Imperial 4to. cloth, gilt top, 42s.
Elementary History of Art: Architecture and

SCULPTURE. By N. D'ANVERS, Author of Life of Raphael d' Urbino,' &c.
Third Edition, with Introduction by Professor Roger Smith, and a Biographical
Index. Illustrated with 200 Engravings and a Coloured Frontispiece. Hand-
somely bound in cloth, price 5s.

Elementary History of Art: Painting. By N.

D'ANVERS. Third Edition, revised and enlarged. By FRANK CUNDALL, joint
Editor of Illustrated Biographies of Great Artists. Illustrated with 170
Engravings and a Frontispiece printed in tints, and containing a Biographical
Index of 820 Painters. Handsomely bound in cloth, price 6s.

*** The two Books are also published in one volume with gilt top edges, price 10s. 6d.; or in half-morocco, gilt edges, specially adapted for Prizes, at 128.

This work is adopted by the Civil Service Commissioners as a TEXT BOOK for the Examination of Candidates on Questions of Art. It is also placed upon the List of Prizes granted to Students of Art by the Science and Art Department. Pictures of East Anglian Life. By Dr. P. H.

EMERSON. Edition de Luxe, limited to 75 numbered copies, size 17 in. by 13} in., bound in vellum with green morocco back, black and gold decorations, thirty-two Plates in Photogravure on India, and fifteen Blocks on Japanese; Text printed on best hand-made paper, price £7. 7s. Ordinary Edition, limited to 500 copies, printed on best white paper, Plates on fine plate paper; handsome cloth binding, with leather backs, price £5. 58.

Life and Landscape on the Norfolk Broads.

Illustrated with 40 beautiful Plates from Nature, executed in Platino-type. With general and descriptive text by P. H. Emerson, B.A., M.B. (Cantab.), and T. F. GOODALL £6. 6s.


St. Dunstan's House, Fetter Lane, Fleet Street, E.C.


Beautifully Ilustrated Edition (a Choice Presentation Volume).

Springhaven: a Tale of the Great War. By

R. D. BLACKMORE, Author of Lorna Doone.' With 64 Illustrations by ALFRED

Parsons and F. BARNARD. Square demy 8vo. cloth extra, gilt edges, 12s.

Of 'Springhaven'the SATURDAY REVIEW says :- The story is one of Mr. Blackmore's best. A fine touch of romance reveals the author of "Lorna Doone" on almost every page...... The portraits of Nelson and Napoleon are marvellously true and lifelike.'

"" Splendid” and “glorious" are strong terms, but they are scarcely too strong for application to some parts of “Springhaven.”...... The story is among the author's best; and to read it is a most invigorating tonic.'-ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS.

Second Edition of the Edition de Luxe. Blackmore's Lorna Doone: a Romance of Ex

: MOOR. It contains numerous Full-page and other Illustrations by Mr. F. ARMSTRONG, Mr. W. SMALL, and Mr. Boot. In 1 vol. crown 4to. cloth extra,

528 pages, gilt edges, 21s. (A few copies still on hand of the Original Edition, in handsome cloth binding, 318. 6d.; or in parchment binding, top gilt, uncut edges, very handsome, 358.)

• Enriched with elaborate and delicately cut landscape and figure designs. It is hard to say of the landscapes which is the most carefully and finely wrought; .... the figure pieces supplied by Mr. W. Small are well designed and learnedly drawn.'-ATHENÆUM.

Illustrated with about Four Hundred finely-executed Wood Engravings.

Harper's Magazine. Vol. XVI. June to Nov.

1888. Devoted to General Literature, and containing Original Novels, Stories, Articles, Poems, &c. Copiously and charmingly Illustrated. Royal 8vo. cloth, 8s, 6d.

Now ready, at all Booksellers', price One Shilling.

Harper's Magazine Christmas Number. Complete

in itself. Very elaborately Illustrated with 70 Pictures and Drawings by CHARLES GREEN, A. B. FROST, G. H. BOUGHTON, A.R.A., H. PYLE, C. S. REINHART, W. H. GIBSON, G. DU MAURIER, and others, 24 of which Designs are Full-page Plates. The Number comprises 168 royal 8vo. pages.

OUTLINE OF CONTENTS. The Last Mass : a Story. By WALTER BESANT. With 9 Illustrations, drawn by

CHARLES GREEN. The Viking's Daughter. From a Painting by F. S. CHURCH, owned by Mr.

John Gellatly. (Frontispiece.) A Likely Story : à Farce. By William DEAN HOWELLS. With 2 Illustrations

by HARPER PENNINGTON. At a Reading: a Poem. By Thomas BAILEY ALDRICH. Sosrus - Dismal: a Story. By William W. ARCHER. With 3 Illustrations by

A, B. FROST. F. S. Church, N.A. By GEORGE W. SHELDON. With 6 Illustrations, from a

Sketch by C. Y. TURNER, and Original Paintings and Drawings by F. S. CHURCH. A Christmas Mystery in the Fifteenth Century. By THEODORE CHILD.

With 12 Illustrations by L. O. MERSON. Fragile: an Outdoor Sketch. By GEORGE H. BOUGHTON, A.R.A. With 6 Illus

trations by GEORGE H. BOUGHTON, A.R.A. A Soul Drama : a Poem. By Anna D. Ludlow. With 3 Illustrations by J. ALDEN

WEIR and ELIHU VEDDER. The Christmas Story of a Little Church. By GRACE KING. The Men of the Alamo: a Poem. By JAMES JEFFRIES ROCHE. Morgan: a Ballad. By EDMUND CLARENCE STEDMAN. With Full-page (Plate)

Illustration by HOWARD PYLE. The Front Yard : a Story. By ConstANCE FENIMORE Woolson. With 4 Illus

trations by C. H. REINHART and H. FENN. A Midnight Ramble. By WILLIAM HAMILTON Gibson. With 12 Illustrations


St. Dunstan's House, Fetter Lane, Fleet Street, E.C.


* New Illustrated List post- free on application.

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Scenes of the Early Life and Labours of Our Lord. By J. L. PORTER, D.D., LL.D., President of Queen's College, Belfast, Author of Murray's Handbook for Syria and Palestine,' Jerusalem, Bethany, and Bethlehem,' &c. With 125 Illustrations. Royal 4to. bandsomely bound in cloth extra, gilt edges, price 10s. 6d.

For Specimen of the Illustrations see page 57.


Parallel Passages, Historical and Critical Illustrations, Contemporary Allusions, a Copious Glossary, Biographical Sketch and Indexes. By W. H. DAVENPORT ADAM8, With 370 Illustrations by the late FRANK HOWARD, R.A., and Facsimile of Shakespeare's Will. New Edition in Two Vols. Crown 8vo. cloth, gilt top, price 7s. per set. Also Ro.rburyh style, leather back, 98. per set.



Cities, Lakes, and Mountains. 120 Chromo Views.

Handsomely bound, cloth extra, gilt edges, price 7s. 6d. ENGLISH SCENERY. 120 Chromo

Views. Cloth extra, gilt edges, price is. 6d. FOR HER SAKE: a Tale of Life in Ire.

land. By GORDON koy, Crown 8vo. cloth extra,


Story of the French Revolution. By C. J. G., Author of Good Fight of Faitb,'Ruth Dernent,' &c. Crown

8vo. price 58. LITTLE MISS WARDLAW. By

Louisa M. GRAY, Author or . Ada and Gerty,' *Dunal

ton,' &c. Post 8vo. cloth extra, price 3s. 6d. THE GOLDEN WOOF: a Story of Two

Girls' Lives. By Mrs. LELA SITWELL. Post 8vo. cloth

extra, price 38. 6d. PINCHERTON FARM; or, The Mys

terious Will. By E. A. B. D., Author of 'Young 1slimael Conway,' &c, &c.

Post 8vo. cloth extra, price 38. 6d. LIONEL HARCOURT, THE

ETONIAN; or, Like other Fellows. By G. E. WYATT,
Author of Arcbie Digby,'• Harry Bertram,' &c. Post

8vo. cloth extra, price 3s. 6d. MOLLY'S HEROINE. By “FLEUR DE

Lys,' Author of The Young Huguenots,' 'A Strange

Journey,' &c. Post 8vo. cloth extra, price 3s. 6d. VERA'S TRUST: a Tale for the Young.

By EVELYN EVERETT-GREEN, Author of Fighting the
Good Fight,' Winning the Victory,' &c. Post 8vo.

cloth extra, price 3s. 6d. DULCIE AND TOTTIE; or, the Story

of an Old-Fashioned Pair. By EvELYS EVERETT-GREEN, Author of Fighting the Good Ficht.' • Temple's Trial,'

&c. Post 8vo. cloth extra, price 2s.6d. NELLIE O'NEIL; or, Our Summer Time.

By AGNES C. MAITLAND. Post, price 2s.6d.


Author of 'Driven into Exile,'' Pictures of St. Peter in an English Home,' &c. Post 8vo. cloth extra, price

2s. 6d. CRAG, GLACIER, AND AVA. LANCHE: Narratives of Daring and Disaster.

By ACHILLES DAUNT, Author of · With Pack and Rifie in the Far South-West' &c. With Illustrations. Crown

8vo, cloth extra, price 28, 6d. AUNT JUDITH; the Story of a Loving

Life. By GRACE BEAUMOST. Post Svo. cloth extra,

prica 28. 60. AMONG THE TURKS. By VERNEY

LOVETT CAMERON, C.B., D.C.L., Commander, Royal
Navy, Author of 'Jack Hooper' &c. With Illustra-

tions. Crown 8vo. cloth extra, price 25. EAGLE AND DOVE: a Tale of the

Franco-Prussian War, Founded on Fact. By M. E.
CLEMENTS, Author of The Story of the Beacon Fire,'

Sheltering Arms,' &c. Post 8vo. cloth extra, price 2. FOLLOWING HEAVENWARD; or,

The Story of Alired Reid. By Passy, Author of 'A
New Graft on the Family Tree,' • Esther Reid,' &c.

Post 8vo. cloth extra, price 28.

Author of 'A New Graft on the Family Tree, A

Hedge Fence,' &c. Post 8vo. cioth extra, price is. THE ACADEMY BOYS IN CAMP.

By S. F. SPEAR. Post 8vo. cloth extra, price ls. 6d. AT THE HOLLIES; or, Staying with

Auntie. By Mrs. STEPHENSON, Author of When I was a Little Girl' &c. Fcp. 850. cloth extra, price


THE YOUNG. With numerous Illustrations. Post

8vo, fancy boards, price 18.; cloth extra, price ls. 6d. SAVED BY LOVE: a Story of London

Streets. By EMMA LESLIE. Fcp. 8vo. price 1s. THE CHILDREN'S TREASURY OF

Illustrated. Small 4to. pictorial boards, price 13.

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CHILDREN. Royal 4to. beautifully printed in colours, handsome Pictorial Covers, price 6d, each ; mounted on linen, untearable, price ls, each. BOW WOW; er, Dog Stories.



THOMAS NELSON & SONS, 35 and 36 Paternoster Row, London, E.C. ;

Edinburgh and New York.

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