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Birds and their haunts! Jules Verne's new book

Birds in nature, the text by R. Bowdleb Sharpe, F.L.S., F.Z.S., Zoological Department, British Museum, &c. With 89 superb coloured plates of birds and other illustrations by P. Robert, as seen wild in nature, and the surroundings in which they are found. In 1 vol. 4to. cloth extra, £8. 8s.

* A handsome quarto of very beautiful designs In colour. The drawing* are genemlly Mthful and spirited; are admirably reproduced.'— Satukday Reyikw.

Cycling the world

Around the world on a bicycle. Vol. II. By Thomas Stevens. The Second Volume carries the plucky rider through Persia, India, China, and Japan. With numerous illustrations. Demy 8vo. 16s.

*#* Vol. I. (describing the journey from San Francisco, through Europe, to Persia) can still be obtained, with over 200 illustrations (price lGs.)

* Mr. Stevens has a ready pen, he write* brightly, and has kept his eyes open, at was indeed essential during his long ride. His book, with its admirable illustrations, ts far more entertaining and "informing " than the majority of travellers'tale?, and its sketches of the ways and manner* of Orientals of many varieties are drawn and coloured with intelligence.'—MoitNiNft Post.

'We have read this vol nine with a keen zest and pleasure. It is deeply interesting, add tells ns much about countries little known; much, indeed, that has not been told before. The daring wheeler records his experiences and adventures with such simple, straightforward, and unaffected manliness, that it is not until the reader stops to think that he perceives the courage displayed, the extent of thenndtrtaking, and the alarming nature of the dangersencountered.'

Land And Watku.

Hunting in India

Tent life in tiger land: twelve years' sporting reminiscences of a pioneer planter in an Indian frontier district. By the Hon. James Inglis, Minister for Public Instruction, Sydney, N.S.W. ('maoei'), author of 'Our New Zealand Cousins' &c. With numerous coloured illustrations. Royal &vo. 18s.

4" Tent Life " A c., is the heat liook of hunting adventure we have seen for many a long day. Imagine Allan Quartermain in real lire, and you have Mr. Inglis. His Btorles of what le and 1 is frit-Lda actually rid in the jungles of nu Indian f-ontier district oot-ro in graphic power and exclilng adventure anything that Mr. Rider

Haggard has imagined. The !n>ok will come veiy

near being ttc laVLUtite gift took for boTs this Christmas.'

Fall Mali. Gazkttk.

The Flight to France; or, the memoirs of a dragoon. A tale of the days of Dumouriez. By Jules Veene, author of 'The Clipper of the Clouds' &c. Crown 8vo. with 34 full-page illustrations, 7s. Gd.

Miles Standish illusr.

The Courtship of Miles Standish. By Henby Wadswobth LongFellow. With illustrations from designs by Boughton, Merrill, Reinhart, Perkins, and others. Imperial 4to. cloth gilt, 21s.

*This is a handsome volume, printed from beautiful type on one aide only of the paper, and illuatrated witli equal spirit and sympathy.'—Saturday Hkview.

Naturalists' walks

The Walks abroad of two young naturalists. From the French of Charles Beaugband. By David Shabp, M.B., F.L.S., F.Z.S., President of the Entomological Society of London, &c. Numerous illustrations. Demy 8vo. gilt binding, 7s. Gd.

'For boys who enjoy a country life we can warmlv t ommeiid this Lo^k. The style of the author is easy, perspicuous, ami not too scientific. Ttie woodcuts illustrative of submarine life and insect development are exceedingly good.'

Saturday Heview.

New Zealand flowers

The Native flowers of New Zealand, from drawings after nature, by Mrs. Chables Hetley, thirty-six chromolithographic plates in facsimile of water colour, with text, imp. 4to. very handsomely bound, with a choice and novel design, bevelled boards, £8. 18s. Gd.

'Lovers of flowers will be delighted with this charming portfolio of admirably executed and ooloured iliustiations of the flowers of New Zealand. They are really works of art. and will win a place upon the drawing-room tnhle of many beside* those addicted to the collection of books on floral subjects.'—KVKKisa Standard.

Dedhated Iiy Pkkmission To Heh Majesty


London: SAMPSON LOW, MARSTON, SEARLE & RIVINGTON, Limited, St. Dunstan's House, Fetter Lane, Fleet Street, E.C.


North New Zealand

Kaipara: experiences of a settler in North New Zealand. Written and illustrated by P. W. Barlow. Crown 8vo. 6s.

'What Mr. Barlow says about sport In Kaipara, New Zealand forest?, Kauri gum, and the labouring man settler is altogether to the point and well worth reading. His story of the pious man's cow, with its spirited sketoh, and the two drawings of a county council meeting and a gumdigger's holiday are decidedly humorous.'

Saturday Rsvikw.

Nuremberg illustrated

Nuremberg. By Henry Wadswoeth Longfellow. Illustrated with 28 photogravures, illuminated and arranged by Mary and Amy Comegys. Demy 4to. cloth, gilt edges, 81s. Gd.

'An attractive illustrated edition.'—Saturday Review.

Plays for Christmas

Drawing-room plays, selected and adapted from the French by Lady Adelaide Cadogan, author of 'Games of Patience' &c, with numerous illustrations drawn by E. L. Shute. (Seven plays in all.) Dedicated by permission to Her Boyal Highness Princess Christian of Schleswig-Holstein, Princess of Great Britain and Ireland. Crown 4to. cloth, 10s. Gd.

Shakespeare illust.

Shakespeare's Songs and sonnets, illustrated by Sir John Gilbert, B.A., with 10 coloured plates and numerous illustrations in the text, ■ito. elegant fancy boards, 5s.

'A charming gift-book for the season.'

Glasgow Hkiiald.

Spanish Am. cities

Tlie Capitals of Spanish America. By William Eleroy Curtis, late Commissioner from the United States to the Governments of Central and South America. With map and over 860 illustrations. Boyal 8vo. cloth, 15s.

Contents: Mexico—Guatemala City—Comayagua—Managua—San Salvador—San Jose—Bogota --Caracas—Quito—Lima—La Paz de Ayacucho— Santiago—Patagonia—liuenos Ay res—Montevideo— Asuncion—Kio de Janeiro—index.

Story of robber barons

Otto of the silver hand, written and illustrated by Howard Pyle, author of ' Pepper and Salt' &c. Small 4to. 8s. 6d,

Readers of 'J.irrr.E Lord Fainti.eiioy" will find this to tie a charming companion to tint work.

Thibetan adventure

The Land of the mountain kingdom: a narrative of adventure in the unknown mountains of Thibet. By D. Lawson Johnstone. With numerous illustrations. Crown 8vo. 5s.

Women of Georgia

The Kingdom of Georgia: notes of travel in a land of women, wine, and song; to which are appended historical, literary, and political sketches, specimens of the national music, and a compendious bibliography. By Oliver Wardrop. With numerous illustrations and map. Demy 8vo. 14s.


St. Dunstan's House, Fetter Lane, Fleet Street, E.C.

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S. Church; owned by Mr. John
With Two Illustrations, by

The Viking's Daughter. From a Painting by I
Gellatly. (Frontispiece.)

A Likely Story: a Farce. By William Dean Howells.
Harper Pennington. Engraved by Lindsay.

At a Reading: a Poem. By Thomas Bailey Aldrich.

SosruS Dismal: a Story. By William W. Archer. With Three Illustrations, by A. B. Frost. Engraved by Lindsay, Williams, and Putnam.

F. S. Church. N.A. By George W. Sheldon. With Six Illustrations. Froma.Sketch hy C. Y. Turner, and Original Paintings and Drawings by F. S. Church. Engraved by Anderson.

A Christmas Mystery in the Fifteenth Century. By Theodore Child. With Twelve Illustrations, by L. O. Merson. Engraved by Witte and Heard.

Fragile: an Outdoor Sketch. By George H. Boughton, A.R.A. With Six Illustrations, by George H. Boughton, R.A. Engraved by Anderson, Closson, King, and Wellington.

A Soul Drama: a Poem. By Anna D. Ludlow. With Three Illustrations, by J. Alden Weir and Elihu Vedder. Engraved by Kruell.

The Christmas Story of a Little Church. By Grace King.

The Men of the Alamo: a Poem. By James Jeffries Koche.

Morgan: a Ballad. By Edmund Clarence Stedman. With Fnll-page (Plate) Illustration, by Howard Pyle.

The Front Yard: a Story. By Constance Fenimore Woolson. With Four Illustrations, by C. S. Keinhart and H. Fenn.

A Midnight Ramble. By William Hamilton Gibson. With Twelve Illustiations, by William Hamilton Gibson. Engraved by Lindsay, Tinkey, Airman, Wellington, Heard, Lewis, Hellawell, and French.

Editor's Easy Chair. By George William Curtis.

Editor's Study. By William Dean Howells.

Editor's Drawer. Conducted by Charles Dudley Warner.

'NOUS avOnS Chang6 tout cela.' Full-page Illustration, drawn by GEORGE Du Maurier.

*,* Booltselhr* are requested to send their order* as soon as possible, as a great demand is expected for thU Christmas Number (i.e. the ordinary December Number) of Harper's Magazine?

London: SAMPSON LOW, MARSTON, SEAHLE & RIVINGTON, Limited, St. Dunstan's House, Fetter Lane, Fleet Street, E.C.



IN PAR LOCHABER. By William Black, Author of ' The

Strange Adventures of a House Boat,' 1 A Daughter of Heth,' &c. Second Edition. 3 vols, crown 8vo. 31*. Gd.

4 These who love the Highlands and the Hlahland pf ople will road Mr. BlackV new berk with interest born of th*»ir appreciation of tbe delicate touches of description, alike of scenes and persons, which make the author Bo popular as a delineator of Highland character This is a good little book.'—Athen^ilm.

• Mr. Black has celdorn told "the course of trne love '* more effect!vely.'—Bookpellkr.

* Mr. Black's new novel is undeniably clever, and is marked by better workmanship than several of its immediate predecessors.1Bristol Western Press.

FROM THE DEAD: a Romance. By Denzil Vane, Author

of 'Like Lucifer' &c. 2 vols, cruwn 8vo. 21*. 'There is some human passion in the story The two volumes are full of excellent work.'—ATHEBLStm.

HER GREAT IDEA, and other Stories. By Mrs. L. B.

Walford, Author of 'Mr. Smith,'4 Troublesome Daughters,' &c. Crown 8vo. cloth, 10*. 6rf.

* The sketches and stories grouped together under the heading " Her Great Idea " are easy enough to read. These indeed, and not the old railway novel, are tbe kind of literature for a journey.*—Athex^i'm.

. ,

THE OLD ADAM: a Tale of an Army Crammer. By Hugh

Colkman Davidson, Author of ' Cast on the Waters ' Sic. 3 vols, crown 8vo. 31j. (id.

THE BEE-MAN OP ORN, and other Fanciful Tales. By

F. R. Stockton, Author of "The Late Mrs. Null,' 'The Hundredth Man,' Sec. 1 vol. crown 8vo. 5».

HALF-WAY: an Anglo-French Eomance. By Miss Beth Am

Edwards, Author of 'The White House by the Sea' &c. New and Cheaper Edition.
Crown 8vo. 6». (Lnrv's Standard Norelt Seriet.') [7n a fen? dayt.

JOHN WESTACOTT. By James Bakee. Third Edition.

Crown 8vo. 448 pages, cloth, 6*.

'A really good sound novel.'—Illubtpatfd London News.
1 Exquisite literary work.'—Fcm>Man.

1A book to read and re-read with unflagging interest.'— Devon Gazette.
'Charming pictures.'—MonNrxo Post.
'Effective pictures of life.'— Spectator.

THE SPELL OF ASHTAROTH. By Duffield Osborne.

A Story in the style of 'Ben Hur.' 1 vol. crown 8vo. 6*.

REAL PEOPLE. By Marion Wilcox. (Second Thousand.)

Small post 8vo. cloth, 3*. fid.

SENORA VILLENA, and GRAY: an Oldhaven Romance.

By Marion Wilcox. 2 vols, in one, crown 8vo. cloth, 6*.

'"Fefiora Villena" introduces anrw the (wnie •wnrm-henrt'd, imprcFfdorifble. and charmingly rtnTve prsonn who figure in Mr. Wilcox's shorter vaper " Ural Prop]-." It is far mcreclal orale, how ever, and quite as graceful and felicitous in style and characterisation.'—Saturday Bf.vihw.

'Very clever and very interesting Told with so mnch 1 urrour mid taetc and skill that one can hardly refrain

from loving these childish Spaniards and their circle."— Glasgow Herald.

'"Senora Villena" is very charming,1— G^AnniAN.

'Mr. Wilcox has ai ncxed a new country to the kingdom of the short story.'—Scotsman.


St. Dunstau's House, Fetter Lane, Fleet Street, E.C.


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