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Queen and the Royal Family, Richie (J. E.) la.
Queen of Spades, Roe (E. P.) la. Cd. Is la.
Quicer, Vol. 28. 7a. Cd.

Rnnch Life and Hunting Tnil. Rocscrrll (T ) 25'.

Readings and Recitations. Hum.rous, Wagner (L.) la.

Ready Reckoner, l^ocket, 3d.

Real Folks, IPaiteejrfMra.) new edit. Ss.

Rebellion. Clarendon's History, 6 vols. 45s.

Peed Music P. ems. Htiohcs (A.) 3s. Cd.

Recces, Sim0, Life and Recollection", Is. 91,

Registration Manual, Mockensie (Mu'r) 1-Vs.

Religious Reconstruction, Savage (M. J.) 5s.

Rest Day, Onr. Hamilton (T.) I0<. 6d.

Rivers of ttie United Kingdom. Industrial, 7s. 6d.

Roadside Sketches, Poems, illustrated. 6d.

Rogue, a Novel, Xorris (W. E.) 3 vols. 31s. 6d.

Roland Trent h, Story, tie HounUd Tower, 6s.

Roman Mosaics, Mucmillan (Hugh) 6a,

Roman Students, Alcock (D.) 3s. 6d.

Romance of a Shop, Levy (Amy) 6s.

Romance of Two Worlds, Corelli (Marie) new edit. 6s.

Ronald Morton, Kingston (W. H. O.) new edit. 3s. Sd.

Ross, A. J., of Solston, Derbyshire, Memoir, 10s. Cd.

8L Nicholas. Vol. 15. 8s.

St. Paul's Cathedral, IVdrJ & Lock's Handb ok, is 6d. 4: Is, Salvator Mundl. Cox (Samnel) 11th edit. 3s. 6J. Sandringham Estate, Eighteen Years, Lady Farmer, Is. Schiller, Poems and Plays, translated, Lytton, 7s, 6d. Science, Geology and the Deluge, Galloway (W. B.) 8s. 6d. School Girls, Carey (Anoie) 2s.

Scottish Moors and Indian Jungles, Xcicall (J. T.) 12s.

Scottish Soldiers of Fortune, Grant (James) 5s.

Sea and its Wonders, Kirby (Mary and E.) new edit. 3s. 6d.

Sermons for Special Occasions, Outlines, 6s.

Sevastopol, Tolstoi (L, N.) trans, by Isabel F. Hopgood, 6s.

Shake1 peare Tales, Lamb (Charles and Mary) 2*.

Shakespeare, William, Literary Bingraphy, E'.te, 6s.

Shan Van Vocht, Murphy (James) 2s.

Shelley, Early Poems, pocket elit. Is.

8ketch Book, Irring, Washington, new edit. 6s.

Social Science, Elem-nts, 65th edit. 3s.

Socialism, Practlcil, Es>ays, Burnett, 2s. 6d.

Songs, Old, for Young Voices, Honey (Ag< es L ) M.

Boul, Record of a Human, Hutchinson (H. O.) 3s. 6d.

Speaker, Brilliant, Xicoll (H. J.) Is.

Spirit and Life, Thought) for To-day, Bradford (A. H.) 5s.
Spirit Guardiun, 6d,

Spiritual World, Natural Law, Drummond (H.) n ed. 3s. 6d.
Statesmen, Famous American, Bolton (Sarah K.) 7s. Cd.
Stephen Elderby, Dreury (A. H. M.) 2 vols. 21s.
Stecenson (R. L.) Memoirs and Portraits, new edit. Cs.
Stiry Books, Hugh's. New Standard, Standard II., 10J.
Story of an Actress, Ryan (VI. E.) 2s. 6d.
Story of Deserved Success, Cox (M. I.) 6(.
Story of Shipwreck b Adventure for Boys, Stems ( W. A.) 7s.6d.
Stratford-on-Avon Note-Booka, Socage (R.) Vol. 1. 2s. 6d.
Summer in Leslie Goldlhwatte's Life, Whitney, new edit. 2s.
Sun of Righteousness, Ferrar (W. M.) 6s.
Sunday Friend. My, Stories, 6b.

Sunshine and Shadow, Stories, Adams (W. H. D.) 3a 6d.

Swedeaborg, Emmanuel, Bigelo'e (J.) 2^. 6d.
Taming of the Shrew, Shakespeare, 6d. and 3d.
Tangled Lives tfce.. Stories, 2s. 6d. and 2s.
Testament, New, Dods (Marcus) Introduction, 5s. 6d.
Testament, Old, Inspiration, Care (Alfred) 7s. 6L
Testament, Old, Riley (James W.) «s.
Tes'es, Development and Transition, Lociwooti (C. B.) 5a.
Tests, Set B. Wilton's, 6d. It 4d. each ; Set A, *1. eacti.
Text-book, Scr'pture, Gleanings, 9d.

Therapeutics, Principles & Prac ix. Wood (H. C.) 7th cd. 21s.

Therapeutical Piinciples and Practice, Wood, 16a.

Thine, arranged by Charlotte Murray, Is.

This Mortal Coil. Al en (Grant) 3 vols. 31«. ed.

Thought Reader's Thoughts. Cumberland tStuart) 10s. 6d»

Three Musketeers, Dumas (Alex.) 6d.

Track of the Storm, Russell (Doraj 3 vols. 31s. 6J.

Traveller. Fenn (G. M.) illustrated, Is.

Travel!, rs & Outlaws, Episodes in Amer. HUt. Wgginson, 7s. 6d.

Treasure Isltnd, Stecenwn (R. L.) 5s., Astonishing History, 5s.

Turkey, Evil of the East, 6s.

Twilight Verses, Gibcrne (Agnes) Is.

Ttcj Brothers, 6d.

Two Parrots, a T«le, Wintle (M. E.) 6d.

Under a Cloud, by the Anther of ' Atelier du Ljs,' 5s.

United States' Constitution, Federalist, Commentary, 123. 6a.

University Sermons, New and Old, Vaughan (C. J.) 10s. 6d.

Up? and Do *ns of a Donkey's Life, Maleaux (C. L.) n.e. Is. (d.

Usher Ll'e, Scenes, Holte (F.) Is.

Vashti Savage, Tytler (Sarah) 3s. (d.

Venice, Eastlake (C. L.) Notes on Accademla Pictures, 3s. Cd.

Vermont Hall, Puull 01. A ) 5s.

Verses, Devotional, by an Anglo- '"atholic, 5a.

Village Life, Clarke (Sarah M. S.) Trivial Round, 2s. 6d.

Wanderer, a. Mature (H. Ogram) 5s.

War Tiger, Dalton (W.) new edit. 3s. 6d.

Water Mill. 9d.

Weaker Vessel. Murray (D. Christie) 3 vols. 31s. 6.1.

Wee Willie Winkie, Muttaux (C. L ) new edit. Is. 6d.

Week in Arcadia. Holmes (Kleanor) 5a.

Westward Ho! Kingsl-y (Charles) new edit. 3s. 6d.

What is a Man? Anderson (J.) 10a. 6d.

When a Man's Single, Barrie (J. M.) 6s.

When Israel came out of Egypt, Smith (E.) Is. 6d.

When the Swallows Homeward Fly, Is. Cd.

White Elephant, Dalton (W.) new edit. 3s. 6d.

White Man's Foot, Allen (Grant) 5s.

Wild Fowl Shooting, Leffingtcell (W. B.) 12s. 60.

Wilhclm Te l, Schiller, by C. A. Buchheim, new edit, 3s. 6d.

Woman, True Glory, Landels (W.) new edit. 2s. Cd.

World at Home, Klrly (Mary and E.) new edit, 3s. Dd.

Words, Difficult, Brewer (E. C.) new edit. 5s.

Wordsworth, by F. W. H. Myers, new edit. Is. Cd. and la.

World Asleep, Plain Sermons, Crofts (J.) 2s.

World to Cloister, From, by Bernard, 6s.

World, Trip Kound the, Caine (W. S.) 7s. 6d.

Work, a Story, Alcoa (Louisa M.) 2a.

Yachts, English and American, Burgess (E.) 42s.

Young Maids and Old China, Bourdillon (F. W.) 5s. J: 3s. Cd.

Young Mooeehunten, Stephens (C. A.) 7s. 6d



%* The occasional .Vote* in italics after the titles are only given irk cases of short or obscure titles appearing for the first tine They are not intended to be general, or to express any opinion on the literary merit of the books; the sole object being to explain the title-page* or to line such aiiUianal in*oro\ition concerning the nature of the work as may appear to be required. All books are in cloth when not otherwise described.

Adams (H. B.)—History of Co operation in the United Suites. 8vo. 15s Macmillan [5038

Adams fW. H. D.)—Great Names of European History. New edit, post 8vo. pp. 402, 3s. Sd Gall [50S9

Adams (W. H. D.)—Sunshine and Shadow; or, Stories from Crsyford for the Young Folk. Post Rvo. pp. 170, 3'. Cd Skefflugton [5100

Alcock (D.)—The Roman Students; or, On the Wings of the Morning: a Tale of the Renaissance. Popular editpost. Svo. pp. 376, 3s. sd Unwin [5101

Alcott (Lonlsa M.)—An Old-Fasbloned Girl. New edit. 12mo. pp. 318, 2s Low [5101

A'cott (Louisa M.)— Work : a Story of Experience and Beginning Again. 2 parts, complete in 1 vol. New and cheaper edit. 12mo.pp. 444, 2s. Low [SHU Allen (Q.)-This Mortal CoiL 3 Tois. cr. 8vo. Sis. Cd.

Chatto [6104

Allen (O.)—The White Man's Foot. With 17 Illustrations

bj J. Fiunemore. 8vo. pp. 222,5s Hatchanl [5105

A story for boys.

Anderson (J.)—What is Man? His Origin, Life, History, and Future Destiuv ns Revealed in the Word ot God. in. (Brighton, Friend) pp. 640,10s. 6d Nisbet [5100

Anglo-Indian Codes. Edited by Wliitley Stokes. Vol. 1, Substantive Law, 8vo. 30s Oxford Warehouse [0107

Anglo-Indian Codes. Edited by Whitley Stoke*. Vol. 2, Adjective Law, 8vo. pp. 1,220, 35s Frowde [5108

Annie Laurie. Illustrated by Genevieve Hall. 4to. Is. 6d.

Warne [5100

Appleton (G. W.)—Catching a Tartar : a Novel. New edit. Post 8vo. pp. 376, 3s. 6d Ward & D. [5110

Athton (J.)-Modem Street Ballads. With 56 Illustrations. Post8vo. pp.418, 7s. 6.1 Chatto [5111

Astonishing History of Troy Town. By Q. Tost Svo. pp. 308,5s Cassell [6112

Atalanta. Vol. 1, roy. 8vo. 8s Hatehards [5113

Atherton (C. I.)—The Garden of God : a Series of Conversational Catechlsings and Addrea«es for Children. Post 8vo. pp. 128, 3s. 6d Skefflngton [5114

Atteridge (Helen)—Beauty and the Boys. With Illustrations by Gordon Browne. Post 8vo. pp. 128, Is.

Cassell [5115 A story reprinted from Little Folks' Magazine.

Ayrton (W. E.) —Practical Electricity. 3rd edit. cr. 8vo. ;s.6d Cassell [5116

Baker (G. M.)—Medley Dialect Recitations, comprising a Boies of the most popular Selections in German, French, and Scotch. 12mo. pp. 48, sewed, 6d Routleage [6117

Baker (G. M.)—Irish Dialect Recitations, comprising a Series of the most popular Selections in Prose and Verse, ll'mo. pp. 136, sewed, 6d. Houtledge [6118

Baker (O.)—Ludlow Town and Neighbourhood. 8vo. 30s.

(Ludlow) Woolley [5119

Ball (W. W. R.)—A Short Account of the History of Mathematics. Post Svo. pp. 466, 10s. Cd. Macniillan [5120

Ballantyne (R. M.)—Blue Lights; or, Hot Work in the Soudan. A T-*le of Soldier Life in several of its Phases. With Illustrations. Post Svo. pp. 420, 5s Nisbet [5121

Balzac (H. de)—Modeste Mlgnon, New edit, post 8vo. pp. 352, 2s Routlcdge [5122

Barker ( Mrs. S.)—Our Home, our Pets, and our Friends. Illustrated by A. W. Cooper. Imp. 16mo. 3s. 6d.; boards, 2«. 64. Routledge [6123

Barlow (fx.)— The Pageant of Life : an Epic Poem in Five Books. Cr.8vo.Cs Sonnenschein [5124

Barlow (P. W.)—Kalpara: or, Experiences of a Settler In North Sew Zealand.. Illustrated. Cr. Svo. pp. 219, «a.

Low [5125

Barnett (Bov. and Mrs. 8.)—Practical Socialism: Essays on Social Reform. Post 8vo. pp. 212, 2s. 6d.

Longmans [5126

Barr (Amelia E.)—The Household of McNeil : a Story. Cr. Bvo. Ss. 601 J.Clarke [5127

Barrere (A.)—Prccisof Comparative French Grammar and Idioms, and Guide to Examinations. 2nd revised anl enlarged edit. Post Svo. pp. 320, 3s. 6d. ..Whittaker [6128

Barrett (F.)—The Admirable Lady Biddy Fnne, her Surprising Curious Adventure* in Strange Parts, and Happy Deliverance from Pirates, Battle, Captivity, and other Terrors; with divers romantic and moving occidenU, as set forth by Benct Pengilly (her companion in misfortune and joy), and now first done into print. 3 vols. cr. 8vo. 31l. 6d Cassell [5129

Barrie (J. M.)—When a Man's Single: a Tale of Literary Life. Post Svo. pp. 290, Cs Hodder [5130

Bartlett (R. E.)—The Letter and the Spirit: Eight Lectures delivered before the University of Oxrord, in the year 1868, on the Foundation ot the late Rev. John Bampton. Svo. pp.218, 9s Rivingtons [5131

Beaconsfleld (Earl)—Coningsby ; or, the New Generation. With 7 Illustrations by Frederick Gilbert. 8vo. pp. 150, sewed, Cd. (Diets English Sods) Dicks [5132

Beaugrand (C.) —The Walks Abroad of Two Young Naturalists. Translated from the French by David Sharp. Illustrated. 8vo. pp. 301, 7s. Od Low [6133

Bennett (Lucy K.)—Open Secrets. Illustrated, sq. 16mo.

sewed, Is Castell [5134

Original religious j>oemt, tcih illustrations in monotint.

Bovonot (C.)—Select Passages from French and German Poets for Repetition, with English Metrical Renderings, and Elocution, and other Notes. Cr. bvo. pp. 112, 3a 6d.

Rivingtons [5135

Black (W.)-Ir. Far Lochabcr. 3 vols. cr. Svo. 31s. 6d.

Low [5)36

Bo-Peep: a Treasury for the Little Ones. Vol. for 1888. 4to. 2s. 6U. and 3s. Od Cassell [5137

Boielle (J.)—French Composition throughLord Macaulay's English: Frederio the Great. Cr. Svo. 3s.

Williams & N. [5138

Bolsgobey (F. dn)—The Mysterfesof New Palis. (Novels' Vol. 82.) Vol. 2. 12mo. pp. 220, sewed, Is. Visetelly [5139

Borrow (Q.)—Works. New edit. 5 vols. 2s. 6d. each.

Mur.ay [5140

Boscawen (Hon. Gertrude)—The Gate in Park Lane; or, Arnold Lane's Courtship. 12mo. pp. 128, Is. 6d.

Nisbet [5111

Bonrclillon (F. W.)—Young Maids and Old China. Pictures by J. G. Sowerby. Hoy. Svo. boards, 3s. Cd. \ 6s.

M. Ward [5142

Bray (Mrs.)—Branded; or, the Sins of the Fathers shall be Visited on the Children. Post 8vo. pp. 290. 7s. Cd.

Griffith [6143

A novel.

Brewer (E. C.) — Etymological and Pronouncing Dictionary of Difficult Words. New edit, post 8vo. pp. 1610, 61 Ward &L. [5144

Browning (Elizabeth B.)-TSyJohn H.Ingram. Post Svo. pp. 194, 3s. Cd. {Eminent Women Series) ..Allen [5145

Buchheim—Modern German Reader. Part 1. New edit, fcp. Svo. 2s. 6d Oxford Warehouse [5146

Burgess (E.)—English and American Yachts. With Photogravures. Oblong folio, 42a Chapman [5147

Catne (V7. 8.)—A Trip Round the World in 1887-8. Illustrated by John Pedder, H. Sheppard Dale, Geo. Beokbam, and the Author. Svo. pp. 410, 7s. 6d Routledge [5l4i

Campbell (Sir G.)— In the Shadow of Death. 12mo. pp.

100, sewed, Is Blackctt [5119

.1 sensational tale.

Carey (Annie)— 8chool Girls; or, Life at Montagu Hall. Post Svo. pp. 290, 2s. Cassell [5150

Carlyle (T.) —Essay on Burns and Scott. I8mo. pp. 190, 6d.; sewed, 3d. (Casselfs National Library) ..Cassell [5151

Caulfelld (8. F. A.)—True Philosophy: a Reply to certain Statements made in ' Scientific Religion' by Mr. Laurence Oliphant. Post 8vo. pp. 200, 8s. Cd Hatehards [5102

Cave (A.)—The Inspiration of the Old Testament inductively Considered. The Seventh Congregational Union Lecture. 8vo. pp. 478, 7s. Cd. nett.

Congregational Union [5153

Century, Illustrated Monthly Magazine. Vol. 36. Roy. Svo. lus. 6d Unwln [5154

Chambers (G. F.)—Local Government: Popular Summary. Imp. Svo. 4s. Cd. : sewed, 2s. 6d Stevens &i S. [5155

Charteris (M.)-The Practice of Medicine. 5th edit. 12mo. pp. C46, 9s. (Student's Quids Series). .Churchill [5156

Chaucer.—Selected and Edited by Frederick Noel Paton. So.. 16mo. pp. 322, Is. {Canterbury Poets) W. Scott [5157

Cheales (Edith B.)— Memorials of a Beloved Child. By her Mother. New edit, revised. With Portrait and Illustration. Fcp. plain, Is. Cd.; gilt, 2s. 6d Holness [5158

Child's Gnlde to Knowledge. By a Lsdy. 66th edit, (authorised) 18mo. 2s Simpkin [5159

Children's Picture Annual. The Golden Hour Picture Book. By Meroie Sunshine. 4to. Is Ward & L. [5160

Christmas Eve. By L. S. M. Illustrated by Edwin T. Caldicott. 16mo. (Bradford, Sewcll) sewed, 9d.

Griffith [5161

Church Bells Album of Notable Lancashire

Churches. 4to. sewed, Cd Office [51C2

Churchill (8.)—Church Ordinances from the Layman's Standpoint. 3rd edit. 12mo. pp. 290, sewed, Is.

Nisbet [51C3

Cicero, Pro Cluentio. Literally Translated by T. Meyler-Warlow. 12mo. pp. 78, sewed, 2s. ..Cornish [51G4

Clare (Frances) -A Store of Stories for Children. Post 8vo. pp. 190, 3s. 6d Skefflngton [5165

Clarendon's History of the Rebellion and Civil

Wars of England. Re-edited from a fresh Collation of the 1 irlginal MS. In the Bodleian Library, with Notes, by W. 1). Macray. 6 vols. cr. 8vo. 46s. .. ..Oxford Warehouse [5166

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Clarke (Sarah M. B.)—The Trivial Round; or, Chapters of Village Lite. Tost 870. pp. 230, 2s. 6d Nlsbet [5167

Clegg (J.)—Directory of Secondhand Booksellers, and List of Tnblic Libraries, British and Foreign. Cr. 8vo. (Rochdale, Clegg) pp. 112, 2s. 6d Stock [5168

Clifford (Mrs. W. K.)—Mrs. Keith's Crime: a Novel. Cr. 8vo. 2s T. F. Unwin [5169

Collins (T.) Easy Translations from Latin Prose Authors for Re-trauslatiori into Latin. With Notes. Post 8 To. pp. 106,2s BelliiB. [517U

Colson (F. H.) —Stories and Legends: a Prose Greek Reader. With Notes, Vocabulary, and Exercises. 12mo. pp. 244, 3s. {Macmillan's Greet Reader) ..Macmillan [5171

Corelli (Marie)—Romance ot Two Worlds. New edit. cr. 8vo. 6s bentley [5172

Cox (S.)—Salvator Mundi; or. Is Christ the Saviour of all Men? 11th edit, post 8vo. pp. 270, 2s. 6d Paul [5173

Crabbe (George)— Life of. By T. E. Kebbel. 12mo. pp.

160, Is.; large paper, 2s. (id. 'Ortat Writers) W. Scott [5174 Crofts (J.)—The World Asleep: a Series of Plain Sermons,

from Advent to New Year's Evo. 12mo. pp. 68, 2s.

Skcfflngton [5175

Cumberland (8.)—A Thought-Reader's Thoughts: being the Impressions and Confession of Stuart Cumberland. Cr. Svo. pp. 326, 103. (Id Low [5176

Camming (C. F. O.)—Wanderings in China. Illustrated by the Author. New edit. Post Svo. pp. 52o, 10s.

Blackwoods [5177

Dalton (W.)—Lost in Ceylon. New edit, post 8vo. 3s. 6d.

Griffith [5178

Dalton (W.)— The War Tiger. New edit. po=t 8vo. 3s. 6d.

Griffith [6179

Dalton (W.)—The White Elephant. New edit, post 8vo 3s. 6d Griffith [5180

Daryl (A. J.)—A Merry-go-round: Rhymes. Illustrated by Constance Haslewood. Post 8vo. 2s. 6d. . .Warne [5181

Daudet (A.)—La Belle Nivernaise: the Story of a River Barge and its Crew. Edited by J. Boielle, B.A. Cr. 8vo. 2s. 6d. ( Whittakcr'sModem French Authors) Wbittaker [5182

Delbos (L.)—Little Eugene's French Reader for Beginners. Anecdotes and Tales, with Notes and a Complete Vocabulary. Post 8vo. pp. 88, Is. 6d Williams St, N. [5183

Demosthenes' Oration against the Law of Leptines.

Literally Translated by J. Harold Boardnian. 12mo. pp. 46, sewed, ls.ttd. (Kelly's Keys to Classics) .. ..Cornish [5184

Desart (Earl of)—Heme Court: a Novel. 2 vo's. cr. 8vo. 21s Sonnenschein [5185

Devotional Verses. By Eji Anglo-Catholic. 4to. 6s.

Masters [5186

Dickens (C.)—Pickwick Papers, Victoria edit., Engravings to. Roy. Svo. in case, 21s Chapman & H. [0187

Dickenson (J.)—Lessons on the Order for Morning ami Evening Prayer. For Use of Sunday School Teachers. Post 8vo. pp. 88, Is Allman [5188

Dicks' English Library of Standard Works. Vol. 16. 4to. sewed. Is. 6d Dicks [5189

Dlehl (Mrs.)—Fire : a Novel. 2 vols. Cr. 8vo. 21s.

Ward Si D. [5190

Dods (M.)—An Introduction to the New Testament. 12mo pp. 248, 2s. 6d. theological Educator) Hodder [5191

Dorat (Claude J.)—The Kisses (Les Baiscrs). Preceded by the Month of May. Translated by H. G. Keene, and Illustrated with the original Copper-plate Engravings. Roy. 8vo. 21s. hand-made paper engravings; 42s. Japanese paper : 63s. Japanese paper, with extra set of engravings.

VizeteUy [519S

Drewry (A. H.)—Stephen Elderby. 2 vols. cr. 8vo. 21s.

Unwin [5193

Drnmmond (H.)—Natural Law in the Spiritual World. 23ni edit, post 8vo. pp. 434, 3s. 6d Hodder [5191

Duscjour (D.)—The Origin of the Graces. With Illustrations by Cochin. Roy. 8vo. pp. 62, 10s. 6d. VizeteUy [5195 In the style of the Greet Pastorals, written in the last century, irajislated from the French,

Dumas ( A.)—The Three Musketeers. Svo. pp. 252, sewed, 6d Routlcdgc [5196

Eastlake (C. L.)—Notes on the Principal Pictures In the Royal Gallery (R. Accademia di Belle Arti) at Venice. Post 8vo. pp. 214, Ss. 6d W. H. Allen [5197

Egerton (Lady Mabel)—A Family Tradition, and other Stories. 12mo. pp. 72, sewed, Is Digby Si Long [5198

Eighteen Tears on the 8andrIngham Estate. By the

Lady Farmer. Cr. 8vo. Is Mathieson [6199

Elssler (M.)— The Metallurgy of Gold: a Practical Treatise on the Metallurgical Treatment of Gold-bearing Ores, including the Processes of Concentration and Chlorination, and the Assaying, Melting, and Kenning of Gold. With 90 Illustrations. Post 8vo. pp. 198, 7s. 6d. Lockwood [52W

Elements of Social Science. By- a Doctor of Medicine. 65th edit. cr. Svo. 3s.; boards, 2s. 6d E. Trnelove [5201

Else (Karl)—William Shakspaare: a Literary Biography. Translated by D. Schmitz. bin. post 8vo. 6s. ..Bell [J202

Evil of the East; or, Truths about Turkey. Told by Kesuiu Bey. Post 8vo. pp. 334, 6s VizeteUy [8203

Faith, Hope, Charity. Three books in case. Is.

Ca-tell [5204 Three bootltts of religious poetry, with illustrations.

Falconer (Hon. I. Keith-)—Memorials by Rev. Robert biuker. With Portrait, Map, and illustration. 3rd edit, post Svo. pp. 248, 4s Bell [5205

Fallonx (Count de)—Memoirs from the French. Edited by C. B. Pitman. 2 vols. 8ro. pp. 996, 32s. Chapman [5206

Fenn (G. M.)—The Traveller. Illustrated by J. Finnemore. Edited by Geo. C. Haite. 12mo. sewed. Is. Paul's Series) Griffith [5207

Ferrar (W. M.)— The Sun of Righteousness and the Dark River: an Esiay on Christianity aud Freethought (Tasmania— Walch). Cr. 8vo. 6s E. Stock [5208

Findlay (G. G.)—The Epistle to the Galatians. Post Svo. pp. 450, 7s. 6d. (.Expositor's Bible) Hodder [5209

Fisher (W. W.)—A Class Book of Elementary Chemistry. With 60 Engravings on Wood. Post 8vo. pp. 278, 4s. 6<i.

Fronde [5210

Floral Alphabet. 16mo. sewed, 6d M. Ward [5211

Forde (Gertrude)—Hugh Erringtou. 3 vols, post Svo. 31s. 6d Hurst [0312

Fothergill (Jessie)—From Moor Isles : a Novel. 3 volscr. Svo. 31s. 6d Bentley [5213

Fothergill (8.)—Essays on Popular Subjects : Gladstone, Ritualism and Ritual, the Fallacies of Darwinian Evolution, the Modern Strafford and his Policiesof Consolidation. Socialism in the North, its Aims and its Fallacies. Post 8vo. pp. 231), 2s. 6d Digby [5214

Fotheriogham (J.)—Studies on the Poetry of Robert Browning. 2nd edit, revised aud enlarged, poet 8vo. pp. 420, 6s. Paul [5215

Fowls for Pleasure, Prizes, Profit. Conducted by (lev. G. T. Laycock. Vol. 1 : July 14, 1887, to July 8,1888. 4to. 7s. 6d Office [5216

Frederick (Emperor)—The Emperor's Diary of the Austro-German War, 1866, and the Franco-German War, 1370-71, to which is added Prince Bismarck's Rejoinder. Edited by Henry W. Lucy. 12mo. . 142, boards. Is.

Routlcdge [5217

From World to Cloister; or, My Novitiate. By Bernard. Po3t Svo. pp. 212, 5s. Paul [6218

Apparently real experiences; from a Roman Catholic standpoint.

Galloway (W. B.)—Science and Geology in Relation to the Universal Deluge. Svo. pp. 167, 8s. 6d Low [5219

Gelkle (J.)—Outlines of Geology; an Introduction to the Science for Junior Students and General Readers. 2nd edit, revised, 8vo. pp. 430,12s Stanford [5220

Gelllbrand (Emma)—J. Cole. 12mo. 4d.

Christian Knowledge Society [5221

Geological Record for 1880-84. Edited by Wm. Topley and Charles Davies Sherbom. Vol. I : Htratlgrnphical and Descriptive Geology. Svo. pp. 554, 16s. Taylor & F. [5222

Gibbon (J. M.)— The Disciples' Prayer: being Notes of sermons on Our Lord's Prayer. Post Svo. pp. 156,3a, fid.

Stock [5223

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Nisbet [6224

Gllllat (E.)—John Staudish; or, the Harrowing of London.

With Illustrations. Post 8vo. pp. 380, 5s Seeley [5225

-4 tale of London in the fourteenth century.

Gleanings: a Scripture Text-Book for a Month, with choice Extracts from various Authors, taken by permission. Designed by Alice Price. 32mo. sewed, 9d.... Casteli [5226

Gore (C.)—The Ministry of the Christian Church. 8vo. pp. 444, 15s Rivingtons [.r>227

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Routledge [S22S

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Greenup (Mrs. W. T.)—Food and its Preparation. 12mo pp. 234, Is. 6d Bemrose [5230.

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Illustrations: a Pictorial Review of Knowledge. Vol. for 1888. ltoy. Svo. 5s.; boards, 3s. Gd Kent [5262

In the Country. Illustrated by Walter Botbams. Sq.

16mo. tewed, sd Hildesuelmer [5203

Poems on country subjects, with illustrations in monotint.

Indoor Qamos and Recreations: a Popular Encyclo-
paedia for Boys. By Dr. Gordon Stables, C. Stansfleld
Hicks. J. N. Masketyne, and many others. Edited by G. A.
Hutchison. With over 700 Illustrations. 8vo. 8a

Tract Society [52G4

Industrial Rivers of the United Kingdom ; namely, the Thames, Mc-aey, Tyue, Tawe, Clyde, Wear, Taff, Avon, Southampton AVater, the Hartlepools, Humber, Neath, Pore Talbot, and Caermarthen, the Liffey, Usk, Tees, fcevern, Wyie, and Lagan. By various well-known Experts. Illustrated. Svo. pp. 310, 7s. 6d Unwin [5265

Jackson (L. D.)—The and the Black Snake. 2 vols,
cr. Svo. 21s Blackett [5266

Jago (W.) — An Introduction to Practical Inorganic
Chemistry. Post 8vo. pp. 72, Is. 6d. (Elementary Science
Manual*) Longmans [5267

James (H.)—The Aspern Papers, and other Stories. 2 vols,
cr. 8vo. 12s. Macmillan [6268

James (N. H.) — The Memorial Sacrifice: a Sermon,
pr. ached in bt. Aidan's Cnurcli, Kilmore, on May 13, 1888.
Svo. pp. 33, sewed, 61 RlvlngtOLB [5269

Jerrold (D.)—Cakes and Ale. Post Svo. pp. 380, 2s.; tewed
Is. (Red Library) Cassell [5270

Johnson (A. E.)—The Analyst's Laboratory Companion.
Post Svo. pp. 88. 5s Churchill [5271

Jones (D. E.)— Examples in Physics. 12mo. pp. 260, 3s. Cd.

Macmillan [5272

Journal of Anatomy and Physiology, Normal and

Pathological. Vol. 22 (New Series, Vol. 3), 1888. Svo. 25s.

Williams & N. [5273

Jubilee Jaunt to Norway by Three Girls. 2nd edit, post Svo. pp. 200, 5s Griffith [5274

KathleenMavourneen. Illustrated byC.X.Harils. 4to.
1». Ud VVarne [6275

Kaye (J., Bp. of Lincoln) -Works. Vol. 7: Charges,
Speeches, and Letters. Svo. 10s. cd Rivlngtons [527U

Ken (Bp.)-Life of. By E. H. Plumptre. With Illustra-
tions by E. Wbymper. 2 vols. 8ro. pp. C30, 32s.

Isbister [5277

Ken (Bp.)—Morning Hymn. Sq. 16mo. Gd. .M. Ward [5273 With decorations in colours and gold, and sketches suitable to the text.

Ken (Bp.)—Evening Hymn. Sq. 16mo. Cd. .M. Ward [5270
With decorations in colours and gold, and sketches suit-
able to the text.

Kennard (E.)—Norwegian Sketches: Fishing in Strange
Waters. Illustrated, oblong folio, 21s. . .Chapman [5280

Kennedy (Prof. J.l—Introduction to Biblical Hebrew,
presenting Graduated Instruction in the Language of rtie
Old Testament. 8vo. pp. 322, 12s Williams & N. [5281

Kennedy (J. H.)— Early Days of Mormonism: Palmyra,
Kirtland, and Nanvoo. Post Svo. pp. 272, 4s. xteeves [5232

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5So, 3i. 6d Macmillan [62S3

Kingston (W. H. Q.)—Milllcent Courtenay's Diary. New edit, post 8vo. pp.416, 3s. 6d Gull [5284

Kingston (W. H. Q.)—The Cruise of the Frolic: a Story
lor Yacht-Loving People. New edit, post Svo. pp. 450,
3s. 6d Gall [5285

Kingston (W. H. G.)—Ronald Morton J or, The Flreships.
New edit, post Svo. pp. 442, 3s. Cd Gall [5280

Klrby (Mary and E.)—The Sciand its Wonders. Cheaper
edit. 4to. boards, 3s. Cd Nelson [5j87

Klrby (Mary and E.)—The World at Home. Cheaper
edit. 4to. boards, 3s. Ud Nelson [5288

Klrke—Hamlb 10k of Physiology, by W. Bakerand
Vincent Dinner Horris. 12th edit, with 500 lllustrutioDS.
Post Svo. pp. 850, 14) Munay [5289

Knowledge. New Scries. Vol. 3, roy. 8vo. 9s.

Longmans [5290

Kurtz (Prof.)—Church Hi-tory. Authorised Translation from the latest revised edition by Rev. John Macpherson. 3 vols. Vol. 1, post Svo. pp. 5tJ3, 7s. cd. (Foreign Bddical Library) Hodder [5201

Lamb (C. and Maryl—Tales from Shakespsare. 12mo. pp. 316, 2s. (CAiiwic* Series) Bell & S. [5202

Landels (W.)—Th<> True Glory of Woman. New edit. 12mo. pp. 200,2s. 6.1 Cassell [5203

Landols (L.)—A Text-Book of Human Physiology. Translated from the 6th German edition with Additions by Wm. Stirling. 3rd edit. 8vo. pp. 96», 34s. Griffin [5294

Lebon (A.) and Pelet (P.)—France as it is. Specially written for Knglish Readers, and Translated from the French by Mrs. William Arnold. With 3 Maps, post 8vo. pp. 342, Ts. 61 Cassell [5295

Lechner (A. R.)—German Examination Papers in Grammar and Idioms &c. 12mo. pp. 103, Is. 6d.

Rivingtons [5296

Lechner (A. R.)—German Examination Papers in Grammar, Idioms, &c. Key to. Cr. 8vo. 5s. .. Rivingtons [5297

Lee (Katharine) — An Imperfect Gentleman: a Novel. 8 vols. cr. 8vo. 20s. 6d Longmans [5298

Lennox (Lady W.)—Castle Heather: a Novel. New edit, post 8vo. pp. 226, 38. 6d Sonnenschein [6299

Levy (Amy)—The Romance of a Shop : a Novel. Crown

8vo. 6s Unwin [6300

A novel.

Little Friends. Sq. 16mo. aewed, 6d Hawkins [5301

Poetry for children, with monotint illustrations.

Little Treasures. Sq. 16mo. sewed, 6d. ..Hawkins [5302
Poetry for children, with monotint illustrations.

Llvy—Liber Qulntus enm Annotationibua a Jacobo Prende-
ville. Fcp. Is. 6d Bell & S. [5303

Lobenhoffer (L.)—Bairnie: a Novel. Cr. 8vo. 6s.

Digby & Long [6304

Lockwood (C. B.)—Hnnterian Lectures on the Develop-
ment and Transition of the Testes, Normal and Abnormal.
8vo. 6a. Williams & N. [6305

Longfellow (H, W.)—Nuremberg. Illustrated with 28
Photogravures by the Gebble & Husson & Co., Limited.
Illuminated an1 arranged by Mary B. and Amy Comegrs.
Demy 4to. 31s. 6d Low [5306

Longman's Magazine. Vol. 12, 8vo. 5s. Longmans [5307

Longman's Handbook of English Literature. By

R. McWilliam. Part 1: From the Earliest Times lo
Chaucer. Post Svo. pp. 120, Is Longmans [5308

Longton (A.)—The Interment of the Dead : a Consideration
of the Common Law Rights and Powers of the Incumbent
and the Rights of Parishioners in and over the Churchyard,
and of certain Enactments affecting Burial In Cemeteries.
12mo. pp. 34, sewed, 3d Heywood [5309

Lord (F.)—Christian Science Healing: its Principles and Practice. With full Explanations for Home Students. Hvo. pp. 486, 8s. 6d Hedway [5310

Lushfngton (8. O.)—County Electors Act, with Notes on
the Changes in the Law. Sm. 8vo. 3s. 6d. .. .Shaw [5311

Lytton (Lord)—My Novel: or. Varieties in English Life.
Pocket edit. 12mo. Is., Is. 6d, and 2s Routledgc [5312

Macanlay (Lord)—Lavs of Ancient Rome: together with
Ivry, the Armaia. a Radical War Song, the Battle of Mon-
crntour, Songs of the Civil War. Illustrated by George
Schart, Junr. 18jio. pp. 236, board', 2s. 6d. Longmans [5313

McCarthy (J.) and Praed (Mrs. C.)—The Ladles'
Gallery: a Novel. 3 vols. Cr. 8vo. 31s. 6d. Beutley [5314

McCook (H. C.)—The Women Friends of Jesus; or, the
Lives and Characters of the Holy Women of (lospel His-
tory, rost 8vo. pp. 470, 5s Hodder [4315

M'Govan (J.)—Solved Mysteries; or,Revelations of a City Detective. Post Bvo. (Edinburgh, Menzles) pp. 360. 3s. 6d.; boards, 2s. 6d Simpkin [5316

Mackay (C.)—Selected Poems and Songs. With a Commendatory nnd Critical Introduction by Eminent Writers, 18mo. pp. 302, Is. 6d Whittaker [6317

Mackenzie (Sir M.)—Fatal Illness of Frederick theNoble, With Engravings and Facsimiles of Handwriting. Sm 8vo. pp. 250, 2s. 6d Low [5318

Mackenzie (M.)— Registration Manual. 15s. Shaw [5319

Macmillan (H.)—Roman Mosaics ; or, Studie3 in Rome and its Neighbourhood. Post 8vo. pp. 410. 6s.

Macmillan [5320 Reprinted from various magazines and revises. The. word Mosaic is intruded to be used, not as applied to art, but to matters miscellaneous.

Macmorran (A.)—The Local Government Act, 1888 <fcc.
With Introduction, Notes, and Index. 8vo. 15s.

Shaw & S. [4321

Macnab (Frances)—No Reply. Cr. 8vo. 5«.

Timley Bros. [5-322

Manning; (E. M.)—No Way but This: a Story. 12mo. pp. 82, sewed, Is Digby [5323

Marr (O—A Journey Round the World. With Illustrations. 4to. 3s. 6d Routledge [5324

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