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Messrs. HOLMES & SON Mr. A. M. BURGHES, Valuers & Accountants


To Publishers, Booksellers, Stationers, Printers, &c. TO BOOKSKLLERS, STATIONERS, PRINTERS, NEWSPAPER PROPRIETORS, &o.


Is instructed to Sell the following Businesses :

"O PUBLISHERS, PRINTERS, &c.Are instructed to sell the following businesses:

A leading old-established Society Journal for

sale. Profits proved at over £1,000 a year net. Capable FANCY AND LIBRARY BUSINESS.-In ex- investigation allowed. A most desirable opening for a cellent position in the West-end. In same hands 14 gentleman of social position and journalistic experience. years. Good premises. Net profits, after payment of About £2,500 required. all expenses, £400 to £500 a re



quired for everything. #open to every investigation. STATTO RODS&.–Central West-end well



Magniticent premises ; In Splendid Business Town, Midland Counties. rent £315 ; long advantageous lease. Returns at In same hands over 20 years. Excellent premises in splendid profits £7,000 to £8,000. About £5,000 retinest position. Returns last year £2,1:28: Large pror three years. A very fine opening for a good man of

quired for all. Part payment might remain over fits. Capital opening for adding Printing. at valuation, about £1,200. Very genuine concern.


Central In leading Main Road position, North of London. premises in good position. Rent £75. Returns nearly In same hands about 17 years. Handsome shop, and £2,000 a year. Full profits. About £1,000 required. good residence. Returns about £1,400 last year, at Proprietor retiring. An old-established successful good profits. The Business is entirely managed by business. iwo young lady Assistants, but it is open to great NTATIONERY, BOOKSELLING, &c.increase. About £700 required.

& STATIONERY and PRINTING BUSI: : Fezan: Some love a Returns bine rea cloed

miles from £2,400 a year. Valuable agency attached. About London. The business has not changed hands since £1,250 required. A very advantageous opening. 1817. Rent £27 (very low). Capital premises. A About £400 . in orang lain seguire business, producing a good living. STATIONERY, FANCY, &c.- Pleasant

Handsome shop and large house. Rent £55. Can all be cleared

Returns £12 a week at good profits. BOOKSELLING, STATIONERY, and by letting PRINTING BUSINESS.-In one of the very

About £250 required ; very safe. best Towns, Midland Counties. A splendid old busi


ANCY GOODS, &c.—Northern Suburb. Established a century. Death cause of sale. About £2,500 required. An exceptionally favourable £45; shop and nine rooms.

Well-established business in good locality. Rent

Returns at present £6 a chance.

week, have been more and could be improved. About

£. BOOKSELLING, STATIONERY, £150 required. A protitable trade.


LIBRARY &c.attractive suburb of London. Splendid premises, in Fashionable South Coast town. Leading Busiexceptional condition. Returns about £1,600 a year. ness with large connection. Splendid premises in best About £400 in cash, and small balance by instalments. position. Rent £10. Returns £2,000 a year at good

protits. Good stock and elegant fixtures. About STATIONERY and FANCY BUSINESS. 1.200 required.

, A thoroughly genuine concern. Net profits £400 a year BOOKBINDING.–One of the Largest

; firstafter payment of every . Every investigation. Established 25 years. No daily newspaper trade.

among the Publishers; a thoroughly well organised £800 in cash, and balance by instalments.

establishment. Fine Central premises at moderaie

About £10,000 required ; or a half-share partHIG IGH-CLASS STATIONERY & FANCY nership could be arranged for £5.000. An advantageous

opening BUSINESS.—One of the leading businesses in a very attractive South Coast Town. Established many STATIONERY, &c.--Very fine premises.

Returns about £2,500 at high protits. Rent £70. About £1,500 required.

lease. Returns £1,000 a year, at good protits. Abont

An ; BOOKSELLING, STATIONERY, and L1500 required for the cellent opening: capable of

immense extension. Established 10 years. PRINTING BUSINESS. – In lovely district, Devonshire. Leading business in town. In same bands STATIONERY, FANCY, &c.--West-end, over 30 years. Returns about £2,000 at good protits. Central locality. Rent £50. Returns nearly The freehold of the premises may be purchased. About £10 a week; can be increases. About £120 required £850 required. A very genuine concern.

for all. A good opening for an energetic young man

with a small capital. BO


TATIONERY, FANCY, &c. Busy district, within 10 miles of London. Business estab- suburb. Very nice house and shop. Rent ouly

About £200 relished 60 years. A fine old concern. Returns about £35. Returns nearly £10 a week. £2,000, and increasing. About £1,100 required. quired for all. A steady cash business. Can be much

increased by energetic management. • Monthly Register' of over 150 Businesses for Dis- Monthly Register of Businesses for Disposal forposal forwarded post-free on application to Messrs. warded posi-free on application to Mr. A. M. BURGHES, HOLMES & Son, 66a Paternoster Row, E.C.

la Paternoster Row, London, E.C.


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NEW AMERICAN BOOKS. --Importations received Every Fortnight,

which include all the New Books of interest, in advance of, or immediately upon, American publication. Any work not in stock will be obtained within six weeks from order.


Booksellers and Publishers, St. Dunstan's House, Fetter Lane, Fleet Street, E.C.

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RE-ENGAGEMENT required by experienced

Young Lady. Good references.--Address, J. W., BOOKSELLING and STATIONERY.

3 Queen's Terrace, Camden Road, London, N.W. Wanted Young Lady Assistant, must be good saleswoman, stock-keeper, and window POO)

BOOKSELLING, STATIONERY, and dresser.–Field's Library, Clifton, Bristol.

FANCY.--SITUATION as Assistant required.

Age 23, good references, eight years' experience То O TRAVELLERS.— Wanted, by a Pub- in all branches of Trade.-Address, V. Smith, 205 lishing Firm, a GENTLEMAN calling on

Hall Lane, Bradford, Booksellers and Stationers on Commission for all those parts of England East and West of Bir

: BOOKSELLING, STATIONERY, and mingham.-Address, with references, to G. K.,

FANCY.-Wanted an ENGAGEMENT by 94 Ackerman Road, S.W.

competent Assistant. Good salesman and windor dresser, age 27, good references.--A. B., c'o Mr.

J. Clarke, Clifton Grove, Coultham Street, BOOKSELLERS' ASSISTANTS WANTING Lincoln. SITUATIONS.



aged 39, at Desk or Counter: thorough know- salesman, used to library, good references.-G. T. ledge of the trade.--H., 3 Collyer Terrace, Gipsy Bunyard, The Nurseries, Ashford, Kent. Road, West Norwood, S.E.


HOUSES.- Employment wanted by AdverPUBLISHING and BOOKSELLING.— tiser

, A Gentleman with 10 years' experience in a houses in the trade in which responsible positions

tiser, many years' references to well-known leading London newspaper office is anxious to have been held.— Liber,' Publishers' Circular make a change. Age 27.- Address, G. R., Pub. Office. lishers' Circular Ofice.


and PRINTERS. -. Wanted, by Advertiser, who wishes to improve his present situation. with elever years' experience, an ENGAGEMENT 8 years' experience in two good business houses, Good knowledge of modern books and school Good window dresser, stock keeper, and salesman, trade, neat book-keeper and correspondent. Ac. age 22 years: Tall, energetic, and obliging, customed to ordering, and the routine of a mis. First-class reference.- Apply, Sales,' clo Pub cellaneous trade. Active and reliable. Moderate lishers' Circular Office, St. Dunstan's' House, salary, excellent references.- Address, R. C., Fetter Lane, London, E.C. Publishers' Circular Office.


Wanted by a Young Man (24), RE-ENGAGEWA

ANTED to APPRENTICE a YOUTH, MENT as Assistant, ten years' experience, good

aged 16, to a good class Bo ikselling and salesman, stockkeeper, and window dresser, ex. Stationery Business. Good home essential. Pre- cellent references, moderate salary.-Address, minm given.---Apply, A. N., co Roffey & Clark, G. Smith, 3 St. Andrew's Hill, Norwich. Booksellers, 38 High Street, Croydon.



and NEWSAGENTS. - Young Man, age 22, GAGEMENT required by experienced As. seeks SITUATION as Assistant, eight years' ex. sistant, aged 26. First class references, twelve perience, good references.-Address, J. L., 7 Milyears' experience. Moderate salary.- Apply, No. burn Street, Blackpool. 36, Publishers' ('ircular Office.


Advertiser, aged 22, wishes to change his A ,

the son of a Stationer, is desirous of being and stockkeeper, eight years' first-class experience; APPRENTICED (indoors) to a Country Printer. good references.-W. B. F., co Mr. Dandy, 34 Reply, stating terms, to R. O. S., Messrs. Hastings Upper Talbot Street, Nottingham. & Co., 23 Old Jewry, E.C.


one good Firm, chiefly in the North of Eng. above, by a Young Man (20). Five years' exland, is desirous of tinding another House to perience in a University Town. Cataloguer, represent at same time.--- Address, Commercial, , book-keeper; excellent references. No objection Vernon's News Rooms, 40 Lamb's Conduit Street, to going abroad. -Omega, co W. G. Hooper, London, W.C.

Bookseller, Oxford. છે.



, and AUCTIONEER of over 30 years' experience, offers his services in all matters of Sale, Transfer, or Partnership. His intimate knowledge of the various branches enables him to render very valuable assistance to either Vendor or Purchaser on moderate terms. Valuations for Probate at exceptionally low fixed charges, any part of the kingdom.

Offices removed to 102 London Wall, E.C.



of recent issue) for Sale, second-hand, very cheap; must be cleared as space is required.Bolton's Library, Knightsbridge.


SEVERAL THOUSAND NOVELS (some 160 Paqes, and

, about 60 fine Illustrations, Flas

ANTED to PURCHASE, JOB LOTS the largest sale of any Shilling Magazine

ELECTROTYPES. Messrs. SAMPSON LOW, MARSTON & CO., Limited, Have prepared a List of Works from which they are willing to supply selections of Electros. This List they will be happy to forward to any bond fide purchaser.


from New Booksellers, Stationers, &c. Having great facilities; can give good prices.Charles Lowes, Great Bookshop, New Street, Birmingham.

Address-St. Dunstan's House, Fetter Lane, Fleet Street, E.C.

Now ready.



BRITISH AND FOREIGN. Crown 8vo. cloth, 28. 6d. ; interleaved, 38.; large paper, crown 4to. Roxburghe, 5s. ; interleaved, 68.

JAMES CLEGG, Wet Rake, Rochdale.
London : ELLIOT STOCK, 62 Paternoster Row.


Advertisements are inserted under this heading at 3d. per line, prepaid. Before sending books or money, Subscribers should satisfy themselves as to the BONA FIDES

of Correspondents.

Bridger, G., 78 Netherwood Road, w.

6s. Novels (14 sorts), 17s, dozen 28. Novels (50 sorts), 8s, dozen ls. Novels (70 sorts), 4s, dozen

108. 6d. Novels, 1888 (4 sorts), 123. dozen Colwell, J., Derizes Hoare's (Sir R. C.) Ancient History of South Wilts, fine

copy, in russia, gilt edges, £8.88. Knight's Pictorial History of England, 8 vols. imp. 8vo.

original edit, new balf-russia, £5 Martineau's History of Thirty Years' Peace, original cloth,

uncot, 2 vols, imp. 8vo. £1. 148. The Building News, from Jan. 1867 to Nov. 1886, nearly

20 years, clean as pew, a few numberg missing, £3

Hayes, W., Clifton Gardens, Margate

Dickens' Little Dorrit, 1857, 158.
Somner's Antiquities of Canterbury, 1640, 12s.6d.
Johnson's Dictionary, 3 vols. 1827, folio, 12s.6d.
Chesterfield's (Lord) Letters to his Son, 4 vols. 1774, 10s. 6d.
La Fontaine's Fables, in parts, Dore's illustrations, 108.
Anderson's Scottish Nation, in parts. 10s. 6d.
Knight's London, 3 vols. 1811, 12s. 6d.
Loudon's Encyclopædia of Plants, 88. 6d.
Ireland's History of Kent, 4 vols. 30s.
Brayley's History of Middlesex, 5 vols, 30s.
Glover's History of Derby, 2 vols. 12s.6d,
Smith's Wealth of Nations, 3 vols. 78. 6d.
Gil Blas, 3 vols. 78. 6d.
Froude's Life of Carlyle, 58.

BOOKS FOR SALE-continued.

Polter, R., & Sons, Ogleforth, or Mr. R. Haughton, Subscription

Library, York
The Athenæum, in monthly parts, for the years 1866 to

1873 inclusive

Hayes, W., Clifton Gardens, Margale

Historical Miscellany, 5 vols. 128. 6d.
Morris' Epicurean, Turner's vignettes, 6s.
Burton's Anatomy of Melancholy, 2 vols. 158.
Boaden's Life of Mrs. Jordan, 2 vols. 1831, 10s. 6d.
Congreve's Works, 3 vols. 1710, 108, 6d.

Foote's Dramatic Works, 2 vols. 1797, 78. 6d.
Houlsion, R. P., The Library, Chippenham
Graphic, Vols. 1 to 37, extra gilt cloth, gilt edges (21s.),

for 108, 6d. each
Paul, J. F., Bury St. Edmund's
Odyssey and Iliad, Greek text, 2 vols. diamond type

(Pickering, 1831), uncut, orig. binding. Offers requested

Ridgway, A., 3 Union Street, Gravesend

Trollope's (A.) Thompson Hall (18.), 80 copies, 3d.
Robinson's (Phil) Indian Garden Series (18.), 70 copies, 2d.

Tittmann, C., 3 Seestrasse, Dresden
Two copies of Bohn's Catalogue of Books, 1841. Will take

first offer



Is now ready, and can be had on application.



BOOKS WANTED TO PURCHASE. Note.-It must be distinctly understood that lists cannot be inserted for others than subscribers ercept at a charge of

6d. per line, prepaid. Books in Print are not Advertised for, but must appear in the ordinary Column Advertisements, and at the same rate.

Acock, J. A., Book seller. 21 Broad Street, Oxford

Breur, T., & Co. (Limited), Booksellers, Kirkgate, Bradford Good Words for the Young, Vol. 2

Lankester's Degeneration
Caves by the Sea

Newman s The Soul. 1865
Field's By-laws and Rules with reference to House Drainage Imitation of Christ. 108. 6d. (Nimmo)

Psalms, Chronologically Arranged
Ashworth, J. H., 54 Great George Street, Leeds
Lanfrey's Napoleon. Vol. 2

Bridger, G., 78 Netheriood Road, W.
Jackson's French Court and Society, 2 vols.

Hichens' Coastguard's Secret Gronow's Reminiscences. 2nd Series

Jacob's Biiss of Revenge Life of Grimaldi, brown cloth. Vol. 1

Algernon Darcy. 23. (Scotland) Refutation of Deism. 1814

Rowsell's (Mary C.) Red House


Jagger's (Mrs.) Rookery Mill
Bain, Bookseller, 1 Haymarket, London, S.W.

Is Love a Crime ?
Arvine's Cyclopædia of Moral Anecdotes, edited by Flesher
Hunt's (Leigh) Foliage. 1818. Imperfect copy would do Brook & Chrystal, 11 Market Street, Manchester
Browning's (Robert) Poetical Works. 6-vol. edit. Vol. 1 Bewick's Quadrupeds
The Post anii the Paddock. Ist edit.

Boxiana. Vol. 5
Woolman's Works, with Preface by Whittier

Arnold's Literature and Dogma. Best edit. John Inglesant, 2 vols. 1st edit. Good copy

Grindon's (L. H.) Lite, its Nature &c.

Abbott's Through Nature to Christ
Baker, E., Bookseller, 15 John Bright Street, Birmingham
Ring and the Book, 4 vols. 1869

Brotherton, G., 36 Hart Street, Burnley
Cunningham's Nell Gwynne. 1852

Lizars' Anatomy. Coloured plates Meredith's Ordeal of Richard Feverel. 1859

Wordsworth's (Bp.) Works on Old and New Testaments

( Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. 1856

Singers and Songs of the Church Jane Eyre, 3 vols. 1847

Acton's Diseases of the Crinary Organg. Coloured

Waugh's Works. 10-vol. edit. Small paper
Baker, T., Bookseller, 1 Soho Square, London, W.
Church Quarterly Review. A et

Brough, W., & Sons, 8 Broad Street Corner, Birmingham Carlyle's French Revolution. Library elit.

Arnold's Friendship's Garland Church Congress Reports. 1863, 1864

L'rqubart's Pillars of Hercules, 2 vols. Huxley's Man's Place in Nature

Gavin's Master-key to Popery

Knight's Pictorial Shukspeare
Batsford, B. T., 52 High Holborn, London

Wilkinson's Egypt
Fergusson's Modern Styles of Architecture
Chemical Soc. Journal. Dec. 1887 and Supplementary No. Brown & Co., Salisbury
Lecomte's Railways

Dolby's Church Embroidery
Holtzapffel's Turning. Vol. 3
Naval Architects' Trans. Vols. 13, 16, 23, 27, and Index

Broun, W., 26 Princes Street, Edinburgh

Croll on Climate
Society of Engineers' Transactions. 1860
Ure's Dictionary, 4 vols.

Laing's Scottish Seals. Vol. 1

1 Humber's Water Supply

Douglas' Baronage of Scotland. L. P. Jeans' Steel

Lockhart's Life of Scott, 7 vols. Stuart's Steam Engine, 2 vols.

1 Thorpe's Beowulf

1 Wordsworth's Greece Blackledige, W., 5 Bishop's Court, Chancery Lane, London, 11.C. Punch. Vols. 25, 36, 41. Original parts or cloth Any Works on Fencing and Duelling, English or Foreign

Broun, W., & Co. (Lid.), 38-40 St. Mary, London, E.C. Fallarton's Parliamentary Gazetteer, cloth. 1847. Part 4

Gmelin's Chemistry, about 13 vols. (Cavendish Society) Knight's Pictorial History of England. Vol. 2, George III.

Key to De Pourquet's Spanish Trésor (Simpkin & Marshall) Blackwell, B. 11., 50 d: 51 Broad Street, 0.xford

Bryce, W., Book seller, 54A Lothian Street, Edinburgh Wyon's Queen Anne, 2 vols.

Wilson's Prehistoric Man, 2 vols. Edgeworth's Ormonde

Church of England Magazine. Vols. 49, 51, 52, 53
Thirty Thonsand Thoughts (K. Paul)

Stephen's Digest of Evidence
Browne's Britannia's Pastorals
Chamberlayne's Pharronida, 3 vols,

Bumpus, T. B., 2 George Yard, Lombard Street, London, E.C.

Newall's Highlands of India, 2 vols. 1882 Boyreau, Vre, J., 22 Rue de la Banque, Paris

Prescott's Ferdinand and Isabella, 3 vols, post 8vo. 1850 Bungener's Priest and the Huguenot

Motley's United Netherlands, 4 vols. post 8vo. 1669 Brassey's British Navy

King's Antique Gems. 1866 Humphrey's Litanies. Ebony-like binding. 1849 (?)

Caldecott's Graphic Pictures. Both Series. Large paper Life of Our Lord. Ebony-like binding

Memoirs of the Duke of St. Simon, 4 vols. 1857


Burns & Oates (Limited), 28 Orchard Street, W.

Dent, W., 34 Southampton Road, Kentish Town, London, N.W. Burke's Peerage &c. 1887. Secondband

Constable's Miscellany. Vol. 4 Sancta Sophia

Martin's Prince Consort's Life. Vols 1, 2 Tronson's Conferences (Kenmare Society)

Cassell's British Poets, 8vo. Parts 13, 24, 46, 50, 51, 108,

111, 128, 129 Carson Brothers, 7 Grafton Street, Dublin

Mechanics' Magazine. After first 6 vols.
Gilbert's Streets of Dublin. Vol. 2
Thompson's Natural History of the Birds of Ireland. Vol. 3 | Diack, W., 20 Schoolhill, Aberdeen
Ossianic Society's Transactions. Vol. 2

Browning (Robert). Any vols, cheap
Rink's Tales and Traditions of the Eskimo
Hayes' Land of Desolation

Dickinson, R. D., 89 Farringdon Street, London, E.C.
Cassell & Co. (Limited), Ludgate Hill, London, E.C.

Calvin Translation Society, viz. : Corinthians, 2 vols. ; Taylor's (Jeremy) Holy Living and Holy Dying

Philippians to Thessalonians; Hebrews; Galatians and

Ephesians ; Timothy to Pbilemon; Catholic Epistles Clarke & Hodgson, 5 Gallortree Gate, Leicester

Wilson's (Prof. H. H.) Works. Vol. 2 (Trübner) Avancini, Vita et Doctrina Jesu. 1872 (Rivingtons)

Liechtenstein's (Princess) Holland House, 8vo. Vol. 2 Campan's Life of Marie Antoinette

Pick on Memory Collins, W., 21 King Street, Stroud, Glos,

Dobson, F., 122 Chippenham Road, W. Cramer's Catena ad Romanos

Contemporary Review. 1866, 1867. Any numbers or vols. Theodoret's Ecclesiastical History (Bagster)

Drummond's Draughts Fisher's Notes and Recollections of Stroud

Wiley's Draughts Partridge's (Stroud) Dyeing Textile Fabrics

Rousseau's Emilius

Sully's Sensation
Collins, W. P., 157 Great Portland Street, London, W.

Leighton's Paris
Suffolk's Micro-Manipulation
Mackie's Guide to Folkestone. 1st edit.

Dodsworth, P. & W., 17 Collingwood Street, Newcastle-upon-Tyne Diodorus Siculus. English translation

Pratt's Flowering Plants. Vol. 4 only Carpenter's Microscope. 1882

Whitfield's Reflections, Song of Solomon

Strickland's Queens of England, 8vo. 1840-48. Vols. 10, 11, 12 Colwell, J., Devizes

Tattersall's Lakes of England, 8vo. 1836 Life of Thos. Assheton Smith

Wilkes' United States Expedition, 2 vols. (Nat. Illus. Lib.) Epictetus, translated by Elizabeth Carter

Cathedral Churches (London Pub. Company)
Hoare's Ancient Wiltshire, North
Master Humphrey's Clock. Original edit. Vol. 3

Douglas & Foulis, 9 Castle Street, Edinburgh
Wilts Archæological Magazine. Any odd Nos. after 28

Blackie's Homer and the Iliad. Vol. 1

Burton's Zanzibar, City &c., 2 vols. 8vo. 1872 Combridge & Co., 18 Grafton Street, Dublin

Cruikshank's Life, by Jerrold. Vol. 1 Raglan Castle

Guillemard's Cruise of the Marchesa,' 2 vols. Napier's Peninsular War, 8vo.

Hill's (Sir Rowland) Life. Vol. 2, or complete
Vilon's Poems. 1878 edit.

Hugo's Toilers of the Sea, &c. Early l-vol. edits.
Lodge's Irish Baronetage
Burke's Extinct Peerage and Baronetage

Lamartine's Mary Queen of Scots

Lange's History of Materialism. Vol. 2 Praed's Poems. 2-vol. edit.

Riddell's (Mrs. J. H.) Novels. Early l-vol. edits. Temple Bar. Vols. 1871 to 1881

Theologia Germanica. 1874 Cornish Brothers, 37 New Street, Birmingham

Tourgenieff's Virgin Soil, and other Novels. Early edits. Arundo's Practical Fly-Fishing. 1849

Young's (Arthur) Travels in France
Angler's Eight Dialogues. 1758
Kentish Angler. 1804

Downing, W., 74 New Street, Birmingham
Wells' Contemplative Angler. 1842 or 1853

Early English Text Society. Cursor Mundi, Part 4

Haydon's Autobiography, 3 vols. Vol. 2 Cornish, J., & Sons, 297 High Holborn, London

Notes and Queries for the year 1855 Tale of Two Cities, original cloth. 1st edit.

Viollet-le-Duc, Dictionnaire Raisonné du Mobilier, 6 vols. Robinson's Man she Cared for, 3 vols.

Zerfl's Historic Art
Andersen's Modern Horsemanship
Susan Fielding (Bentley)

Edmonds, W. C., Bookseller, 420 Brixton Road, S.W.
White's (Walter) Mont Blanc and Back

Buckler's Account of Eltham Palace. About 1830, or any Book on the Rhine

Edwards, F., 83 High Street, Marylebone, London, W. Cornish, J. E., 33 Piccadilly, Manchester

Motley's Dutch Republic, cloth. 1856. Vol. 1 Cotterill's Steam Engine

Alford's Quebec Chapel Sermons, cloth. Vol. 3 Annals of England

Hunt's (Leigh) Autobiography, cloth. Vols. 2, 3 Owens College Magazine. Series 2. 1870. Nos. 1, 2, 4, 5

Men and Women, cloth. Vol. I
Cobbe's Fale Beasts and True

Smith's Catalogue Raisonné, cloth. Vols. 4, 7
Maitland's Early Year Books
Bullen's Elizabethan Lyrics

Edwards, J. W. P., 133 Boughton, Chester

Old Price's Remains. 1863. Part 6 Cornish, J. E., 16 St. Ann's Square, Manchester

Cheshire Archeological Society's Journal. Odd parts Flowers of Passion. 1878 or 1877

Hemingway's History of Chester, 2 vols. Pagan's Poems. 1881

Baily's Magazine. Early parts
Robinson Crusoe, 2 vols. 8vo. Stothard's plates. About 1790

Haeckel's Evolution &c.
Stephen's (Leslie) Free Thinking and Plain Speaking
Haweis' Pet

Elliot, A., 17 Princes Street, Edinburgh

Aitken s Measurer
Coulston, W., 62 Rectory Road, Burnley
Booth's Psalmody

Arpot's Laws from Heaven, 2 vols.
Visitation of Lancashire (Chetham Society)

Punch, from commencement to 1858, for binding

St. Nicholas. First six years of issue
Minton's (Rev. 8.) New Jerusalem
Glory of Christ

Eyre & Spottiswoode, East Harding Street, London, E.C.
Daries & Son, Gloucester

Army List. 1800 or earliest Young's Holy Bible, literally translated

Farrant & Frost, Aberdare Danies, J., Grand Pump Room Library, Bath

Boy's Own Paper. Nov. 1881 ; Jan. 1882
Stapley's Life of Dr. Arnold

St. Nicholas. Nov, aud Dec. 1886
Arnold's Literature and Dogma. Best edit.
King's Handbook of Engraved Gems (Bohn)

Freestone & Knapp, 4 The Poultry, Nottingham
Tales from Catland

Helps' (Sir A.) Works. Ist edits. Any Compton Merivale

Gilbert's (J.) Art and its Scope (Jackson & Walforil) Longman's Magazine. Jan. 1887

Rhymes for the Nursery. 1850 (Clark & Co.) Deakin, H., 42 Green Gate Street, Stafford

Ford, T., Hill Crest, Forest Hill, S.E. Romford's Hounds, 8, 11

Ruskin's Modern Painters. Vols. 3, 4, 5 Sponge's Tour. 5

Stones of Venice. Any vol. Cornic England. 16, 18, 19, 20

Eeven Lamps of Architecture Table Book. 6, 7, 9-12

Oxford Prize Poems. 1839 (F. Vincent)
Vanity Fair. Any parts

Pickwick Papers. Any odd number
Pickwick. Any parts
Leech. Any parts

Gant, s. E., 89 Royal Avenue, Belfast
Cruikshank. Any parts

Palmer's Entire Devotion

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