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New Novels :

Black (Wm.). -In Far Lochaber. By WILLIAM BLACK,

Author of The Strange Adventures of a House Boat,'' A Daughter of Heth,' &c. 3 vols. crown 8vo. 31s. 6d.

[Early in October.

Black (Wm.). ---The Strange Adventures of a House Boat.

By WILLIAM BLACK, Author of A Daughter of Heth ’ &c. Fourth Edition.

3 vols. crown 8vo. cloth, 31s. 6d.

It is pleasantly told, with a plentiful seasoning of descriptions of scenery ... a wholesome, fragrant book. SATURDAY REVIEW.

"There is a great deal that is very pleasant and even charming in the "Strange Adventures of a Houseboat." Mr. Black's

style is as good as ever, and in welcome contrast to the shambling periods of many of his contemporaries.'


Davidson (H. C.).—The Old Adam: a Tale of an Army

Crammer. By Hugh COLEMAN DAVIDSON, Author of Cast on the Waters' &c. 3 vols. crown 8vo. 31s. 6d.

De Leon (E.).—Under the Stars and Under the Crescent.

By EDWIN DE LEON, Author of Egypt and its Khediyes' &c. New and
Cheaper Edition, crown 8vo. cloth, 6s.

Edwards (Miss Betham).--Half-Way: an Anglo-French

Romance. By Miss BETHAM EDWARDS. New and Cheaper Edition, crown 8vo. 6s.

Musgrave (Mrs.).—Miriam: a Lightship Tragedy. By

Mrs. MUSGRAVE, Author of Illusions' &c. 1 vol. crown 8vo. 10s. 6d.

Osborne (D.). — The Spell of Ashtaroth. By DUFFIELD

OSBORNE. A Story in the style of 'Ben Hur.' 1 vol. crown 8vo. 5s.

Russell (Miss Dora).--A Strange Message. By Miss DORA

RUSSELL, Author of • Footprints in the Snow,' The Broken Seal,' &c. 3 vols. crown 8vo.


Stockton (F. R.).—The Bee-man of Orn, and other

Fanciful Tales. By F. R. STOCKTON, Author of "The Late Mrs. Null,' • The Hundredth Man,' &c. 1 vol. crown 8vo. 55.

Thomson (J.).—Ulu: an African Romance. By JOSEPH

THOMSON, Author of Through Masai Land' &c. New Edition. Crown

8vo. 6s.

Vane (D.). From the Dead : a Romance. By DENZIL

VANE, Author of · Like Lucifer' &c. 2 vols. crown 8vo. 21s.

Walford (Mrs. L. B.).—Her Great Idea, and other Stories.

By Mrs. L. B. WALFORD, Author of Mr. Smith,' Troublesome Daughters,' &c. Crown 8vo. cloth, 10s. 6d.


St. Dunstan's House, Fetter Lane, Fleet Street, E.C.


Pyle (Howard). — Otto

of the Silver Hand. Written and illustrated by HOWARD PYLE, Author of 'Pepper and Salt,' &c. Demy 8vo. cloth, 8s. 6d.

Readers of Little Lord Fauntleroy' will find this to be a charming companion to that work,

Reber (Dr. F. von). History of Mediæval Art.

By Dr. FRANZ VON REBER, Author of A History of Ancient Art.' Translated and Augmented by JOSEPH THACHER CLARKE. With 422 Illustrations, and a Glossary of Technical Terms. 8vo.

Reed and Simpson.- Modern Ships of War.

By Sir EDWARD J. REED, M.P., late Chief Constructor of the British Navy, and EDWARD SIMPSON, Rear-Admiral, U.S.N., late President U.S. Naval Advisory Board. With Supplementary Chapters and Notes by J. D. JERROLD KELLEY, Lieutenant U.S.N., Author of The Question of Ships,' &c. Illustrated with over 100 Engravings of the Principal Battleships of England, France, United

States, Italy, Germany, &c. Royal 8vo. cloth, 10s. 6d. ** Modern Ships of War" is a popular work, couched in language which studiously avoids technicalities, with the obvious intention that those who run may read. Frequent and artistic illustrations enhance the value of the baok,'— DAILY TELEGRAPH.

Shakspeare's Heroines : a Series of Studies by









TITLE PORTIA, Wife of L. Alma Tadema, R.A., BEATRICE

F. Dicksee, A.R.A. Brutus... ..) R.W.S.


C. E. Perugini.
P. H. Calderon, R.A.

SE. J. Poynter, R.A.,

F. Goodall, R.A.

H. Schmalz.


Sir F. Leighton, P.R.A. MARIANA V. C. Prinsep, A.R.A.


H. Woods, A.R.A. AUDREY ... P. R. Morris, A.R.A.

W. Waterhouse, CLEOPATRA

{ ISABELLA F. W. W. Topham, R.I.

? A.R.A., R.I. OLIVIA E. Blair Leighton.


W. F. Yeames, R.A. ANXE PAGE G. D. Leslie, R.A.


Marcus Stone, R.A. KATHARINE E. Long, R.A.


Luke Fildes, R.A. ROSALIND

R. W. Macbeth, A.R.A. QUEEN KATHARINE... Mrs. L. Alma Tadema. Artists' Proofs (signed by the Artists). Twenty-one Plates, size 241 inches

by 174 inches, in sets only, in a Portfolio, £31. 10s.
(Limited to 100 Copies for England, and 50 for America. Each Plate will be signed

by the Artist, and each Set numbered from [1] onwards.) Impressions on Columbier Quarto Plate Paper, 17 inches by 12 inches, bound on

guards, with Descriptive Letterpress, in very handsome Persian Morocco, gilt edges, £5. 58.

Sharp (A.).—Life and Correspondence of Abra

HAM SHARP, THE YORKSHIRE MATHEMATICIAN AND ASTRONOMER; with Memorials of his Family. By WillIAM CUDWORTH, Author of * Round About Bradford,' Horton Rambles,' &c. Illustrated with numerous Drawings, &c., specially prepared for the Work, the whole to form a handsome Volume. Only a very limited edition will be issued; to subscribers before publication, 21s.; after, 26s.


St. Dunstan's House, Fetter Lane, Fleet Street, E.C.


Sharpe (R. Bowdler).—Birds in Nature. Text

by R. BOWDLER SHARPE, F.L.S., F.Z.S., Zoological Department, British Museum,.&c., &c. With 39 superb Coloured Plates of Birds and other Ilustrations by P. ROBERT, as seen wild in nature, and the surroundings in which they

are found. In 1 vol., 4to. cloth extra, price £3. 3s. Stowe (Harriet Beecher).–Flowers and Fruit

from the Writings of Mrs. HARRIET BEECHER STOWE. Small post 8vo, cloth

extra 3s. 6d. Shakespeare's Songs and Sonnets. Illustrated

by Sir John GILBERT, R.A. 4to. elegant fancy boards, 5s. 16 Coloured Plates and numerous Text Illustrations.

* This charming little Volume is a careful reproduction in miniature of Sir John Gilbert's beautiful Illustrations to the Songs and Sonnets, which Volume was published by SAMPSON Low, MARSTON, & Co. in 1862—in a large Imperial Volume-a work which is now very scarce, and has always been regarded as one of the highest achievements of Chromo-Lithography. The book has been again undertaken by the same Lithographers (Vincent Brooks & Co.), and the result of their work in this reduced form will certainly bear favourable comparison with its predecessor. Stevens (T.).—Around the World on a Bicycle.

Vol. II. By THOMAS STEVENS. The Second Volume carries the plucky rider through Persia, India, China, and Japan. With numerous Illustrations, demy 8vo. cloth, 16s.

* Volume I. (describing the journey from San Francisco, through Europe, to Persia) can still be obtained, with over 200 Illustrations (price 168.), of which the Guardian says as follows:

• We have found Mr. Stevens's adventures very amusing. . But it was on his travels through wilder regions that Mr. Stevens encountered the adventures which make his book worth reading. After a variety of strange experiences, some of which are well depicted in the clever illustrations which accompany his book, he reached Teheran, further than which the book does not take us, but we hope some day to have an account of the same. (See Vol. II.)

Taunton (T. H.).—Portraits of Celebrated Race

HORSES OF THE PAST AND THE PRESENT CENTURIES. In strictly Chronological Order, commencing in 1702, and ending in 1870, together with their respective Pedigrees and Performances recorded in full. By T. H. TAUNTON, formerly of Oriel College, Oxford. These Volumes, handsomely bound, contain the Portraits of about 430 Horses, together with those of some of the most celebrated Jockeys of the period. The letterpress is in large and

elegant type. In 4 vols., crown 4to. £6. 6s. • The four handsome volumes are such as every owner, breeder, trainer, rider, and lover of the racehorse, whether in this country or in any other, will desire to possess, if only a glimpse of them be obtained, or the faintest idea of what they are like be presented to the fancy. Nor must it be imagined for a moment that the interest of the book is confined to the adherents of the turf, that curious and not very reputable institution at which so many good people look askance, or to persons who are more or less intimately acquainted with horse-racing and its history : for the volumes are by no means without value from many other points of view, especially the antiquarian and artistic.'-ATHENÆUM, Sept. 22.

No racing man can look at the quaint old pictures in this book without amusement. Mr. Taunton's book will be found both entertaining and interesting by all racing men worthy of the name, especially owners and breeders.

SATURDAY REVIEW (Notice of Vol. I.). Is certain to be popular, and it would make an admirable Christmas present.'-SATURDAY REVIEW (Notice of Vol. II.). NEW WORKS BY JULES VERNE.

Crown 8vo., fully Illustrated.

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Verne (Jules).—Adrift in the Pacific. .
Verne (Jules).— The Flight to France; or, The

MEMOÌRS OF A DRAGOON. A Tale of the days of Dumouriez. By JULES
VERNE, Author of The Clipper of the Clouds,' &c., &c. Crown 8vo, with 34

full-page Illustrations. London : SAMPSON LOW, MARSTON, SEARLE & RIVINGTON, LIMITED,

St. Dunstan's House, Fetter Lane, Fleet Street, E.C.


CHEAP EDITIONS OF Jules Verne's Keraban the Inflexible. In Two

Volumes. Illustrated. Crown 8vo. paper boards, 1s. per volume; or in cloth, gilt edges, 2s. per

volume. PART I. THE CAPTAIN OF THE GUIDARA. | PART II. SCARPANTE THE SPY. Matthias Sandorf. By JULES VERNE. With many illustrations, cloth, gilt edges, 5s.

A SPLENDID GIFT BOOK. Wallace (Lew).—The Boyhood of Christ. Ву

LEW WALLACE, Author of • Ben Hur, a Tale of the Christ,' &c. With numerous

illustrations. 4to. cloth, gilt edges. Walton (Izaak).— The Lea and Dove Illustrated

Edition (being the 100th edition of Walton and Cotton's ever popular work, • THE COMPLEAT ANGLER.' Edited, with Lives of Walton and Cotton, by R. B. MARSTON, Editor of the Fishing Gazette, hon. treasurer of the Fly-Fishers' Club, &c., and containing a Reprint (by permission of The Chronicle of the Compleat Angler': being a Bibliographical Record of its various Editions and Imitations. By Thomas WESTWOOD and THOMAS SATCHELL.

The Illustrations, which have been prepared for this Lea and Dove Edition, are all entirely new and specially done for this work; they depict charming scenes on Walton's favourite riversscenes which, with few exceptions, have never before been illustrated in editions of Walton many of which are now threatened with invasions by railway speculators. The principal feature of this Edition will be a set of 54 Full-page Photogravures, printed from Copper Plates, on fine Plate Paper, of Views on the Lea, Dove, &c.

Édition de Luxe, in 2 vols., royal 4to. printed by Wm. Clowes & Sons, Limited, on the best English Hand-made Paper, with Title-page in Red and Black, with the 54 Full-page Photogravures on India Paper, mounted on Plate Paper, with all the Wood Engravings printed on India Paper from the Wood-blocks. Bound in full dark-green morocco, with gilt top. Limited strictly to 200 copies for the United Kingdom, and 50 copies for America. Each copy will be Numbered and Signed. Price per copy, Subscribers, £10. 10s.

The Demy Quarto Edition, printed on the Finest Printing Paper, with Title-page in Red and Black, with the Photogravures on best Plate Paper, and all the Text Illustrations printed from the Wood-blocks (not from Electros), handsomely bound in half-morocco, gilt top, uncut edges. Limited strictly to 350 copies for the United Kingdom, and 150 copies for America. Each copy will be Numbered and Signed. Price per copy, £5. 58.

Wardrop (Oliver).—The Kingdom of Georgia :


Being Notes of Travel in a Land of Women, Wine, and Song ; to which are appended Historical, Literary, and Political Sketches, specimens of the National Music, and a compendious Bibliography. By OLIVER WARDROP. With numerous illustrations and map. Demy 8vo. cloth.

A New and Valuable History of America. Winsor

America: from the PreHISTORIC AGE TO THE MIDDLE OF THE PRESENT CENTURY. Narrative and Critical History of America. Edited by JUSTIN WINSOR, Librarian of Harvard University ; Corresponding Secretary, Massachusetts Historical Society. Price of the complete work, cloth extra, gilt, £12. Vols. II., III., IV., V., VI., and VII. now ready.

N.B.- Volume I. will be issued last. The work when completed will include eight royal octavo volumes, of about 600 pages each, profusely illustrated with maps, views, portraits, and facsimile reproductions of historical documents.

The ATHEX ÆUM says of Vol. VI. :-'It is as good as any of the preceding ones, and that is no small praise. The nearer this work reaches its end, the greater is our admiration for it as a whole. It is an honour to its editor and his contributors, and is in all respects worthy of its subject.' London: SAMPSON LOW, MARSTON, SEARLE & RIVINGTON, LIMITED,

St. Dunstan's House, Fetter Lane, Fleet Street, E.C.



Dedicated, by permission, to the Queen.

Alford (Lady M.).—Needlework as Art. By

the late LADY MARIAN ALFORD. In one Vol. royal 8vo. bound in white linen, gilt edges. With nearly 100 full-page and smaller Woodcuts, 15 Photogravures,

&c., being Facsimile Reproductions of Ancient Needlework. Price £1. 1s. An Edition de Luxe, printed on the best paper (100 copies only), royal 4to. vellum extra, gilt

edges, £4. 48. * Full of quaint learning and practical instruction.'-STANDARD.

By the

NOW READY. Second and Cheaper Edition of the New Work by the Amateur

Fresh Woods and Pastures New.

Author of · An Amateur Angler's Days in Dove Dale,' Frank's Ranche,' &c.

Fancy boards, 1s.

““ Fresh Woods and Pastures New' is the pleasant title of a pleasant little book, which sets forth, in a series of bright and picturesque letters, the joys of the amateur anglers on the Lugg and the Teme, the pleasures of a suburban garden, with notes on sport and natural history, collected during a holiday sojourn at a farmhouse. So far from being the man of business the author describes himself, much in populous city pent, the vivacity and keenness of his observations of nature and the myrind delights of a couutry life suggest a most un-Johnsonian acquaintance with Fleet Street. His “Evening with the Hornets," is not merely delightful reading, as are the rest of the papers, but a real acquisition to lovers of natural history.'-SATURDAY REVIEW.

Beautifully Illustrated Edition (a Choice Presentation Volume.)

a THE GREAT WAR. By R. D. BLACKMORE, Author of Lorna Doone.' With 64 Illustrations by ALFRED PARsons and F. BARNARD. Square demy 8vo.

cloth extra, gilt edges, 12s.

Of ‘Springhaven' the SATURDAY REVIEW says : - The story is one of Mr. Blackmore's best. A fine touch of romance reveals the author of "Lorna Doone" on almost every page...... The portraits of Nelson and Napoleon are marvellously true and lifelike.'

«« Splendid” and “glorious" are strong terms, but they are scarcely too strong for application to some parts of “Springhaven.”...... The story is among the author's best; and to read it is a most invigorating tonic.'-ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS.

Donnelly (I.).—The Great Cryptogram: Francis

Bacon's Cipher in the so-called Shakspere Plays. By IGNATIUS DONNELLY, Author of · Atlantis, the Antediluvian World,' and 'Ragnarok, the Age of Fire

and Gravel.' Two vols. royal 8vo. £1. 10s.

• Mr. Donnelly, by dint of perseverance, ingenuity, and a fancy not unworthy of the philosopher-poet, has succeeded in deciphering a sub-history of English events running capricionsly beneath the surface of certain of the plays with curious personal passages in the biography of William Shakspeare, and a demonstration, backed up by the opinion of Cecil, that he was altogether incapable of writing the works that were popularly attributed to him.'-TIMES.

Mr. Donnelly divides his matter into two parts-an argument and a demonstration. The cipher, as set out in the second portion of the work, will be convincing in itself, he suggests; but that which goes before it contains many curious and interesting facts, brought together with much toil and research, in support of his contention.'--DAILY TELEGRAPH.

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St. Dunstan's House, Fetter Lane, Fleet Street, E.C.

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