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Edmonds (C.).—Poetry of the Anti-Jacobin,

comprising the celebrated Political and Satirical Poems, and Jeux-d'Esprit of
Canning, Wellesley, J. H. Frere, Ellis, Gifford, and others. By CHARLES
EDMONDS. Entirely New Edition, with additional matter, and Seven New
Etchings by Gillray. Crown 8vo. cloth.
An Edition de Luxe of one hundred copies, printed on hand-made paper, is also in preparation.

The Quarterly Review said of the Original Edition : These sparkling gems of wit have stood the test of more than half a century, and still their brilliancy is undimmed ; nor, indeed, is their lustre likely to be tarnished by age. Mr. Edmonds, the Editor, has acquitted himself ably of his task.'

Eggleston (E.).- A History of the United States

AND ITS PEOPLE. For the use of Schools. By EDWARD EGGLESTON. 8vo. with numerous Illustrations and Maps, cloth 6s. 6d.

EXTRACT FROM PREFACE.— This is from first to last a school book. No other aim has been in view in its preparation than that of making the best possible teaching book of American history. Though the illustrations are by some of the best artists and engravers of the time, and though they are far more abundant than is usual in books of this kind, there has been no thought of making this a mere picture book. The illustrations are part and parcel of the teaching apparatus : their primary use, like that of the maps and diagrams, is to make the history visible.

Emerson (Dr. P. H.).—Naturalistic Photography

FOR PHOTOGRAPHIC ART STUDENTS. By Dr. P. H. EMERSON, B.A., M.B. (Cantab.), Author of • Pictures of East Anglian Life,' • Life and Landscape on the Norfolk Broads,' &c. Crown 8vo. cloth.

Emerson (Dr. P. H.).—Pictures of East Anglian

LIFE. By Dr. P. H. EMERSON. Edition de Luxe, limited to 75 numbered copies, size 17 in. by 13} in., bound in vellum with green morocco back, black and gold decorations, thirty-two Plates in Photogravure on India, and fifteen Blocks on Japanese; Text printed on best hand-made paper, price £7. 7s. Ordinary Edition, limited to 500 copies, printed on best white paper, Plates on fine plate paper ; handsome cloth binding, with leather backs, price £5. 58.

Edwards (E.).—The American Steam Engineer:

Theoretical and Practical, with Examples of the latest and most approved American Practice in the Design and Construction of Steam Engines and Boilers. For the use of Engineers, Machinists, Boilermakers, and Engineering Students. Fully Illustrated by E. EDWARDS, C.E. About 400 pp. 12mo. 12s.6d.

Fuller (E.).- The Dramatic Year [1887-88].

Brief Criticisms of Important Theatrical Events in the United States, with a Sketch of the Season in London, by WILLIAM ARCHER. Edited by EDWARD FULLER. Crown 8vo. cloth, 6s.

Galloway (Rev. W. B.).—Science and Geology

IN RELATION TO THE UNIVERSAL DELUGE. By W. B. GALLOWAY, M.A., Vicar of St. Mark's, Regent's Park, and Author of Chalk and Flint Formation,' Chain of Ages.' Crown 8vo. cloth, 8s. 6d.


St. Dunstan's House, Fetter Lane, Fleet Street, E.C.


Will be Published this Autumn.

Halford (F. M.).—Dry

Fly Fishing in Theory

AND PRACTICE. By FREDERIC M. HALFORD, F.L.S., Detached Badger' of The Field, Author of Floating Flies and How to Dress Them,' Member of Houghton Club, Fly Fishers' Club, &c. An Edition de luxe, limited to 100 copies, and the First Edition of 500 copies, are in preparation, and will be published this season. Illustrated with Plates showing the Position of the Rod and Line in making various Casts used in Dry Fly Fishing; also Coloured and other Plates, giving the Life History of the Mayfly; a Coloured Plan showing how the Weeds in a River should be Cut, &c., &c. Royal 8vo.

SYNOPSIS OF CONTENTS :- Chapter I. The Dry Fly Fisherman's Gear, illustrated by Woodcuts. II. Floating Flies and Sunk Flies. III. How to Cast, Various Methods of Casting, illustrated by thirteen full-page Plates, being Reproductions of Instantaneous Photographs taken by Elliott & Fry. IV. Where to Cast, illustrated by a double-page Plan of a Shallow. V. When to Cast. VI. Studies of Feeding Fish. VII. Circumstances affecting the Angler's Success. VIII. Selection of Fly; Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. A Short Life History of the Mayfly is incorporated with the section treating of Summer, illustrated by Hand-coloured Steel Engravings, reduced from Microscopic Drawings made from Life, of every Stage from the Egg to the Mature Insect. IX. Evening Fishing. X. Hooking, Playing, and Landing. XI. Autopsy, illustrated by Sectional View of the Digestive Organs of a Trout, and a Hand-coloured Steel Engraving, reduced from Microscopic Drawings, of Larvæ of Ephemeridæ, Caddis, and Shrimp. XII. Trout or Grayling. XIII. Management of a Fishery, illustrated by a double-page Plan of a Portion of the Sheepbridge Shallow at Houghton, with the weeds cut in the most approved manner.

N.B.-All Coloured Illustrations are hand-coloured in both Editions. Hugo (Victor). — An Edition de luxe of an entirely

new Translation of • THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME,' in two volumes, demy 8vo. white vellum cloth, price 30s. This Edition will be illustrated by sixteen Coloured Etchings, and 150 Text Illustrations from blocks prepared by an entirely new process by Guillaume, of Paris. It is not likely that a more exquisitely printed book than this of Hugo's masterpiece will be produced this


10" A French Edition of the same Work, in precisely uniform style, is also in preparation for simultaneous issue with the above, the sole right being in our hands.--S. L. M. & Co.

Hetley (Mrs. C.).—The

Dedicated by Permission to Her Majesty the Queen.

Native Flowers of New ZEALAND. Illustrated in Colours, in the best style of Modern Chromo-Litho Art, from Drawings Coloured to Nature. By Mrs. CHARLES HETLEY. The Work will be completed in Three large quarto Parts (imp. 4to.). Each Part will contain Twelve Chromo-Lithographic Plates, in facsimile of the original Drawings, with Descriptive Text. Price, in 3 Parts, three guineas (£3. 3s.); in cloth gilt, £3. 138. 6d.

The EVENING STANDARD says of Part I.–Lovers of flowers will be delighted with this charming portfolio of admirably executed and coloured illustrations of the flowers of New Zealand. They are really works of art, and will win a place upon the drawing-room table of many besides those addicted to the collection of books on floral subjects.'

Harper's Magazine, Christmas Number, will be

published about November 20. It will contain a complete Story by WALTER BESANT, fully illustrated by charming drawings by CHARLES GREEN ; besides numerous additional stories and poems, illustrated by twenty-four full-paged and other illustrations. Complete in itself. Price 1s.


St. Dunstan's House, Fetter Lane, Fleet Street, E.C.


Harper's Young People. Volume for 1888.

4to. in handsome cloth cover, 7s.6d.; gilt edges, 8s. Containing hundreds of

original stories, hundreds of Illustrations, and twelve coloured plates. *** Harper's Young People" is more popular in price and less luxurious in get-up, but it contains more matter, and is so admirably edited and written that it can hold its own against all rivals. The clever and laughable humorous woodcuts are a special feature.'--MANCHESTER EXAMINER.

Hosmer (Prof. J.). - Young Sir Harry Vane.

By Prof. JAMES K. HOSMER, of Washington University, St. Louis, Mo., Author of The Life of Adams' in the American Statesmen Series, with a Portrait of Vane engraved on Wood, a Facsimile of a Letter by Vane, a Copy of the Great Seal of the Commonwealth under Cromwell, and plans of the battles of Marston Moor and Naseby. In one Volume, 8vo, 500 pages, cloth extra, 18s. Prof. Hosmer has made a long and exceedingly careful study of the career and times of Vane, examining with great care the records in the British Museum, and has produced a book of great biographical and historical interest.

Inderwick (F. A., Q.C.).—Sidelights on the

STUARTS. Historical Essays on the Stuart Period. By F. A. INDERWICK, Q.C. With Illustrations. 8vo.

CONTENTS :—That high and mighty Prince, King James-Arabella Stuart (with an appendix of letters)-Witchcraft (with an appendix of cases)—Trial and Execution of Charles I.—The Regicides-Charles II.—The King's Healing-Monmouth's Rebellion (with appendix of trials).

Inglis (Hon. Jas.).—Tent Life in Tiger Land :

being Twelve Years' Sporting Reminiscences of a Pioneer Planter in an Indian Frontier District. By the Hon. JAMES INGLIS, Minister for Public Instruction, Sydney, N.S.W. (* Maori'), Author of Our New Zealand Cousins' &c. 1

vol., royal 8vo, with numerous coloured illustrations, cloth 18s. Johnstone (D.

(D. Lawson). — The Land of the MOUNTAIN KINGDOM. A Narrative of Adventure in the unknown Mountains of Thibet. By D. LAWSON JOHNSTONE. Numerous Illustrations, crown 8vo, cloth extra.

" The reader presently finds himself entrapped by a boy's story of hairbreadth escapes, most marvellous adventures, and an exciting chain of highly improbable, but dramatic episodes.

Keats (John). - Endymion. By John Keats,

illustrated by W. ST. JOHN HARPER. Imperial 4to. cloth, gilt top, 42s.

Laurie (A.). -Selene Company, Limited. By

ANDRÉ LAURIE. Crown 8vo. cloth, gilt edges, 7s. 6d.

In this extraordinary story, the reader is carried by an entirely original scientific process (after the manner of Jules Verne) to THE MOON, and is there, for some weeks, the witness of most marvellous adventures. The work will contain about 70 very graphic and characteristic woodcuts, (size and price uniform with the 7s. 64. editions of JULES VERNE).


St. Dunstan's House, Fetter Lane, Fleet Street, E.O.


Lea (H. C.). A History of the Inquisition in the

MIDDLE AGES. By HENRY CHARLES LEA, Author of "An Historical Sketch of Sacerdotal Celibacy,' .Studies in Church History,' &c. 3 vols. demy 8vo. cloth, gilt top, 42s.

A valuable and deeply interesting work; bristling with authenticated facts, and showing_in every page evidences of painstaking research into the original authorities for the period of which he treats.'-DAILY TELEGRAPH.

(Mark). — The Small House

over the


WATER, and other Stories of the Festive Season. By the late MARK LEMON, for Thirty Years Editor of Punch. With eleven Illustrations by CHARLES KEENE and GEORGE CRUIKSHANK, also Portrait of the Author. Crown 8vo. cloth, 6s.

CONTENTS :- A Christmas Day in a Jew's House--Christmas Eve in a Night Train-What came of killing a Rich Uncle one Christmas Time - The Small House over the Water-An Actor's Holiday-Aunt Grace's Sweetheart-A Coat with a Fur Lining-What might have happened one Christmas Time.

Longfellow (H. W.).—The Courtship of Miles

STANDISH. By HENRY WADSWORTH LONGFELLOW. With Illustrations from Designs by BOUGHTON, MERRILL, REINHART, PERKINS, and others. Imperial 4to. cloth gilt, 21s.

Longfellow (H. W.).-Nuremberg. Illustrated

with 28 Photogravures, illuminated and arranged by Mary and Amy COMEGYS. Demy 4to. cloth, gilt edges, 31s. 6d.

Low's Pocket Encyclopædia: a Compendium of

GENERAL KNOWLEDGE FOR READY REFERENCE. Containing 1206 columns, upwards of 25,000 References and numerous Plates. Specialists in various departments of learning have assisted the Author. Second Edition, now ready. Imperial 32mo, marbled edges, ornamental cloth, 3s. 6d.; roan, 4s. 6d.

OPINIONS OF THE PRESS. *In this reliable pocket store of learning and information the editor has satisfactorily done for the expansive bales of mind what the hydraulic press has done for the bales of cotton-pressed them into packages of convenient portability.'MORSING ADVERTISER.

An enormous mass of information.'-SATURDAY REVIEW. *Very correct and trustworthy.'-STANDARD.
*The neatest, smallest, and most useful Encyclopædia we havelyet seen.'--SPECTATOR.
* Literary "Liebig."'--PALL MALL GAZETTE.

Lowell (J. R.).—Life of Nathaniel Hawthorne.

Small post 8vo, cloth.

MacDowall (Alex. B.).—Curve Pictures of London,

FOR THE SOCIAL REFORMER. By ALEX. B. MacDOWALL, M.A. Crown 8vo. boards, 1s.

The pictures represent by the course of a curve, in graded diagrams, the state of the metropolis with regard to popu. lation, birth and death rates, suicide, drunkenness, pau ism, education, and other matters which form the special con. cern of the social reformer. The little work is exceedingly well done, and expresses a very great deal, with a terseness and clearness not attainable by words.'-SCOTSMAX.


St. Dunstan's House, Fetter Lane, Fleet Street, E.C.


Mackenzie (Sir Morell).—The Fatal Illness of

FREDERICK THE NOBLE. By Sir MORELL MACKENZIE, K.C.B., &c., &c. Crown 8vo. limp cloth, with Facsimiles of the late Emperor's Handwriting, and many Woodcuts, 250 pages, 2s. 6d.

It was felt by those who have the greatest cause to be satisfied with the services which Sir Morell rendered to the late Emperor Frederick III., that it was necessary for him to vindicate his professional reputation from the slurs cast upon it by certain German physicians, and they therefore left him free to publish' an independent report, should he think fit to do so. Accordingly he has for some weeks been incessantly occupied in preparing this work for the Press, and it will shortly be issued simultaneously in German and English. The work will contain facsimiles of the late Emperor's handwriting, and other sketches, and will form not merely a personal defence of Sir Morell against the personal attacks made upon him, but it will contain an historical account of his long-continued daily intercourse with the Emperor.

As a very large demand for this work is sure to arise, the Trade are requested to send their orders early, and also applications for Prospectuses. Marston (Dr. Westland). — Eminent Recent

ACTORS: being Recollections, Critical, and in many cases Personal, of late distinguished Performers of both Sexes. With some incidental notices of Living Actors. By Dr. WESTLAND MARSTON. 2 vols. crown 8vo. cloth, 21s.

EXTRACT FROM PREFACE. - The “Recollections,” whether critical or personal, have chiefly reference to past actors. Sometimes, however, living performers have been commented on either when comparison between themselves and their predecessors seemed desirable, or when they have so long retired from the stage that their career is become part of its history, or where they have been particularly associated with some remarkable event-such, for instance, as Phelps's management of Sadler's Wells. Many names of contemporary actors are, however, omitted, which would have high claims to notice had the writer's main object been to treat of the existing Stage.? Memoirs of Grenville-Murray (Comte de Rethel

d'Aragon, &c.), "The Roving Englishman.' Written by his Widow, the Comtesse.

2 vols. demy 8vo. Mills (J.).—Alternative Elementary Chemistry.

By JOHN Mills, of the Normal School, South Kensington. Numerous text

Illustrations, crown 8vo. Mills (J.).—Alternative Course in Physics. By

JOHN MILLS, of the Normal School, South Kensington. With numerous text

illustrations. Crown 8vo. Posselt (E. A.)—Technology of Textile Design:

being a Practical Treatise on the Construction and Application of Weaves for all Textile Fabrics, with minute Reference to the latest Inventions for Weaving. Containing also an Appendix showing the Analysis and giving the Calculations necessary for the Manufacture of the various Textile Fabrics. By E. A. POSSELT, Head Master Textile Department Pennsylvania Museum and School of Industrial Art, Philadelphia, Pa.; Author of The Jacquard Machine Analysed and Explained, the Preparation of Jacquard Cards, and Practical Hints to Learners of Jacquard Designing.' One quarto volume, with over 100 Illustrations.


St. Dunstan's House, Fetter Lane, Fleet Street, E.C.

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