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Clarendon Press-continued.

Clarendon Press-continued. A School Latin Dictionary, by Charlton T. Geography for Schools, Part II., by Alfred Lewis, Ph.D.

Hughes, M.A. Ovid's Tristia, edited with prolegomena, appa A Translation of Prof. Van 't Hoff's Dix Années

ratus criticus, notes, &c., by Sidney G. Owen, dans l'Histoire d'une Théorie, by J. E. Marsh, M.A.


Foreign Biological Memoirs, translated under Thesaurus Syriacus, edidit R. Payne Smith,

the superintendence of J. Burdon-Sanderson, S.T.P., Fasc. VIII.

F.R.S, Vol. II. A Catalogue of Persian MSS, in the Bodleian Ecker's Anatomy of the Frog, translated by Dr. Library, by H. Ethé, Ph.D.

George Haslam.

Count H. von Solms-Laubach's Introduction to GENERAL LITERATURE:-Collected Essays, by the Rev. Mark Pattison,

Fossil Botany, translated by the Rev. H. E. F. late Rector of Lincoln College, 2 vols.

Garnsey, and edited by I. Bayley Balfour,

F.R.S. Unpublished Letters of David Hume to Wil. liam Strahan, edited with notes, &c., by

To the second series of Sacred Books of the Dr. G. Birkbeck Hill.

East' several volumes will be added :Selections from Clarendon, by Dean Boyle.

Vol. XXX., The Grihya-Sûtras, Rules of

Vedic Domestic Ceremonies, translated by Hymns and Chorales for Colleges and Schools, selected and edited by John Farmer.

Hermann Oldenberg, Part II. ; Vol. XXXII.,

Vedic Hymns, translated by F. Max Müller, MODERN LANGUAGES :

Part I.; Vol. XXXIII., Narada, and some : A Russian Grammar and Reading-Book, by W. Minor Law-Books, translated by Julius Jolly; R. Morfill, M.A.

Vol. XXXIV., The Vedanta-Sûtras, with A Key to Lange's German Prose Composition. Sankara's Commentary, translated by G. Schiller's Jungfrau von Orleans, edited with Thibaut ; Vol. XXXV., The Milinda Pañha, introduction and notes by Dr. Buchheim.

translated by Mr. Rhys Davids, HISTORY, LAW, &c. :

The following works will be the next to appear The Landnáma-Bóc, edited by G. Vigfusson,

in the series of Anecdota Oxoniensia':M.A., and F. York Powell, M.A.

Japhet Ben Ali's Commentary on Daniel, The Gild Merchant, a Contribution to English

edited by D. S. Margoliouth, M.A.; Lives of Municipal History, by Dr. Gross, 2 vols.

Saints from the Book of Lismore,' edited, The Dynasty of Theodosius, or Seventy Years'

with translation and notes, by Dr. Whitley Struggle with the Barbarians, by Dr. Thomas

Stokes ; and The Elucidarium, edited from a Hodgkin.

dated Welsh MS. of the fourteenth century A Historical Geography of the British Colonies,

by Prof. Rhys and J. M. Jones, B.A.; also, by C. P. Lucas, B.A., Vol. I., European and

uniform with the above, The Chronicle of Minor Asiatic Dependencies of Great Britain,

Galfridus le Baker, of Swinbroke, edited from and those in the Indian Ocean.

the Bodleian MS. by E. Maunde Thompson, An Essay on Possession in the Common Law,

D.C.L. Parts I. and II. by F. Pollock, M.A., Part III.

The following books will be published imby R. S. Wright, B.C.L.

mediately by the Delegates :- Land Charters, ENGLISH LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE :

and other Saxonic Documents, by Prof. A Translation of the Beowulf in English Prose,

Earle ; Clarendon's History of the Rebellion by the Rev. John Earle.

and Civil Wars in England, re-edited from a The Minor Poems of Chaucer, and Chaucer's

fresh collation of the original MS. in the Legend of Good Women, edited by the Rev.

Bodleian Library, with marginal dates and W. W. Skeat.

occasional notes, by W. Dunn Macray, M.A., Shakspeare's Henry VIII., edited by Dr. Aldis

6 vols. ; The Anglo-Indian Codes, edited by Wright.

Dr. Whitley Stokes, Vol II., Adjective Law, Bunyan's Holy War, &c., edited by the Rev. E.

with addenda bringing the decisions of the Venables.

High Court down to May, 1888; Fossils of Select Works of Sir Thomas Browne, including

the British Islands Stratigraphically and ZooUrn-Burial, The Garden of Cyrus, &c., edited

logically Arranged, Vol. I., Palæozoic, com by Dr. Greenhill.

prising the Cambrian, Silurian, Devonian, A New English Dictionary, Vol. II. Part II.

Carboniferous, and Permian species, with (beginning with Cass), edited by Dr. Murray,

appendix brought down to the end of 1886, and Vol. III. Part I. (beginning with the

by Robert Etheridge, F.G.S.; Hume's Treatise letter E), edited by Henry Bradley.

of Human Nature, reprinted from the original Stratmann's Dictionary of the Old English Lan

edition in three volumes, and edited, with an guage, thoroughly revised and re-arranged

analytical index, by L. A. Selby-Bigge, M.A.; by Henry Bradley.

The Hecuba of Euripides, edited by Cecil H.

Russell, M.A.; A Vocabulary to the Anabasis MATHEMATICS AND PHYSICAL AND MENTAL

of Xenophon, by J. Marshall, M.A. ; Passages SCIENCE :

for Translation into Greek Prose, selected by Mathematical Papers of the late Henry J. S.

J. Y. Sargent, M.A.; A Primer of Latin Prose, Smith, Savilian Professor of Geometry in the

by the same Author ; and An Introduction to University of Oxford, with portrait and

Latin Syntax, by W. S. Gibson, M.A.
memoir, 2 vols.
The Graphical and Statical Calculus, by L.
Cremona, authorised English translations by
T. Hudson Beare, M.A.

Messrs. T. & T. Clark.
A Manual of Crystallography, by N. S. Story The Preachers of Scotland from the 6th to the
Maskelyne, M.A.

19th Century, being the twelfth series of A Class-Book of Chemistry, by W. W. Fisher, Cunningham Lectures, by Professor W. G. Aldrichian Demonstrator of Chemistry.

Blaikie, D.D., Edinburgh.


Messrs. T. & T. Clark (Edinburgh)-continued. Messrs. Eyre & Spottiswoode.
Beyond the Stars, or Heaven, its Inhabitants, Ensilage, Practical Guide for making Ensilage,

Occupations and Life, by Rev. Thomas Stacks and Silos, issued by the Ensilage
Hamilton, D.D., Belfast.

Society, crown 8vo. sewed. A New Commentary on Genesis, by Professor Encampments, Regulations and Instructions Franz Delitzsch, D.D.

for 1888, red basil. Handbook of Biblical Archæology, by Professor Gunpowder and Guncotton, Handbook on, by C. F. Keil, D.D., Vol. II. (completion).

Major-Gen, W. H. Wardell, R.A., 1888, 8vo. The Form of the Christian Temple-its Founda

cloth. tionsand Superstructure, by Professor Thomas Military Law Abbreviated, Manual of 1888, Witherow, D.D., Magee College, London

12mo. cloth. derry.

Military Administration and Staff Duties, The Text of Jeremiah, or a Critical Investiga

Tables and Data, by Lieut. Col. J. S. Roth. tion of the Greek and Hebrew, with the

well, 1888, 12mo. sewed. variations in the LXX retranslated into the

Challenger Zoology, volume 26, imperial 4to. original and explained, by Professor G. C.

cloth, bevelled. Workman, M.A., Victoria University, Coburg,

North Atlantic, Synchronous Weather Charts, Canada. Besides discussing the relation be

part 4, 1888, imperial folio, paper. tween the texts this books solves the difficult

Cleveland North, Geology of, 1888, crown 8vo. problem of the variations and reveals impor.

sewed. tant matter for the history, the interpretations,

Lincoln, Country around, Geology of, 1888, the correction, and the reconstruction of the

cropn 8vo. sewed. present Massoretic text.

Calendars of State Papers, Foreign and Do

mestic, of Henry VIII., Vol. II., 1536, imperial

8vo. boards.

Chronicles and Memorials, Literæ Cantuarienses, William Clowes & Sons, Limited.

Volume II., being the Letter Books of the The Powers of Executive Officers, 3rd edition, Monastery of Christ Church, Canterbury, 8vo. by A. W. Chaster.

boards. Patent Laws Relating to Foreign countries, County Courts in England and Wales, Index to which will form a companion to Carpmael's

the Parishes, Townships, Hamlets, &c., con*Patent Laws of the World.'

tained in the districts of, 271 pp., fcap. folio, Fraud and Fraudulent Misrepresentation, by

brown cloth. Sydney Hastings, Barrister-at-law.

Explosives Act, Guide Book to, 6th edition, Matrimonial Law, by Douglas M. Ford, Solicitor.

380 pp., red basil. Back to Back Houses, Report on by Dr. Barry

and Mr. P. Gordon Smith, fcap. folio, paper.

Reports of State Trials, New Series, Volume I. Messrs. Dean & Sons.

(1820 to 1823), published under the direction Plays for Young Actors and Home Performance :

of the State Trials Committee, edited by * Prince Bulbo,' a dramatised version of

J. Macdonell, Esq., M.A., royal 8vo. boards. Thackeray's “Rose and the Ring,' by Amy Whinyates; Gabrielle, or the Red Leap of Liberty,' by the same writer, the “Astrologer's Messrs. Gall & Inglis. Spell,' a Persian sensation drama, by Averall, Traditions of the Covenanters, by the late Rev. and · Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp,' by Robert Simpson, D.D., of Sanquhar, a new Amy Whinyates.

edition, with six illustrations. This edition Macaws, Cockatoos, Parrakeets, and Parrots, by

has been re-arranged so as to keep, as far the late Sir Thomas Dick Lauder and Capt.

as possible, the anecdotes in each locality Thomas Brown, F.L.S., the book is illus together. Small demy 8vo. handsomely bound trated with forty engravings of the different

in cloth, 520 pp. species by Joseph B. Kidd, the book also Stella Rae, or the Yoke of Love, by Harriette E. contains chapters on diseases and cages from Burch, with six illustrations by J. Halliday, Dr. Karl Russ.

large crown 8vo. Other volumes in this series are Foreign Early Days, The Bad Shilling, The Randalls,

Aviary Birds,' by Dr. Karl Russ, Card Tricks, Grace and Her Friends, What's the Harm, Conjuring, Magic, and Mystery,' and Fire Rachel Muir, by the author of 'Sandy Ross' works and Chemical Surprises,' by Charles &c., fcp. 8vo. bound in cloth. Gilbert, Gifts, Knick-knacks, and Pretty NEW SHEETS OF SUNDAY-SCHOOL TICKETS :Trifles,' and Wool and Paper Flowers,' by Georgiana Clark, and Washing Day.'

Picture Texts, with Text, 64 tickets on sheet,

printed in colours. A new edition of Miss Corner's · History of Ire

Bible City Pictures, with text, 40 tickets on land,' with bibliography and fresh illustra

sheet, printed in colours. tions, and extended to the present date. Pictures from “The Pilgrim's Progress, with Two new volumes are added to Dean's Books Text and Verse of Hymn, 36 tickets on

for Elocutionists, viz. : 'Sylvia's Ride for Life, sheet, printed in neutral tint. and other Ballads for Recitation,' by Fred Proverbs, 36 tickets on sheet, printed in erick G. Webb, and “Speech Studies,' by colours. Edvin Drew.

The Imperial Globe Atlas containing 33 Maps, The Christmas part of the · Little One's Own imperial 4to. full coloured, with Index-Gazet

Colourd Picture Paper' will be entitled “A teer of 20,000 places, in splendid cloth Christmas Kiss.'

binding, 2nd edition, with Geographical Information up to the present time, and Maps in an improved style of colouring.

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Oct. 1,-1888

Messrs. Gall & Inglis—continued.

Messrs. Wells Gardner, Darton & Co.--continued. Gall and Inglis' School Atlas, the Maps of the Four of Our Lives on Earth, by the Rev. C. H.

Imperial Globe Atlas without the Index, Grundy, M.A., Vicar of St. Peter's, Brockley, bound in paper boards, cloth back.

small crown 8vo. Handy Map of London, new and enlarged The Parish Guide, edited by Rev. Theodore

edition, from Blackwall and the Docks to Johnson, demy 8vo.
the Exhibition Buildings, coloured, mounted The Corn of Wheat: Meditations on the Passion
on cloth, and in cloth case.

and Resurrection of our Lord, by the Rev.
Vernon W. Hutton, author of The Sun of

Righteousness,' &c., crown 8vo. Messrs. Wells Gardner, Darton, & Co.

Through Lent: Thoughts for Busy People: on the Bryda, a Book for Girls, by Mrs. E. M. Field, Collects, Epistles, and Gospels for the forty

author of Ethne,' Mixed Pickles,' &c., with days of Lent, edited by the Rev. W. Kerrnumerous illustrations by A. Forestier, large Smith, M.A., crown 8vo. crown 8vo.

The Apostle of the Indians of Guiana: a Little Christian's Pilgrimage, a Juvenile Pil memoir of the life and labours of the Rev.

grim's Progress, by H. L. Taylor, author of W. H. Brett, B.D., forty years a missionary • Out of the Way,' &c., with numerous illus in British Guiana, by the Rev. F. P. L. Josa, tions by H. J. A. Miles, large crown 8vo.

Rector of Holy Trinity, Essequibo, with porThe Truth Will Out, or the Yolk Laid on the trait and illustrations, crown 8vo.

Right Shoulders, written and illustrated by St. Augustine's College : its Rise, Ruin, and William Foster, printed in colours by Edmund Restoration, by the Rev. G. F. Maclear, D.D., Evans, crown 8vo. oblong.

Warden and Hon. Canon of Canterbury, The Biter Bit, or the Sad End of a Tail, crown 8vo. with illustrated title and frontis

written and illustrated by William Foster, piece. printed in colours by Edmund Evans, crown Plain Sermons Preached to a Country Congre8vo. oblong.

gation, by the Rev. Challis Paroissien, fcap. Gilly Flower, a Book for Girls, by the author 8vo. of 'Honor Bright' &c., illustrated title and

ANNUALS: frontispiece by Gordon Browne, large cr. 8vo.

Chatterbox. The Story-Telling Album, for our Boys and

The Prize. Girls, with an illustration on every page,

The Parish Magazine. crown 4to.

The Young Standard Bearer. Re-issue of Jean Ingelow's Books for Girls :

The Artist. Studies for Stories, crown 8vo.

Church Work. A Sister's Bye-Hours, crown 8vo.

Central Africa Coral Missionary Magazine. The Gothic Compendium, being an Introduction

Sunday. to the History of the Goths, and to the Study

Chatterbox Christmas-box.
of the Gothic Tongue, by Walter Marlow
Ramsay, M.A., Rector of Wyfordley, and
Clifford Dalhousie Ramsay, M.A., Vicar of
Broughton and Diocesan Inspector of Schools, Messrs. Charles Griffin and Company.
Lichfield, crown 8vo.

A Text-Book of Human Physiology, including The World and the Kingdom, by the Right Histology and Microscopical Anatomy, with

Rev. Hugh Miller Thompson, D.D., Bishop special reference to Practical Medicine, by of Mississippi, crown 8vo.

Professor Landois, of Greifswald, translated Our Friends in Paradise, with introduction by from the Sixth German Edition, with Addithe Bishop of Lichfield, floral borders.

tions by Wm. Stirling, M.D., Sc.D., BrackenBridewell Royal Hospital, Past and Present: a bury Professor of Physiology in Owens

short account of it as Palace, Hospital, Prison, College, and Victoria University, Manchester, and School, with a collection of interesting Examiner in the University of Oxford, in memoranda hitherto unpublished, by Alfred royal 8vo. To meet the wishes of students, James Copeland, F.S.A., crown 8vo.

the third edition has been issued in one Augustus Short, first Bishop of Adelaide : the volume, printed on specially prepared paper,

story of a thirty-four years' episcopate, by numerous additions have been made through

Canon Whitington, with portrait, cr. 8vo. out, bringing the work abreast in all respects A Manual for Holy Days and Saints' Days, by of the latest researches in Physiology and

Rev. F. C. Woodhouse, author of "A Manual their bearing on Practical Medicine, and the for Lent' &c., crown 8vo.

number of illustrations has also been largely One Body, the Story of the Church of England, increased, from 494 in the first to 692 in the

by the Rev. J. R. Turnock, M.A., Hon. Canon present edition. of Norwich, Vicar of St. Mary's, Ipswich, A Treatise on Gout, for the use of Practitioners crown 8vo.

and Students, by Sir Dyce Duckworth, M.D., An Inquiry into the Basis of True Christian F.R.C.P., with illustrations, royal 8vo.

Unity, by the Rev. Samuel Kettlewell, M.A., A Text-Book of Human Anatomy, for the use of author of Thomas à Kempis' and the Students and Practitioners, by A. Macalister, • Brothers of Common Life,' crown 8vo.

M.D., F.R.S., Professor of Anatomy, UniverThe Consecration of Truro Cathedral : twelve sity of Cambridge, with numerous illustra

Sermons preached by the Archbishop of Can tions, royal 8vo.
terbury, the Bishops of London, Winchester, A Text-Book of Mental Diseases, having Special
Truro, and Newcastle, Rev. Charles Gore, Reference to the Pathological Aspects of
Rev. H. Scott Holland, Rev. A. J. Worlledge, Insanity, by W. Bevan Lewis, L.R.C.P.,
Rev. A. J. Mason, Rev. C. Bodington, Rev. M.R.C.S., Medical Director, West Riding

R. W. Randall, and A. B. Donaldson, cr. 8vo, Asylum, with illustrations, royal 8vo.
What the Gospel bas Done for the Working Clinical Diagnosis, a Test-Book of the Chemical,

Classes, by A. R. Cooke, small crown 8vo. Microscopical, and Bacteriological Evidence

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Yessrs. Charles Griffin & Co.--continued.

Messrs. Griffith, Farran, Okeden & Welsh-cont. of Disease, by Dr. Rudolph V. Jaksch, of the The Story of the Mermaiden, adapted from the University of Prague, translated from the German of Hans Andersen by E. Ashe, author German, with additions by James Cagney, (in part) of Twilight Shadows and other M.A., M.D., St. Mary's Hospital, with Poems, profusely illustrated by Laura W. numerous illustrations, royal 8vo.

Trowbridge, small 4to. The gradual awakenSurgical Ward Work, a Handbook for the use ing of the soul under the influence of love is of Practitioners, Students, House-Surgeons,

here described in verse, in the guise of a and Dressers, by F. M. Caird, M.B., F.R.C.S., fairy tale. This graceful legend of the merand C. W. Cathcart, M.B., F.R.C.S., with

maiden's search for immortality, which forms very numerous illustrations, pocket size.

the basis of one of Hans Andersen's most Boilers, including Rules, Formulæ, and Tables

popular stories, is now embodied in a new for the Construction of Boilers, Safety

form. The work is beautifully illustrated, Valves, Material for Boilers, Tables of Areas,

and is equally suitable for old and young. &c., arranged in a convenient form for the

The new story books, uniform with .His Little use of Engineers, Inspectors, Surveyors,

Royal Highness,' When I'm a Man ; or Little Draughtsmen, Boilermakers, and Steam

Saint Christopher, by Alice Weber, crown Users, by Fleet-Engineer Thomas W. Traill,

4to., profusely illustrated by W. H. Groome; M.Inst.C.E., Engineer-Surveyor-in-Chief to

Birdie, a tale of Child Life, by Harriet Childethe Board of Trade, in 8vo. with illustrations;

Pemberton, crown 4to. profusely illustrated the Tables are all original, and have been

by W. Rainey. specially calculated and arranged for this

A new series of sixpenny toy books, uniform in work.

size 'with The Christmas Stocking Series, A Third Edition of Professor Jamieson's Text

called The Old Corner Series, with entirely Book on Steam and Steam Engines, revised

original illustrations by famous artists, each and enlarged, with very numerous diagrams,

containing 24 pp. coloured frontispiece and and four folding-plates, crown 8vo.

covers; I. Old Mother Hubbard and her

Dogs, illustrated by Will Gibbons; II. Comic Elementary Manuals on Steam and the Steam

Adventures of Dame Trot and her Cat, illusEngine and Applied Mechanics, specially

trated by Will Gibbons; III. Dick Whittingarranged for first-year Students, by A. Jamieson, M.Inst.C.E., Professor of Engi

ton and his Cat, illustrated by John Proctor;

IV. Cock Robin, illustrated by E. Morantneering, Glasgow and West of Scotland

Cox; V. The Old Woman and her Pig, illusTechnical College, with numerous examina

trated by A. Chasemore; VI. The History of tion questions at the end of each lecture,

the House that Jack Built, illustrated by E. in crown 8vo. very fully illustrated.

Morant-Cox. Outlines of Quantitative Analysis for the use The Old Corner Annual, a storehouse of nursery

of Students, by A. Humboldt Sexton, F.C.S., rhymes and ditties, edited by Uncle Charlie, Professor of Metallurgy, Glasgow and West paper boards, chromo cover, with six coloured of Scotland Technical College, second edition and hundreds of black and white illusrevised, crown 8vo. illustrated.

trations. Outlines of Qualitative Analysis for the use of A new series of fourpenny toy books, uniform

Students, by the same author, crown 8vo. in size with the Blue Bell series : Marmawith illustrations and tables.

duke Multiply's Merry Method of Making Year-Book of the Learned and Scientific Minor Mathematicians, in 3 vols. miniature

Societies of Great Britain and Ireland, sixth 4to. annual issue.

Also the following new books for boys:--Anchor Rankine's Manual of Applied Mechanics, twelfth and Laurel, a tale of the Royal Marines, by

edition, thoroughly revised by W. J, Millar, J. Percy Groves, late of Inniskillings, illusC.E.

trated by Lieut.-Colonel J. Marshman, crown Rankine's Manual of the Steam Engine, twelfth 8vo. This is a book for the elder boys, and

edition, thoroughly revised by W. J. Millar, gives an account of the adventures of an C.E.

officer of the Royal Marines, who, obtaining Many Thoughts of Many Minds, Selections and his commission at the commencement of her

Quotations from the Best Authors, compiled Majesty's reign, closes his career with the and analytically arranged by Henry South. Crimean War; The History of Arthur Penarth gate, second series, ninth edition.

sometime gentleman of Sir Walter Raleigh, by Commander Lovett Cameron, R.N., C.B.,

D.C.L., author of "Across Africa' &c., illusMessrs. Griffith, Farran, Okeden & Welsh.

trated by Stanley Berkeley, crown 8vo. A story

of Elizabethan days of sea and land fights, Brave Deeds, illustrations of some of the dis

including the destruction of the Spanish tinguished actions of British regiments, with Armada, and the ever-memorable action of descriptive extracts from popular and authen Sir Richard Grenvill, off Flores, in the tic sources, illustrated and edited by Lieut. Azores; and of visits to new and strange

Colonel J. Marshman, large oblong quarto. lands in both the Americas. Three Books by Christmas in Many Lands, a series of four small William Dalton. The War Tiger ; a tale of

quarto books, in paper cover, coloured edges, the Conquest of China, illustrated by H. S. by Florence Scannell, profusely illustrated Melville, crown 8vo.; The White Elephant ; by Florence Scannell; I. Christmas in Eng. or, The Hunters of Ava, and the King of the land, The Highwaymen; II. Christmas in Golden Foot, illustrated by H. Weir and R France, Jean Noel; III. Christmas in Ger H. Moore, crown 8vo.; Lost in Ceylon, illus. many, Golden Wings; IV. Christmas in Italy, trated, crown 8vo. The Pifferari; each book contains a complete Come unto Me, a series of twelve scenes from story, bringing in the different characteristics the life of our Lord, with appropriate ex: of Christmas time in each country.

tracts from Holy Scripture, and poetry from

Messrs. Griffith, Farran, Okeden & Welsh-cont. | Messrs. Hatchard-continued.

well-known authors, illustrated by H. Hof With 7 Illustrations by M. Ellen Edwards, man, quarto.

crown 8vo, cloth extra. Among, new books for girls, they promise Com The White Man's Foot, by Grant Allen, author

petitors; by Mrs. Seymour, author of . De of • Babylon,' • In all. Shades,' &c. &c., with throned' &c., illustrated by Miss E. M. 17 Illustrations by J. Finnemore, square 8vo. Fenn, crown 8vo. A book intended for cloth extra. girls, the purpose of which is to show Ralph Hardcastle's Will, by Agnes Giberne, that mutual forbearance is necessary in all author of Miss Con,'. Sun, Moon, and Stars,' true friendship, and that the noble character &c., with Frontispiece, crown 8vo. cloth extra. is that which forgets self in the happiness of Indian Fairy Tales, by Mark Thornbill, illusothers; A Week in Arcadia, by Eleanor trated by Edith Scannell, square fcp. 8vo. Holmes, author of Through a Refiner's Fire,' cloth extra. illustrated by Miss C. Paterson, crown 8vo. Wanted a Camel, by Phæbe Allen, author of A story dealing with modern English Playing at Botany,' &c., square fcp. 8vo. life in France, closely packed with thrilling cloth extra. incidents, and accurately descriptive of a de A Short Life of Christ, for Old and Young, by vastating inundation in one of the fertile Cunningham Geikie, D.D., author of The valleys of the Loire, the word-painting of Life and Words of Christ,' crown 8vo. cloth, which is well set off by the artist's illus with 50 illustrations. tration.

The Better Land, by Mrs. Hemans, with 12 They also announce Japanese Fairy Tales, for exquisitely coloured illustrations by Alfred

issue in November. A series of 16 little Woodruff, square 16mo. fancy covers. volumes by Japanese artists, exquisitely pro The Life of Moses, by M. S. C., crown 8vo. duced in original style by Japanese printers, True Philosophy, a reply to certain statements on Japanese crêpe paper. The stories printed made in Scientific Religion' by Mr. Laurence in English: 1, Momotaro; 2, Shitakiri Oliphant, by S. F. A. Caulfield, author of The Suzume; 3, Saru Kani Kassen ; 4, Hanasaki Lives of the Apostles and their Contempoliji ; 5, Kachi Kachi Yama; 6, Nedzumi no raries,' &c. &c., crown 8vo. cloth. Yomciri; 7, Kobutori; 8, Urashima ; 9, Episcopate of the Right Rev. Frederic Barker, Yamata no Orochi ; 10, Matsuyama Kajami; D.D., Bishop of Sydney and Metropolitan of 11, Inaba no Shiro Usaji; 12, Kitsune no Australia, a Memoir, edited by W. M. Cowper, Tejara; 13, The Silly Jelly Fish ; 14, The M.A., Dean of Sydney, 8vo. with photograph Prince's Fire Flash, Fire Fade; 15, My Lord and map, cloth. Bag o’ Rice; 16, The Wooden Bowl.

Quiet Words, by . Fidelis,' author of 'A Simple Books in general literature. A new work of Preparation for the Holy Communion,' crown

fiction, by Mrs. Bray, entitled Branded; or, 8vo. the Sins of the Fathers shall be Visited upon Sunshine in the House, or How to make Home the Children ; Australian Poets, 1788-1888, Happy, an Essay written for the G.F.S., edited by Douglas B. W. Sladen, crown 8vo. second edition, crown 8vo. A selection from the poems upon all subjects written in Australia during the first century of British colonisation, with a preface by the Messrs. Hildesheimer & Faulkner. editor, and an essay concerning Australian A Book of Old Ballads, complete edition, 16 poets, together with biographical notices of illustrations by Alice Havers, with 8 addi. the more important writers, by A. Patchett tional illustrations by Ernest Wilson, 52 Martin, sometime editor of the Melbourne pages. Review. A one-volume novel, entitled A Book of Old Ballads, containing 8 pages Through the Goal of Ill, and a small book of less than the complete edition, but in other Travel, entitled Reminiscences of a Pleasant respects identical with it, 44 pages. Voyage, by Blue Bell Shepherd.

Lamia, a poem by John Keats, 38 illustrations In theological books several new volumes in The by Will H. Law, 70 pages.

Ancient and Modern Library of Theological Sunbeams, poems by Fred E. Weatherly, 16 Literature: Paley's Horæ Paulinæ, Wilber full-page colour pictures by E. K. Johnson, force's Practical View of the Religious System and 48 monotint illustrations by Ernest of Professed Christians, a new edition of the Wilson, E. K. Johnson, Alice West, &c., a Rev. W. Donne's very useful book, Getting charming gift-book for children. Ready for the Mission, a carefully drawn up Nursery Land, poems by Fred E. Weatherly, service of The Form and Manner of Making 8 full-page colour pictures and 24 monotint Choristers, in small and portable form.

pages by Helena J. Maguire.

The Good Shepherd, poems and pictures illus. Messrs. Hatchard.

trative of Christ's Life upon Earth, written

by Fred E. Weatherly, drawn in monochrome Under a Cloud, by the author of The Atelier by Alice Reeve, 16 pages.

du Lys,' • A Child of the Revolution,' • The Angels of the Dawn, a selection of sacred poems, Fiddler of Lugau,' &c. &c., with Frontispiece beautifully illustrated in a new and chaste by Gordon Browne, crown 8vo. cloth extra. tone of monochrome by B. D. Sigmund, 8 The Fisherman's Daughter, by Florence Mont full-page and 8 smaller Illustrations.

gomery, author of Misunderstood' &c. &c., Here's to the Maiden of Bashful Fifteen. This fcp. 8vo. cloth extra.

popular song from Sheridan's School for The Third Miss St. Quentin, by Mrs. Moles Scandal'illustrated in a charming combina

worth, author of 'Silverthorns,' • The Palace tion of colour and monochrome by Alice in the Garden,'Carrots,' &c. &c., crown 8vo. Havers and Ernest Wilson. cloth extra.

Songs of the Fields, a selection of poems, illus. Deb and the Duchess, by L. T. Meade, author trated in monochrome by Ernest Wilson, 28

of · Daddy's Boy,' World of Girls,' &c. &c. pages.

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