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Messrs. Blackie & Son-continued.

Messrs. Burns & Oates-continued. Missing, a Tale of the Merchant Marine, by Letters from St. Francis de Sales to Persons

Harry Collingwood, eight full-page illustra Living in Religion, edited by the Rev. H. B. tions by W. H. Overend.

Mackey, with a Preface by the Bishop of Under Hatches, or Ned Woodthorpe's Adven Newport.

tures, by F. Frankfort Moore, with eight full A new and enlarged edition of Spiritual page illustrations by A. Forestier.

Retreats, by the Archbishop of Bombay. Giannetta, a Girl's Story of Herself, by Rosa The third edition of the Life and Letters of

Mulholland, with eight full-page illustrations St. Teresa, by the Rev. H. J. Coleridge, S.J. by Lockhart Bogle.

A new edition of the Life and Letters of Father Meg's Friend, by Alice Corkran, with six full Faber. page illustrations by Robert Fowler.

A second edition of Edward the Sixth, by Hugh Herbert's Inheritance, by Caroline Austin, Dr. Lee.

with six full-page illustrations by C. T. Gar The Wandering Knight, a mediæval Pilgrim's land.

Progress, by a French Carmelite, from which Self-Exiled, a Story of the High Seas and East Bunyan largely borrowed, now newly trans· Africa, by.J. A, Steuart, with six full-page lated into English from the edition of 1572.

illustrations by J. Schönberg. Storied Holidays, a Cycle of Red-letter Days,

by E. S. Brooks, with twelve full-page illus- Cambridge University Press Warehouse.

trations by Howard Pyle. The Brig' Audacious,' by Alan Cole, with four

The Collected Mathematical Papers of Arthur full-page illustrations by John Schönberg.

Cayley, M.A., F.R.S., Sadlerian Professor of The Saucy May, by Henry Frith, with four full

Pure Mathematics in the University of Çampage illustrations.

bridge, demy 4to. 10 volumes, Vol. I. ready Jasper Dene, by Elizabeth J. Lysaght, with

Jan. 1, 1889, 258. four full-page illustrations by T. H. Willson.

A Treatise on the General Principles of ChemisLittle Lady Clare, by Evelyn Everett Green,

try, by M. M. Pattison Muir, M.A., Fellow with four full-page illustrations by Robert

and Prælector in Chemistry of Gonville and Fowler.

Caius College, demy 8vo. new edition. In crown 8vo. cloth extra, each containing

An Elementary Treatise on Quaternions, by three full-page illustrations :---Susan, by Amy

P. G. Tait, M.A., demy 8vo. new edition. Walton; Linda and the Boys, by Cecilia Sel.

An Elementary Treatise on Geometrical Optics, by Lowndes ; Swiss Stories for Children and

by R. S. Heath, M.A., Professor of Mathethose who Love Children, from the German

matics in Mason Science College, Birmingof Madam Johanna Spyri, by L. Wheelock.

ham, crown 8vo, 58. In crown 8vo. cloth elegant, with illustrations

A Catalogue of the Portsmouth Collection of in Colour, and Black and Tint:-Joan's Ad

Books and Papers written by or belonging to ventures, at the North Pole and Elsewhere,

Sir Isaac Newton, demy 8vo. 58. by Alice Corkran; The Battlefield Treasure,

History of Alexander, the son of Philip the by F. Bayford Harrison ; Edwy, or, Was he

King of the Macedonians, Syriac Text and a Coward ? by Annette Lyster; Filled with

English Translation, by E. A. Budge, B.A., Gold, by Jennie Perrett.

Christ's College. When I was a Boy in China, by Yan Phou Lee,

Elements of the Law of Torts, a Text-book for a native of China, crown 8vo.cloth, illustrated.

Students, by Melville M. Bigelow, Ph.D. Square 16mo. 128 pp. elegantly bound in cloth,

Occasional Addresses on Educational Subjects, with Frontispieces in Colours :- In the Sum

By S. S. Laurie, A.M., LL.D., Professor of the mer Holidays, by Jennett Humphreys; How

Institutes and History of Education in the the Strike began, by Emma Leslie; Cinder

University of Edinburgh, crown 8vo. ella's Cousin, by Penelope ; Tales from the

History of the Law of Tithes in England, being Russian of Mme. Kubalensky, by G. Jenner;

the Yorke Prize Essay for 1887, by W. Janie's Holiday, by Christian Redford ; Their

Easterby, B.A., LL.B., St. John's College and New Home, by Annie S. Fenn.

the Middle Temple, demy 8vo. 78. 6d. New volume of the Pitt Press Series : An

Elementary Commercial Geography, a sketch

of the Commodities and the Countries of the Messrs. Burns & Oates.

World, by H. R. Mill, F.R.S.E., Lecturer on A new volume of Miscellanies, by Cardinal Commercial Geography in the Heriot Watt

College, Edinburgh. A volume of Characteristics, from the works of New volume of the Cambridge Bible for Archbishop Ullathorne.

Schools and Colleges : The Books of Ezra and The Holy See and the Wandering of the Nehemiah, by Rev. Prof. Ryle, M.A.

Nations, by Mr. Thomas W. Allies, K.C.S.G. New volume of the Cambridge Greek Testament Leaves from St. John Chrysostom, by Miss

for Schools and Colleges : The Epistle to the Mary Allies.

Hebrews, by Archdeacon Farrar, D.D.
The Haydock Papers, edited by Mr. Joseph

Gillow, from MSS. illustrating the history
of Roman Catholicism in England during Messrs. Cassell & Company.
the last century.

Completion of the Encyclopædic Dictionary, Records of the English Catholics of 1715, a new and exhaustive work of reference to

compiled from the registers and other all the words in the English Language, with bitherto unpublished papers at the Record a full account of their meanings, origin, and Office, by Mr. John Orlebar Payne.

use, containing upwards of 5,000 pages, in Eucharistic Jewels, by Mr. Percy Fitzgerald. 14 Divisional Volumes, or Seven Volumes. Aroer, the Story of a Vocation, by Miss Drane, The Black Arrow, a Tale of the Two Roses, by author of Christian Schools and Scholars.'

Robert Louis Stevenson.


Messrs. Cassell & Company-continued.

Messrs. Cassell & Company-continued. Commodore Junk, by George Manville Fenn, Official Maps; and illustrations on nearly Author of . Double Cunning' &c.

every page. The Astonishing History of Troy Town, by London and North-Western Railway, the Official Q., Author of Dead Man's Rock.'

Illustrated Guide to the, with illustrations on The Truth about Russia, by W. T. Stead.

nearly every page, maps, &c., new edition, France as it is, by André Lebon and Paul Pelet, revised and enlarged.

Professors in the School of Political Sciences, The New Latin Primer, by J. P. Postgate, M.A., Paris, specially written for English readers, Litt.D., Fellow and Lecturer of Trinity and translated from the French by Mrs. College, Cambridge ; Professor of ComparaWilliam Arnold, with three maps.

tive Philology, University College, London; The Life and Times of Queen Victoria, by Editor of Select Elegies of Propertius ' &c.;

Robert Wilson, with several hundred illus assisted by C. A. Vince, M.A., Head Master trations, representing the Chief Events in the of Mill Hill School ; late Fellow of Christ's Life of the Queen, and Portraits of the College, Cambridge. Leading Celebrities of her Reign, complete Numerical Examples in Practical Mechanics in two vols.

and Machine Design, by R. G. Blaine, M.E., The Admirable Lady Biddy Fane, her Surprising 128 pages, 26 diagrams.

Curious Adventures in Strange Parts, and The Laws of Every-Day Life, for the use of Happy Deliverance from Pirates, Battle, Cap schools, by H. O. Arnold-Forster, author of tivity, and other Terrors, with divers romantic • The Citizen Reader.' and moving accidents, as set forth by Benet The Citizen Reader, by H. 0. Arnold-Forster, Pengilly (her companion in misfortune and illustrated througbout, 75th thousand. joy), and now first done into print, by Frank Cassell's Concise Cyclopædia, new and revised Barrett, 3 vols.

edition, with 600 illustrations, revised Flora's Feast, a Masque of Flowers, penned and throughout, and brought down to the present

pictured by Walter Crane, with 40 pages of date, 1,300 pages.

Pictures handsomely reproduced in colours. First Elements of Experimental Geometry, Marine Painting, by Walter W. May, R.I., with applied to the Measurement of Length, Area, 16 coloured plates.

and Volume, by Paul Bert, Member of the The Magazine of Art Volume for 1888, with 12 Institute.

etchings and Photogravures, and hundreds of • Slöjd' as a Means of Teaching the Essential beautiful wood-engravings from original Elements of Education, by Emily Lord. drawings by the first artists of the day, and The Quiver Yearly Volume for 1888, being the famous paintings.

First Volume of the New and Enlarged English Writers, Volumes III. and IV., by Series, 960 pages, with Coloured Picture for

Henry Morley, LL.D., Professor of English Frontispiece.
Literature, University College, London, being Cassell's Family Magazine, Yearly Volume for
an attempt towards a History of English 1888, with tive complete Serial Stories by
Literature, each containing about 400 pages: Frank Barrett, Thomas Keyworth, Evelyn
Vol. III. From the Conquest to Chaucer. Everett Green (author of Torwood's Trust'),
Vol. IV. The Literature of the Fourteenth Kate Eyre, and Berwick Harwood; many

Short Stories by popular authors ; a TreaCassell's Miniature Cyclopædia, containing about sury of Information on Cookery, Dress, and

30,000 articles, with information upon nearly Domestic Matters, New Songs and Pianoforte 200,000 questions, complete in One Volume Music by eminent Composers, &c., &c., with

(size 54 in. by 3 in.), 768 pages, illustrated. about 400 Original Illustrations. Our Earth and its Story, by Dr. Robert Brown, Cassell's Saturday Journal, Yearly Volume for M.A, F.L.S., F.R.S., Vol. II., with Coloured 1888, being the First Yearly Volume of the Plates and Wood Engravings.

New and Enlarged Series, illustrated throughThe Second Volume of the New and Revised out, 1,248 pages.

edition of Cassell's History of England, pro • Little Folks' Christmas Volume (Second of fusely Illustrated with New and Original Enlarged Series), containing 432 pages of Drawings, specially executed for this Edition Letterpress, with pictures on nearly every by leading Artists, the text carefully revised page, together with Two Full-page Plates throughout, set in New Type, 624 pages.

printed in Colours, and Four Tinted Plates. Familiar Trees, Two Series, by G. S. Boulger, Bo-Peep, Yearly Volume for 1888, with original

F.L.S., F.G.S., with 80 Full-page Coloured Stories and Verses by the best Authors, il-
Plates, from Original Paintings by W. H. J. lustrated with beautiful pictures on nearly
Boot, complete in Two Series.

every page. Familiar Wild Birds, by W. Swaysland, com Cassell's Complete Book of Sports and Pas

plete in Four Series, with 160 Full-page Ex times, being a Compendium of Out-door and quisite Coloured Illustrations and numerous Indoor Amusements, Cheap Edition, with Wood Engravings.

more than 900 illustrations, 992 pages. Dairy Farming, by Prof. J. P. Sheldon, with Heroes of Every-Day Life, by Laura Lane,

Twenty-five Fac-simile Coloured Plates and with about 20 Full-page Illustrations, 256 numerous Wood Engravings.

pages. Milton's Paradise Lost,' with 50 full-page 'I Must,' Short Missionary Bible Readings, by engravings by Gustave Doré.

Sophia M. Nugent.
Principles of the Economic Philosophy of American Library of Fiction, The Veiled Be-

Society, Government, and Industry, by Van yond, a romance of the adepts, by Sigmund
Buren Depslow, LL.D., with diagrams.

G. Alexander (Author of Ten of Us,' &c.). Modern Shot Guns, by W. W. Greener, illus Orion the Gold-Beater, or True Hearts and trated throughout.

False, a Tale of New York Life, by Sylvanus London, Brighton and South Coast Railway, Cobb, jun. (Author of The Storm Secret,'

the Official Illustrated Guide to the, with! &c.).

Messrs. Cassell & Company-continued.

Messrs. Cassell & Company-continued. 689,' by Edgar Henry.

illustrated: Wee Willie Winkie, Ups and Another's Crime (from the Diary of Inspector Downs of a Donkey's Life. Byrnes), by Julian Hawthorne.

Bible Work at Home and Abroad, Yearly G. Manville Fenn's Novels, Railway Library Volume for 1888.

Edition of—Dutch the Diver, or A Man's Local Government in England and Germany, Mistake, Poverty Corner, My Patients, being 'an Essay reprinted from the Cobden Club the Notes of a Navy Surgeon, The Parson Series on Local Government, by the Right

o' Dumford, The Vicar's People, Sweet Mace. Hon. Sir Robert Morier, G.C.B., G.C.M.G., Culmshire Folk, Third and Cheap edition, by LL.D.

the Author of John Orlebar,' The Young A Miniature History of the Irish Parliament, Idea,' &c.

by J. C. Haslam. The Woman's World Volume for 1888, edited The Irish Union, Before and After, Reasons for by Oscar Wilde, illustrated throughout with and results of, being a Popular Essay on high-class Wood Engravings.

Irish Political History, by Arthur Knatchbull The True Glory of Woman, by the Rev. W. Connell, M.A.

Landels, D.D., New and Improved Edition. Local and Centralised Government in Ireland, Cassell's Picture Story Books, each containing a Sketch of the Existing Systems, by William 60 pages of Pictures, Stories, &c. : Little E. Bailey, Barrister-at-Law. Talks with Little People; Bright Stars ; Town Holdings, with Statements as to LeaseNursery Joys for Girls and Boys; Pet's Posy hold Enfranchisement and Taxation of Ground of Pictures and Stories ; Tiny Tales ; Daisy's Rents and Building Land, 330 pages. Story Book ; Dot's Story Book; A Nest of The Rating of Ground Rents and Ground Stories ; Good Night Stories ; Chats for Values: a Study in Local Taxation. Small Chatterers; Auntie's Stories; Birdie's The Caribbean Confederation, a Plan for the Story Book; Little Chimes for all Times ; Union of the Fifteen British West Indian A Sheaf of Tales ; Dewdrop Stories.

Colonies, by C. S. Salmon, late President of The Library of Wonders, illustrated throughout: Nevis (published for the Cobden Club). Wonderful Adventures; Wonders of Archi. Popular Fallacies regarding Trade and Foreign tecture; Wonderful Balloon Ascents; Won Duties, being the Sophismes Economiques ders of Bodily Strength and Skill; Wonderful of Frédérick Bastiat, adapted to the present Escapes.

time by E. Pearce Edgcumbe, new edition The Swallow Series of Gift Books for Children, (published for the Cobden Club).

new volumes : Bunty and the Boys, by Helen Adventure Books :-King Solomon's Mines, by Atteridge ; The Heir of Elmdale ; The H. Rider Haggard, illustrated by Walter Mystery at Shoncliff School; Claimed at Paget, 63rd Thousand ; Kidnapped, by Robert Last, by Emily Searchfield; and Roy's Re Louis Stevenson, illustrated by W. B. Hole, ward, by Sibella B. Edgcome.

A.R.S.A., 22nd Thousand ; Treasure Island, Cassell's National Library ; list of recent by Robert Louis Stevenson, illustrated, 21st · volumes : 135, The Existence of God, by Thousand; Dead Man's Rock, a Romance, by Fénelon ; 136, The Merry Wives of Windsor, Q., 7th Thousand; A Queer Race, by William by Wm. Shakespeare; 137, The Schoolmaster, Westall, second edition; The Phantom City, by Robert Ascham; 138, Lives of Dion, by William Westall, third edition; Captain Brutus, Artaxerxes, &c., by Plutarch ; 139, Trafalgar, by Westall and Laurie, illustrated A Tour through the Eastern Counties of second edition. England in 1722, by Defoe; 140, King American Juvenile Books, the text by favourite Henry V., by Wm. Shakspeare; 141, Com American authors, and illustrated throughout plaints, by Edmund Spenser; 142, Essays on with charming pictures :-Good Times; Jolly Mankind and Political Arithmetic, by Sir Little Stories; Our Little Friends; Daisy William Petty; 143, The Curse of Kebama, Dell's Stories ; Little Toddlers; Happy Go by Robert Southey ; 144, The Taming of the Lucky; Daisy Blue Eyes; Twilight Fancies; Shrew, by Wm. Shakspeare; 145, Essays on Cheerful Clatter, nearly 100 full-page picBurns and Scott, by Thomas Carlyle ; 146, tures; A Dozen and One, or the Boys and Lives of Nicias, Crassus, Aratus, &c., by Girls of Polly's Ring, by Mary D. Brine, full Plutarch. Further volumes.

of illustrations, illuminated picture boards. Cassell's Red Library, recent volumes : 38, Illustrated Books for the Little Ones, containOliver Twist, Charles Dickens ; 39, Ivanhoe, ing simple and interesting stories, printed in Sir Walter Scott; 40, Adventures of Mr. bold type, with full-page illustrations :-Up Ledbury, Albert Smith; 41, Last of the and Down the Garden; All Sorts of AdvenBarons, Lord Lytton; 42, Poems, Sir Walter tures; Our Sunday Stories; Our Holiday Scott; 43, Evelina, Miss Burney; 44, The Hours; Indoors and Out; Some Farm Friends; Pathfinder, Fenimore Cooper ; 45, People I Those Golden Sands ; Our Pretty Pets ; Little have Met, Nathaniel P. Willis ; 46, The King's Mothers and their Children; Our Schoolday Own, Captain Marryat; 47, Cakes and Ale,' Hours ; Creatures Tame; Creatures Wild. Douglas Jerrold (September 25); 48, Barnaby Modern Printing Machinery and Letterpress Rudge, Charles Dickens (October 25); 49, Printing, a practical treatise, with general Charles O'Malley, Charles Lever (Novem hints as to the treatment, method of working,

&c., by Fred. J. F. Wilson and Douglas Grey, Cassell's' Shilling Cookery, the cheapest and illustrated with numerous engravings. best book yet published, containing 364 pages.

Cassell's Coloured Historical Cartoons, by Mr. Sent back by the Angels, and other Ballads of Herbert A. Bone, the Designer to the Royal

Home and Homely Life, by Rev. Frederick Windsor Tapestry Works :--The Landing of Langbridge, M.A., popular edition.

the Romans in Britain; The Signing of Magna School Girls, by Annie Carey, illustrated, new Charta; Queen Elizabeth at Tilbury Fort, and cheaper edition.

1588; Cromwell Dissolving the Long ParliaEighteenpenny Children's Books, new editions, ment; The Meeting of Wellington and

ber 25).

Messrs. Cassell & Company-continued.

Messrs. Chatto & Windus-continued. Blucher at La Belle Alliance after Waterloo ; mite, by Grant Allen, cheaper edition, crown The Queen Arriving at Westminster on the 8vo. occasion of the Jubilee.

The Devil's Die, by Grant Allen, cheaper edi. NEW SERIAL WORKS:

tion, crown 8vo. Cassell's New Popular Educator, new text, new

The Blackhall Ghosts, by Sarah Tytler, 3 vols. size, new type, new illustrations, new

crown 8vo. coloured plates, new maps in colours.

Agatha Page, by Isaac Henderson, 2 vols. crown

8vo. An entirely new work, entitled The World of Adventure, with several hundred original

For Faith and Freedom, by Walter Besant, illustrations ; with part I. is issued a large

author of All Sorts and Conditions of Men,' presentation plate, handsomely printed in

3 vols, crown 8vo. tint, each monthly part will contain 64 quarto

Herr Paulus, his Rise, his Greatness, and his pages of letterpress and illustrations, with

Fall, by Walter Besant, cheaper edition, à handsome frontispiece.

crown 8vo. Picturesque Australia, a Delineation by pen

The Man-Hunter, Stories from the Note-book and pencil of the Scenery, the Towns, and

of a Detective, by Dick Donovan, post 8vo. the Life of the People in City and Bush by The Passenger from Scotland Yard, by H. F. Edward E. Morris, M.A.

Wood, fourth edition, post 8vo. Cathedrals, Abbeys, and Churches of England Eve, a romance, by the author of John Her

and Wales, with about 300 original illustra ring,' &c., cheaper edition, crown 8vo. tions, to be completed in 20 parts.

The Mystery of Mirbridge, by James Payn, Popular edition of the Bible in halfpenny author of By Proxy' &c., cheaper edition, weekly numbers. Messrs. Cassell & Co. have

with a frontispiece by Arthur Hopkins, crown arranged to issue a popular edition of The 8vo. Doré Bible in weekly numbers, no. 1 ready David Poindexter's Disappearance, &c., by Oct. 29, 1888.

Julian Hawthorne, crown 8vo. The Bunyan Bicentenary, new and cheaper

A Dream and a Forgetting, by Julian Hawedition, in monthly parts, of Cassell's Illus

thorne, second edition, crown 8vo. trated Bunyan, with 200 original illustra

Old Blazer's Hero, by D. Christie Murray, author tions, comprehensive notes by the Rev. Dr.

of. Joseph's Coat' &c, cheaper edition, post Maguire, and a new life of Bunyan by the

8vo. Rev. J. Brown, D.D., specially prepared for

King or Knave ? by R. E. Francillon, cheaper this edition.

edition, crown 8vo. THE MAGAZINES NEW VOLUMES :

The Lindsays, a romance, by John Leys, The Quiver, for Sunday and general reading, cheaper edition, post 8vo.

enlarged to 80 pages monthly. November In Exchange for a Soul, a novel, by Mary part, forming the first part of a new volume, Linskill, post 8vo. contains a beautiful picture, from an original Broken Wings, a novel, by Avery Macalpine,

painting, handsomely reproduced in colours. author of Teresa Itasca,' with six illustraCassell's Magazine for December will form the tions by W. J. Hennessy, crown 8vo.

first part of the new volume, and contains a Every Inch a soldier, by M. J. Colquhoun, beautiful picture as frontispiece, the com cheaper edition, post 8vo. mencement of new serial stories of deep Pine and Palm, by Moncure D. Conway, cheaper interest, and many other new and attractive edition, post 8vo. features,

The Abbé Constantin, by Ludovic Halévy, of Little Folks, now enlarged to 72 pages monthly, the French Academy, translated into English,

will commence a new volume in December. with 36 Photogravure illustrations by Goupil The Magazine of Art for November forms the & Co., after the drawings of Madame Madefirst part of the new volume, and will contain leine Lemaire; only 250 copies of this choice a beautiful etching of the celebrated picture book have been printed for the English by Meissonier, entitled • The Painter."

market, each one numbered. The Woman's World, edited by Oscar Wilde, Half-Hours with the Best Novelists of the

will be enlarged, without increase of price, Century, choice readings from the finest with the November part

novels, edited, with introduction and critical Cassell's Saturday Journal. The new volume is and biographical notes, by H. T. Mackenzie

commenced with No. 261, also with Part 61, Bell, crown 8vo. ready October 25.

The Dagonet Reciter, choice readings in prose

and verse from the writings of George R. NNUALS: . Christmas Arrows,' being The Quiver' An

Sims, selected by himself, crown 8vo. nual for 1888, containing 80 pages of letter

Mark Twain's Library of Humour (uniform with press, fully illustrated.

the illustrated edition of “A Tramp Abroad '), Cassell's Illustrated Almanac for 1889.

a thick volume of 700 pages, profusely illus

trated, crown 8vo. Carols of Cockayne, by Henry S. Leigh, a new

edition, printed on fcp. 8vo. essrs. Chatto & Windus.

Mr. Swinburne's New Volume of Poems, crown A St nge Mar script found in a Copper 8vo.

Cylinder, with 19 full-page illustrations by Infelicia, Poems by Adah Isaacs Menken, a Gilbert Gaul, second edition, crown 8vo.

new edition with a biographical preface, The Legacy of Cain, by Wilkie Collins, author numerous illustrations by F. E. Lummis and

of The Woman in White,' 3 vols. crown 8vo. F. 0. 0. Darley, and facsimile of a letter This Mortal Coil, by Grant Allen, 3 vols. crown from Charles Dickens, small 4to. 8vo.

The Complete Works in Verse and Prose of For Maimie's Sake, a Tale of Love and Dyna Percy Bysshe Shelley, edited, prefaced, and


Messrs. Chatto & Windus-continued.

Messrs. Chatto & Windus-continued. Annotated by Richard Herne Shepherd, 5 change for Students and Lovers of Nature, vols. crown 8vo.

edited by Dr. J. E. Taylor, F.L.S., &c., The City of Dream, an Epic Poem by Robert devoted to geology, botany, physiology, che

Buchanan, with frontispiece and vignette by mistry, zoology, microscopy, astronomy, teleP. Macnab, second edition, fcp. 8vo.

scopy, physiography, &c. Modern Street Ballads, collected and edited by Walford's County Families of the United King.

John Ashton, author of Social Life in the dom, containing notices of the descent, birth, Reign of Queen Anne,' with fifty-six illustra marriage, education, &c., of more than 12,000 tions, crown 8vo.

distinguished heads of families, their heirs Bible Characters, Studies of David, Jonah, apparent or presumptive, the offices they Nehemiah, &c., by the late Charles Reade, hold or have held, their town and country D.C.L., author of It is Never too Late to addresses, clubs, &c. Twenty-ninth annual Mend,' fcp. 8vo.

edition for 1889, royal 8vo. Fifty Years Ago, by Walter Besant, author of Walford's Shilling Peerage (1889), containing * All Sorts and Conditions of Men,' with 137 an alphabetical list of the House of Lords, full-page plates and woodcuts, demy 8vo.

dates of creation, lists of Scotch and Irish Uncle Sam at Home, by Harold Brydges, with peers, addresses, &c., 32mo. ninety illustrations, post 8vo.

Walford's Shilling Baronetage (1889), containPersonal Memoirs of General P. H. Sheridan, ing an alphabetical list of the baronets of

the romantic career of a great soldier told in the United Kingdom, short biographical his own words, with twenty-two portraits and notices, dates of creation, addresses, &c., 32mo. other illustrations, twenty-seven maps, and Walford's Shilling Knightage (1889), containnumerous facsimiles of famous letters, two ing an alphabetical list of the Knights of the vols.

United Kingdom, short biographical notices, Players and Playwrights I have known, by John dates of creation, addresses, &c., 32mo.. Coleman, 2 vols. demy 8vo.

Walford's Shilling House of Commons (1889), The Eulogy of Richard Jefferies, a Memoir, by containing a list of all the members of Para Walter Besant, with photograph-portrait and liament, their town and country addressés, facsimile autograph, crown 8vo.

clubs, &c., 32mo. A History of the Four Georges, by Justin Walford's Complete Peerage, Baronetage, McCarthy, M.P., to be completed in 4 vols. Knightage, and House of Commons (1889),

royal 32mo. The Mystery of the “Ocean Star,' a Collection Fry's Royal Guide to the London Charities

of Maritime Sketches, by W. Clark Russell, (1888-9), showing their name, date of founcrown 8vo.

dation, objects, income, officials, &c., edited Clark Russell's Sea Books, being the six volumes by John Lane, crown 8vo. entitled :

-1. Round the Galley Fire; 2. On the Fo'k'sle Head; 3. In the Middle Watch; 4. A Voyage to the Cape; 5. A Book for the Clarendon Press. Hammock; 6. The Mystery of the Ocean Star, THEOLOGY :arranged in a handsomely gilt cloth case.

A Concordance to the Septuagint, edited by The Horse and his Rider, an Anecdotic Medley, the Rev. Edwin Hatch. by Thormanby,' crown 8vo.

Essays on Biblical Greek, by the Rev. Edwin Society in Paris, the Upper Ten Thousand, by Hatch, being Essays delivered as Grinfield Count Paul Vasili, crown 8vo.

Lecturer. Society Out of Town, by a Foreign Resident,

The Vulgate New Testament, Vol. I., edited by author of Society in London.'

the Right Rev. John Wordsworth, Bishop of The Poets and Nature, Reptiles, Fishes, and

Salisbury. Insects, by Phil Robinson, author of The

The Peshito Version of the Gospels, edited by Poets' Birds,'. The Poets' Beasts,' &c., crown

the Rev. G. H. Gwilliam. 8vo.

Critical Appendices to Lloyd's Greek TestaThe Folk-lore of Plants, by T. F. Thiselton

ment, by the Rev. W. Sanday, Dean Ireland's

Professor of Exegesis.
Dyer, M.A., crown 8vo.
The Playtime Naturalist, a Book for every GREEK AND LATIN :-

Home, by Dr. J. E. Taylor, F.L.S., editor of Scholia in Iliadem Townleyana, edited by
* Science-Gossip,' with nearly 400 illustrations, Ernst Maass, Ph.D., 2 Vols.
crown 8vo.

Plato, Republic, edited by the Rev. B. Jowett Belgravia for 1889 : One Shilling Monthly and the Rev. Lewis Campbell.

Two New Serial Stories will begin in the A Translation of the Republic, new edition, by January Number, and be continued through the Rev. B. Jowett.

Homer's Iliad, Books XIII.-XXIV., edited for Belgravia Annual, a Collection of Stories, each the use of schools by D. B. Monro, Provost of complete in itself, with illustrations.

Oriel College. The Gentleman's Magazine for 1889 : One Demosthenes' Orations against Philip, Vol. II.,

Shilling Monthly. In addition to articles De Pace, Philippics I. and II., and De upon subjects in literature, science, and art, Chersoneso, edited by Evelyn Abbott, M.A.,

Science Notes,' by W. Mattieu Williams, and P. E. Matheson, M.A.
F.R.A.S., and Table Talk,' by Sylvanus Wright's Golden Treasury of Greek Verse, new
Urban, appear monthly.

edition, by Evelyn Abbott, M.A. The Gentleman's Annual, containing a complete Græce Reddenda, being an introduction to story, entitled • By Devious Ways,' by T. W. Greek prose composition, by C. S. Jerram, Speight, author of The Mysteries of Heron M.A. Dyke' &c., demy 8vo.

Contributions to Latin Lexicography, by Henry Science-Gossip, an Illustrated Medium of Inter Nettleship, M.A.

the year.

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