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Hampden Gurney

Snows (W. P.) Voyage of the Prince Albert'
Maggs, U., Bookseller, 159 Church St., Paddington, London, w. Murray, P., Regent House, Nottingham
Diodore de Sicile, trad, par Hoefer

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Yule's Ava

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Kickleburys on the Rhine. 1850
Mawson, Suan, & Morgan, Grey Street, Newcastle-on-Tyne

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Maclisle's Portrait Gallery. Large edit.

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Account of Inquest on Hemming. 1830 (Worcester, Eaton) Young Folks. Vol. for 1883
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Grammar of the Cornish Language

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clusive or cloth volume 1885
On the Edge of the Storm, by Author of 'Mademoiselle
Mori' (Warne)

Pearson, J., & Co., 46 Pall Mall, London, S.W.
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(James). Any early edits. of his Works 2 vols. 1842

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Any early edits. of her Works
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Ethel Churchill, 3 vols.

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Curtis' Shipwreck of the Stirling Castle. 1838
Hermit in the Country, 3 vols.

Read (Commodore) Voyage Round the World
Grattan's Highways and Byways. 2nd and 3rd Series Sparshott's Loss of the Harriet. 1839
Highlanders, by Author of 'Hermit in London,' 3 vols. Lights and Shadows of a Sailor's Life. Boston, 1817
Gleig's Hussar, 2 vols,

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Bradbury's Leoline, and other Poems Jefferies' Round about a Great Estate

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Candlish's Fatherhood of God O'Shaughnessy's Lays of France

Neale's Unseen World


Pickering de Chatto, 66 Haymarket, St. James's, London, S.W. Salisbury, J., 116 Gray's Inn Road, London
The English Spy

Letter from Dean Bargon to Canon Gregory
Sponge's Sporting Tour, half-calf. Ist edit.

Nautical Almanack, with Appendix. 1836 Nimrod's The Chase, the Turf, and Road, cloth

Grant's History of Physical Astronomy
Christmas Carol. Ist edit. uncnt, for binding

Narrien's Origin and Progress of Astronomy
Sunday under Three Heads. 1st edit. uncut, for binding Heis' Star Atlas
Sketches of Young Gentlemen. Ist edit, uncut, for binding Gelander's Catalogue of Stars (Bohn)
Library of Fiction. 1st edit. uncut, for binding

Star Catalogue of the British Association
Picnic Papers. 1st edit, uncut, for binding

Symonds' Greek Poets. 1st Series
Dickens' Plays and Poems. 1832
Letters, 1882

Sampson Brothers, 13 Coney Street, York
Comic Almanack. 1839 and 1840

Badminton Library. Set, large paper Thackeray's Comic Tales and Sketches. 1st edit, uncut

Romola, 1st edit. Clerical Life, Ist edit. Second Funeral of Napoleon. 1841. Uncut

Nimrod's Tours. 8vo. editions. Any Our Street. 1st edit. Uncut

The Fancy. Vol. 2. Uncut
Novels by Eminent Hands. 1856. Uncut

Boxiana. Vols. 3, 4, 5. Boards
Barry Lyndon. 1856. Unout
Legend of the Rhine. 1856. Uncut

Siegle, A., 30 Lime Street, London, E.C.

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Thiers' French Revolution. Parts 48 to end (Fallarton) Brief Memoirs of Sir Clement Werge, by G. Duke. 1813

Draper on Miracles
Life of Major-General Werge. 1844
Moore's Family of Carre of Sleaford (W. Fawcett, Sleaford) Sime, W. S., 130 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow
Takings, or the Life of a Collegian. 1821

Marriette's Half-hour French and Key
Brown's Body of Divinity

Havet's French Studies. Several Barksdale's Nympha Lebethris, or the Cotswold Muse. 1651 Bell's Principles of the Law of Scotland. 2 vols. And vol.2 Milton's Poems on Several Occasions, with Portrait. 1645 Unwin's Roofs and Bridges Swinburne's Atalanta in Calydon, cloth. 1st edit.

Quintin's Curtius, in English

Rivington's Building Construction. Three parts or any Pink, J. W., Bookseller, Cheltenham Dodsley's Old Plays, 12 vols. 8vo. blue cloth, white label. Simmons, T., Ye Booke-Lover's Retreate,' Leamington Vols. 1, 8, 11

Man in the Moon. Vol. 1, Folding plate, No. 6 Winkle's Cathedrals, 3 vols. Vol. 3

Vol. 3, Folding plate, No. 4 Boy's Own Paper. Vols. 1, 2, 3

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Johnson's Life of Croker. Vol. 3

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Poole, J., & Co., 39 Booksellers' Row, Strand, W.C.

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Maddan's (F.) Havelock the Dane (Roxburgh Club)
Educational Year-Book. 1885 (Cassell)

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Smith's Account of the Greek Church. 1880 Cassell's Magazine. Dec. 1876 ; Nov. 1879

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Bulley's Variations in Communion and Baptismal Omces. Warner's (William) Poems

1842 Read & Barrett, 8 Queen Street, Ipswich

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Wordsworth's Bible. Any

Unsentimental Journey through Cornwall
Redway, G., 15 York Street, Covent Garden, London, W.C.

Smith's Concise Bible Dictionary
Bacon's Sylva Sylvarum. 1627
Taylor's Theoretic Arithmetic

Smith, W. H., & Son (Book Dept.), 186 Strand, London, F.C. Jenning's Indian Religions

Rivers' Miniature Front Garden
Barrett's Magas

Church Quarterly Review, April. 1888
Wilson's Lost Solar System. 2 vols.
Reeves & Turner, 196 Strand, London, W.C.

Sotheran, H., & Co., 49 Cross Street, Manchester

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Ruskin's Seven Lamp3. Vol. 3. 1st edit. Sachs' Botany. Last edit.

Nimrod Abroad. Vol. 1. 1842 Lyell's Principles of Geology. Secondhand

Piers Ploughman's Creed. Vol. 2. 1842 Ireland's Thames and Med way

Polwhele's Cornwall, complete Archæologia Cantiana. A set or odd vols.

Abbotsford Scott. Vol. 6

Saxton's Countr Atlas. 1575 Ridgway, W., 169 Piccadilly, London, W.

Civitates Orbis Terrarum Bayldon on Rent Tillage

Eiscus Hogenbergius

Vanden Wyngrede's Map of London and Westminster. 1543 Ricon & Arnold, 29 Poultry, London, E.C.

Dickens' American Notes, cloth. Vol. 1. Ist edit.
Aston's Japanese Grammar of Spoken Language (London) John Jasper's Secret with Edwin Drood

Maund's Botanic Garden A set
Robbers, J. G., Amsterdam
Churcbill's Life of Abd-el-Kader. 98. (Chapman)

Stephen's Liberty, Equality, &c.
Returns of Railway Accidente. 1885

Virgili Opera. Talboys' Oxford'edit.

Moscheles' Life
Railway Returns. 1882
Mr. Jerningham's Journal

Sotheran, A., & Co., 136 Strand, London, W.C.

Journal of the Chemical Society. 1863, 1864, 1865, 1866, Roberts, S., Bookseller, Saffron Walden

1867 (July to December), 1868, 1869, 1870 (January to Day Dreams of a Schoolmaster

October, or year complete) Foxe's Martyrs (Cassell)

Prescott's Charles V., cloth, 8vo. Roberts d Leete, 71 & 73 Tooley Street, London, S E.

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to Literature by Matthew Arnold. 6th Article issued Jeans' Life of Cicero. 1887 July 1875

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Chambers' Book of Days, 2 vols. 1883 Robson & Kerslake, 23 Coventry Street, London, W.

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1823 Kit-Cat Club. 1821

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Statistical Society's Journal. Part 2. 1871 Lackington's Confessions

British Association Report. 1840 Lamb's (C.) Tales from Shakspeare, 2 vols. 1807

Eyton's Shropshire, Vol. 2, part 2 - Adventures of Ulysses. 1808

Annual Register. 1856-61, any Meredith s (George) Shaving of Shagpat

Hooker's Flora of New Zealand, 4to. Vol. 2 Dickens' (C.) Great Expectations, 1st edit. or Vol. 1

Chesterfield's Letters, 8vo. Vol. 5 (Mahon)


Sotheran, H., & Co., 36 Piccadilly, London, W.

Walker & Laycock, Booksellers, 37 Briggale, Leeds
Dickens' Pic-Nic Papers. 3 vols.

Jowett's Plato, Dialogues of (Clarendon Press)
Sketches of Young Gentlemen. 1st edit.

Epic of Hades, illustrated, roy. 8vo. cloth
Sketches of Young Ladies. 1st edit.

Symonds' Studies of Greek Poets. 1st Series
Loving Ballad of Lord Bateman. Ist edit.

Scott's Pirate, green cloth. 1860. Vol. 1 (Black)
Roger North's Autobiography (Nutt)

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General Stad Book. Vols. 6, 9, 10, 12, 13 Whom to Marry. Part 3

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Manton's Works, 8vo. brown cloth. Vols. 11 to 15 Titmarsh's Comic Tales. Vol. 2, imperfect

Homilist. 2nd Series, Vols. 3. 4 ; 8rd Series, Vols. 1, 3 Borrow's Wild Wales. Vol. 1

Smith's Bible Dictionary, 3 vols. The Humourist. 1820. Vol. 4

Waters, G. E., 97 Westbourne Grove, Bayswater, London Browning's Men and Women. Vol. 2

Episodes of an Obscure Life Spon, E. & F. N., 125 Strand, London, W.C.

Gleig's Leipsic Campaign Simmonds' Waste Products

Mercier's Hundred Days Dirck's Perpetuum Mobile. 1st Series

Pye's (C.) Provincial Coins and Tokens, 1801 Atlas to Alison's Europe. People's edit.

Other Books on Tokens Box on Heat. 1st edit.

Watts, J., Bookseller, 50 Robertson Street, Hastings Stanford, E., 55 Charing Cross, London, S.W.

Jeake's Cinque Ports The Life of Lumley

Moss' Hastings Ligon's History of Barbadoes

Holloway's Rye Holiday Rambles of a Man and his Wife with their Dogs Grote's History of Greece, 8vo. 7, 9, 12 and without their Dogs, by Cotton

Strickland's Queens of Scotland, vol. 8 The volume of Paley's Euripides (Bibliotheca Classica) Scott, 3, 26, 48. 1841 containing Hecuba, published by Bell

Wesley, W., & Son, 28 Essex Street, Strand, London, W.C. Stechert, G. E., 26 King William Street, Strand, W.C.

Bamileld's (S. J.) New Treatise on Astronomy, 4to. 1764 Gmelin's (L.) Handbook of Chemistry

Squier's (E. G.) Tropical Fibres, 8vo. 1863 Marcoy's Journey across South America

Wight's Icones Plantarum Indiæ Orientalis, 4to. Vols. Hamilton's Anatomy of the Brain. 1830

1-5, part 1, or any Monro's Anatomy of the Brain. 1831

Wight's Illustrations of Indian Botany, coloured plates, Stevens, B. F.., 4 Trafalgar Square, London, W.C.

4to. Vol. 2 Cobbett's Register. A set

Mitchell's Birds of Lancashire, 8vo. Howitt's Ruined Abbeys and Castles of Great Britain

Kerner's Flowers and their Upbidden Guests, 8vo. Ball's History of the Sepoy War

Wheldon, J., 58 Great Queen Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields, W.C. Dalyell's Historical Account of Music in Scotland

Veterinarian. March, April, May, July, Aug., Sept., Oct., Greenwell's (W.) British Burrows

Nov. 1881, or complete year Edinburgh Medical and Surgical Journal. Jan. 1839

Journal of Institute of Bankers. 1886. Parts 2, 4 Sutton, A., Bookseller, 130 Portland Street, Manchester

Astronomical Notices. Vol. 3 ; 27, Part 1, or complete Boyd's Wreath of Song for Children (Weekes & Co.)

Blackwood's Magazine. March 1824; Feb. 1842; Feb. 1850 Wilson's (Prof.) Works, brown cloth. 1857. Vol. 8

Oaledonian Horticultural Society. Vol. 3 Aunt Judy's Magazine. 1882, 1884 to end

Ure's Dictionary of Arts and Manufactures, by Hunt. 1878 Ramsay's Glaciers of England and Switzerland (Longmans) Whittaker & Williams, Royal Victoria Library, St. LeonardsCassell's Familiar Wild Flowers. 1st and 2nd Series, in on-Sea parts or uncut

Burke's History of Extinct and Dormant Peerages Sutton, J. A., Carlton Villas, Whitelow Road, Chorlton-cum

General Armory Hardy, Lancashire

Williams' (Sarab) Twilight Hours Any old Book-plates, especially dated ones

Whittingham, W. B., & Co., 91 Gracechurch Street, E.C. Lonsdale Magazine, 3 vols.

Knowledge. March 1886 Morgan's Baron Bruno

Macaulay's History of England. Library edit. Vol. 5 Francis' Sidney Bellew

Williams & Norgate, 14 Henrietta Street, Covent Garden, W.C. Gentleman's Magazine. June 1866

Jubilee edit. of King Alfred's Works. 1852. Vol. 2 only, Sutton, R. 11., 25 Princess Street, Manchester

or both vols. (Smith, Cambridge) Roper's ife of More

Horatii Opera, Desprez. 1826 Longmans and Rivingtons) Bullen's Lyrics. L. P. 1st Series

Plato's Republic, ed. Warren. 1-4 Tilt Illustrations to Scott. Female Characters

Williamson, G. C., Dunstanbeorh, Guildford Taylor & Son, 9 College Street, Northampton

Manning and Bray's History of Surrey (especially Vol. 2) Marshall's Washington, 4to. Vol. 5 Dickens' Child's History of England. Vols. 1, 2

Wrigley, J., 16 Londesborough Road, Scarborough

Meteyard, Hallowed Spots of Ancient London Teal, J., Halifax

Ranke's Popes of Rome. 2 vols. 8vo. Selected Pictures, 4 folios

Roadside Sketches-France-by Touchstone Warter's Old Shropshire Oak, 2 vols.

Memoirs of Sir S. Romilly. 3 vols. Kernel and Husk

St. John, Manners and Customs of Ancient Greece. 3 vols. Treasure Island. 1st edit.

Wyllie, D., & Son, Aberdeen Pennell's Cathedrals. 1st edit.

Keim's Jesus of Nazara, 6 vols. The Sunderland Educational Trading Company (Limited), Pfleiderer's Philosophy of Religion 2 Borough Road, Sunderland

Jacob on Ecclesiastical Polity of the New Testament Cumming's (Dr.) Discussion with Trench on Roman Abbott's (Ezra) Authorship of the Fourth Gospel Catholicism. New or secondhand

Mercer's Lyric Poems. 1806 (London) Chamier's (Capt.) Tom Bowling

Yule, J., Scarborough Walker, G., 48 High Street, Montrose

Carr's Craven Dialect Robinson's English Flower Garden

History of Whitby. Vol. 1
Watson, W., 58 Southampton Road, Kentish Town, N.W.

Sherwood's (Mrs.) Governess
Wood's Natural History. 1863. Vol. 2
Cuvier's Animal Kingdom. Vols. 1, 2, of Plates. 1837

uncut, of Lever, Thackeray, Ainsworth, Marryat, George an Meredith, Kingsley, Shelley, Keats, Lamb, Browning, Jesse.

Also Works Illustrated by Rowlandson, Leech, Doyle, &c.assorted Stock of all interesting subjects.

Charles Hutt, Clement's Inn Gateway, Strand, w.C. Olyett, 5 Endell Street, Long Acre, London, W.C.

Second-hand Catalogues solicited.




BOOKS WANTED.-Booksellers and Private Individuals will

find it to their advantage to communicate with me before disposing elsewhere of any First Editions, in good condition, of the Works of Dickens, Thackeray, Lever, Ainsworth, Marryat, 'George Meredith, Arnold, Kingsley, Shelley, Keats, Lamb, Browning, Jesse, Pardoe, Freer; also Books illustrated by G. or R. Cruikshank, T. Rowlandson, J. Leech, R. Doyle, W. Blake, T. Sibson, R. Seymour, &c.

WALTER T. SPENCER, 27 New Oxford Street, London, W.O.

Used in upwards of 4,000 Churches.





Edited by the

Right Rev. E. H. BICKERSTETH, D.D.,

Lord Bishop of Exeter.

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LIST OF SIZES WITH PRICES. The following refors solely to the NEW EDITION, which is quite distinct from the old book, and

cannot be used with it. No.


s. d. 7A Medium 32mo. cloth

0 8 12B Crown 8vo. with Tunes, persian gilt 7B roan, red edges 1 2


6 6 70 morocco, gilt edges 2 6 120

limp morocco, 8A Super-royal 32mo. cloth

1 0

gilt edges... 7 6 8B

red edges
1 2 13 Small 4to. for Organ

8 6 roan, red edges... 2 2 13B

cheaper paper

and binding
edges ..
3 6

for choirs
9A Crown 8vo. cloth, red edges
3 0 14 Tonic Sol-fa Edition

3 6 9B roan, red or gilt edges... 4 6 14B

treble and alto 9C morocco, gilt edges 6 0


1 0 10A Crown 8vo. with Introduction and


Notes, red edges ...

4 0

Supplement. 2 0

15 10B Crown 8vo. with Introduction and

Red-line Edition, cloth

1 8 5 0 16A Chant-Book Supplement

2 Notes, roan, red or gilt

0 16B

Organ size 4 0 10C Crown 8vo. with Introduction and

17A 12mo. cloth ...
Notes, morocco, gilt
7 0

2 0 17B

3 0 11A Penny Edition, in wrapper.

morocco, gilt

4 6 11B


0 2

18 Large 32mo. cloth, pearl type 0 + 116

fancy cloth

0 4
roan, gilt

1 0 11C With Common Prayer, cloth

09 18A with Common Prayer, cloth + 11D

roan, red or

gilt edges... 10

0 11E

morocco, gilt

edges 2 6


3 6 11F

persian, red

1 6

calf, gilt 4 0 11H

roan, circuit 1 6 19B Diamond, 48mo, roan, red edges ... 1 0 11J

German calf


morocco, or calf
3 0


2 0 11K

German calf

German calf, gilt,
padded 3 0

rounded corners

2 6 11L

German calf



circuit circuit 3 6


2 6 12 Crown 8vo. with Tunes, cloth, red


German calf, cir-
4 0

cuit edges

3 0 12D

cheaper paper

Mission Hymns, paper 88. per 100 0 il and binding 26


20s. per 100 0 4

roan ...


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St. Dunstan's House, Fetter Lane, Fleet Street, E.C.

Printed by SPOTTISWOODE & CO., of 5 New-street Square, in the City of London; and Published for the

Proprietors, SAMPSON LOW, MARSTON, SEARLE & RIVINGTON, LIMITED, at the office, St. Dunstan's
House, Fetter Lane, Fleet Street, in the Parish of St. Dunstan in the West.-Saturday, September 15, 1888.

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....... 1213


Carr & Co. ......


Allen (W. H.) & Co.
1210 | Gilbert & Rivington

1274 | Partridge & Co...

1202, 1203
Arrowsmith (Bristol)
1251 Glaisher (W.)...
1278 Paul (K.), Trench, & Co.

Australian Irrigation Colonies 1248 Globe (The)

iv Pawsey & Hayes (Ipswich)

Ballantyne Press
1274 Grant & Co., Limited

1259 Peacock & Co....

1246, 1252
Bell & Sons
1188, 1189 Griffin (C.) & Co.

1211 Penny Library of Fiction

Bell & Stone (Derby)
1272 Grifith, Farrau & Co. 1176, 1177 Philip & Son

Blackett (Spencer)
1250 Hamilton, Adams & Co. 1217, 1252 Potter & Co. (Darwen)

Blackie & Son
1197 | Hatchards

1179 Private Schoolmaster (The)
Bone & Son ........
1268 Hildesheimer & Faulkner 1204, 1205 Quaritch (B.)..

Boot & Son....
1273 Hodder & Stoughton

1237 Redway (G.)
Boussod, Valladon & Co.
1244 Hodgson (Messrs.)

1270 Religious Tract Society .... 1194–1196
Burghes (A. M.)
1275 | Holmes & Son
1275 Sangster & Co.

Burns & Oates
1212 Horner (W. B.)
1246, iii Seeley & Co.

1257 Houlston & Sons ................ 1190 Shaw (John F.) & Co............. 1239
Cassell & Co.
1184-1187, 1266, 1284 Hurst & Blackett................ 1209 Silverlock (H.)

Caster (G. C.), Peterborough 1250 Hutt (C.)

1283 Simpkin & Co.

1217, 1250–1253
Chaffey Bros., Limited
1248 Kenny & Co. ...........
1274 Simpson & Co.

Charles & Co...
1273 Kent & Co. .......... 1217, 1249, 1252 Smith, Elder & Co.

Chatto & Windus
1216 Larner (G.)...

1272 Sonnenschein & Co............... 1178
Christian Knowledge Society 1214 Leeds Mercury

ii Spalding & Hodge

Christian Million (The)

1218 Leighton, Son, & Hodge.......... 1268 Spencer (W.T.) ................ 1283
Church Monthly
1258 Lockwood (0.) & Son
1215 Spicer Brothers........

Churchill (J. & A.)
........... 1259 Longmans, Green & Co.

1207 Spottiswoode & Co.

Clarke (James) & Co. ............

ii Low & Co.
1221-1236, 1238, 1260 Stationer (The)

Clegg (J.), Rochdale
1277 Luyster (A. L.)..
1252 Stewart (J.), Edinburgh.

Clowes & Sons, Limited

1191 Macmillan & Co. .......
.......... 1172–1174 Stock (E.).....

1250, 1277
Colonies and India (The)
iii Marion & Co.......

1261 Sunday School Union 1240, 1241
Constable (T. & A.), Edinburgh 1274 Marlborough & Co.

1273 Suttaby & Co.

Cowie & Co.
1273 | Marshall Brothers
1273 Sydney Mail (The)

Colter Mills Paper Company...... 1270 Mason & Payne..

1256 Sydney Morning Herald (The)
De La Rue
1245 Merritt & Hatcher
1274 Tanner (R. T.) & Co.

Dean & Son
1242, 1243 Monk (J. W.)

1278 Taylor Brothers (Leeds).

Dickinson (John) & Co. Limited.. 1266 Muir (J.), Manchester .........

1267 Unwin Brothers

Douglas & Foulis (Edinburgh).... 1273 National Society

1208 Unwin (T. Fisher)

....... 1254, 1255
Electrotype Agency.
1271 Neill & Co. (Edinburgh)

1274 Ward, Lock & Co.

English Publishing Company
1250 Nelson & Sons ....

1206 Warne & Co.

................. 1201
Byre & Spottiswoode........ 1175, 1220 Newman (Geo.). .........

1277 Waterston & Sons................

Fawcett & Co.
1272 Nimmo (J. C.)
1199 Whitaker & Sons

Fisher & Son .......
1268 Nisbet & Co.
1192, 1193 Whittaker & Co.

Prowde (Henry)

1170 Oliphant, Anderson, & Co. (Edin.). 1198 Whittingham (Charles) & Co. 1271
Gall & Inglis
1217 Oliver & Boyd (Ediuburgh) 1217 Wilson & Co. (Aberdeen)

Galpin (J.).
1271 Olyett
1283 Yorkshire Post ..

Gardner (Wells), Darton, & Co. .. 1219 Pall Mall Budget

ii Yorkshire Weekly Post



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