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AdverHiements are InurM under this heading at id. per line, prepaid. Before sending books or money, Subscribers should satisfy themselves as to the BONA FIDES ]

of Correspondents.

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Eiluxirds, J. W. P., 133 Roughton, Cheater
Cook's Voysge to South Pole. 2 vols. 4to. calf. 1779, 30i.
Wentworth's New South Wales, 8vo. half-calf, 1820, 7i. 6rf.
Mallet's Northern Antiquities, 2 v. 8vo. hf.-of. 1800, 7s. Sd.
Swinburne's Poems and Ballads, cloth (Hotten), 1866.18l.
Taylor's Thackeray the Humourist &c, cloth, 1864,181.
Vagabondiana, plates, imp. 8vo. half-bound, 1874. 7j. 6d.
Wood's Natural History of Man, 2 vols, cloth. 1868. Ui, 6d.
Hume, Smollett, and Hughes' England. 21 vols. 1834, 9s.
Gibbon's Roman Empire, 8 vols. 8vo. cioth, 1848, 2li.
Knight's Penny Cyclopaedia, half-clotb, 27 vols. I81.

Penny Magazine, 12 vols, balf-cloth, 81. 6d.

Baily's Magazine, 200 parts, clean, 61.
Thackeray's Bibliography, large paper ~ Orphans of Pimlico, lis. 6d.

Mont, J. ir., Bookseller, 9 St Philip's Road, Dalsttm, E.
Sydenham Society's Works, 22 vols. lOi.
New Sydenham Society's Works, 42 vols. 1859 to 1885, 40i.
Medical Books, large quantity, 6d. vol. List sent
Medical and other Journals, large quantity. List sent
Classics, cheap and good edits. List sent
Religious Works, cheap and good edits. List sent
Legal Works, cheap and good edits. List sent
Imperial Shakspeare, 2 vols, full morocco, £2
Staunton's Embassy to China, 3 vols. 4to. 1797, £1. lOi.
Bishop's Glees &c. 10 vols, doth, 30i.

English Gltfes, 5 vols, cioth, 15*.

Music, thick vols. li. each
Quarterly and Edinburgh, to date, 9rf. per part
Contemporary, Fortnightly, Nineteenth Century, to date,
6tf. per part

Choir Library, SCO vols. Id. to It. per vol. List sent

Ti'lmann, C, 3 Scltrasse, Dresdm Two copies of Bohn's Catalogue of Books, 1841. Will take first offer

Wrigley, /., 16 Londetborough Road, Scarborough Smiles' Engineers, 3 vols. 1^62; George Stephenson, 8vo. 1857, 61. id.

George Moore, 8vo. 1878, 5i.; Huguenots, 8vo. half-calf,

neat, 1867, 61. 6d. Ovid's Metamorphoses, folio, 17 plates, old calf, 1640. 12i. Thornton's Sporting Tour through France, 4to. half-calf

plates, 1806,161.



Is now ready, and can be had on application.




M"ote.—/( must be distinctly understood that lists cannot be inserted for others than subscribers except at a charge 0/ Sd. per line, prepaid. Books in Print are not Advertised /or, but must appear in the ordinary Column Advertisements, and at the tame rate.

Abel <<■ Sons, 9 Parade, Northampton
Down the Road, by C. T. 8. Birch Reynardson

AnnandaU, R. C, 9 Queen Street, Hull
Harper's Magazine. May 1888
Southty's Doctor, cr. 8vo. Vol. 7
8achs' Botany
Salon Pictures. 1882
Van-ells Birds. Part 10
Tickell s History of Hull

Athioorth, J. H., 54 Great George Street, Leeds
Gronow's Reminiscence2nd Series
Green's English Prinoetses. Vols. 6, 6
DietTenbacb's New Zealand. Vol. 3
Douglas* Settlements in North America. Vol. T
Angas' Savage Life and Scenes in Australia. Vol. 2

Bell & Brad/ufe, 12 Bank Street. Edinburgh
Unwin's Wrought-Iron Bridges and Roofs (Spons)
Mario's LITe of Mazzini
Zlncke's The Plough and the Dollar
Sage's Memorabilia Doniestica

Bain, Bookseller, 1 ffapmarket, London, S.W.
T revel van's Competition Wallah

bbakspeare, 12mo. illustrated. Whittingham's Diamond

edit. 1836 (Tilt) Norton's (Mrs.) Private Correspondence, Privately printed Rockingham and his Contemporaries, by tbe Earl of Albemarle, 2 vol*. 1851. Clean copy Dunne's (J. H.) From Calcutta to Pekin. 1861 (Low) Luunger's Commouplace Book, 3 vols. 8vo. 18l>6. Good copy

Bjier, T., Bookseller, 1 Soho Square, London, TP.
I Wordwoith's Bampton Lectures, 8vo. 1831

Bishop. J. If., Bookit'V r, Ra-»l'if)h Place, Liverpool
J Siukeley's Me-nolr*, r>y L-iki*. Witt (Surtees Society)
Ltwin's Liucolnshne Uhu'chcs. 1843
M< ore's Fen and Mar-hlaiid Churches
Freeman's Window Tracery in fcln^lund
Scott's (Sir G.) Faithful ltesu>rat:on of our Ancient

Sharpe's Churches of the None Valley Churches Visited during Lincoln Excursion. 1870


Bickers A Son, 1 Leicester Square, London, W.C.
Adam Bede, 3 vols. cr. 8vo. Uncut
Walpole's George IIL, 4 vols.

Castle of Otranto, 8vo.

Badminton Library. Shooting, 2 vols. L. F.

Cricket. L. P.

Greville Memoirs, 3 vols. 1st or later edit.
G rote's Greece, 10 vols. 8vo.
Gibbon's Miscellaneous Works
Elton's Origins of History
Swinburne's Poems. Early oopy
Stevenson's Inland Voyage. 1st edit.

Travels with a Donkey. 1st edit.

New Arabian Nights. 1st edit.

Haweis* Poets in the Pulpit

Blackwell, B. H., 50 A 51 Broad Street, Oxford
Mitchell's Life of Wallenstein
Purcell's King Arthur (Musical Ant. Society)
Ranke's Civil Wars in France, 2 vols.
Ken rick's Phoenicia

Church Quarterly Review. Nos. 7, 21, 23, 27,88

Blackwell, E. J. A F., Reading
Pickwick Papers. Any parts, except the two last

Blackwood, TP., A Sons, 45 George Street, Edinburgh
Guarmani's Khamsa Pure-bred Arab Horse, 1864 (Bologna)

Branson, Mr., 61 Hanover Street, Sheffield
Boswell's Johnson. Talboys' edit. 1826. Vol. 1
Defoe's Works. Talboys' edit. 1840. Vols. 1. 2,4,11
Chaucer's Works, 6 vols, cloth. Aldlne edit. 1852
Knight's Arabian Nights, cloth. 1841. Vol. 3
Ingram's Memorials of Oxford, 4to. Vol. 3
Wordsworth's Poetical Works, cloth. 1843. Vols. 1, 4,6

Brear, T., A Co. (Limited), Booksellers, Kirkgaie, Bradford
Bowman's Structure of the Cotton Fibre

Bridger, G., 78 Netherwood Road, W.
Jagger's (Mrs.) Rookery Mill

Is Love a Crime?

Tiddeman's (Miss) In the Leafy Month of June
Stephens' (H. P.) Basilisk
Dream Books

Bright, F. J., A Son, 10 A 11 The Arcade, Bournemouth, Hants
Cassell's Almanac. 1878 to 1888
Helps' Spanish Conquest in America
Good Words. Vols. 1873 and 1878
Tyndall's Hours of Exercise In the Alps

Brockhaus, F. A., Leipzig
Curtis' Botanical Magazine. Vols. 38-40, 43,49, 60, 63-74
Edwards' Botanical Register. Vols. 11, 12; 13, 22, 23,
complete or deficient

Bumpus, J., 350 Oxford Street, London, W,
Plain or Ringlets. Imperfect copy, uncut
Northanger Abbey (Bentley's Standard Novels)
Pride and Prejudice (Bentley's Standard Novels)
Sense and Sensibility (Bentley's Standard Novels)
Wuthering Heights, 3 vols.
James' Agiocourt, 8vo.
The Ibis. 1865,1866,1867

Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London. 1848-60.

Any vols, with coloured plates
Thompson's Natural History of Ireland. Vols. 1, 3, 4
Gronow's (Oapt.) Recollections. 2nd and 3rd Series
Kingsley's Hereward the Wake, 2 vols.

Alton Locke, 2 vols.

Joseph Andrews (Roscoe's Novelist's Library)
Amelia, 2 vols. (Roscoe's Novelist's Library)
Vicar of Wakefield (Roscoe's Novelist's Library)
Jackson's (Lady) Works. Any

Kemble's (F. A.) Records of a Girlhood, 8 vols, or Vol. 2

Murray's Guide to Japan

Dickens' Young Gentlemen. 1st edit.

Young Ladies. 1st edit.

Carlyle's Frederick the Great, 8vo. cloth. VoL 6

Hogg and Johnson's Botany. VoL 6 to

In Memoriom. 1st edit.

Siddon's (Mrs.) Stage Edition of Shakspeare

Lewis' (Sir G. Coniewall) Influence of Authority

Bumpus, T. B.y 2 George Yard, Lombard Street, London, E.C. Kip's Nonveau Theatre de la Grande Bretagne, folio Collins* (Wllkie) Armadale, 2 vols.

Moonstone, 3 vols.

Guy Livingstone, 3 vols. lBt edit.

Works by the Author of1 Guy Livingstone.' 1st edits.

Oobbett's Rural Rides. 1st edit, uncut

Butterworth, H., A Co., 7 Fleet Street, London. E.C.
Smith's Common Law. 1st edit. 1860, and 2nd edit. 1864 Landlord and Tenant. 1st edit. 1855


Brook A Chryital, 11 Market Street, Manchester
English Jacobite Ballads, Songs, Ac. 1877 (Grosart)
Hogg's Jacobite Relics of Scotland
Hamcrton's Etchers and Etching. 3rd edit. .
Swinburne's Poems and Ballads. 1st and 2nd Series
Ea Mooolelo Hawaii, Histoire de l'Archipel Hawaiien par
Jules Remy. 1862

Brown, W., 26 Princes Street, Edinburgh
Livingston's (E. B.) Livingstones of Calendar
Demmin's Arms and Armour
Genlfs' (Madame) Tales of the Castle
Veitch's History and Poetry of the Border (Moclehose)
A'Beckett's Comic Arithmetic
Cormac's Glossary, edited by Stokes. Latest edit.
Pepys* Diary, or Vol. 2 (Colburn)

Carson Brothers, 7 Qrofton Street, Dublin
Irish Bog Reports. Vols. 1, 2

Dublin Geological Society's Journal. Part 1, Vol. 1

. ptrt x, yolt 11

Thompson's Natural History of the Birds of Ireland. Vol.3
Dublin Review. New Series. Parts 23 and 32. or either
Voltaire's Works, In English. 1772. Vol. 10 (Dublin)

CasseU A Co. (Limited), Ludgate Hill, London, E.C
Orowest's Musical Anecdotes. 2 vols. (Bentley)
Roe's Commercial Travellers' Guide

Chillcott, I, E., 26 Clare Street. Bristol
Burgon's (Dean) Life and Times of Sir T. Gresham, 2 v. 16(3

Clegg, W. E., 43 Torkshire Street, Oldham
Cottertll's Steam Engine
Manx Note Book. Parts 1, 4
Carll's Calculus of Variations

Cooper, A., 8 Xewland Terrace, High Street. Kensington, W.
Vyse's Pyramids of Giseb, Imp. 8vo. Vol. 3
Davy's (Humphry) Works, cloth. VoL 7

Cornish Brothers, 37 New Street, Birmingham
Ingelow's (Jean) Mopsa the Fairy
Arnot's Roots and Fruits of the Christian Life
Mill'" Fuhjection of Women. Best edit.
Art T'nion Journal. Complete
Art Journal. Vols. 1 to 10
Symonds' Cellini. 2 vols, large paper (Nimmo)
O'Meara (Kathleen) Frederic Ozanam, his Life and Work

Cornish, A Sons, 297 High Holborn, London
Papworth's British Armorials
Tod hunter's History of Mathematics
Liebe's Conquest of the Sea
Crowe's (Mrs.) Light and Darkness
Locker's Lyra Elegantiarnm
Guillemin's Heavens

Cornish, J. E., 83 Piccadilly, Manchester
Laing's Norway

Arnold's History of Rome, 3 vols.
Macaulay's England, demy 8vo. Vol. 6

Essays, 3 vols. 8vo. 1846

Speeches, 1 voL 8vo. 1853

Cornish, J. E., 16 St, Ann's Square, Manchester
Luce's Electric Railwavs
Babbape's Logarithm Tables
Manufacture of Porcelain and Gloss (Longmans)
Cox's China Clay

Robertson's Doultou Ware and Lambeth Fafence
Lockwood't Handbook of Ceramic Art

Davits, J., Grand Pump Room Library, Bath
Compton Merivale
Magazine of Art. Jan. 1884
Sunday School Teacher. July 1887
Baths of Baths-Ayde

Dawson, W., A Sons (Export Book Dept.), 121 Cannon Street,
London, E.C.
Bell on the Covenant

Equipment Regulation, showing Corps and Detail, for 1881
Prideaux's Precedentsin Conveyancing. 11th edit. Kootber
Robson's Bankruptcy. 4th edit. 1881

Deighton, Bell, A Co^ 13 Trinity Street, Cambridge
Dasent's Story of Burnt Njal, 2 vols.

Costello's Summer amongst the Bocages and Vines,2 v. 1840

Ellis' Commentary on Catullus

Sellar's Roman Poets of the Republic. 1881

Hawkins' Sketch of the Greek Confederacy

Munro's Lucretius, 2 vols.

Dent, W., 34 Southampton Road, Kentish Town, London, N.W.
Scott's Dryden. 1808. Vols. 1, 2. 4, 5
Jesse's Gleanings in Natural History. 1832, &c
Prince's Worthies of Devon
Ashley's Life of Lord Palmerston. Vol. 1


Diaek, W., 20 Schoolhill, Aberdeen
Doran's Collector
Quiver. Vol. for 1886. Parts
Brougham's British Constitution

Dobion. F„ 122 Chippenham Road, W.
Hopkins' Magnetism
Gordon and the Mahdi
McMurtrie's Poems
PylaizofTs St. Petersburg
Lever's Rent in a Clond

Douglas £ Foulis, 9 Castle Street, Edinburgh
Arnold's (W. D.) Oakfield, 2 vols. 1853 or 1854
Baker's Biographia Dramatica, 4 vols.
Carlyle's (T.) Hist, of Frederick the Great, 8vo. Vols. 4 to 6
Gaskell's (Mrs.) Mary Barton, &c. Early 1-vol. edits.
Hall's (H. B.) Exmoor. 1849
Ingelow's (Jean) Poetical Works. 1885. Vol. 1
L'Bstrange's (Sir R.) Fables of JEsop. &c. 2 vols.
Lever's (C.) Charles O'Malley, &c. Early 1-vol. edits.
Macdonald's (G.) Robert Falconer. Early 1-vol. edit.
Smart's Pamphlets on John Raskin
Trollope's (A.) Three Clerks. Early 1-vol. edit.
Whyte-Melville's (J. G.) Gladiators. Early 1-vol. edit.
Wilson's (Prof.) Noctes Ambrosianffl. 1855. Vol. 4
Yonge'e (Miss) Heir of Redclyffe. Early 1-vol. edit.

Downing, W., 74 New Street, Birmingham
Analyst. A Bet
Chemical News. A set
Berlioz's Instrumentation. English edit.

Drayton, 3., A Sons, Exeter
Hall's (Mrs.) Tenby

Kirby's Buildings and Monuments of Suffolk
Sowerby'a English Plants
Scott's Prose Works. Vol. 2 (CaieU)
Hogarth on Beauty, with plates

Dulau A Co., 37 Soho Square, London, W.
Proceedings of the Royal Artillery Institution. Vols. 1, 2
Harper's Magazine. Vols. 2, 3
Darwin's Coral Reefs

Linneeus' Families of Plants, 2 vols. 8vo. 1787 (Lichfield)
Rawlinson's Inscriptions of Western Asia. Vols. 2 to 5
Dana's Corals and Coral Islands
Ellis' Economic Botany

Eden, C. H, 25 Hill Road, Wimbledon
Taylor's Hebrew Concordance
Bates' Literal Translation of the Pentateuch
■ Crlt. Heb., or other unpointed Hebrew books

Edwards, F., 83 High Street, Marylebone, London, W.
Concilia Generalia et Provincialia, cura Binii, 4 vols. 1606
Thornton (W. T.) on Labour
Falrley's (W.) Epitaphiana. 1873
Gerrard's (E, D.) Beggar my Neighbour, a Novel. 1882
Strauss' Life of Jesus. 1846. Vol. 1

Edwards, J. W. P., 133 Boughton, Chester
Bally's Magazine. Parts 1 to 17,25.28,33,40,52,60,130,180
Old Price's Remains. 1863. Part 5
Cheshire Archaeological Society's Journal. Old parts
Hemingway's Chester, 2 vols.
Bentley's Novels. Original edit.

Eland, H. 8., 236 High Street, Exeter
Voyage en Zigzag
Brett's Ancient Liturgies

Fawn, J., dt Son, 18 Queen's Road, Bristol

Portrait of Bishop Beadon

Butler's Lives of the Saints, 12 vols.

Helps' Spanish Conquest. Vols. 3, 4
Ferota, F„ 122 Camberwell Road, London. S.E.

Scott's Works. Ahbotsford edit. A set

Dickens' Sketches by Boz. C. D. edit.

Copperflcld. C. D. edit.

—. Two Cities. C. D. edit.

Mathews' (Mrs.) Friends for the Fireside, 2 vols.

Fletcher <fr Son, Davey Place, Norwich
Times Newspaper. June 30,1887
Ford. T., Hill Crest, Forest Hill, S.E.
Buskin's Modern Painters. Vols. 3, 4,6

Stones of Venice. Any vol.

— -•— Seven Lamps of Architecture. 1st edit.

Instruction in Elementary Drawing. April

1872. Privately printed
Franklin, Bookseller, NewcasVe-on- Tyne
Brassey's Naval Annual. 1887
Conway's (M. D.) Thomas Carlyle, a Study
Wlgton Martyrs, by Stuart of Glasscrton
Life of Coverdale Smith
Galton's Hereditary Genius
Huston's Israel of the Alps

Freestone & Knapp, 4 The Poultry, Nottingham Lubbock's (Sir John) Pleasures of Life. 1st edit. Stevenson's Inland Voyage. 1st edit. Travels with a Donkey. 1st edit.

George, E., 231 Whltechapel Road, London, E.
Robinson Crusoe. Vol. 1 (Roscoe's Library)
Dixon's Her Majesty's Tower, cloth, 187D. Vols. 1, 3
Fletcher's History of the American War, 8vo. Vols. 2, 3
Landor's Works, 8vo. cloth, 1853. Vol. 1
Darwin's Descent of Man, cloth. Vol. 1
Boswell's Life of Johnson, 8vo. 1874. Vol. 2

Oenrge's ( W.) Sons, Park Street, Bristol
Tales of the O'Hara Family
Sherman's Memoirs, 2 vols. 1875 (King)
Hymns from the Land of Luther

Paterson(W.) Birthplace and Parentage of, by Pagan. 1875
Morc's (Sir T.) Life, by Roper
Gilbert, H. M.t 26 Above Bar, Southampton
Jorrocks' Jaunts
Army List. 1798

Hewitson's Views of Hampshire Seats
Roberts' Egypt and Nubia, folio. Coloured copy
Portraits of Lord Nelson and Lady Hamilton
Kingsley's Life, 2 vols. 8vo.
Gladding, J„ 28a Paternoster Square, London, E.C.
Scott's Cotton Spinner

Glaisher, H., 95 Strand, London, W.C.
Ure's Dictionary of Arts, Manufactures, &c. 4 v. Last edit.
Morley's Journal of a London Playgoer
Sterry's (Ashby) Tiny Travels

Kaye's (Seymour) Spoiling the Egyptians (a pamphlet)
Books on the Thames previous to 1640

Goose A Nudd, 2 Haymarket, Gentleman's Walk, Norwich

Snell's Equity. Latest edits.

Williams' Real Property. Latest edits.

Personal Property. Latest edits.

Broom's Common Law

Best on Evidence
Grant, J., Bookseller, 25-34 George IV. Bridge, Edinburgh

Origines Parochiales Scotlaa. Vol. 2 (Bannatyne)

Probyn's Ballad of the Road. 1883 (Satchell)

Grant, R., & Son, 107 Princes Street. Edinburgh
Sculptured Stones of Scotland. Vol. 1 only
Waterland's Works, by Van Mildert
Urquhart's Rabelais. Bobn's or other edit.
Burgon's Plain Sermons, 2 vols.
Smedlcy's Novels. Original illustrated edits.

Grose, W., 37 Leicester Square. London, W.C.
De Lolme's History of the Flagellants
Lowndes' Bibliographer1 e Manual. Parts 6, 7, 8
British Stage and Literary Cabinet. Vols. 3, 6
Loftie's History of London. 2nd edit Vol. 1
Wits' Magazine, or Library of Momus
Progress of Man and Society. 1791

Haehette <fc Co., 18 King William Street, Cltaring Cross, W.C.
Twenty Years' Residence among the Bulgarians, Greeks,

Albanians, «fca, by a Consul's Wife, 2 vols. 8vo. Lancaster's (H. H.) Essays and Reviews. 1876 (Edinburgh)

Hamilton, A. C, 10 Moreton Street, Pimlko
Records of the Past. Vols. 7 to 12
Zimmern's Schopenhauer
Stock Exchange Year Book. 1888

Hamilton, Adams, <£■ Co^ 32 Paternoster Row, London, E.C.
History of the Island of Cape Breton (low)
Synic's New Testament, with Dictionary of Goutbin,

revised (Henderson)
Pratt's Buchan. Secondhand

Hankin, J. G., 4 Son, Booksellers, St. Ives
Kinglake's Crimea. Vols. 6, 7, 8

Harding <fr Willby, 6 Hyde Street, New Oxford Street, W.C.
British History of Jeffrey of Monmouth
Hasted's Kent. VoL 4
Skeat's Dictionary

Chambers's Traditions of Edinburgh. 1825. Vol. l.uncufc
Memoirs of Missionary Priests, 8vo.

Hatehards. 187 Piccadilly, W.
British Pharmacopoeia. Latest
Medical Directory. 1888
Miniature Commentary, 3 vols.
Hood's (Paxton) King s Windows
Gorham's Efficacy of Baptism
Reminiscences of Mrs. Assheton Smith
Story's Life of Cars tares
Burdett's Official Intelligencer. 1888
Bab Ballads, 4to. Complete

Burton's Anatomy of Melancholy, 3 vols. (Nimmo)


Herford, Rev. P. M., 8 Wardie Road, Edinburgh
Unitarian Herald. May 26, 1876

Hook a Lives of the Archbishops. New Series. Vols. 4-6
Macaulay s History. Library edit. Vol. 5
Stephen's Scottish Church History. Portraits only
Portraits of Bishops Lake and Gilbert (Chichester)

Higham, C, 27a Farringdon Street, London, B.C.
Newman s Lives. No. 13, St. Aldred; No. 14, St. Edmund
Dyke's Michael and the Dragon, or Christ Tempted, 4to. 161G
Thomas' (Urijiih) Notes of a Year's Ministry
Jones' (Foulkes) Egypt in its Biblical Relations (Smith & E.)

Hipwetl, Mr. D., 34 Myddelton Sq., Clerkenicell, London, E.C.
Gentleman's Magazine. 1826. Vol. 96

Hodges, Figgis, A Co., 104 Grafton Street, Dublin
Nolan's British Empire in India
Arnold's Lectures 011 Modern History
Fitzgerald'B Translation of Calderon
Life of Cellini. Either of Nimmo's edits.
Life and Correspondence of Mrs. Delany
Peckford on Hunting. 1781
Nimrod on Condition of Hunters. 1831
Nimrod's Hunting Tours. 1835
— — — Hunting Reminiscences. 1843
Smith's Diary of a Huutsman. 1838

Suit, TF„ 3 Hyde Street, Hew Ox'ord Street, London, W.C.
Tyndall's Hours of Exercise


Moore's The Alps in 1864
A Regolar Swiss Round
Girdlestone's Alps

Jredale. A., Torquay

Harris* County Down

Jerrold's Shilling Magazine. Nos. 39 to 42

Antommarchi's Latt Days of Napoleon James, T.. A: Co.. Book Emporium. Southampton

Hall's Ireland, cloth. 1843. Vol. 3 (Howj

Handley Cross

Notes and Queries. 3rd General Index
Life of John Mytton
Thomas' (H. S.) Rod in India
Jarrold A Sons. Honcich
Bryant's Mythology
Davis' Dmidiral Remains
■ Celtic Researches
Obiter Dicta. 1st edit.

Jards, J. \V„ d- Son, 28 King William Street, Strand, W.C.
Ge?ta Romanornm, 2 vols. 1824
"Waverley, 48 vols. Cheap copy

Baldwin's Portraits of British Poets. 1824. India proofs
Comic Rome. Parts

Gulistan, or the Rose Garden of Persi*. 1852 (Hertford)
Sue's Wandering Jew, with Musts. 1844. Vol. 1, uncut

Kerr & Richardson, 89 Queen Street, Glasgow
Reveries de Scnancour

Scott's Novels, 48 vols, red cloth. Must be clean

King, P. S , & Son, King Street, Westminster, London. 8. W. Amos' |S ) Fifty Years of the English Constitution. 1880 Shield Newspaper. Vols. 1 to 10

Speeches on the Trial of Warren Hastings. 1860. Vol. 1 Kirberger <(: Kesper, Amsterdam Life of Grimaldi, edited by Dickens, with original illusts. Neale's (Capt.) Klying Dutchman Hall's (Capt. Basil) Fragmeuts of Voyages and Travels Edinburgh Review. Jan. and April 1H61

Jan., July, and Oct. 1864

Sclater's Birds forming the Taiiaprine Genus GalUsta

Catalogue of his Collection of American Birds

Thorn's (W.) Memoir of the Conquest of Java iu 1811

Murray's Shipbuilding in Iron and Wood

Barnes' Submarine Warfare

Sleemau's Torpedoes and Torpedo Warfare

Koehler's (K. F.) Antiquarinm, Unir*rsitiitsstrn**e 26, L+ipzig
Journal of Anatomy and Physiology. A complete bet
Journal of Physiology. A complete pet
Crookshank's Manual of Bacteriologv

■ Fnotography of Bacteria. Atlas

Bell's Nervous System. 1844
Rawlinson's Inscriptions
Transactions of the Linnean Society
Huxley's Elements of Comparative Anatomy

Lachlan, F. C, 13 Canonbury Terrace, X.
Dickens' Play Bills

Cartoon, Boz and Christopher North, Remainder
M'igaxiiies containing Dickens' Reviews. Any
Barry Lvndon. 1856
Book of Snobs. 1848
Tdackerayana. Any

I Langley, Miss, Lovejoy's Library, Reading
Graphic. Juue 19, 18*6, with pla'e
Home Words. Christmas No. 1882
Hook's Archbishops. 1st Series. Vols. 3, 4
Key to Havet's French Composition. Secondhand
Wordsworth's Holy Bible, with Notes Sic. Secondhand

Lawrenee, R., Bookseller, 37 Queen Street, Newton Abbot
Kaber's Difficulties of Infidelity

Dickson's (Dr.) Fallacies of the Faculty and Unity of
Disease. 1836-39

Leicester Free Library
Buckland's Notes and Jottings from Animal Life
Uibbert Lecturos. Sayce's Babylonian Religions

Leiahton,J. A J., 40 Brewer Street. Golden Square. W.
Gufgard, Armorial du Bibliophile, 2 v.»la. 1870-73
Badminton Library. Snooting. L. P.
Amities dee Sciences Natureik-s: Zoologte. 1885. Tome 19

£"W«. H. K., 136 Gotrer Street, tendon, W.C.
Plu'nptre's Four Sermons, Calling of a Medical Student.

Letters from Medical Student on Moral Difficulties in
Studies. l«4l

II ufeland's Relations or the Phyfic'an to the Sick, &c. 18mo.
Memoirs of Munk, Duke of Albemarle, by Stuart Wortley
Bryant s Civil Service of Crown. 1876
Cox's Landscape Painting

Loektcood (Crosby) it S m, 7 Stationers'-/Tall Court, London, E.C
Ramblers' Magazine. 1822
Rovigo's (Duke) Memoirs, 4 vols. 1&28
Denton's Montenegro
English Guild*, Original Ordinances
Drawings of Glass Cases in S. K. Museum. 1677 (Day)
Lloyd's Sweden
BodfMTs Through Spain
Blanc's Art tn Ornament
Wheaton s Northmen
Browu'f Canary Islands
Botd"i Chili
O'Sheas Portugal

Longmans, Green, & Co. (Export Dept.), 89 Paternoster Rote,
London. E.H.
Amphlett's Undpr a Tropical Sky
Beddoe's (J > Races of Great Britain 1P04, 1805,18^6
Philosophical T.ansactior/S. Vol. 94, pt 2, 95 and 96

Index 10 vols. 71-110.

Quarterly Review. Nos. 319, 320

Lovell, W,, Alexandra Street, Cambridge
Fisher's (Payne) Catalogue of Mdmorahle Tombs and
Gravestones in the City of Loudon. 1668

L tell, W., Temple Chamber*, Temple Arrnue, E.C.
Fisher's Catalogue ot Tombs iu the City of Loudon. 1668

ic», Mars'on, Searle & Rivington, Limited {Foreign Dept.),
St. Dinist-m's House, Fetter Lane, Ftr*t S'reef, E.C.
Sugar Cane. 1879 to 18*7. In vols, or numbers
Catalogue of Report of British Association. 1H37-79
Silliman's American Journal of Science and Arts. 1841
Nicholson. Trt-at'se on the Rudiments of Perspective. J.

Tn\lor. High Holbom
Ftirling (J. H.) The ferret of Hegel. 2 vols. 8vo. 1865
Gilbart, History and Principles ot Banking. London, 1834,

M'Culloch, Historical Sketch of the Bank of England.

London, 1831 John Frances, Hit-tory of the Bank of England William Job 11 Lawson, History of Banking. London, 1850 Sutloy, the Temple of Ezekitl's Prophecy Misiedanea ^E/yptisca, 4to. 1£42 (Alexandria) Rawlinson's Cuneiform Inscriptions of W. Ana. 1861,1890 Toynbee's Lectures on Industrial Revolution in England Leslie's Essays in Political and Mornl Phdo^ophy. 1870 Proceeding- of Mathematical So<*. of London. Vols. 1 to 13 Boole's Differential Equations and Supplement Mirrcy of Thebes, the Pyramids of Gizeh. Tape. Thaba, or

Diospoh's Magna (6 large Maps. Topographical Survey) Adums' Wanderings of a Naturalist in Ludia, the Western

il'inalaxa and Cashmere. 1867 English Catalogue. Vol. 2 • Index, Vol. 1

Textile Manufacture, Irom commencement to 1886 inclus.

Mineralogual Magazine. 1816 to 1887

Norton's (Ellior) Translation of the Vita Nuovaof Dante.

1*59 (Cambridge, U S.) Journal of the Institute of Actuaries. A set. Good price


English Catalogue. 1881, 1882, and 1883
Travels of the Jesuits in Ethiopia, 16th and 17th Centuries
Ljunstedt's Portuguese Settlement in China. 1836 (Boston)
Cumniing s Memories of My Days, compiled by Ferguson

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