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Shakspere Souvenir. Sq. 16mo. sewed, Is.

M.Ward [4680

A selection of Shakspeare's sonnets and songs in decorated gold borders with figure drawings in sepia of Elizabethan gallants,

Bhakspeare's Works. Edited by Henry Irving and Frank A. Marshall. Vol. 4. Boy. 8vo. 10s. 6d.

Blaokle [4881

Bberborn (O. D.)—A Bibliography of the Foraminifera, Recent and Fossil, from 1365-1888. 8vo. 5s...Dulau [1682

Sir Roger de Coverley. Sq. 16mo. sewed, Is.

M. Ward [4683 A. selection of essays from the Spectator, in decorated gold border, with figure drawings in sepia.

Smith (C.l—Solutions of the Examples in an Elementary Treatise on Conic Sections. Post 8vo. pp. 268, 1 0s. 6d.

Macmillan [4684

.. f (E.)—Complaints. 18mo. pp. 100, 6d.; sewed. 3d.

(Casseirs National library) Cassell [4685

Minor poems, first published in 1591.

_ (C. H.) — The Interpreter; or. Scriptnre for Worship. Cheap edit. 4to. 12s. 6d. Passmore [4686

Stephen (H.) and Miller (H. E.)—The County Council Compendium or Digest of the Municipal Corporations Act, 1882, the County Electors Act, 1888, and Local Government Act, 1888; being a Treatise on the above Statutes and others re-enacted therein, with copious Notes and Appendices containing Extracts from Parliamentary Papers issued in connection with Local Government <fco. 8vo. pp. 406,21s. Waterlow [4687

Sunday School Teacher. Vol. for 1888. 8vo. 3s.

Sunday School Union [4688

Surr (Mrs.)—Pets and Playfellows; or, 8tories about Cats and Dogs. With Illustrations by Harrison Weir. 4to. »a.6(L Nelson [4689

Swiss Family Robinson. A New Translation from the Original by Mrs. H. B. Paull. With Original Coloured Illustrations aud numerous Wood Eogravtngs. 8vo. pp. 530, 7s.6d Wame [4690

Taussig (F. W.)—The Tariff History of the United States. A Series of Essays. Cr. 8vo. 6s Putnam [4691

Taylor (G.)—Elfriede: a Romance of the Rhineland 2 vols. cr. 870. 21s Sonnenschein [4692

Thorburn ("W. 8.)—A Guide to the Coins of Great Britain and Ireland. 2nd edit. 8vo. 7s. 6d L. U. Gill [4693

Tlrebnck (W.)—Saint Margaret Post 8vo (Edinburgh, -Nimmo) pp. 240, 2s.; sewed, Is Sinipkln [4694

Tregance (I,.)—Adventures in New Guinea. Edited, and with an Introduction, by the Rev. Henry Crocker. New and cheaper edit, post 8vo. pp. 248, 2s. 6d Low [4695

Verne (J.)—Keraban the Inflexible. Part 1: The Captain of the Ouidara. Illustrated. Post 8vo. pp. 176, 2s.

Low [4696

Verne (J.)- Keraban the Inflexible. Part 2: Scarpante the Spy. Illustrated. Post 8vo. pp. 174,2s Low [4697

Watson's Set A. Tests. Standards III. IV. V. Packets, 4d. and 6d. each Simpkin [4698

Wesleyan Conference—Minutes of several Conversations at the 14£th Yearly Conference begun in Camborne on Tuesday, July 24,1888. Post 8vo. pp. 508, 2s.

Wesleyan Conference Office [6699

What aaith the Master P a Daily Text - Book in the very Words of our Lord. Selected by May Cochrane. 32mo. (Edinburgh, Nimmo) Is. and Is. lid. Simpkin [4700

Wills (C. J.)—The Pit Town Coronet: a Family Mystery. 8 vols. or. 8vo. 81s. Sd. Ward Si D. [4701

Wlngfleld (L.)—Gehenna; or, Havens of Unrest. 12mo. pp. 406, 2i 6d.; boards, 2s Blackett [4702

Woman: Her Rights and Duties, Her Rights or Duties, Suffrage, Higher Education, Women Doctors, the Supremacy (?) of Women, Modem Courtship and the Marriage Ordeal, Women and Marriage, True Chivalry. By Minerva. Sq. 16mo. pp. 86, la. Jarrold [4703

Wood (H. F.) -The Passenger from Scotland Yard. 2nd edit. 12mo. pp. 300, boards, 2s. Chatto [4704

Wood (Mrs. H.)—The Story of Charles Strange; a Novel, 3 vols. cr. 8vo. 3ls. 6d Bentley [4705

Wylde (A. B.) —'S3 to '87 in the Soudan. With an Account of Sir William Hewett's Mission to King John of Abyssinia. With Map. 2 vols. 8vo. pp. 660, 80s Remington [4706

Zola (E.)—' His Masterpiece.' Cheap edit. cr. 8vo. boards, 2s. 6d Viietelly [4707

Zola (E.)—The Fortunes of the Rougons. Cheap edit. fcp. boards, 2s. 6d. Viietelly [4708

Zola (E.)— The Ladies' Paradise. Cheap edit. or. 8vo. boards, 2s. 6d Viietelly [4709

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Any of the undermentioned book) not kept in Stock by Messrs. Sampson Low & Co. can be imported

by order in Jive weeks.

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Brewer (D. C.) — Madeleine: a Poem in Fragment*. Llvermore (M. A.)—My Story of the War : a Woman

8mo. (New York) London, 6s [4723

Burnett (8. M.^—A Theoretical and Practical Treatise on Astigmatism. 8m (St. Louis) London, 18s [4724

Catherwood (M. H.)—The Secret* at Roseladies : a Story. Illustrated. 12mo. (Boston) London, Ss [4724

Clark (E. G.)-Tale of the Slmkespere Epitaph, by Francis Bacon (Baron Verulam and Viscount St. Alban). Trans letted from the Anglo-phonetic. 12mo. (New York) London, 2s. 6d. and 5s. [4726

Cross (J. G.) — Eclectic Shorthand Dictionary. 8vo. (Chicago) London, 18*. [4727

Davis (C. M. A.)—Immortelles: Poems. 8vo. (New York) London, 7s. 6d [4728

Davis (M. E. M.)— In War Times at La Rose Blanche. Illustrated. 12mo. (Boston) London, 6s [4729

Eggleston (E.)—A History of the United States and its People. For the use of Schools. With Maps, Prints in Colours,and numerous Illustrations. Sq. 8vo. (New York) London, 7s. 6d [4780

Emerton (E.)—Introduction to the 8tudy of the Middle A 376-814. 16mo. (Boston) London, 6s [4731

Evans (T. O—Of Many Men: Sketches, Personal Remembrances, Criticisms, and Anecdotes. 12mo. (New York) London, 6s [4732

Exell (J. 8.)—The Biblical Illustrator. Vol. 2: St. Mark. 8vo. (New York) London, 10s. 6d. [4733

Federalist: a Commentary on the Constitution of the United States. Reprinted from the Original Text of Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and James Madison. Edited by Henry Cabot Lodge. 8vo. (New York) London, 10s. 6d [4734

Fleming (H. A.)—The Midnight Queen : a Novel. 12mo. (New York) London, 7s. 6d [4735

Fradenbnrgh (J, N.)—Living Religions; or, the Great Religions of the Orient, from Sacred Books and Modern Customs. Illustrated. 12mo. (New York) London, 7s. 6d.


From 18 to 20: a Novel, l'.'rno. (Philadelphia) London, 6s [4737

Guardians: a Novel. 16mo. (Boston) London, 6s. ..[4738

Oris wold (W. M.)-Index to Harper's Weekly, 1857-1887. 8vo. Loudon, 12s. 6d [4739

Harvard Vespers: Addresses to Harvard Students by the Preachers to the University. 1886-1888. 16m". (Boston) London, 5s [4740

Heywood (P. D.)-An Ocean Tramp: a Story. With Illustrations. 12mo. (Boston) London, 6s [4741

Hopkins (8. R.)—A Young Prince of Commerce: a Penniless Boy's Fortune. Illustrated. (Boston) London, 6s.


Irving (J, T.)--Indlan Sketches taken during a United States Expedition to make Treaties with the Pawnee and other Tribes of Indians in 1833. 12mo. (New York) London, 7s. 6d [4743

Irving (W.)—Readings. Select-d from the 1 Sketch-Book' and The Alhambra.' For the use of Schools and Reading Circles. 16mo. (New York) London, 2s. 6d [4744

Johnson (R.)—A Short History of the Secession War. With Maps and Tlans. 8vo. (Boston) London, 15s. .. [4745

Kieffer (H. M.)—Recollections of a Drummer Boy. Illustrated. New edit. sq. 8vo. (Boston) London, 7s. 6d... [4746

King (00—A War-Time Wooing: a Story. Illustrated. Post 8vo. (New York) London, 6s [4747

Lamartlne (Alph. de)- -Selected Poems from Premieres et Nouvelles Meditations. Edited, with Biographical Sketch and Notes, by G. O. Curme. 12mo. (Boston) London, 4B [4748

Narrative of Four Years1 Personal Experience as Nurse in the Union Army. 8vo. (Hartford, Conn.) London, 18s.


McMinn (E.)—From Cave to Palace; or, the Anointed Shepherd. 16mo. (Philadelphia) London, 6s. [4750

Merrill (8.)—Newspaper Libel: a Handbook for the Press. 12mo. (Boston) London, 10s. 6d. and 15s. [4751

Myers (P. V. N.)—Ancient History for Colleges and High Schools. Part 1: The Eastern Nations and Greece. Illus

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London, 2s. 6d..

Ober (F, A.)—Montezuma's Gold Mines: a Story, trations. 12mo. (Boston) London, 5s.

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Illustrations. 12mo. (Boston) London,!

Otis (J. M. P.)—Laconisms: the Wisdom of Many in the

WordsofOne. 16mo. (Philadelphia) Loudon, 4a.....[4755

Owen (C.)—Molly Bishop's Family: a Story. 16mo. (Boston) London, 6s [4756

Packard (A. 8.)—Entomology for Beginners. For the use of Young Folks, Fruit Growers, Farmers, and Gardeners. 12mo. (New York) London, 7s. 6d- [4767

Phelan (J.) — The History of Tennessee. With a Map. Cr. 8vo. (Boston) London, 10s. 6d. [4758

Rltter (J. P.)—Marie: a Seaside Episode. With Illustrations. (Chicago) London, 2s. 6d. and 5s [4759

Ryder (A. H.)—Mirgaret Regis, and some other Girls: a Story. 12mo. (Boston) London, 6s. [4760

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Any of the above-mentioned, books not kept in Stock by Messrs. Sahtsoh Low & Co. can be imported

by order in Jive weeks.


Beady about October 1st,




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that dwellest in the heavens.
2 liehold, even us the eyes of servants
look unto the hand of their musters, and us the
eyes of a maiden unto the hand of her mistress:
even no our eyes wait ui>on the Lord our Ood,
until he have mercy upon us.

3 Have mercy upon us, O Lord, have merry
upon us : for wo are utterly despised.

4 Our soul is filled with the scornful reproof of
the wealthy :and with the dcspitefulness of t'.ie

PSALM CXXIV, Nisi quia Dominus.
effnh* the Lord himself had not been on our
"M" side, now may Israel say : if tho Lonl
himself had not been on our side, when
men rose up against us;

2 They had swallowed us up quick : when they
were so wrathfully displeased at us.

3 Yea, the waters had drowned us : and the
stream hod gone over our soul.

4 The deep waters of the proud : had gone even
over our souL

0 Hut praised bo tho Lord : who hath not
given us over for a prey unto their teeth.

(I Our soul is escaped even as a bird out of the
snare of the fowler : the snare is broken, and
we are delivered.

7 Our help standeth in the Name of the Lord:
who hath made heaven and earth.

PSALM C'XXV. Qui confldwit
>,! HEY that put their trust in the Lord
'-t shall be even as the mount Sion : which
may not be removed, but standeth test
for ever.

•2 The hills stand about Jerusalem : even so
standeth the Lord round about his people,
from this time forth for evermore.
:1 For the rod of the ungodly eometh not into
the lot of the righteous : lest the righteous put
their hand unto wickedness.
4 Do well, O Lord : uDto those that are good
a^d true of heart.

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In various styles of Binding, from One Shilling (selling price).

Also the Prayer Book, pearl type, 32mo., with Ornamental Capitals, Rubrics, and Borders in red, printed on toned paper. In all the best styles of Binding.

Prayer Book, bourgeois type, 24mo. with Ornamental Head and Tail Pieces and Initial Letters, the Rubrics and Borders in red. In all the best styles of Binding.


I London: C. J. CLAY & SONS, Cambridge Bible Warehouse, Ave Maria Lane, E.C.


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EIGIITEEXPEXXY SERIES, 32 ear/;, maU quarto, in attractive coloured Cover and Wrapper. Gilt edges and round corners. 24 pp. Monotints, 8 Text.

SEVEN OF US. By Eovve Lingston. Illustrated by Fannie Moody, Christine, and Gertrude Demain Hammond.

THE STORY OF THE CROSS. Illustrated by F. Hamilton Jackson.

LASSES AND LADS. Kustic Cbild Life. By Theo. Gift. Illustrated by Edith Stanley Berkeley.

THE MESSAGE OF LOVE. English Landscapes. Illustrated by John Fullwood.

SHILLING SERIES, 24 pp. eacli, small quarto, in attractive coloured Corer and Wrapper. Gilt edges, round corners. 16 pp. Monotints, 8 pp. Text.

PLAYMATES. By Theo. Gift. Illustrated by Florence Maplestone.

HE LOVETH ALL. Illustrated by Rosa Jameson and Alfred W. Strutt, E.B.A.

THE TRAVELLER. By G. Manville Fenn. Illustrated by J. Finnimore.

OUR FATHER'S PROMISES. Illustrated by Geo. C. Haitis ana C. Bicketts.

CHRISTMAS EVE. By Geo. Ackroyd. Illustrated by Edwin J. Caldicott. Printed in Monotint, small 4to. price Is.

SIXPENNY SERIES, 16 pp. each, small 8vo. in attractive coloured Cover and Wrapper. Gilt edges, round corners. 12 pp. Monotints, 4 pp. Text.

GOLDEN LOVE. Illustrated by Chas. Hards.

A CHAPLET OF GEMS. Illustrated by Edith Maplestone.

A SUMMER'S DAY. Illustrated by Annie and Louisa Manville Fenn.

ART THOU WEARY? Illustrated by Eveline and William Lance.

COME UNTO ME. Illustrated by H. Hofmann. Quarto, paper boards, price 5s.

CHRISTMAS IN MANY LANDS. A series of 4 small quarto Books, in paper cover, coloured edges, by Florence Scannell. Illustrated by Edith Scannell. Price Is. each.


The Hiuhvaymen. Golden Wings.


Jean Noel. I The Pifferari.

JAPANESE FAIRY TALES. A series of 16 little Volumes by Japanese Artists. Exquisitely produced in Original Style by Japanese Printers, on Japanese crepe paper. The Stories printed in English.

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The above in One Volume. Pap2r boards, chromo Cover, with 6 Coloured Illustrations, price 3s. 6d.


Uniform in size with 'The Christmas Stocking' Series. Price Sixpence each.

I. OLD MOTHER HUBBARD AND HER I IV. COCK ROBIN. Illustrated by E. MorantDOG. Illustrated by Will Gibbons. Cox.

AND HER CAT. Illustrated by Will

Illustrated by John Proctor.

Illustrated by A. Chasemobe.

JACK BUILT. Illustrated by E.


THE FOURPENNT TOY BOOK SERIES, uniftrrm in size reith the'Blue Bell' Series.


MAKING MINOR MATHEMATICIANS. In 3 vols, miniature 4to. 24 pp. each. Coloured
Cover and Frontispiece.


BRAVE DEEDS. Illustrated and Edited by Lieut.-Col. J. Marshman. Large oblong quarto, bevelled boards, gilt edges, cloth, price 7s. 6d.

ANCHOR AND LAUREL. A Tale of the Royal Marines. By J. Percy Groves. Illustrated by Lieut.-Col. J. Marshman. Crown 8vo. price 5s.


Gentleman of Sir Walter Raleigh. By Commander Lovett Cameron, R.N., C.B., D.C.L., Author of 'Across Africa' kc. Illustrated by Stanley Berkeley. Crown 8vo. cloth, price os.

THE WAR TIGER. By W. Dalton. Illustrated by H. S. Melville. Crown 8vo. cloth, price 3*. Gd.

THE WHITE ELEPHANT. By W. Dalton. Illustrated by H. Weir and R. H. Moore. Crown 8vo. cloth, price 3s. Gd.

LOST IN CEYLON. By W. Dalton. Illustrated. Crown 8vo. cloth, price 3*. Gd.


COMPETITORS. By Mrs. Seymour, Author of 'Dethroned' &c. Illustrated by Miss E. M. Fenn. Crown 8vo. cloth.

A WEEK IN ARCADIA. By Eleanok Holmes, Author of 'Through a Refiner's Fire.' Illustrated by Miss C. Patersos. Crown 8vo. cloth.

BRANDED. By Mrs. R. M. Bbay, Author of' Ten of Them,' 'Family Feats,' ice. Cloth, price 7s. Gd.

WHEN I'M A MAN; or, Little Saint Christopher. By Alice Webek. Profusely Illustrated by W. H. Groome. Crown 4to. cloth.

BIRDIE. By Harriet Childe-pemberton. Profusely Illustrated by W. Rainey. Crown 4to. cloth.

THE STORY OF THE MERMA1DEN. Adapted from the German of Hans Andersen by E. Ashe. Illustrated by Laura W. Trowbridge. Small 4to. price 2s. Gd.

AUSTRALIAN POETS.—1788-1888. Edited by Douglas B. W. Sladen Crown 8vo. price 3». Gd.


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