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Davies, J., Grand Pump Room Library, Bath

Feroza, F., 122 Camberwell Road, London, S.E. Life of George Stephenson, 8vo.

Bede's Ecclesiastical History Magazine of Art. Vol. 3

Rusden's New Zealand, 3 vols. Lockhart's Life of Burns

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Parkes' Hygiene. 1873 or later
Day, J., & Son, 16 Mount Street, Lone on, W.
First Violin. 3-vol. edit.

Ford, T., Hill Crest, Forest Hill, S.E.
Fane's From Dawn to Noon

Ruskin's Modern Painters, Vols. 3, 4, 5
Smith's (Bosworth) Life of Lord Lawrence, 2 vols. 1st ed.

Stones of Venice. Any vol.
Good Words. Vol. containing. What she came Through' Freestone & Knapp, 4 The Poultry, Nottingham
Deakin, A., 42 Green Gate Street, Stafford

Robert Elsmere, 3 vols.

Crane's (Walter) Panpipes. 1st edit.
Nickleby. 1, 2, 19, 20
Comic England. 16. 18, 19, 20

Stevenson's Silverado Squatters, original cloth. 1st edit. Table Book. 6, 7, 10, 11, 12

Friedländer & Son, Carlstrasse, Berlin, N.W. Omnibus. 9

Boyle's Works, 6 vols. Vanity Fair. Any parts

Cumberland's Remarkable Encrinites. 1826 Cruiksbank. Any parts

Medlicott and Blanford's Geology of India Leech. Any parts

Griffith's Limestone Silurian Fossils of Ireland Sponge's Tour. Part 5

Bentham and Hooker's Genera Plantarum Romford's Hounds. Parts 8, 11

Chemical News. Nos. 34-46 &c.
Cro' Martin. 19, 20

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Pendennis. 20-24
Lever. Any parts

Evans (Harington) on the Work of the Spirit

Manning's (Archbishop) Pastoral Office Deighton, Bell, & Co. Cambridge

Galt, J., & Co., 2 Corporation Street, Manchester
Miller on the Articles, 4 vols. (Hodder)

Century Magazine. 1882. Part 1
Neale's Essays on Liturgiology. 1862
Prinsep's Indian Antiquities, 2 vols.

George, E., 231 Whitechapel Road, London, E.
Ricardo's Works, 8vo.

Cunningham's Walpole. Vols. 3, 6, 8, 9 (Bohn) Scott's Ulfilas. 1885 (Macmillan)

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Dyce's Beaumont and Fletcher's Works, 1843-46. Vols. Martin's Life of the Prince Consort, 8vo. Vols. 1, 2

1, 2, 6. £3 given Robinson Crusoe, illustrated by Cruikshank. 1831. Vol. 1

Edgeworth's Novels, cloth, Vols. 2, 5, 6, 11, 18 Burton's Anatomy. 1621. Imperfect, but having Aaaa of Gladding, J., 28A Paternoster Square, London, E.C. of Preface

Massey's England under George III., 4 vols.
The Restless Matron (novel). 1799. Vols. 2, 3
Booksellers' Catalogues

Grant, J., Bookseller. 25–34 George IV. Bridge, Edinburgh

Ballantyne's Novelist's Library, roy. 8vo. 1821. Vol. 10 Diack, w., 20 Schoolhill, Aberdeen

Gregory, G., 5 Argyle Street, Bath Marquis of Lossie, 1 vol.

The Month Jan. 1881. 48. offered Malcolm, 1 vol.

Keble's Version of the Psalter Christie's Ballad Airs. Vol. 2

Petrie's Great Pyramid and the Temples at Gizeh Darwin's Descent of Man. Vol. 1

Smyth's Inheritance in the Great Pyramid. 3rd or 4th ed. Gray's Anatomy. Latest edit. Holden's Dissection. Latest edit.

Gregory, W., 5 George Street, Bathwick, Bath

Lyttleton's Reign of Henry II.
Dodsworth, P. & W., 17 Collingwood Street, Newcastle-upon-Tyne Select Pleas of the Crown. Vol. 1 (Selden Society)
Croker's Boswell's Life of Johnson. 1831. Vol. 1

Gwentian Chronicle. 1863 (Cambrian Arch. Society) Montagu's (Mrs. E.) Letters, 4 vols. 8vo. 1809-13

Leaves from Sherwood Forest. 1850 (Searle or Searle Selkirk's Songs and Ballads for the People. 1853 (Newcastle) Phillips) Bell's Rhymes of Northern Bards Seebohm's British Birds

Griffith, Farran & Co., St. Paul's Churchyard, London, E.C.

Sleeman's Rambles and Recollections of an Indian Official South's (Robert) Sermons

Gibbon's House of Brunswick Douglas & Foulis, 9 Castle Street, Edinburgh

Gentleman's Magazine. 1849-68. All or any Collins' (Wilkie) Dead Secret. &c. Early l-vol. edits.

Goulburn's Bampton Lectures Cooper's Prairie, Spy, &c. Early 1-vol. edits.

Farrar's Bampton Lectures De Quincey's Essays. Vol. 4

Curteis' Bampton Lectures Dickens' Tale of Two Cities, &c. Early edits.

Gun, R., 6 Prince of Wales Road, London, N.W. Farrar's Julian Home, Eric, &c. Early edits.

Jebb's Choral Service of the Church of England Hook's Jack Brag, Gurney, &c. Early 1-vol. edits.

Gardiner's (Col. J.) Life, by Philip Doddridge, 12mo. 1791 James' (G. P. R.) Gipsy, Agincourt, &c. Early 1-vol. edits.

Lever's Tom Burke, O'Donoghue, &c. Early 1.vol. edits. De Bernardy's Next-of-Kin Index. 1856
Naturalist's Library. Vol. 9, Pachyderms

London Directories previous to 1830
Scott's Life of Napoleon, 1827. Vol. 1
Strickland's Queens of Scotland. Vols. 7, 8

Hamilton, Adams, & Co., 32 Paternoster Row, London, E.C. Washington's Life, by Irving. 1855. Vol. 2

Zimmern's Life of Schopenhauer

Boy's Own Annual. Vols. 1, 2, in parts, numbers, or vols. Downing, W., 74 New Street, Birmingham

Harper's Magazine. Vols. 26, 27 Broome's History of the Bengal Army

Ephemera's Handbook of Angling (Longmans) Dugdale's History of Warwickshire. 1656

Book of the Salmon (Longmans)
Hall's Life of David Cox

Lizzie Hepburn (Nelsons)
Lysons' Gloucestershire
Williams' History of the Bengal Army

Harding de Willby, 6 Hyde Street, Nero Oxford Street, W.C.

Neale's Agnes de Tracy Drayton, S., & Sons, 201 High Street, Ereter

Trench on the Authorised Version of the New Testament Ashmore's Antiquities of Berks

Haddan's Remains Clarke's Commentary. 6 vols. Last edit.

Browne's Urn Buriall, 12mo. 1658 Schimmelpenninck's Port Royal

Religio Medici, 18mo. 1652 Lowder's Twenty Years at St. George's in the East

Godwin's Catalogue of the Bishops of England, 4to. 1601 Evangelical Magazine. 1842-50

Herford, Rev. P. M., 8 Wardie Road, Edinburgh Papworth's Dictionary of Coats of Arms. Cheap copy

Lectures on Religious Antiquities of Edinburgh. 2nd Serie: Eland, H. S., 236 High Street, Exeter

Life of Bishop Jolly

Works of Miss Thackeray. Vols. 2, 3
Miller's Country Pleasures
Paget's Faith and Patience

Kingsley's (Charles) Andromeda. 1st edit.

Saints' Tragedy. 1st edit. Elliot, A., 17 Princes Street, Edinburgh

Higham, C., 27A Farringdon Street, London, E.C. Punch. All before 1858

Strickland's Queens of England, 12 vols. post 8vo. blue cloth Aristotle's Works. A complete set

N.D. Vol. 1 Kalisch on the Pentateuch (except Genesis). Jonah &c.

Queens of Scotland, 8 v. 1850 to 184, Vols. 7,1 Fawn, J., & Son, 18 Queen's Road, Bristol

Frere's (J.) Imposition of Hands at Confirmation. 1845 Symonds' Dante. 78, 6d.

Hodder & Stoughton, 27 Paternoster Row, London, E.. Cornelius O'Dowd, 3 vols.

Memoir of Joseph Sturge

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Hirschfeld Bros., Bream's Buildings, Fetter Lane, London, E.C. Kerby & Co., 440 Orford Street, London, W.
Tikhomirow's Russia, Political and Social

Theologica Germanica
Hooker and Baker's Synopsis Filicum. 1868

Leade's (Jane) Revelation of Revelations Any Works relating to the Orimea, in English

Norris' Rudiments of Theology
Nash's Mansions of England, 4 vols. Small edit.

Waring's (A. L.) Hymns and Meditations
Corsica in the Summer of 1852, by Gregorovius. 1855 Greville Memoirs. Part 1, 3 vols. 8vo.
Isherwood's Experimental Researches, 2 vols.
Hall's Palæontology of the State of New York. 1880 Kerr & Richardson, 89 Quren Street, Glasgow
Smith's Mobammed and Mohammedanism

Cunningham's (Allan) Novels. Any
Hughes' Notes on Mobammedanism. 1877

Jardine's Naturalist's Library. Vol. 4, Ichthyology Roberts' Life of the Duke of Monmouth, 2 vols. 1844

Byron. Vols. 1, 8, 15, 17 Analecta, ed. Bunsen, 3 vols. 1854

Capel's Shakspeare. 1767. Vol. 10
Dawson's English Crusaders

Behn's Plays (Pearson). L. P. Vol. 3, or last sheet
Shakspeare's Comedies, 1623. Facsimile of first folio, 1866
Morris' Story of Grettir. 1869
Lüken, Traditions de l'humanité, trad. Van der Hoeghan Kimpton, R., 126 Wardour Street, London, W.
McCoy's Carboniferous Limestone Fossils of Ireland. 1844

Brain. No. 32. Publishing price will be given
Curtis' Botanical Magazine. Vols. 38-40, 49, 50, 53-74

Shepherd's Metropolitan Improvements. Large paper. 1827. Floricultural Cabinet and Florist's Magazine. 1852

Vol. 2, or complete
Edwards' Botanical Register. Vols. 11, 12, 13, 22, 32

Tomes' Dental Anatomy
Journal of Botany, by Seeman. Vols. 5–11, 14, 23, 24, 25
Bacon's Essays, by Whately. New edit. 1867

King, H. S., & Co., 65 Cornhill, London
Works on Ballooning, Flight of Birds, and similar works Tyndall's Atoms, Molecules, and Earthworms
Osborne's Practical Manual of Minerals, Mines and Mining Watts' Carbon and Hydrogen in the Spectroscope

Kinglake's Crimea, 8vo. Vol. 5
Hodges, Figgis, & Co., 104 Grafton Street, Dublin

Marcet's Study of Language
Reid's Works, by Hamilton

Bleek's Grammar of South African Languages
Rawlinson's Herodotus. Secondhand
Maxwell's Wild Sports of the West

Kramers, H. A., & Son, Booksellers, Rotterdam
Sporting Magazine. 1798-99. Vol. 13

Handbook of British North Borneo. Several copies
Boyne's Tokens of the Seventeenth Century, illustrated
Oliphant's Makers of Florence, 8vo.
Ginsburg's Kabbalah

Kühi, W. H., 73 Jäger-Strasse, Berlin, W.
Flugel's German Dictionary, 2 vols. Secondhand

Dunbar's Indian Hours, Poems. 1839 Martineau's Story of Religions. Secondhand

Grandmaison's Classical Description of Love. 1809 Cheyne on Isaiah. Secondhand

Hemans' Translations from Camoens. 1818, 1836 Dictionary of Christian Biography. Secondhand

Anonymous Poems by F. O. 1850

Tucker's Tragedies. 1835 Dictionary of Christian Antiquities. Secondhand

Adamson's Biblioth, Lusitana, 1836; Lusitana Illustrata, Howell, E., 26 & 28 Church Street, Liverpool

1846 ; Reply, 1845 The Erne and its Legends

Iñez de Castro, Tragedy. Any edit. Scott's Miscellaneous Works. Abbotsford edit.

Naval Architects' Institute Transactions. 1875. Vol. 16, Napoleon. Abbotsford edit.

and other separate vols.
Tales of a Grandfather. Abbotsford edit.

Brassey's British Navy, 5 vols, or Vols. 1-3
Life of Scott. Abbotsford edit.

Lachlan, F. C., 13 Canonbury Terrace, N.
Hutt, W., 3 Hyde Street, New Oxford Street, London, W.C.

Life in London. 1823 edit, and pages 119-22 and the music Imitation of Swinburne's Ode on the Proclamation of the

Byron's English Bards, 12mo. No date. Imperfect French Republic. 1871 (Provost)

Lamb's (Charles) Works. 1st edits. Ward's (Ned) London Spy

Thackeray's Barry Lyndon. Yellow covers. 1856 Campbell's How to see Norway. 1871

Yellow Cover Series. Any
Brown's Ascent of Mont Blanc

Cruikshank's Works. Any
Songs before Sunrise
Rebecca and Rowena, coloured

Langley, Miss, Lovejoy's Library, Reading
Mrs. Perkins's Ball, coloured

Races of Mankind. Part 39

Cassell's Family Magazine. Part 154 Iredale, A., Torquay

Manual for Ure of Medical Staff Corps. 1885 (War Office) Encyclopædia Britannica, half-russia. 9th edit.

Collins' (Wilkie) Rambles beyond Railways Raven's Family Prayers

Murray's Westmoreland Girdlestone's Number, a Link between Divine Intelligence and Human

Leach's Library, Eastbourne

Harper's Magazine. Jan. 1882 Irvine, J., 28 Upper Manor Street, Chelsea, S.W.

Stepniak's Russian Peasantry
Petit-Thouars, Histoire des Plantes Orchidées de France Shaftesbury's (Earl) Life, 3 vols.
Ellis' Corallines

Kennard's Right Sort, 3 vols.
Kirby's List of Diurnal Lepidoptera, with Supplement
Leech's (J.) Pictures of Life and Character, Vol. 1

Leighton, J. & J., 40 Brever Street, Golden Square, W.

Tennyson's Maud. 1859 James, T., & Co., Book Emporium, Southampton

Dickens' Life. 1st edit. Vol. 2 Fitzpatrick's Irish Sport

Oliphant's Florence Sporting Capabilities of Ireland

Sterling's Velasquez and his Works. 1855 Patterson's Birds and Fishes of Belfast Lough

Songs of the Holy Land
Sporting Magazine. 1805. All after Vol. 25

Badminton Fishing and shooting. L. P.
Johnson, E., 30 Trinity Street, Cambridge
Lightfoot on Fresh Revision

Lewis, H. K., 136 Gower Street, London, W.C.
Westcott's History of the English Bible

Ellis' (Wm.) Philo-Socrates Stephen's (Leslie) Free Thought and Plain Speaking

Progressive Lessons in Social Science

Where am I? Johnston, Geo. P., 33 George Street, Edinburgh

Maurice's Moral and Metaphysical Philosophy. Vol. 2 only Arnold's Lectures on Translating Homer

(Griffin) Borgesii Hist. Critica Melchisidecii, Basileæ. Circa 1702

London Pharmacopæia. 1836 edit. Heron's Life of Burns

Bird's (D.) Australasian Climate in Consumption. 1863 McIan's Costumes of the Clans. Imperfect might do Notes and Queries. 2nd Ser. Publisher's cl. Vol. 10, 11, 12 Lockwood (Crosby) & Son, 7 Stationers'-Hall Court, London, E.C. Templaria, edited by Maidment, small 4to. 1828-30

Walford's Tales of Great Families, 2 vols. 1st Series

Freer's Married Life of Anne, 2 vols. 8vo. Kelly, W. H., Lincoln's Inn Gale, Carey Street, London, W.C.

New Rambler's Magazine, Vol. for 1822 Rotuli Curiæ Regis. 1835. Vol. 1

Burns, edited by Cunningham. About 1838 Howell's State Trials, 34 vols.

Barnard's Retrospections of the Stage. 1830 (Bentley) Lancet. March 14, 1885

Ireland's Napoleon, 4 vols.

Schliemann's Mycenæ
Kendrick, J., 275 Cornwall Road, Notting Hill, London, W. Russell's North America, its Agriculture. 1857

Anderson's Agricultural Chemistry. 1860

Davy's Agricultural Chemistry, by Shier
Wheeler's Analysis of the Old Testament

Johnson's Scientific Agriculture
Analysis of the New Testament

Use of Lime. 1849


Lewis, W., 22 Duke Street, Cardiff

Maclachlan & Steroart, 64 South Bridge, Edinburgh
Egan's Life in London, Tom and Jerry. Original edit. Cameron's History of the Isle of Skye
Atlas of Roman Coins, in sheet

Collectanea de Rebus Albanicis

Buchanan's Travels in the Western Hebrides, 1782-90 Longman, H., 67 &: 69 Market Street, Lancaster

Stewart's (Wm. Grant) Lectures on the Mountains Bancroft's (Mr. and Mrs.) On and off the Stage, 2 vols. Anderson's (James) Hebrides. 1786

Bede's (Cuthbert) Glencreggan Lovell, w., Temple Chambers, Temple Avenue, E.C.

Transactions of the Iona Club Tarleton's Works. 1588. Republished by Shakspeare Soc. Mackintosh's History of Kintyre

Tytler's Scotland, 4 vols. Vols. 2, 4 (Nimmo) Low, Marston, Searle & Rivington, Limited (American Dept.), Maggs, U., Bookseller, 159 Church St., Paddington, London, W. St. Dunstan's House, Fetter Lane, Fleet Street, E.C.

More Mornings at Bow Street. 1827. Pages 183-187 Microcosm of London, dedicated to the Prince of Wales,

Defoe's Works, 20 vols. (Talboys) 3 vols. 1809-9 (London, R. Ackermann)

Marshall's Washington, 5 vols. 4to. boards

Friswell's (Hain) Modern Men of Letters. 1870 Lou, Marston, Searle & Rivington, Limited (Foreign Dept.),

Gallery of Notable Men and Women. 1879
Sl. Dunstan's House, Fetter Lane, Fleet Street, E.C.

Blackwood versus Carlyle. 1850
Sharpeand Sclater's Birds in the British Museum. Vols.1 to 11
Ditto, Part 3; Colemorpha, 4-11; Passeriformes, 1-8 Mathews, Elkin, Vigo Street, London, W.
Sharpe and Wyatt's Monograph of the Hirundinidæ. 1-6 Gibson's Dilston Hall
Miscellanea Ægyptiaca, 4to. 1842 (Alexandria)

Walcott's Traditions of our Cathedrals
Belzoni's Narrative of the Operations and Recent Dis Adam Bede, cloth. 1st edit.

coveries within the Pyramids, Temples, &c., with 56 Kingsley's Novels. 1st edits. Plates. 1821-22 (London)

Friendship's Garland Rawlinson's Cuneiform Inscriptions of W. Asia. 1861, 1880 Stevenson's Inland Voyage Toynbee's Lectures on Industrial Revolution in England

Matthews & Brooke, 15 Market Street, Leeds Leslie's Essays in Political and Moral Philosophy. 1870

Browning's (R.) Bells and Pomegranates, 8 pts. 8vo. 1841-46 Meyer's (Hirsch) Integral Tables, or a Collection of Integral

Paracelsus, 8vo. cloth. 1835 Formulæ, trans, from the German. 1823 (Baynes & Son)

Strafford, 8vo. wrapper, 1837 Proceedings of Mathematical Soc. of London. Vols. 1 to 13

Pauline, a Fragment, bdg. 1833 (Saunders &0.) Davidson's Monograph of Recent Brachiopoda. 1886–87. Vols, 1, 2 (London)

Sir Hugh the Heron, small 4to. 1843

Rossetti's (D. G.) Poems, cr. 8vo. cloth. 1870
Whymper's Scrambles in the Alps. Small edit.
Boole's Differential Equations

Midland Educational Company (Limited), Birmingham
Fitzgerald's Life of Garrick. 1868

Cassell's History of England
Journal of Royal Geographical Society. 2. 1832. Page 28, History and Confessions of a Man. 1846

containing Notes on a part of the Eastern Desert of Work for God (Macmillan)
Upper Egypt, by F. Wilkinson

Second Annual Report (1880-1) of American Geological Survey of Thebes, the Pyramids of Gizeh, Tapé, Thaba, or Survey

Diospolis Magna (6 large Maps, Topographical Survey) Pennell's Natural History of Fishes Adams Wanderings of a Naturalist in India, the Western Miles, T., 13 Sunbridge Road, Bradford Himalaya and Cashmere. 1867

Sporting Almanac. A set
English Catalogue. Vol. 2

Royal Calendar for 1803-8
Index, Vol. 1

Debrett's Peerage for 1814
Textile Manufacture, from commencement to 1886 inclus.

Cunninghame's Imperial Ullager. Three copics
Any publication (of 1839 or 1840) containing Speech of the

Markham's Life of Fairfax
Duke of Wellington on the services at Canton of Sir
Joseph Douglas

Milne, A. & R., Aberdeen
Mineralogical Magazine. 1816 to 1887

Hamerton's Wenderholme Norton's (Elliot) Translation of the Vita Nuova of Dante. Friends in Council. Complete in 2 vols. 1859 (Cambridge, U.S.)

Boswell's Johnson, 5 vols, 1831. Vol. 1 Journal of the Institute of Actuaries. A set. Good price Cumming's Occasional Discourses, 2 vols. given

Lectures on the Parables
Elements of Indian Hygiene (Churchill). Two copies

Sermon preached at Crathie
English Catalogue. 1881, 1882, and 1883
Travels of the Jesuits in Ethiopia, 16th and 17th Centuries Mitchell, A., 498 King's Road, Chelsea, S.W.

The Confessional Unmasked
Ljnnstedt's Portuguese Settlement in China. 1836 (Boston)
Cumming's Memories of My Days, compiled by Ferguson Murray, F., Moray House, Derby
Jackson's (Hughling) Clinical Remarks on Temporary Loss

White's Gazetteer of Lincoln of Speech and of Power of Expression

Barth's Central Africa. Vols. 4, 5

Doré's Historical Cartoons Love, C., New Street, Birmingham

Thoughts in the Cloister and the Crowd Reeve's History of West Bromwich

Poems by J.R. Lives of English Saints. No. 12

Derby Archeological Society. Vol. 5 Neale's Hierologus

Scott's Poems. Vols. 5, 9, and plates to Vols. 4, 6, 7, 8 Baker's Northamptonshire. Vol. 2

Stewart's Study of Nervous Diseases Bentley's Miscellany. Part 3

Markbam's Life of Timor Beg (Hakluyt Society)

Molière, Euvres, 12mo. 1760. Vol. 4 (Paris, Nyon)
Lupton, J. & A., Burnley, Lancashire

Murray's American War
Life of Robert Owen
Martin's History of the British Colonies. About 9 divisions Murray, F., Regent House, Nottingham
Burnside's (Helen M.) Poems

Wills' (8.) British Chief, and other Poems. 1862. Several Denton's (Bailey) Sanitary Engineering. 1877 (Spon)

Life of Sir Thomas Gresham Enchiridion, Daily Hours of Devotion according to Sarum Any good Work on the Game Fowl Faber's (F. W.) Works. Any

Bunyan's Holy War, with plates

Havergal's (F. R.) Poems Luyster, A. L., 10 Silver Street, Bloomsbury, London, W.C. Ecclesiologist, 12mo. Wallace's Distribution of Animals, 2 vols.

Edgeworth's Little Plays. 1826 Westminster Drolleries

Las Casas' Napoleon Browning's Red Cotton Night-Cap Country

Taylor on Romans, with Key to Apostolic Writings Stephen's Hours in a Library. 3rd Series

Calderwood's Philosophy of the Infinite Letters of Abelard and Heloise. Stothard's plates. 1806 Howard's Translation of Dante D'Albuquerque's Commentary. Vols. 1, 2

Waverley Novels. 1832, Vol. 38 (Cadell)

Journal of Royal Agricultural Society. Vol. 1, Part 4 McGee, W., 18 Nassau Street, Dublin

Nield, W., 29 Bath Street, Bristol Crockford's Clerical Directory. 1888

Code Napoléon. 1811. Vol. 1 Proceedings of Institute of Civil Engineers. Vols. 1 to 11.

Manning's Sermons. Vol. 4 Any

Men and Manners in America, cloth. 1833. Vol. 1 Denzinger's Enchiridion

Americans at Home, by Author of 'Sam Slick,' 1851. Vol. 1 Macmillan & Boues, Cambridge

Noble, G., 312 Strand, London, W.C. Palliser's Historical Devices, Badges, and War Cries

Mommsen's Rome. Vol. 1 Household of Sir Thomas More

Montague's Bacon. Vol. 17 (Pickering) Lapday's Fourth Gospel

Gil Blas, 2 vols. (Roscoe's Novelist's Library) Ruskin's Unto this Last. 1862

Don Quixote, 3 vols. (Roscoe's Novelist's Library) Locke's Conduct of the Human Understanding (Tegg)

Yarrell's Fishes. Vol. 1


Norton, W., Cheltenham

Pickering, W. & E., Bath Boy's Own Paper. Vols. 1, 2, 3

Keating's Ireland Mudie's Hampshire, imp. 8vo. Vols. 1, 3

Hervey's (Bishop) Genealogies of Our Saviour Cruikshank's Almanack. 1853

Burnett's Hints on Composition Kenilworth and Betrothed. 1830. Vol. 1

Cyrilla, by the Author of 'Quits.' 1st edit. in 1 vol. Yule-Tide. 1887

Guthrie's Autobiography. 1874. Vol. 2 Ogle & Murray, 16 Forrest Road. Edinburgh

Pink, J. W., Bookseller, Cheltenham Candlish on the Shorter Catechism

Fielding's Amelia, 4 vols. 1752. Vol. 3 The Study. A set or vols. (Dickenson)

Tom Jones, 6 vols. 1749. Vols. 1, 2, 3 The Study and the Pulpit. A set or vols. (Cickenson)

Smollett's Adventures of Peregrine Pickle, 4 vols. 1751 Old Shorthand Books

Barrow's Life, Voyages, &c. of Sir Francis Drake, 8vo. 1843 Page, E. T., Bookseller, Bridgreater

Regent Library, 141 Regent Street, W. Delussey's Key tc Rühle's French Examination Papers

Roger North, edited by Dr. Jessop

Lyall's (Sir Alfred) Poems Palmer, C. S., Bookseller, 100 Southampton Row, London, W.C.

Spelman's Churches not to be Violated Gentleman's Companion or Tradesman's Delight, 12mo.

History of Sacrilege Glanvil de Proprietatibus Rerum, by Trevisa


Chesterfield's Letters. Vol. 5 Partington, S., 97 Kensington Road, Southport

Jones' Annuities Young Folks. Vol. for 1883

Extinct Peerage and Baronetage

Temple Bar. Dec. 1871 Paterson, W., 14 Clyde Street, Edinburgh

Mayhew's London Labour and London Poor Raleigh's History of the World, 6 vols. 8vo. 1820

Richardson, H., 4 Church Street, Greenwich, London, S.E. Parsey & Hayes, Ancient House, Ipswich

James' Evangelical Life
In Spirit and in Truth, an Essay (Longmans)
Mozley's University Sermons

Ridgray, A., 3 Union Street, Gravesend
Boy's Own Paper. Vols. 1, 2

Dickens. C. Dickens edit. Å set. Secondhand

Modern Science Text-Books. Secondhand
Pearson, J., & Co., 46 Pall Mall, London, S.W.

Napier's Peninsular War. Vol. 6
Tristram Shandy, : vols. 1st edit. Uncut or odd vols. Gravesend Guide Books
Gray's Poems, 8vo. 1768

Latham's English Language
Lamb's Tales. 1807. Vol. 2, uncut
Marty's Decades of the New 'World, 4to. 1555, or imperfect Rimell, ami & Son, 91 Oxford Street, London, w.

Vol. 6
Bunyan. Any 1st edits.

Lives of Brougham and Lyndhurst, by Campbell, cloth Fruit Shop, 2 vols. 1765

Lytton's Paul Clifford and Falkland. Original edits. Phillipson & Golder, Booksellers, Chester

Owen and Blakeway's Shrewsbury, boards. L. P. Kavaragh's (Julia) Rachel Gray

Historical MSS. Commission. Appendix, Pt. 1, to Report 10

Smith's Catalogue Raisonnée. Vol. 4 Phillipson, G., Bookseller, Kingston, S.W.

Hunt's (Leigh) Book for a Corner. Vol. 2 Burgon's(Dean) Historical Account of the Colleges at Oxford

Henderson's Latin Proverbs and Quotations

Farmers' Magazine. July-Dec. 1835 Pickering & Chatto, 66 Haymarket, St. James's, London, S.W.

Clarissa Harlowe. 1st edit. 1748. Vol. 7, or imperfect Cruikshank's Tower of London. All after Part 9

Alken's Sporting Scrap Book. Part 2
Table Book. 9, 10, 11

Royal Academy Catalogues. 1774, 1822
Beddoes' Death's Jest Book. 1850

Wraxall's Historical Byways, 2 vols. cloth
Poems, 2 vols.

Rixon & Arnold, 29 Poultry, London, E.C.
Martin Chuzzlewit. Part 12 and Plate, 'Nuptials of Miss Aston's Japanese Grammar of Spoken Language (London)

Autographs of Mr. F. Buckland and the late Sir Francis Robson & Kerslake, 23 Coventry Street, London, w.

Kean's (E.) Life, by Sheridan Knowles. 1833
Cruikshank's English Spy

Kenrick's British Stage Ruskin's Modern Painters. 1st edit. Vol. 5

Kingdon's (Bp.) Fasting Communion Historically considered Story's Graffiti d'Italia

Kingsley's (C.) Hereward. 1st edit. London Society. Sept. and Oct. 1871; Jan., Feb., March,

Hypatia. 1st edit. and Sept. 1872 Robinson Crusoe. Ist edit. Vol. 1

Salisbury, J., 116 Gray's Inn Road, London Serious Reflections on Robinson Crusoe. 1720

Life of Sir W. Clayton Nimrod's The Chase, the Sport, and the Rod. 1837

Carter's Medicine. Last edit. Christmas Carol. 1st edit. uncut, for binding

Orpheus Caledonius, 8vo. Imperfect, but containing Words Sunday under Three Heads. 1st edit, uncut, for binding

of William and Margaret'
Sketches of Young G
1st edit. uncut, for binding

Scots Musical Museum. Vols. 5, 6
Picnic Papers, 2 vols, 1st edit. uncut, for binding
Dickens' Plays and Poems. 1882

Sienle, A., 30 Lime Street, London, E.C.
Letters. 1882

Jubilee Number of Graphic and Illustrated London News Flore et Zephyr. 1836

Thiers' French Revolution. Part 48 to end (Fullarton) Comic Almanack. 1889 and 1840

Sillifant, A. G., 30 New Oxford Street, London, W.C.
Paris Sketch Book. Ist edit. uncut, for binding

Homiletic Magazine, Vol. 11
Comic Tales and Sketches. 1st edit. uncut, for binding
Second Funeral of Napoleon, 1st edit. uncut, for binding Sime, W. S., 130 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow
Irish Sketch Book. Ist edit, uncut, for binding

Goethe's Works, in German. l-vol. edit.
Mrs. Perkins' Ball. 1st edit, uncut, for binding

Sydow's German Grammar. Secondhand Our Street. 1st edit. uncut, for binding

Young's Translation of the Bible. Secondhand Book of Snobs. 1848. 1st edit. uncut, for binding

Bizonfy's Handbook of English and Hungarian Conversation Sketches after English Landscape Painters

Tainsh on Tennyson
Ballads by Thackeray. 1855. Uncut, for binding

Religion of our Literature, Tennyson, &c.
Yellowpiush Memoirs. 1856. Uncut, for binding
Memoirs of Barry Lyndon. 1856. Uncut, for binding

Simmons, T., Ye Booke-Lover's Retreate,' Leamington
A Little Dinner at Timmins'. 1856. Uncut, for binding

Romola, cloth. 1st edit. uncut The Fitzboodle Papers. 1857

Felix Holt, cloth. 1st edit, uncut Shabby Genteel Story. 1857

Middlemarch, cloth, 1st edit. uncut Lovel the Widower. 1841

Daniel Deronda, cloth. 1st edit, uncut
Four Georges. 1st edit. uncut, for binding

Moncrieff's Leamington Guide. Early edits.
Adventures of Philip. 1st edit. uncut, for binding
Roundabout Papers. 1st edit. uncut, for binding

Skeffington & Son, 163 Piccadilly, London, W.
Denis Duval. 1st edit. uncut, for binding

Phillips' Rivers and Mountains of Yorkshire Trials for Adultery, with two sets of plates

Rawnsley's Village Sermons. 1st and 2nd Series Bayldon on Rents and Tillages. Circa 1842

Hampden's (Bp.) Philosophical Evidence of Christianity Arnold's (Matthew) Friendship's Garland

Jones' (Rev. R.) Literary Remains, with Notice by Whewell Any Books illustrated by Harry Furniss

Landriot's (M.) Valiant Woman
Lancet. Sept. 1830 to March 1831 ; Sept. 1831 to March Smith, W., 97 London Street, Reading

1832; Sept. 1832 to March 1833 ; Sept. 1834 to March Darwin on Coral Reefs
1835 ; Sept. 1836 to Sept. 1837 (2 vols); and Vol. 2, 1878. Trollope's Christ's Hospital
In all 7 vols.

Callander's Voyages, 3 vols.
Cruikshank's Life in Paris

Whewell's Platonic Dialogues. Vols. 1, 3


Smith, W. II., & Son (Book Dept.), 186 Strand, London, W.C. Thin, J., Edinburgh
Mecbi's How to Farm Profitably. 2nd Series. 58.

Wood's In the Black Forest
Smith, W.J., 41 North Street, Brighton

Robertson's Kurrum, Cabul, and Kandahar Gambado's Horsemanship, with plates

Crowe's Highways and Byways in Italy Lahoutan's (Baron) New Voyages to North America, 2 vols.

Friedländer's Jewish History

Howitt's Literature and Romance of North of Europe 8yo. 1735, Vol. 1

Mexicans at Home The New Robinson Crusoe. 1788. Vols. 1, 3

Perrier's Winter in Morocco
Nuptial Dialogues and Debates. 1723. Vol. 1

Brown's Mollusca of the Clyde
Reflections on Ridicule, 12mo. 1717. Vol. 2
Berry's Pedigrees of Kent and Sussex

Brown's (Baldwin) Christian Policy of Life
Rouse's Beauties of Sussex, coloured

Mijatorics' History of Servia

Sketches from Life in Turkey
Spencer, W. T., 27 Nero Oxford Street, London, W.C.

Maclagan's Hill Forts of Scotland
Titmarsh's Irish Sketch Book. Ist edit. 1843. Vol. 1 Ballantyne's (Serjeant) Old World and the New
Rookwood. 1836. Pages 431-32
Fisher's Waverley Novels, 48 vols.

Thorp, T., 22 King Street, Reading
Cruikshank's Almanacks. 1835, 1847, or any

Browning's (R.) Works, 5 vols. (58.). Vols. 1, 4, 5 Hunt's Town. Vol. 1

Percy Anecdotes. Vol. 13 Comic Tales and Sketches. 1841. Imperfect

Virtue, J. S., & Co., 26 Ivy Lane, London, E.C. Spencer's Library, Leicester

Fiddle-Faddle Fashion Book, with illustrations by Leech Bell's (Sir Robert) Story of the Heavens

Fenton's History of Pembrokeshire
Cooke's Chess Openings
Curtis' Leicestershire

Wallis, H. W., 24 Sidney Street, Cambridge
Layard's Nineveh. 1st and 2nd Series

London Calendar. 1876-86 inclusive Smiles' Huguenots

London Quarterly. Late vols. bound

Cassell's Illustrated Travels. Part 22 Stechert, G. E., 26 King William Street, Strand, W.C.

Geiger's History of the Swedes, translated by Turner
Burleigh's Desert Warfare

Perceval's Collection of Papers on Movement of 1833
Guyot's Earth and Man
Lawes and Gilbert's Mixed Herbage

Watts, J., Bookseller, 50 Robertson Street, Hastings
Stevens, B. F., 4 Trafalgar Square, London, W.C.

Manual for the Medical Staff Corpg. Latest issue

Egerton's Sussex Folk Lore
Bibliographer. No. 13, Dec. 1882

Hallam's Literary History, cr. 8vo. Vol. 3
Father Christmas, with Plate, Child by Fireplace and large
White Dog

Middle Ages, cr. 8vo. Vol. 1

Cassell's Countries of the World. Parts 4-9, 45, 47 Graham's (Sir L.) Tactics of Infantry in Battle

Comprehensive Atlas and Geography. Parts 8–10 (Blackie) Majendie's Treatise on Ammunition, with plates Lucifer. Nos. 1, 2, 3

Wesley, W., & Son, 28 Essex Street, Strand, London, W.C. Scot's (Thos.) Publications, 10 vols. 12mo.

Kew Gardens Report for 1870, 8vo.

Mitchell's Birds of Lancashire, 8vo. 1885 Stibbs, E. W., Bookseller, 25 New Oxford Street, London, W.C. Bentham and Hooker's Genera Plantarum, 3 v. or in parts Wedgwood's English Etymology. 1859. Vol. 3, Part 1

Kerner's Flowers and their Unbidden Guests, 8vo. 1875 Playford's English Dancing Master

Evans' British Libellulinæ or Dragon-Flies. 8vo. 1815 Hobbes' Works, 16 vols. or 11 vols.

Entomological Magazine, 5 vols. 8vo. 1833–38
Beloe's Anecdotes, boards. Vol. 3
Chesney's Indian Polity

Wheaton, A., & Co., Paternoster House, Exeter

Sermons and Tracts for the Times (W. H. Mill)
Slock, E., 62 Paternoster Row, London, E.C.
Book containing Rules of Quoits

Wheldon, J., 58 Great Queen Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields, W.C. Walter's Claims of the Church

Handbook of Turning (Saunders & Ottley) Hardy's New Testament

Wilson's Mosses, 8vo. (Longmans) Redgrave's Century of Painters

Sturt's Two Expeditions in Australia Leathes' Truth in Life

Jukes' Voyage of the Fly,' 2 vols. 8vo. Sutton, A., Bookseller, 130 Portland Street, Manchester

White, T., 44 Booksellers' Row, W.C. Tower of London. 1840. Title-page

Spenser's Works, by Gilfillan, 5 vols. 8vo. green cl. Vol. 1 Chatterton's Works, 8vo. 1803. Vol. 1

Autobiography of Mary Granville (Mrs. Delany). 1st Carlton's Traits and Stories of the Irish Peasantry, 8vo.

Series. Vol. 2. Plate of Duchess of Queensberry 1813. Vol. 2

Ainsworth's Tower of London. 1st edit. 1840. First two Kinglake's Crimea, 8vo. Vols. 3, 4

pages of Preface Macaulay's England, 8vo. Vols. 4, 5

Williamson, G. C., Dunstanbeorh, Guildford

Manning and Bray's History of Surrey (especially Vol. 2) Sutton, J. A., Carlton Villas, Chorlton, Lancashire Berry's Views on Manchester and Liverpool Railway

Wilson, A., Bookseller, 18 Gracechurch Street, London, E.C. Any old Book Plates, dated or otherwise

Hook's (Theodore) Gilbert Gurney Gronow's Reminiscences. Any

Wrigley, J., 16 Londesborough Road, Scarborough Sutton, R. H., 25 Princess Street, Manchester

Burton's Pilgrimage to Mecca, 3 vols. 8vo. Numismatic Journal. Part 3, 4

Thomson's Beauty in Nature and Art, 4to. 1798 Numismatic Chronicle. 3, 4, 14, 41, 42, 45, 46, 47, 49

Manners' (Lady) Tour through Belgium, 4to. 1822. Bevan's Sand and Canvas

Hunt's (Leigh) Town, 2 vols. 1848 Carlisle's Genealogy of the Bland Family

Wyllie, D., & Son, Aberdeen Gilbert and Churchill's Dolomite Mountains

Wallace's Geographical Distribution of Animals, 2 vols.

Year Book of Pharmacy. 1886, 1887, 1888 Taylor & Son, 9 College Street, Northampton

Journal of the Victoria Institute. Vols. 17, 19, and after Sunday at Home for May 1862

Palestine Fund Statements. July 1871 ; Jan. 1872
Birch's Fasti Monastica Ævi Saxonici

Lindsay's Facsimile of Ancient Heraldic MS.
Evangelical Magazine. Nov. 1872
D'Arblay's Diary. 1842. Vols. 6, 7


uncut, of Lever, Thackeray, Ainsworth, Marryat, George an Meredith, Kingsley, Shelley, Keats, Lamb, Browning, Jesse.

Also Works Illustrated by Rowlandson, Leech, Doyle, &c.assorted Stock of all interesting subjects.

Charles Hutt, Clement's Inn Gateway, Strand, w.C. Olyett, 5 Endell Street, Long Acre, London, W.C.

second-hand Catalogues solicited.


BOOKS WANTED.-Booksellers and Private Individuals will

find it to their advantage to communicate with me before disposing elsewhere of any First Editions, in good condition, of the Works of Dickens, Thackeray, Lever, Ainsworth, Marryat, George Meredith,' Arnold, Kingsley, Shelley, Keats, Lamb, Browning, Jesse, Pardoe, Freer; also Books illustrated by G. or R. Cruikshank, T. Rowlandson, J. Leech, R. Doyle, W. Blake, T. Sibson, R. Seymour, &c.

WALTER T. SPENCER, 27 New Oxford Street, London, W.O.

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