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Scott, Clement, Lays and Lyrics, 1s.
Screw Cutting, Practical Notes, Calvert, 23. 6d.
Señora Villena and Gray, an Oldhaven Romanco, Wilcox, 6s.
Sent Back by the Angels, Langbridge (F.) new edit. 1s.
Serving the King, Harergal (Cecilia) &c., 2s. 6d.
Shamrock and Rose, Lunn (Mrs. G.) 2 vols. 218.
Singing, Sight, for Schvols, 23.
Smallpox, a Practical Treatise, Purdy (w.) 6d.
Snow Flakes, 9d.
Somebody and Nobody, a Tale, new edit. 25.
Southey, Select Poems, by R. Thompson, 18.
Spain, Old and New, Field (H. M.) 78. 6d.
Spain, Sunny, Patch (Olive) new edit. 5s,
Spring Days, a Novel, Moore (G.) 6s.
Statics, Graphic, Clarke (G. S.) 128. 61.
Stephen Elderby, a Novel, Dreury (A. H.) 2 vols. 218.
St. Nicholas, Visit, 9d.
Story He was Told, Hellis (Nellie) 6d.
Strange Fox Hunter and the Blank Sheet, Prosser (Mrs.) 1s.
Strange Manuscript in a Copper Cylinder, 5s.
Superior a Novel, Vallings (E. H.) 2 vols. 21s.

Surgery and Medicine, Altered Relations, Stokes (W.) 15.
Sylvia Arden, Crawfurd (Oswald) new edit. 1s.
Tales, American, Weird, ls.
Tales, German, Weird, ls.
Telegram Code, Inland and Foreign, Hauke (W. H.) 25. 6d.
Temple Bar, vol. 83, 53. 6d.
Terence Comedies, literally translated, vol. 1, 2s.6d.
That Other Person, Hunt (Mrs. Alfred) new edit. 2s.
The Greatest is Charity, Pau" (Mrs. H. B.) new edit. 28.
This Mortal Coil, Allen (G.) 3 vols. 313. 6d.
Threatening Eye, Knight (E. F.) new edit. 2s.
Too Curious, a novel, Goodman (E.) new edit. 2s. 60.
Traveller, Goldsmith (0.) with Notes by G. B. Hill, 1s.
Twilight Memories, Hutchinson (G. T.) 6d.
Two Enthusiasts, Green (E. Everett) 5s.
Tympanitis, Puncture of the Abdomen, Ogle (J. W.) 5s.6d.
Under the Snow, 9d.
Waterfowl, Ornamental, Hubbard (R.) 5s.
Weaker Vessel, Murray (D. Christie) 3 vols. 31s. 6d.
Whisk and Buzz, Garlick (Mrs. A. H.) 6d.
Youngest Miss Green, Robinson (F. W.) 3 vols 31s. 6d.



The occasional Noles in italics after the titles are only given in cases of short or obscure tilles appearing for the first time

They are not intended to be general, or to express any opinion on the literary merit of the books; the sole object being 10 erplain the tille-page, or to give such additional informition concerning the nature of the work as may appear to be required. All books are in cloth when not otherwise described.

31s, 6d. .......


Alexander (Mrs.)—By Woman's Wit : a Novel. 3rd edit. Cæsar : De Bello Civili. An easy Abridgment of. By H. 12mo. pp. 302, boards, 23. ..............F. V. White (4318 Awdry, M.A. With Maps and Plans. Fcp. pp. 175, 2s. 60.

Rivington (4332 Allen (G.)-For Maimie's Sake: a Tale of Love and Dynamite. New edit. Cr. 8vo. 3s. 6d. ......Chatto [4319 Cæsar-The Gallic War, Books I. and II. Edited by the

Rev. Charles E. Moberly, M.A. Fcp. pp. 123, 2s. Allen (G.)-This Mortal Coil : a Novel. 3 vols. Cr. 8vo.

Frowde [4333 ............Chatto (4320

Calvert's Practical Notes on Screw Cutting; with Auty (Annie, formerly Mrs. Tolson)-Annie : being a

Examples, Formulæ on Fractional, Decimal, Diametral, Faithful Account of the Life, Experience, and Labours of Millimetre and Rifle Pitches; various Tables of Change the Yorkshire and Lancasbire Revivalist. Written by Her.

Wheels for 1-8th, 1-4th, 3-8ths, 1-half, and 5.8th inch Pitch self. 4th and enlarged edit. cr. 8vo. (Leeds, Bean) pp. 250,

Guide-Screws; Notes on Screw.Cutting Tools. Ilustrated. 2s, 6d.........

.....Simpkin (4321 With Tables and Information usefu to Turners and Fitters,

by William Ward. 18mo. pp. 132, 2s. 6d. J. Heywood (1334 Badenoch (J. G.)-Art of Letter Painting made Easy. 4th edit. 12mo. pp. 52, 1s. 6d. (Weale's Series).. Lockwood (4322 Cambridge University Calendar for the Year

1888. Pp. 939, 6s, 6d.

...Bell & S. (4335 Beginner's Guide to Photography, showing How to

Buy a Camera and How to Use it; including Practical Cannan (E.)-Political Economy. Fcp. 154, sewed, 18. Remarks upon Photographic Apparatus generally, How to

Frowde (4336 take a Photograph, Development, Printing from the Negative, taking Instantaneous Pictures, producing Lantern Cedar Creek: a Tale of Canadian Life. New edit. post Slides, Photomicrography, and Enlarging. By a Fellow of 8vo. 2s. 6d. (Ver Series of 2s. 6d. Books) the Chemical Society. 2nd edit. 12mo. pp. 100, 1s.

Tract Society (4337 Perken (4323

Cervantes (De)--Adventures of Don Quixote. Post 8vn. Begant (W.) and Rice (J.)-The Case of Mr. Lucraft, and


Nicholson (4338 other Tales. Library edit. 8vo. pp. 362, 6s. ..Chatto (4324

Chambers (G. F.)--A Handbook for Eastbourne. 19th Black (C. B.) - Tourist's Car Guide to Jersey and Guern- edit. post 8vo. pp. 190, sewed, 1s. .......... Stanford (4339 sey. 2nd edit. 12 mo. (Edinburgh, Black) pp. 64, 1s.

Longmans (4325 Chapter in English Church History: being the

Minutes of the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge Boccaccio's Decameron, New Translation from the

for the Years 1698-1704 ; together with Abstracts of CorItalian, 1 vol. post 8vo. 58...... .......Mathieson (4326

respondents' Letters during part of the same period. Edited Bolderwood (R.)--Robbery under Arms: A Story of Life

by Rev. Edmund McClure. Svo. pp. 376, 53. and Adventure in the Bush and in the Goldfields of Aus.

Christian Knowledge Society (4310 tralia. 3 vols. Cr. 8vo. 31s. 60. ........ Remington (4327

Churchill (Major S.)--Forbidden Fruit for Young Men. Browning (R.)-Poetical Works. Vol. 5. New edit. post 3rd thousand. Cr. 8vo. pp. 279, sewed, Is..... Nisbet (4341

850. pp. 306, 58......... .......Smith & E. (1328 Clarke (Major G. S.)- The Principles of Graphic Statics: Bunyan (J.)-Pilgrim's Progress. With Illustrations by 2nd edit. 4to. pp. 174, 123. 6d.

........ Spon (4312 F. Barnard and others. Introductory Notice of the Author Colquhoun (J.)-The Moor and the Loch, containing by the Rev. W. Landels. 4to. pp. 240, 5s. Partridge (4329

Minute Instructions in all Highland Sports. New edit. Burns (R.)--The Cottar's Saturday Night. Illustrated by 8vo. pp. 513, 21s.........

....... Blackwood (4313 J. Stanley. - Roy. 16mo. pp. 28, 18. 60.; sewed, 19.

Nisbet (4330

Construction and Maintenance of School In

firmaries and Sanatoria, Prepared by the Council of the Buttercups and Daisies. Sq. sewed, 1s. M. Ward [ 1331 Medical Officers' Schools Association. With 13 Plates. Selections from th- ports, 16ith illustrations in colours.

..Churchill (1314 69......

8vo. pp. 46, 1s.

Copybeare (w. J.) and Howson (J. 8.)-Life and Good Pirates : a Semi-Historical Comic Opera, by MainEpistles of St. Paul. New edit. post 8vo. pp. 854, 6s.

ville, 1888. 12mo pp. 46, sewed, 1s......... Simpkin (4376

Longmans (1345 Goodman (E. J.)—-Paid in His Own Coin: a Novel...: Cooper (A. C.)-The Business Man's Vade-Mecum : con- vo's, crown 8vo. 31s, 6d.

...Bentley (4377 taining Discount and Commission Tables, Interest Tables, Money, Weights and Measures of all Nations, with their

Goodman (E. J.)-Too Curious : a Novel. New edit. post English Equivalents. Cr. 8vo. pp. 447, 3s. 6d. Deacon (4346 8vo. pp. 414, 28. 6d........

...Beutley (4378 Cooper (J. F.)-Jack Tier; or, the Florida Reef. With Gordon (Gen. C. G.)-Letters of, to his Sister, M. A. Introduction by Susan F. Cooper. Post 8vo. pp. 482, 3s. 61. Gordon. New edit. cr. 8vo. pp. 320, 3s. 6d. Macmillan (4379

Routledge (4347

Green (E. Everett-)-Two Enthusiasts. Illustrated by Craik (Mrs.)-Poems by the Author of 'John Halifax,

Edward Whymper. Post 8vo. 5s. (Sunflower Series) Gentleman'&c. Cr. 8vo. pp. 413, 68. .... Macmillan (4318

Tract Society (4380 Crawfurd (0.)-Sylvia Arden : a Novel. 3rd and cheaper

A tale, describing erperiences of a wealthy heiress and edit. cr. 8vo. pp. 381, sewed, 1s.................Paul [4349

her companion in their efforts to carry out their views on

social and religious questions. Crommelin (May)--Love the Pilgrim. Post 8vo. pp. 380, boards, 2s.

.... Routledge (4350 Greville (C. C. F.)-A Journal of the Reigns of King Dame Primrose : a Sequel to the Vicar of Wakefield.'

George IV., King William IV., and Queen Victoria. Edited

by Henry Reeve. New edit. Vol. 8. Post 8vo. pp. 378, Post 8vo. pp. 128, sewed, 18...............G. Potter (4351

...Longmans (4331 Daunt (W. J. O'Neill)-Essays on Ireland. Post 8vo. (Dublin, Gill) pp. 302, sewed, 1s. ...Simpkin (4352

Grossmith (G.)-Reminiscences : a Society Clown. Fcp.

(Arrowsmith: Bristol) pp. 192, 1s. 6d. ; sewed, 1s. (ArroiDay (Elizabeth)-My Playmates and I: a Story. Fcp. smiil's Bristol Library

...Simpkin (4382 PP. 88, ls, ........

..... Simpkin (4353

Halkett (S.) and Laing (J.)--Dictionary of the Anonymous Deacon's Handbook for Buyers and Sellers and and Pseudonymous Literature of Great Britain, including

Manual of Commercial Law: comprising Copious Tables the Works of Foreiguers written in, or translated into the showing Profit upon Returns &c. by J. W. Lewis; with a English Language. (4 vols.) Vol. 4. Roy. 8vo. pp. 686. Brief Exposition of the Laws relating to Patents, Insurance,


..Paterson (4383 Bankrupicy, &c. Cr. 8vo. pp. 335, 3s. 6d. .. Deacon [4354 Harding (Emily G.) - Leoline ; or, Captured and Rescued. Defoe (D.)-Tour through the Eastern Counties of England, Fcp. pp. 217, Is. 6d...

W. Scott (4381 1722. 8vo. pp. 192, 6d. ; sewed, 3d. (Cassell's National

A tale. Library)

......Cassell [4355

Hastings_(F.)-Back Streets and London Slums. Illns. Deland (Margaret)--The Old Garden, and other Verses. trated. Post 8vo. 18,

. Tract Society (4385 Cr. 8vo. 5s.

... Longmans (4356 Pictures illustrative of some fealurcs of the darker sides Derwent (L.)-A Daughter of Dives : a Romance. 3 vols.

of London life. post 8vo. 31s. 6d.

...Hurst (4367 Havergal (Cecilla) and others-Serving the King : Dinglay (M. J.)-For Pen and Pencil Sketches. With

Poems. 16mo. pp. 32, 28. 6d....... ....... Hawkins (4386 marginal Illustratiuns. 4to. (Glasgow, Bryce) 3s. 6d. Hawke (W. H.)--Inland and Foreiga Telegram Code, Simpkin (4358 32mo. pp. 40, 2s. 6d.

....... E. Wilson (4387 Sketches of English, Scottish, and Welsh scenery, with spaces for further sketches or descriptions.

Hawthorne (J.)-Love-or a Name. New edit. fep. pp. 279, boards, 2s.

......Chatto (4388 Dixon (J. H.)-Gairloch in North-west Ross-shire: its

Heavenly Peace. Sq. 32mo. sewed, 18.... .Drane (4389 Records, Traditions, Inhabitants, and Natural History,

Terts and ilustrations printed in colours. With a Guide to Gairloch and Loch Maree, and a Map and Illustrations, including Chapters by William Jolly, Rev. Hellis (Nellie)-The Story He was Told; or, the AdvenJohn McMurtrie, and Professor W. Ivison Macadam. 8vo. tures of a Teacup. 18mo. 6d. (Little Dol Series) (Edinburgh Co-operative Printing Co.) 6s... Simpkin (1359

Tract Society (4390 Drewry (A. H.)-Stephen Elderby: a Novel. 2 vols. Cr.

Hindered and Helped : a Story for Boys. Illustrated. 8vo. 218...

Post 8vo. 2s. .....T. F. Unwin (4360

. Tract Society (4391

Hinton (C. H.)-A New Era of Thought. Cr. 8vo. pp. 272, Dumas (A.)-Varguerite de Valois : an Historical Romance.

48. 6d.

Sonnenschein (4392 New edit. 8vo. pp. 184, sewed, 61. ..., Routledge (4361

On the more modern developments of Thought, Scepticism Emmerson (H. H.) and Sowerby (J. G.)-- Afternoon

and Science, F'unctionof the Mind, &c. Tea Painting-Book : a Collection of Outline Engravings His Last Passion : a Sensational and Realistic Story of for Water-Colour Painting. 4to. pp. 88, sewed, ls.

English Modern Life. By Martius. Post 8vo. pp. 246. Warne (4362 boards, 28. .......

........ Hansom Cab Co. (4393 Evans (T.)- Midland Handbook of Grammar Questions,

Hoey (Mrs. C.)-All or Nothing. Cr. 8vo. pn. 396, 23. 64. ; with Answers after each Question, for all the Standards II. boards, 2s........

.... Blackett (4394 to VII. 12mo. sewed, 60..... ....... Simpkin (4363 Fagge (C. H.) and Smith (P. H. Pye-)—Principles and

Holidays Afloat: a Hanibook of Coasting Trips an i Practice of Medicine. 2nd edit. 2 vols. pp. 2122, 385.

Ocean Voyages. Edited by Thomas Rhodes. With specially Churchill (4364 engraved Map of the World, 1883-9. 16 mo. pp. 218, boards,

.Philip (4395 Fenn (G. M.)-The Van with a Shadow: a Novel. 3 vols. cr. 8vo. 318, 6d.

Ward & D. (4365

Hubbard (Hon. Rose) (Henwife') Ornamental

Waterfowl: a Practical Manual on the Acclimati-ation of Field (H. M.) -Old and New Epain. 8vo. pp. 294. 78. 6d. Swimming Birds; with Description of 130 Species. Cr.

Ward & D. (4366 8vo. (Walsall, Robinson) pp. 217, 5s.........Simpkiu (4336 Findlay (Jessie P.)– The Lost Tide. Cr. 8vo. (Edinburgh; Hudson (F.)—The Last Hurdle: a Story of Sporting an! Oliphant) pp. 192, 1s. 6d. ; sewed, 1s....... Hamilton (4367

Courting. Post 860. pp. 312, 3s. 61. Ward & D. (4397 First Nowell. 16mo. sewed, 18. ..........M. Ward (4368 Hant (Mrs. A.) - That Other Person : a Novel. New elit. Flint (Catherine S.)-Imps. Sq. 16mo. boards. 23.

12mo. pp. 316, boards, 23. ......... ......Chatto (4393

M. Ward (4369
Comical pictures of some mischievous children.

Hunter (Ella)-Santo Lucia and Co. in Austria : Where

they've been and what tbey've seen, where they stayed and Forster (Rt. Hon. W. E.)-Life of. By T. Wem vrg

what they paid. Cheap edit. post 8vo. dewel ls, Reid. 4th edit. 2 vols. 8vo. pp. 1171, 32s... Chapman (4370

Blackwoods (4399 Foster Brothers of Doon. By the Author of Cedar Hurlbert (W. H.)-Ireland under Coercion : the Diary of

Creek. Xew edit. post 8vo. 28. 6d. (Ner Series of 28. 61. an American, 3 vols. post 8vo. (Edinburgh, Douglas) pp.

. Tract Society (4371
570, 15s.

........ Hamilton (4400 Garlick (Mrs. A. H.)-Whisk and Buzz: Story for Little Children. 16mo. pp. 64, 6d. ................ Blackie (4372 Hutchinson (G. T.)- Twilight Memories in Picture and

Poem, illustrated by George H. Edwards and Alfred WoolGautier (T.)-Avatar: or, the Doble Transformation. ruff. Sq. 16mo, sewed, 6d.

.. Hodder (4401 Post 8vo. pp. 220, sewed, 1s. (Capital Stories) Vizetelly (4373 Ibsen (H.)-The Pillars of Society, and other Plays. Edited, Glover (R.)-The Beatitudes. 18mo. 18. 6d. (Companions with an Introduction, by Havelock Ellis. pp. 344, for a Quiet Hour) ..... Tract Society (4374 1s. (Camelot Clussics)

........ W. Scott (4402 Goldsmith (0.)--The Traveller. Edited, with Introduc. Illustrated Book of American Humour, containing

tion and Notes, by George Birkbeck Hill. Fcp. pp. 63. Selections from Mark Twain, Bill Nye, and others. 8vo. sewed, ls. ......Frowde (4376 pp. 192, sewed, 1s.

Saxon (4403

Is. 6d......


Kelly (Mrs. Tom)-Memories. Illustrated by Tom Kelly. | Murphy (Louisiana)--Dunmore; or, the Days of the 8vo. sewed, 2s.

... Drane (4404 Land League : an Irish Dramatic Episode of our Own Three poems, with illustrations,

Times. 8vo. (Dublin, Gill), pp. 58, sewed, ls.

Simpkin (4435 Kempis (T.)-of the Imitation of Christ. A new and revised Translation. Fcp. plain, 1s. 6d. ; red edges, 2s.

Neale (A)-Eczema. Cr. 8vo. Is. 6d. ... Trübner (4136

Griffith (4405 Ogle (J. W.)-On the Relief of Excessive and Dangerous Knight (E. F.)--The Threatening Eye. 3rd edit. post

Tympanitis by Puncture of the Abdomen : a Memoir. 8vo. 8v0. pp. 334, boards, 2s. (Vizetelly s One Volume Norels)

pp. 112, 5s, 60.

......Churchiil (4437 Vizetelly (4406 Osborne (E.)-The Saviour King: Instructions to Children Kock (C. P. de)—The Courtezan. Post 8vo. pp. 246, sewed, on Old Testament Types and Illustrations of the Life of 1s.

......Mathieson (4407 our Lord Jesus Christ; with Outline Illustrations. 18mo. A novel. 3s, 6d.

.. Rivingtons (4438 Langbridge (F.)--Sent Back by the Angels, and other Our Father's Love. Sq. 16mo. sewed, 1s..... Drane (4439 Ballads of Home and Homely Life. New edit. post 8vo.

Texts and illustrations printed in colours. pp. 126, sewed, ls.......

.......Cassell (4408 Ovid- Fasti. Books I. and II. With English Notes by F. A Law (A.)– The Loss of the Empire ; or, a Revelation of the

Paley. 3rd edit. revised, 12mo. pp. 144, 2s. (Cambridge

......Bell & s. [4440 Alarming Condition of our National Defences. 12mo. pp. 64, sewed, 6d.

...... Hansom Cab Co. (4409 Ovid-Fasti. Books III. and IV. With English Notes by Lecky (Susan and Elizabeth)–From First to Last; or,

F. A. Paley. 3rd edit, revised, 12mo. pp. 134. 28. (Camthe Current of Life. With Illustrations by Bertha Maguire

bridge Texts.)

Bell & S. (4441 and E. W. Andrews. Roy. 16mo. pp. 36, sewed, 1s.

Oxley (W. H.)--T Fisher Folk of Filey Bay : Poems,

Birn [4410 chiefly in the Yorkshire Dialect. 2nd edit. 4to. (ScarLecky (Susan and Elizabeth)-Peeps into Child-Life. borough, Dennis) pp. 46, sewed, ls. 6d. .... Simpkin (4142

With Illustrations by Emily J. Harding Roy. 16mo: pp: Patch (Olive) - Sunny Spain: its People and Places. 20, Is.

.......Birn [4411

Cheap edit, roy. 8vo. boards, 5s....... ...Cassell [4443 Lecky (Susan and Elizabeth) — Town and Country

In correction of an entry in our number for August 1. Children. With Rhymes by S. and E. Lecky, and Illustra- Paul Porter and his Brothers. By the Author of tions by Emily J. Harding. Roy, 16mo. pp. 18, 1s.

Merry and Grave.' Post 8vo. pp. 376, 2s. (Windsor
Birn [4412

..Jarrold (4444 Lefébure (E.)-Embroidery and Lace : their Manufacture and History: a Handbook for Amateurs, Collectors, and

Paull (Mrs. H. B.)-The Greatest is Charity. 5th edit. General Readers. Translated and enlarged, with Notes, by

post 8vo. pp. 404, 25. (Windsor Library) ....Jarrold (4445 Alan S. Cole. 156 Woodcuts. Cr. 8vo. pp. 336, 12s.6d. Paull (Mrs. H. B.)Mabel Berrington's Faith, and other

Grevel [4113

Stories. 4th edit. post 8vo. pp. 418, 2s. (Windsor Library) Leslie (T. E. C.)-Essays in Political Economy. 2nd edit.

Jarrold (4446 8vo. (Dublin, Hodges) pp. 446, 103. od..... Longmans (4414 Perelaer (T. H.)—Baboe Dalima ; or, the Opium Fiend.

Cr. 8vo. 78, 6d.

...... Vizetelly (4147 Lester (H. F.)-Hartas Maturin : a Novel. 3 vols. cr. 8vo. 31s. 6d.

... Bentley (4415 Phædrus-Fables. Books I. and II. With an Introduction,

Notes, and a Vocabulary. Post 8vo. pp. 90, 18. (Orford Lindley (P.)-Walks in the Ardennes. New edit. Oblong,

and Cambridge Classics.)

..Gill (4448 6d. and 1s.

......Lindley (4416

Picture Stories for Children. Post 8vo. 1s. Little Boy Blue: a Collection of Nursery Rhymes, with

Tract Society (4449 Pictures. 8vo, boards, 2s. 6d......... .....M. Ward (4417 Pike (G. H.)-Beneath the Blue Sky: Preaching in the

Open-Air. With Contributions by John Macgregor, M.A., Little Songs for Little Singers. Songs by F. E. and Gawin Kirkham. With Portraits and Illustrations. Weatherly and others. Selected and arranged by Uncle Cr. 8vo. pp. 302, 3s. 6d.

Hodder (4450 Harry. Sq. 16 mo, sewed, 1s. 6d.

... Drane [4418 Partly a reprint of articles from Sword and Trowel and Livingstone (David) His Life and Travels in Africa.

Sunday Magazine, with hints on preaching al fuirs and With extracts from Mr. Stanley's Letters on his Expedition Plato - Easy Selections from. By Arthur Sidgwick. Fep.

races, adventures of streel preachers, &c. in search of him, and a Note on Africa and African Dis. covery. By James Donald. Fcp. pp. 258, 15. 60.

pp. 152, 33. 60.

. Rivingtons (4451 W. Scott (4419 Plutarch's Lives of Dion, Brutus, Artaxerxes, Galba, and Livy-Book XXII. With Introduction and Notes by M. T. Otho. Translated by J. and W. Langhorne. 18mo. pp. 192,

Tatham, M.A. Fcp. pp. 148, 28. 6d. (Clarendon Press 6d. ; sewed, 3d. (Cassell's National Library.) Cassell [4452 Series).

... ....Frowde (4420

Poley (A. P.) and Dethridge (F.)-A Handbook on the Longridge (C. C.)-The Formation of English Writers. Electric Lighting Act, 1882 ; and Hints to Local Authorities,

Part I. Revised edit. Fcp. 8vo. 28.........Simpkin (4421 explanatory Notes, and Amended Rules of the Board of Lunn (Mrs. G.)-Shamrock and Rose: a Novel. 2 vols.

Trade; also detailed information expressly prepared for cr. 8vo. 2 ls.

.T.F. Unwin (4422

the use of Metropolitan Vestries and Electric Lighting

Companies. Post 8vo. pp. 114, 2s. ........ Simpkin (4453 Lytton (Lord)-My Novel; or, Varieties in English Life. Pocket vol. edit. 18m). pp. 342, 1s., ls. 6d., and 2s.

Pollard (M. M.)-Dorothy Tresilis : a Cornish Tale. IllusRoutledge (4423

trated. Post 8vo. boards, 1s. 6d....... Tract Society (4454 MacDowall (A, B.)-Curve Pictures of London. For the

Prentiss (Mrs. E.)-Nidworth's Choice ; or, the Three Social Reformer. Crown 8vo. pp. 49, 1s. ........ Low (4424

Wands, with illustrations. 12mo. pp. 214, sewed, 1s.; cloth, 1s. 6d. (Star Series)

...... Warne (4 155 Marryat (Capt.)- The King's Own. Post 8vo. yp. 382, 28.; Prosser (Mrs.)-The Strange Fox Hunter and the Blank sewed, ls. (Cassell's Red Library).. ..Cassell [4125

Sheet. Post 8vo. Is. (Large Type Series) May (Rose E.)--In and Out and Round About. With

Tract Society (4456 Rhymes by Rose E. May, and Illustrations by Emily J. Purdy (w.)--Small Pox. A Practical Treatise on the Small Harding. 4to. pp. 20, 1s. 60. ........Birn Brothers (4426 Pox Epidemic : its Cause, its Symptoms, its Treatment,

and its Cure. Mayne (C. B.)-Infantry Fire Tactics, 2nd edit. Post 8vo.

Within the reach of every mother and

housewife. Also Vaccination : its Merits and Demerits. (Chatham, Gale & P.), pp. 538, 6s........... Simpkin (4427

12mo. pp. 40, sewed, 6d.

.Heywood (4457 Miles (A. H.)-The 1888 Reciter. 4to. 1s.'..Simpkin (4428 Raven (J. H.)- Latin Exercises, in the Oratio Obliqun. Millington (T. 8.)-The Latch Key. Illustrated. Post Fcp. pp. 95, Is. 6d.

.. Rivington (4458 8vo. 2s...

Tract Society (4429 Rawle (J. S.)-Practical Plane and Solid Geometry. A story sketching the difficulties and trials of London clerks.

Scales and Pattern Drawing. Revised and enlarged edit.

With nearly 600 Diagrams. Cr. 8vo. pp. 132, 1s. 6d. : Minto (W.)-The Mediation of Ralph Hardelot: a Novel. sewed, ls.

..Simpkin (4559 3 vols. cr. 870. 31s. 60,

Macmillan (4430

Reynolds (G. W. M.)-Master Timothy's Book-Case; or, Mrs. Morse's Girls: a Story of American Life. Illus. the Magic Lantern of the World. With 22 Illustrations by trated. Post 8vo. 3s, 6d...

. Tract Society (4431 Henry Anelay. 8vo. pp. 150, sewed, 6d. (Dicks'. English Modern Circe: a Novel. By the Author of Molly Bawn,'


..Dicks (4460 &c. New edition in 1 vol. Cr. 8vo. pp. 395, 33. 6d.

Robinson (F. W.)—The Youngest Miss Green : a Novel.

Ward & D. (4432 3 vols. cr. 8vo. 313. 6d...... ......Hurst & B. (4 161 Moore (G.)-Spring Days : a Realistic Novel. A Prelude Roll and Memo. Book for the use of Field Com.

to Don Juan. Post 8vo. pp. 370, 68. (Vizetelly's One Vol. panies, Royal Engineers. 3rd edit. fcp. (Chatham, Gale) Novels)

Vizetelly (4433 pp. 150, 2s. (Gale's Military Series)..........Simpkin (4462 Murray (D. C.)-The Weaker Vessel : a Novel. 3 vols. Routledge's Every Boy's Annual, 1889.-Roy. 8vo. cr. 8vo. 31s. 6d. ... Macmillan (4434 6s...

... Routledge (4463 pp. 28, Is...

Sarah Deck's Victory. By the Author of 'Redcar Lee.' Thompson (S.P.)-Dynamo-Electric Machinery: a Manual 3rd edit. post 8vo. pp. 372, 28. (Windsor Library)

for Students of Electrotechnics. 3rd edit. enlarged and Jarrold (4464 revised, 8vo. pp. 666, 16s.

........ Spon (4487 Scott (C.)--Lays and Lyrics. 18mo. pp. 320, 18. (Pocket Tinseau (Léon de)--The Chaplain's Secret. Translated Library)

..Routledge (4465

from the French by Annie Vizetelly. Post 8vo. pp. 184, Searle (Mrs, W.)-Paul Haddon. 2nd edit. post 8vo. pp.

sewed, 1s........

Vizetelly [4488 342, 2s. (Windsor Library)....

..Jarrold (4466

Under the Snow. By the Author of 'Heroes and Famous Searle (Mrs. W.)-Redcar Lee. Post 8vo. pp. 372, 2s, Men of Old.' 12mo, 9d.

......Tract Society (4489 (Windsor Library)

.......Jarrold (4467

Valentin's Tables for the Qualitative Analysis of Seymour's Humorous Sketches. By Alfred Crowquill. Simple and Compound Substances. 3rd edit. revised by New edit, roy. 8ro. 21s. ......

...T. Miles (4468 Dr. Hodgkinson, assisted by H. Chapman-Jones and F. E. Shadwell (Mrs. Lucas)-My Brother's Love. Illustrated.

Matthews. 8vo. pp. 45, 2s. 6d....... .Churchill (4490 12mo. Is. (Shilling Volumes for the Young.)

Vallings (E. H.)- The Superior Sex: a Novel. 2 vols. Tract Society (4469 cr. 8vo, 21s...

..F. V. White (4491 Shaw (J.)-The Golden Halcombes. Popular edit. post 8vo. Verne (J.)-Kéraban the Inflexible. Part I. The Captain (Belfast, Otley) pp. 236, sewed, Is. ....... Simpkin (4170

of the Guidara. Illus. cr. 8vo. pp. 176, 25... ....Low (4192 Sight-Singing for Schools, Post 8vo. 2s.

National Society (4471

Visit of St. Nicholas. 12mo. sewed, 9d. .... Drane [4493 Silk (J. F. W.)--A Manual of Nitrous-Oxide Anästhesia

A poem for Christmas, with Illustrations in monotint. for the Use of Students and General Practitioners, 8vo. Ward (C. S.)-North Devon (including West Somerset) pp. 118, 5s.

.....Churchill (4172 and North Cornwall, from Exmoor to the Scilly Isles. 4th Sinnett (A, P.)-Esoteric Buddhism. 6th edit. annotated

edit. 12mo. pp. 174, 38. 6d.

.......Dulau (4494 and enlarged by the Author. Post 8vo. pp. 258, 4s.

Weird Tales: American, 18mo. Is.... Paterson (4495

Chapman (4473 Snow Flakes. 18mo. sewed, 9d.

Drane (4474

Weird Tales-German. 18mo. ls. ........Paterson [4196 A poem, with illustrations in monolint.

Wiegand (W. J.)-Our Little Pet's Alphabet. 4to. sewed,

Tuck (4197
Somebody and Nobody: a Tale by Author of 'Paul
Haddon. 3rd edit. post 8vo. pp. 374,2s. (Windsor Library.) Wilcox (Marrion)-Real People. New edit. 12mo. pp.

Jarrold (4475
244, 3s. 6d.

... Low (4498 Southey(R.)-Selections from the Poems of Robert Southey. Wilcox (Marrion)-Señora Villena ; and Gray : an Old

Edited with Biographical and Critical Introduction by
Sidney R. Thompson.

haven Romance. 2 vols. in l. Post ovo. pp. 256, 63. Sq. 16mo. pp. 304, ls. (Canterbury

Low (4199 Pots)

........ Scott (4476

Wills (G. S.' V.)-Chemistry. Vol. 1. Inorganic. Post Stevenson (R. L.)-The Black Arrow: a Tale of the Two

8vo. pp. 154, 3s.

...Simpkin (4500 Roses, Crown 8vo. 58.

......Cassell (4477

Wilson's Tales of the Borders and of Scotland. Stockton (F. R.)-A Jolly Fellowship. Illustrated. Cr. Revised by Alexander Leighton. Vol. 10. 12mo. pp. 284, Svo. pp. 310, 2s. 6d. .W. Scott (4478 1s.

.......W. Scott (4501 Stokes (Sir W.)-The Altered Relations of Surgery to Winter (J. S.)-Beautiful Jim : a Story of Army Life. Medicine. Cavendish Lecture delivered at the West 2 vols, cr. 8vo. 21s.

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There was an Old Woman who Lived in a shoe.
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Hurst & B. (4508


Allard (Alph.)--Etude sur la crise agricole, commerciale et Monumenta linguæ Palæoslovenicæ collecta et in

ouvrière et ses causes monétaires en Angleterre. 4to. lucem elita cura et opera Emiliani Kaluzniacki. Tomus I. Bruxelles, 7s. 6d.

.[4509 Evangeliarium Putnanum. 8vo. Teschenæ, 248.......[4517 Banning (Emile) -- Pariage politique de l'Afrique d'après Neulif-L'Utopie contemporaine. Sm. 8vo. Paris, 3s. (4518

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nischen Hauptbriefen, 8vo. Berlin, 9s, 6d. ..........(4520 8vo. Paris, 3s. 6d.........


Wilkit (Christ. Gottl.) Clavis Novi Testamenti philoHofmann (A.)-Märchenschatz, Sammlung der schönsten Märchen von Grimm, Hanff, Andersen, Bechstein, u. a.

logica, ed. C. L. W. Grimm; oder Lexicon Græco-Latinum

in libros Novi Testamenti, auctore Carolo L. W. Grimm. Col. plates and illust. 8vo. Fürth, 38. 6d. ..[4513 Ed. 3. 8vo. Lipsia, 158........

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8vo. Lindau (Paul)-Wunderliche Leute, kleine Erzählungen.

über R. Wagners Werke vom Ring bis zum Graal.
Leipzig, 3s. 6d.

.. (4522 Sm. 8vo. Breslau, 63.

...(4515 Marcelin Souvenirs de la vie parisienne. Préf. par H. Zaccone-Réflexions philosophiques d'un vieux solitaire. Taine. Sm. 8vo. Paris, 38. 60.... (4516 Sm. 8vo. Paris, 3s,

. [4623



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Special attention is called to our New Season's Cards, which present great riety of Artistic Designs, and comprise Original Verse by the most skilful Ilriters in this department, as FREDERICK LANGBRIDGE, M. S. HAYCRAFT, MRS. WALTON (Author of Peep Behind the Scenes,' Sc.), Edith E. CUTHELL, MARY E. ROPES, MARY KEMBLE MARTIN, and the late CHARLOTTE ELLIOTT. For number of Cards in the Packet, and for the quality of the Chromo-lithographic Work, they will furourably compare with any in the market. SHILLING PACKETS.

Pack et Yo. Packet No.

16. Trees and Fruits of the Holy Land. 1. Christmas Verses. A Packet of Four

A Packet of Twelve (ards, two of a sort (size 4 by Cards (size 54 by 14 inches), with embossed Flowers

37 inches), with Palestine Trees and Fruits :- The and gold bevelled edges. Scripture Texts and

Cedar--The Fig - The Almond — The Vine - The Seasonable Wishe3.

Palm-The Olive. With appropriate Texte 2. New Year Verses. A Packet of Four

EIGHTPENNY PACKETS. gilt-edged Cards (size 54 by 4 inches). Same designs as No. 1, but with New Year Wishes. By M. S. 17. Poems for the Young. A Packet of HAYCRAFT.

Six Folding Cards (size 45 by 38 inches), with floral

design back and front, and poem on the inner pages, 4. The Charlotte Elliott Packet. Four

by Mrs. 0. F. WALTON, the popular Author of gilt-edged Cards (size 5 by 44 inches). Same

"Christie's Old Organ,'' A Peep behind the Scenes,' &c. designs as No. 1. With Verses by CHARLOTTE ELLIOTT, the Author of 'Just as I am' &c. For

18. 'He is Faithful that Promised.' A circulation at all seasons.

Packet of Twelve Cards (size 51 by 31 incbes). Scrip

ture Promises, with pretty sunset and suprise views 5. Christmas Texts and Verses. A

and floral corner pieces ; rounded corners and gilt l'acket of Six beautifully printed Cards (size 54 by

edges. 41 inches) of Children and Flowers, With Em bossed Centre Panel and gilt bevelled edges. With

SIX PENNY PACKETS. Scripture Texts, and Verses by MARY E. ROPEs, and

20. Christmas Joy. A Packet of Twelve Seasonable Mottoes.

Cards (size 14 by 3 inches), with delicately prioted 6. New Year Texts and Verses. A

little Vigneties of Cottage, Castle, and Rocks and Packet of six Cards (size 54 by 4 inches) with

Wild Flowers. Original Christmas Verses by designs, embossed centre panel, and bevelled gilt

EDITH E. CUTHELL. edges as No. 5, but with New Year Texts and

21. New Year Joy. A Packet of Twelve Mottoes, and Verses by MARY E. Rol'Es.

Cards (size 44 hy 3 inches), with Vignettes. Same 7. Scripture Texts and Verses. A

designs as No. 20. Original Verses for the New Year Packet of six Cards (size 54 by 41 inches) with

by EDITH E. COTABLL. designs, embossed centre panel, and bevelled gilt 22. The Mrs. Walton Packet. Twelve edges as No. 5. For all seasons. Original Verses by

Cards (size 31 by 27 inches). Floral designs, with MARY E. ROPES.

Original Poems for the Young by Mrs. O. F. WALTON, 8. Christmas Messages. A Packet of

the popular Author of 'A Peep behind the Scenes,

Little Dot,' 'Christie's Old Organ,' &c. Twelve Cards (size 54 by 3* inches) with pretty Landscape Studies. Original Verses by MARY E. ROPES. 23. “He hath said.' A Packet of Twelve

Cards (size 41 by 3 inches), with Scripture Promises, 9. New Year Messages. A Packet of

and beautifully printed towers on canvas-grained Twelve Cards (size 6 by 37 inches) with Land

carus with gilt edges. For all seasons. scapes as No. 8, Original Verses by MANY E. ROPES, and New Year Mottoes.

24. Christmas and New Year Cards. A

Packet of Twelve Cards (size 41 by 3 inches), with 10. The Frederick Langbridge Packet.

Texts and seasonable Mottoes. Same designs as Twelve Cards (size 51 by 32 inches), with Land

No. 23. scapes as No. 8, and Christmas and New Year Verses

25. Bright Flowers for Dark Days. A by the Rev. FREDERICK LANGBRIDGE, M.A.

Packet of Twelve Cards (size 4 by 22 inchies), with 11. Christmas Wishes. A Packet of Six

Christmas and New Year Texts and pretty floral Cards (size 6 by 4 inches), with charming little

designs. Coloured Views of Scenes on the River Thames :- 26. The Rainbow of Promise. A facket Marlow, Hurley, and Medmentam. Each Card has

of Twelve Cards (size 41 by 24 inches), with Scripan Original Veree by MARY E. ROPks, and a Christmas

ture Promises. Same designs as No. 25. For all wish, 12. New Year Wishes. A Packet of Six 26*. Illuminated Texts, with Outlines Cards (size 6 by 44 inches), with Views on the

for Painting. A Set of Twelve Texts, printed in River Thames az No. 11, but with Original Verses

Gold and Colours, the text being repeated in outline for the New Year by MARY E. RPEs, and appro

below on each Card. Forming a useful exercise for priate good wishes.

Sunday half-hours. On cards 6h by 44 inches, 13, Christmas Greetings. A Packet of

Twelve Cards (eize 6 by 37 inches, with little Winter
Scenes and Flowers, nicely printed in Monotint, 27. Christmas and New Year Mottoes.
and Silver. Each Card has a Christmas Motto and a

A Packet of Twelve Cards (size 37 by 21 inches),
Verse by MARY E. ROPES.

with seasonable Texts and Mottoes, inclosed in

floral wreaths. 14. New Year Greetings. A Packet of

Twelve Cards (size 5 by 3 inches), with Winter 28. Blessings for the Young. A Packet
Scenes and Flowers in Monotint and Silver as No.

of Twelve Cards (size 37 by 24 inches), with same 13. With New Year Mottoes and Verses by MARY

designs as No. 27, and with Texts for Young People, E. ROPES.

suited for distribution at all seasons. 15. Flowers of the Holy Land. A Packet

FOLDING CARDS. of Twelve Cards, two of a sort (size 47 by 3] incbes), with small Eastern Views and Palestine Flowers :- Folding Cards—Just as I am,' and other Pheasant's Eye-Bongardia-Star of Bethlebem

Poems by CHARLOTTE ELLIOTT. With Floral Design Fumitory-Rock Stock--Syrian Speedwell. With

back and front, the Hymns in Gold and a Cclour, Texts appropriate to the designs,

forming the inside. Four sorts. 60, each. THE RELIGIOUS TRACT SOCIETY, 56 Paternoster Row.


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