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20–308.2 Criteria for Establishing. This two position alpha/numeric control code is required for Military Standard Contract Administration Procedures (MILSCAP) processing and may also be used in contracts administered by each Service/Agency. Under MILSCAP, the ACRN is required to associate the Accounting Classification Trailer Record, the Supplies Schedules Data Record and the Services Line Item Data Record with the long line accounting classification. The reference number is also used to associate the various record formats of the Contract Payment Notice as described in Chapter 16 of the MILSCAP Manual, DOD 4105.63–M.

20–308.3 Procedures for Using the Accounting Classification Reference Number (ACRN).

(a) The ACRN will be any combination of a two position alpha/numeric code assigned discretely to each accounting classification within each contract. The letters “I” and “O” shall not be used.

(b) This code will be shown as a detached prefix to the long line accounting classification number in the Accounting and Appropriation Data block and/or Section K (Contract Administration Data) of the contract, except that accounting classification numbers included in the contract only for the information of the Transportation Officer for citation on Government bills of lading for shipment at Government expense of items on an f.o.b. origin contract need not be prefixed with an ACRN.

(c) If more than one ACRN is assigned in the contract, the ACRN shall also be shown in the contract Schedule as follows:

(i) The ACRN shall be shown adjacent to the identity code of each

“Ship To/Mark For," unless the procedure in (ii) or (iii) below is used. Only one ACRN may be assigned to the same “Ship To/Mark For" within the same contract line or subline item number, except in rare cases when multiple accounting classifications apply to a single unit so the quantity cannot be subdivided to relate to a single accounting classification. In such case, the contract shall provide sufficient information under the heading “Payment Instructions for Multiple Fund Accounting Citations” to permit proper payment and

fund accounting; (ii) If only one accounting classification applies to a subline item, the

ACRN may be shown in the Supplies/Services column near the

subline item description; (iii) If only one accounting classification applies to a line item, the ACRN

may be shown in the Supplies/Services column near the line item

description; and (iv) The ACRN shall be shown in the contract Schedule in the following manner:

ACR:1D (v) For cost reimbursement type contracts the provisions of this para

graph (c) do not apply. (d) The purchasing office executing a contract, basic ordering agreement, or blanket purchase agreement is responsible for control of assignment of ACRNs pertaining thereto. Contract or agreement provisions which provide for the issuance of contract modifications (including provisioned item order modifications), calls, orders, or work requests by organizations other than the purchasing office executing the contract or agreement will contain instructions for ACRN assignment. This may be accomplished by individual assignments as funds are cited, by assignment of blocks of ACRNs to offices authorized to issue contract modifications, calls, orders or work requests or by some other appropriate method. In no case, however, will an ACRN apply to more than one long line accounting classification in a contract. The authority to control ACRN assignment shall not be delegated to another office by the purchasing office issuing the contract or agreement.

20–309 Indefinite Delivery Type Contracts.

(a) When an indefinite delivery type contract includes provisions wherein the price of an item is determined at the time a delivery order is issued based on such factors as the quantity to be ordered, (e.8., 10–99 at $1.00, 100-249 at $.98, and 250 or more at $.95), the FOB provision, the destination, or the type pack required in the delivery order, it shall not be necessary to assign a separate line item number in the indefinite delivery type contract to each price for the same item. Each line or subline item in the individual delivery order, however, shall cite only one of the unit prices in the indefinite delivery type contract.

(b) Except as noted in (a) above, criteria for contract line item assignment (see 20–303) shall be applicable to indefinite delivery type contracts.

Part 4-Distribution of Procurement Documents

20–401 Distribution of Procurement Documents.

(a) Except as provided in (f) and (g) below, the basic contract and all modifications thereto shall receive the same distribution.

(b) The contracting officer executing a contract or modification is responsible for complete distribution of the document within ten working days after execution. The purchasing office shall, upon assignment of the contract, furnish the contract administration office the contract distribution list and shall provide changes to the list as they occur.

(c) Except as provided in this paragraph and in (d)(i)(C) below, the procuring contracting officer shall maintain the original executed procurement document in the official contract file. The original of each modification executed by the ACO or TCO shall be provided to the PCO. Unless otherwise directed by the Department concerned, the original executed copies of orders under Basic Ordering Agreements (3-410.2) and the original executed provisioning orders (4-302.2) shall be maintained by the office issuing the orders.

(d) Except as provided in (f) below, copies of contracts (including agreements) and modifications shall be distributed as specified below:

(i) one signed copy or one reproduced copy of the signed contract and

each modification thereto to:
(A) the contractor (this copy shall be stamped “Duplicate

(B) the contract administration office;
(C) the payment office, except the original executed order and, as

required by Departmental regulations, additional copies of a purchase order for open market purchases of $10,000 or less, delivery order(s), and Federal Supply Schedule orders, and each modification thereto shall be distributed to the payment office. For those assigned to DCAS, only the original executed order is required which shall be sent directly to the DCAS payment of

fice (not with the CAO copies); (D) each accounting and finance office (funding office) whose funds

are cited in the contract;
(ii) in addition to the distribution in (i) above, additional copies shall be

distributed as follows:
(A) four copies to the contract administration office (distribution

shall be effected simultaneously with the copy furnished in

(d)(i)(B) above; (B) one copy to each consignee indicated in the contract (a trans

shipping terminal is not a consignee); (C) one copy to the appropriate transportation office when required

by 19–402 and additional copies as required by Departmental

regulations; (D) ten copies to the MIPR initiating activity in the case of coor

dinated procurement;

(E) two copies directly to the contract administration office cogni

zant of each manufacturing location where contract administration services will be required (see DoD Directory of Contract Administration Services Components 4105.59H), when administration of the contract is performed at other than the place of

(F) one copy of each of the following type contracts and of each

modification thereto to the appropriate Defense Contract Audit
Agency (DCAA) field audit office (listed in the DCAA Directo-
ry-Headquarters and Field Offices):
(I) cost reimbursement; time and materials, or labor-hour con-

(II) fixed price contract with redetermination, incentive,

economic price adjustment or cost allowability provisions; (III) any other contract which requires audit service (if there is a question as to the appropriate DCAA field audit office, contracting officers may request the assistance of the DCAA procurement liaison auditor or the nearest DCAA field

audit office); and (G) one copy to the CAO ADP point, except when the DODAAD

code (see DoD Directory 4105.59H) is the same as that of

either the CAO or payment office. (e) When a payment office is added to an existing contract by modification, a copy of the basic contract and prior modifications shall be furnished to such office. When a contract administration office, an accounting and finance office (funding office), a consignee or other activity is added by a modification, the contracting officer shall determine the extent to which each activity is concerned with the basic contract and modifications and make distribution accordingly.

(f) Distribution of modifications issued pursuant to 20–204.3(a)(ii)(B) and 20–204.4(b)(ii) may be limited to the following:

(i) Contractor;
(ii) Receiving Activity;
(iii) Contract Administration Office;
(iv) Payment Office;

(v) CAO ADP point in accordance with (d)(ii)(G) above. (g) Distribution of overhead rate agreements issued pursuant to 3–705 may be limited to the contractor and the executing contracting officer.

(h) When the purchasing office retains responsibility for administration of a contract containing the Cost Accounting Standards clause (7–104.83(a)), one copy of the contract shall be forwarded to the Contract Administration Office (Attn: ACO) cognizant of the contractor's facility (see DOD Directory 4105.59H). The following notation will be inserted in bold print on the face of the contract: "FOR COST ACCOUNTING STANDARDS ADMINISTRATION ONLY”. (See 3-1208(c) for contracts at facilities under the cognizance of a nonDoD organization.)

Part 5-Contract Administration Services for non-DOD Organizations

20–501 General. Contract administration services similar in nature to those being performed for Department of Defense organizations may be performed also for other organizations pursuant to the procedures in this part. These services include quality assurance, engineering support, production progressing, pre-award surveys, price/cost analysis, termination, property administration, plant clearance, industrial security, small business industrial labor relations, transportation, contractor payment, and equal employment opportunity contract compliance review. A more detailed listing of tasks involving most of the above services is contained in 1-406.

20-502 Procedures for Performance. Department of Defense procedures will be utilized in performing contract administration services for other than Department of Defense organizations except when otherwise agreed between such organizations and the Department of Defense. To keep the number of such agreements to a minimum, nondefense organizations should be encouraged to accept Department of Defense contract administration procedures.

20-503 United States Government Departments, Agencies and Corporations. Department of Defense contract administration services components shall, upon direct request, provide contract administration services to:

(i) the National Aeronautics and Space Administration in accordance

with the DOD-NASA Agreement (DODI 5030.42); and (ii) other United States Government Departments and Agencies, includ

ing such government corporations as the Civil Air Patrol, National Shipping Authority, Tennessee Valley Authority, St. Lawrence

Seaway Company and the Panama Canal Company. 20-504 'Department of National Defence Production (Canada). In accordance with Section VI, Part 5, Department of Defense components shall upon direct request, provide contract administration services to the Department of National Defence Production (Canada). Performance for other Canadian Government organizations shall be in accordance with 20-505.

20-505 Foreign Governments and International Agencies.

20-505.1 Performance of Services in the United States. Department of Defense contract administration services components shall, on receipt of requests from the DOD Central Control Point, provide contract administration services to foreign governments and international organizations who are making direct procurements from United States producers. “Direct procurement” is the procurement of defense supplies in the United States by a foreign government or contractor or international organization in which the supplies are purchased through commercial channels for use by the foreign government or international organization.

20-505.2 Operations of DOD Central Control Point (CCP). Requests from foreign governments and international organizations shall be forwarded to the Defense Control Administration Services Region (DCASR), New York, N.Y., which is the designated CCP. The CCP will:

(i) determine that the request is from a friendly foreign government or

from an international agency in which the United States is a participant;

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