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Munich.--Emperor publishes a declaration against the powers assumed by nuncios, and promises to support the Germanic Church in all its rights. Resolutions of the ecclefiaftical princes against the encroachments of the fee of Rome.--Emperor's ediet, laying restrictions on free-masonry.--Letters in favour of the Jews, to the corporations of Vienna.-Ediet prohibiting gaming. -Forbids all publications from making any mention of the Germanic league, &c.-Regulation of the numerous prostitutes in Vienna. Attention to the troubles in Holland.--New claim in preparation on the East-India trade of that country.


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Death of the King of Pruffia. Some account of that great prince. Hospitals for distressed old age of all nations endowed by him in Berlin. Temper and disposition softened and rendered more kindly by age. Leaves his fucceffor the beft securities to a kingdom, in a full treasury, excellent armies, and subjects strongly attached to the government. Popular measures pursued by the preSent King. Restores the German language to its proper place, in the room of the French, which had been used at Court, and in all public transactions during the late reign. Patronizes the native literature as well as language. Prohibits irreligious publications. Forbids duelling, and erects a court of honour.-Persecution of the free-masons by the Elector Palatine, occasions M. de Born indignantly to return his diplomas, and to abandon the Academy of Sciences at Munich-Northern kingdoms. Dearth, and its consequent distresses, continued in both. Diet held at Stockholm, after an intermission of eight years. King of Sweden abolishes the torture. -Danish East India company resign stock into the hands of the king. Junction between the Baltic and ocean, by a navigable canal drawn across the peninsula of Jutland.

-France. Commercial treaty with England. Attention to her marine and commerce. Stupendous works carrying on at Cherburgh, in order to render it a great naval arsenal. King visits that place. Religious prejudices happily wearing away. Foreigners of all religious persuasions and countries invited to settle in the kingdom, with the privileges of purchasing lands, and of enjoying the rights of citizens. Colony of Quakers and Baptifts arrive from North America, to settle at Dunkirk. Great encouragement to foreign merchants, artists, and manufacturers to settle in France. Measures already adopted in favour of the native Protestants, to be considered as a happy opening towards their restoration in a more perfect degree to the rights of citi

Edict in favour of the peasantry. Edie in favour of the subjeet with respect to personal arrests, and the feizure or detainer of his property, under the local authority of cities and corporations in which he is not a refsdent. Singular instance of a Free Back of the Isle of France being elected a corresponding member of ihe Royal Academy of Sciences.



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Births for the year 1786
Principal Promotions
Sheriffs appointed by his Majesty in council, for 1786

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Abstract of the Narrative of the loss of the Hafewell East-Indiaman, Capt.

Ri Pierce, which was wrecked at Seacombe, in the Isle of Purbeck, on the coast of Dorjetshire, on the 6th of January, 1786. Compiled from the communications of Mr. Meriton and Mr. Rogers, the two chief officers, who escaped that dreadful catastrophe

(224 Extraordinary Gazette, respecting Margaret Nicholson's attempt to asasinate his Majesty

[233 Letters written by the late King of Prussia, to the widow of Colonel Vantroscke

[234 Account of the trial of R. Fitzgerald, Esq; and his associates, at Caflebar, for the murder of P. R. M'Donnell, Esq;

(235 Resolutions of the British inhabitants at Calcutta, relative to Mr. Pitt's East India bill

[241 A general bill of all the christenings and burials in the cities of London, Wiminster, &c. for the year 1786

[244 Account of the quantities of all corn and grain exported from, and imported

into, England and Scotland, with the bounties and drawbacks paid, and

the duties received thereon, for one year, ended 5th January 1787 [ 245 Prices of Stock for the year 1786

[247 Supplies granted by parliament, for the year 1786

(248 Ways and means for raising the supplies

(251 Lis of the national debt to the 5th of January, 1786



His Majesty's Speech on opening the parliament, January 24th, 1786 [254 The humble address of the lords spiritual and temporal, in Parliament assembled, to the King ; with his Majesty's answer

[ 255 The humble address of the commons of Great Britain, to the King ; with his Majesty's answer

[255 The speech of the Duke of Rutland, lord lieutenant of Ireland, to both boufes

of parliament, on opening the effions there, January 19, 1786 - [256 The speech of the speaker of the house of commons in Ireland to the lord lieute


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nant, on Tuesday March 21, on presenting the money-bills at the bar of the house of lords

(257 The speech of the lord lieutenant of Ireland to both houses of parliament, on closing the lesion, May 8, 1786

[258 His Majesty's jpeech to both houses of parliament, on closing the fellion of parliament July 11, 1786

(259 The address of the lord mayor, &c. of the city of London, August 11, 1786,

on his Majesty's happy escape from afajination ; with bis Majesty's answer

(259 Treaty of alliance and commerce between Frederick III. King of Prusia ani?

the United States of America, ratified by congress, May 7, 1786 – (269 Convention between bis Britannic Majesty and the King of Spain, figued at London, July 14, 1986

(262 Treaty of commerce and navigation between lis Britannic Majesty and the

Mof Christian King, figned at Persailles, September 26, 1786 - [266 The Prince of Orange': letter to the States of the Province of Holland, jent

September 26, 1786, in answer to their notification of his sufpenfion from the office of captain general

(282 The King of Prusia's letter to the States General of the United Provinces, de.. livered September 18, 1786, by the Count de Goeriz, bis majesty's envoy : extraordinary

(284 The memorial of the general meeting of West India planters and merchants, delivered December 26, 1786

(285 Translation of the Emperor of Morocco's letter to the States of North America,

relative to a treaty tately entered into by that emperor with she States (288 Fifth report of the commissioners of public accounts, relasive to the balance in the hands of the paymafter general of the forces in office

[288 Heads of the principal acts of parliament which pajed in the fellion of parlia. ment commencing January 24, 1786




Chara&ter of Dr. Samuel Johnson; from Mrs. Piozzi's anecdotes concerning

bim Short account of the person and character of Peter II. Emperor of Rufia;

and of his lifter the princess Nathalia ; from Mrs.Vigor's additional Litter's from Ruslii, written during that emperor's reign

3 Character of the Mogul Emperor, Shaw Aulum, eldest son and successor

to the famous Áulumgeer

Aureugzebe; from a tranjlation of the memoirs of Eradut Khan, a nobleman of Indoftan, by Captain Jonathan Scott

4 Charaders of the four sons of Show Aulum ; from the same work

6 Account of the bebaviour and cond:ut of Jihaundaur Sbaw, after he became emperor

7 Hiftory and character of Lord Digby, by the Earl of Clarendon, from the Supplement to the third volume of his State Papers





Natural history of the different ferpents in the East Indies; from Mony
F. d'Obsonville's essays on the nature of various foreign animals, translated
by Mr. T. Holcroft

Natural history of the Ichneumon ; from the same work

Natural history of the Thevangua, or Tatonneur, from the fame work – 50
Particulars relative to the nature and customs of the Indians of North Ame-
rica, by Mr. Richard M.Caufland

Some particulars of the present state of Mount Vesuvius ; from a letter from

Sir William Hamilton, K. B. F. R. S. to Sir Joseph Banks, Bart.
P. R. S.

Account of a new electrical fis; in a letter from Lieutenant William Pater-
Jon, 1o Sir Joseph Banks, Bart. P. R. S.

Advertisement of the expe&ted return of the comet of 1532 and 1661 in the
year 1788 ; by the Rev. Nevil Maskelyne, D. D. F. Ř. S. and aftronomer

Observations on longevity, in a letter from Anthony Fothergill, M. D. F. R.'s.
10 Dr. Percival

Result of some obfervations relative to army diseases, made by Benjamin Rush,

M. D. professor of chemistry in the university of Philadelphia, during his
attendance as physician general of the military hospitals of the United States
of America, in the late war


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Observations on the ije of acids in bleaching of linen, by Dr. Eajon 73
Experiments and observations on ferments and fermentations, by which a mode

of exciting fermentation in malt liquors, without the aid of yeaft, is pointed

with an attempt to form a new theory of that process ; by Thomas Henry,

A System of Kentishe agriculture, by the Rev. Mr. Hill, of East Malling,

Kent; being his answers to the queries proposed to him by the Bath Agri-
culture Society

Culturė, expences, and produce of six acres of potatoes, being a fair part of
near seventy acres, raised by John Billing Ney, Esq;

Account of the origin, progress, and regulations, with a description of the

newly-established bridewell or penitentiary-house af Wymondham; by Sir
Thomas Beevor, Bart.

On the use of steeping seed-barley in a dry season ; by Mr. James Chapple 93
Account of a new kind of cement, peculiarly hard and lasting, made from some
red earth or puzzolano, found in Jamaica



ANTIQUITI E S. Description of Thebes ; ftate of that city under the Persian, Roman, and

Turkish emperors; the porticos, &c. of the great temple near Carnar ; the plain of Carnac, leading to Luxor ; remains of the temple of Luxor ; the magnificent obelisks, &c. described. From the translation of Monfo Savary's Letters on Egypt, vol. ii.

97 A visit to the tombs of the kings of Thebes; sarcophagi, &c. described; eb fervations on the grand temple; parts of a prodigious colcfjal figure found among these ruins ; the ruins of Memnonium, denoted by beaps af merble,

&c. either mutilated or junk in the earth, from the same work Dr. Glass's letter to William Marsden, Eq; on the affinity of certain words

in the language of the Sandwich and Friendly Illes in the Pacific Ocean, with the Hebrew

107 Observations on a picture by Zuccaro, from Lord Falkland's collection, fupe

posed to represent the game of Primero ; by the Hon. Daines Barrington 10g Observations on the antiquity of card-playing in England; by the fame 110



The hot baths ufed all over Egypt, and the manner of bathing described, with

observations on the benefits arising from them ; on the women tbe barbe once or twice a week; and comparisons between these baths and those of the ancient Greeks. From Mons. Savary's Letters on Egypt

119 An account of the Almai, or Egyptian Improvijatore, their education, dan

cing, music, and the passionate delight the natives take in these actresses ; from the same work

125 Some account of the private life of the Egyptian women, their inclinations,

&c.; the manner in which they educate their children ; and their cufton of : weeping over their kindred; from the same work

124 Curious account of the chicken-ovens in Egypt; from the same work 128 Account of the Krimea ; from the Gentleman's Magazine

129 Taciturnity, an apologue, translated from the French of Abbé Blanchet 134

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Ode for the new year 1786, by the Rev. T. Warton

136 Ode for his Majesty's birth-day, June 4, 1786, by the fame

138 Verjes supposed to be written by Alexander Selkirk, during bis folitary abide in the island of Juan Fernandez ; by W. Cowper, E/q;

140 Report of an adjudged caje, not to be found in any of ibe books ; by the fame

141 Ode to Edmund Malone, Esq; from the Gentleman's Magazine

142 Prologue to the Heireji, by the Right Hon. Richard Fitzpatrick 144


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