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Epilogue to the fame
Pathetic apology for all laureats, past, present, and to come; by W. Whitehead,
Esq; late poet laureat

146 Sonnet from Petrarcb; by Charlotte Smith

149 Another ; by the same

149 A parody on " Bleft as th' immortal Gods is be;" said to be written by the Hon. Henry Erskine

150 Lines to Edmund Hopkins, Esq; by David Garrick, Esq;

190 Epigram on the phrase Killing Time ;" by Voltaire

151 Epitaph on Sir William Draper, K. B. by C. Anftey, Esq;

151 Anacreontique, addressed, in a far country, to a once new year

152 Portrait of a provincial poet, drawn from the life, above forty years ago 153

ACCOUNT of BOOKS for 1786,

The History of Ancient Greece, its colonies, and conquests, from the earliest ac

counts till the division of the Macedonian empire in the East, including the history of literature, philosophy, and the fine arts, in 2 vols. By John Gillies, LL.D.

154 An account of State Papers, collected by Edward Earl of Clarendon, vol. iii. folio

159 Sixth Report of the Commissioners of Public Accounts ; omitted by mistake in tbe State Papers


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F I N I S.;

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