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fingular and unexampled inftance of strong and long-established line of change in the sentiments of the west. distinction between colours, and ern world, that the royal academy holding out encouragement to fuof sciences at Paris this year elect- ture Africans to cultivate the fcien, ed, as one of their foreign corre ces and philosophy, by shewing them spondents, a Mr. Listel, a Free Black, that the way is opened to academi. of the isle of France, who had dis- cal honours, wherever they are me. tinguished himself by a series of cu- rited, without any regard to the rious and extremely well-calculated country or natural hue of the ingenj. meteorological observations ; thus ous proficient, breaking down in fome degree the

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JANUARY. ley, which began upon Wednesday

the uth, ended, when 7 convicts CCOUNTS received from received sentence of death, 20 were

all quarters, of the effects of sentenced to be transported, 14 to the weather, at the beginning of bę imprisoned, and kept to hard the new year, are dreadful; thunder, labour in the house of correction, 6 lightning, intense frost, and deep to be whipped, 2 imprisoned in snow, characterise the commence- Newgate, and 16 discharged by men of the present year.

proclamation. Naples. On the morning of the At the above sessions, among 12th of November last, at least one others, came on the trial of John hund red shocks of an earthquake Hogan, a Mulatto, for the mur

felt in the environs of Vesu- der of the servant of Mr. Orrell, vius. This mountain, which has of Charlotte-street. The following been for some time in convulsions, circumstances appeared That the conti nues to vomit forth a prodigi- deceased had her head-dress torn ous quantity of inflammable mat- off, and thrown on the ground, coter, which terrifies the inhabitants, vered with blood, as were her handleft the lava should take a new course, kerchief, gown, &c. Her skull was and overflow the country.

fractured ; her left eye beaten alItth.

The Swallow packet, from most out of its focket; her cheekBengal, arrived in the Downs, bones both broken ; her chin cut;

gth instant, on board of which her neck and throat both cút; sevelord

Macartney came passenger. ral wounds in her breast, particuHis Lordship was several days in larly a large circular one; her left Calcu

tta, previous to the arrival of arm broke ; and her right arm and the d 3 spatches of the Court of Din wrist both cut. The instrument with re&tor s containing his appointment which the wounds had been made of governor-general of Bengal. This was a razor; and notwithstanding it packe E brought over a copy of the had been thrown into a fire, the fentens ce of the court-martial on spots of blood were not erased.

, major - general fir John Burgoyne, She was alive, but speechless, bart. which honourably acquits him and died the same night at twelve of eve zy part of the charge against o'clock. The prisoner having him.

brought home some chairs, a short 16. The fesfions at the Old Bai. time before, to Mr. Orrell's, and a Vol. XXVIII.



on the

person answering his description of paying for it at the rate of so having been seen in the neighbour much a week. The cloak was prohood that day, suspicion fell on him, duced in court, and Mrs. Orrell and he was twice taken up, and swore to it as her property. The twice discharged for want of evi- deponent further faid, that after dence.

Hogan had been twice taken before The prisoner had been tried for a a magistrate, he, at intervals, aplarceny, and Mr. Orrell reading his peared to be very uneasy; that partrial in the sessions-paper, it occur- ticularly he could not deep in bed ; red to him to search at the pawn- that she said to him one night, “ For broker's, where he had pawned the « God's fake what is the matter property ftolen, for which he was “ with you? surely you are not so tried, to see if any of his pro guilty of what you have been taperty, which was stolen at the time “ ken up for :” that his answer of the murder, had been lodged was, “ Yes, I am :- I am guiltywith that pawnbroker; there he “ I did it.”—She then was much found a cloak of his wife's, pawned troubled in mind, and apprehended the morning after the murder, by fatal consequences to herself, particu. the woman with whom he coha- larly, as he said to her, “ You must bited.

say nothing ; you must be quiet, for On the prisoner's being taken to if I be hanged, you will be hanged the body of the deceased, he ap- with me :” and on her asking him, peared not in the least agitated; why he had murdered the young but, putting his hand on her breaft, woman, he answered, because he he said, My dear Nancy, I do wanted to be great with her, and “ remember you well; I never did he resisted him. you any harm in


life!" The prisoner being called on for These expressions very forcibly add. his defence, said, “ I am innocent; ed to the fufpicions of his guilt, be. “ and if any body takes away my cause her face was so exceedingly “ life, I will never forgive them.” cut and mangled, that Mr. Orrell The recorder summed up the trial declared he could not possibly have with great impartiality, and the jury known her. Two other circumstan- instantly found him guilty ; he was ces, which tended to criminate him, then sentenced to be executed on were a spot of blood on a waistcoat Monday morning, and his body to which he wore, and some light be dissected and anatomized. He marks of blood on one of the sleeves was accordingly taken from Newof his coat; which coat had been gate in a cart on Monday, and exwashed, though the blood on the ecated on a gihbet opposite Mr. Neeve remained ; and an effort seem- Orrell's house. A great concourse ed to have been made, but in vain, of people attended the execution, to rub out the spot of blood from but never died a malefactor with lefs the waistcoat.

pity. Just before being turned off, The principal evidence against he bowed four times to the popuhim was the woman with whom he lace, and, in an audible voice, concohabited; who deposed, that he fessed himself guilty of the murder, brought her home a cloak, which he for which he had been juftly confaid he had bought, on condition demned to die,

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This morning Mr. Price, plaintiff, and the chancellor of Sa

who was committed on fuf- rum, and others, defendants, was picion of forgery on the bank, and lately settled by the judges of the was to have been examined as this Exchequer, in favour of the plainday at eleven, hanged himself in tiff, by his having a prescriptive his room in Tothill-fields bridewell. right to all small tithes, though he From a variety of circumstances, could not produce an endowment. there remains no doubt but that he By this decision that right of the inis the person so frequently advertised ferior clergy to the tithes of cloverfor forgeries on the bank for several seed, turnip-seed, and all small tithes years past, and who has had the ad. whatever, is finally settled. dress to elude the strictest search, Died. Lately, at Gartshore, in though long known and suspected. the parish of Kirkintillock, eight It was his custom, at times, to give miles from Glasgow, Anne Horne, entertainments to a select party, aged 49. She was 44 times tapped and, to evade the plate-tax, to bor- for a dropfy, and 286 Scots pints of tow the splendid articles of the side water taken from her. For half a board at a pawn-broker's, deposit- year before her death a Scots pint ing bank-notes as a security. The

The was collected every day. pawn-broker happening to offer one · at the bank, was stopped, and, on relating how he came by it, with all FEBRUARY. the circumstances, proper people were sent to the shop, who, when he On the 27th of January, the

ist. came to return the plate, immedi- brig Basel, Capt. Raphael, ara ately took him into custody. rived at Liverpool from Dominica.

The last accounts from North In her passage she picked up the 3ift.

America are full of the dis- crew of the Charming Molly, bound tresses occasioned by the heavy falls from Bermudas to Turk’s-island, of rain in September and October which veffel had foundered three laft.

days before, when the crew, ten in At Portsmouth, in New Hamp- number, took to their boat, to the hire, the waters rose to an alarming stern of which they tied a log of height.

wood, to keep her head to the sea. At Dover the waters rose about In this situation they remained al. 15 feet perpendicular above the usual most without hope of relief. When fowing of the tide, and carried off Capt. Raphael discovered them, several hundred thousand lumber. It they had about a pound of bread, detroyed fome valuable stores, se. and two gallons of water left; of ven mills, end two bridges.

the latter of which they gave to At Portsmouth, in Virginia, a each other a wine-glass full, thick molt tremendous gale, added to the ened with a mouthful of bread, once freshes, carried several vessels into in 12 hours. The boat being only the fields and woods, where some of 12 feet in length, one half of the them never can be got off. The da crew were obliged to lie down in mage is estimated at 30,000l. her bottom alternately, while the

The long contested cause be- other half fat along the fides, as in tween the vicar of Odiham, any other situation the boat must

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