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AINSWORTH.Latin and English Dictionary, with numerous Additions, Emendations and Improvements, by Rev. B. W. Beatson. Revised and corrected by William Ellis.

8vo. 1,332 pp. London, 1847. AKERMAN, Richard. Ueber den Standpunkt der Eisenfabrikation

in Schweden zu anfang des Jahres; 1873.

Pamphlet, 8vo. 1873. ALEXANDER, J. H. Report on the Manufacture of Iron, addressed to the Governor of Maryland.

8vo. 269 pp. Annapolis, 1840. Stephen. Observation of the Annular Eclipse of May 26, in the suburbs of Ogdensburg, New-York.

phlets. Quarto series.

Vol. IV., Pam

4to. 11 pp., I. plate. New-York.

ALLAN, R. A Manual of Mineralogy.

8vo. 351 pp. Edinburgh, 1834. T. Mineralogical Nomenclature, with Synoptic Tables of the Chemical Analysis of Minerals. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1814. ALLEN, H. Monograph of North America Bats. Smith. Mis. Coll. 8vo. 85 pp. Washington, 1864. ALMY, Lieut. See Washington Astronomical and Meteorological


AMAIL, Victor. Manuel des Alliages d'Or et d'Argent.

8vo. 136 pp. Paris, 1860. AMALIO Mining Company of Clear Creek County, Colorado. Prospectus, Act of Incorporation, &c. Vol. XXXII., Pamphlets. Octavo 8vo. 32 pp. New-York, 1866.


AMATEUR Mechanic's Workshop, (The.)

8vo. 148 pp. London, 1870. AMELUNG, J. A. Abhandlung über der Wasserbau an den Schiffbaren Flüssen des Groszherzogthums Hessen als Beitrage zur Wasserbaukunde, 8vo. 222 pp. Darmstadt, 1845. AMERICAN Association for the Advancement of Science. See, under Journals, Proceedings of the.

phlets. Octavo series.

Bureau of Mines Publications. A Geological and Agri-
cultural Survey of 100 miles West of Omaha. Vol. XV., Pam-
Svo. 44 pp. New-York, 1866.
Memoirs : 1. Our Mineral Interests. 2. Guide for the
Puddling of Iron and Steel, by Ed. Urbin. Trans. by T.
Egleston, Jr. 3. On Bessemer Steel, by Adolph Schmidt.
Vol. III., Pamphlets. Quarto series. 4to. 30 pp. New-York, 1866.
On the Rock-Salt Deposit of Petit Anse, La. Vol. III., Pamphlets.
4to. 5 pp. New-York, 1867.
Statement of the objects of the American Bureau of Mines,
with list of officers, &c.
14 pp. New-York.

Quarto series.

Chemist. See under Journals.


Exchange and Review. See under Journals.

Gas Light Journal; and American Gas Light Journal and
Chemical Repertory. See under Journals.

Institute; and American Institute of Mining Engineers.

See, under Journals, Transactions of the.

Iron and Steel Association. See under Journals.

AMERICAN Journal of Mining, Milling, Oil Boring, &c. See under

Journal of Science; and American Journal of Science and
Art. See under Journals.

Mechanic's Workshop, (The.) 8vo. 148 pp. London. 1870.
Medical and Philosophical Register. See under Journals.

Mining Index. See under Journals.

Museum of Natural History. See under Journals.

Ozone Co. Articles of Incorporation; with some Remarks on Ozone. Vol. XVI., Pamphlets. Octavo series.

Public Health Association. See, under Journals, Reports of the.

Rail-Road Journal. See under Journals.
Repertory. See under Journals.

Year Book and National Register. See under Journals. ANDERSON, F. Bestämming af Planeten (92) Undenas bana, grundad pä observationer under trenue oppositioner.

Pamphlets. Quarto series.

T. Elements of Agricultural Chemistry.

4to. 22 pp.

Vol. IV.,


8vo. 299 pp. Edinburgh, 1860. AN HISTORICAL Notice of the Essex Institute, with the Act of Incorporation, Constitution and By-Laws.

Pamphlet. 8vo. Salem, 1866. ANLEITUNG Zur Anfertigung der Vermögens-und Ertrags-Berechnungen bei der Bergwerks-Hütten--und Salinen Ver8vo. 56 pp. Berlin, 1866.


zur Ausstellung der Etats und Oekonomie pläne der Bergwerks-Huetten-und Salinen Verwaltung von 15 December, 1866. 8vo. 40 pp. Berlin, 1866. ANNALEN der Chemie und Pharmacie. See, under Journals, Annalen der Pharmacie.

der Physik; and Annalen der Physik und Chemie. See, under Journals, Annalen der Physik und Chemie. ANNALES de Chimie et Physique. See under Journals. des Mines. See under Journals.

des Travaux Publics de Belgique. See under Journals.
des Universités de Belgique. See under Journals.

du Conservatoire Imperiale des Arts et Metiers. See under

du Genie Civile. See under Journals.

ANNALS of Philosophy. See, under Journals, under London, Dublin and Edinburgh Philosophical Magazine and Journal of Science.

of the Lyceum of Natural History in the City of NewYork. See under Journals.

of the Dudley Observatory. See under Journals. ANNEE Scientifique et Industrielle. See under Journals. ANNUAL of Scientific Discovery. See under Journals.

Reports of Departments of Government, of Public Officers, of Societies, &c. See, under proper title, under Journals. ANTHON, Charles. A Classical Dictionary.

4to. 1449 pp. New-York, 1855.

ANTISELL, T. Address, introductory to the Course of Lectures in the Chemical Department of Vermont Medical College, delivered before the Class of Session of 1854. Vol. XXVIII., Pamphlets. Octavo series. 8vo. Woodstock, 1854.

A Hand-Book of the Useful Arts.

12mo. 692 pp. New-York, 1852. ANSIAUX, L., and Maison, L. Traité pratique de la fabrication du fer et de l'acier puddlé.

8vo. New-York, 1852.

8vo. 282 pp., XXVIII. plates. Paris, 1865. APPLETON, D. & Co.'s Dictionary of Machines, Mechanics, Engine Work and Engineering. 2 vols. ARAGO, Francois. Oeuvres Completes de. Notices Biographiques. 3 vols. Notices Scientifiques. Vol. 1. 8vo. Astronomie Populaire. 2 vols. Popular Lectures on Astronomy. nysius Lardner.

Svo. Paris, 1854-1855.
Paris, 1854.
Paris, 1854.
With Additions by Dio-


Vol. VI., Pamphlets, Octavo series.

8vo. 95 pp. New-York, 1848. See under Journals.

ARCHIV für Bergbau und Huettenwesen.

für Mikroskopische Anatomie. See under Journals.

ARGELANDER, Fr. Neue Uranometrie.

Svo. 119 pp.; Atlas, XVII. plates. Berlin, 1843. ARMENGAUD, Sr. The Practical Draughtman's Book of Industrial Design, and Machinist's and Engineer's Course of Mechani

cal Engineering and Architectural Drawing.

4to. 200 pp.; LV. plates. Philadelphia, 1870.

Traité des Moteurs Hydrauliques.

2 vols. 4 to. text; Atlas, XXI. plates. Paris, 1858. ASCHERSON, Fred. Deutscher Universitäts-Kalender für das Sommer-Semestre, 1873. II. Thiel-Die Universitäten im deutschen Reich Oestterreich, in der Schweiz und den russischen Estseeprovinzen. 12mo. 173 pp. Berlin, 1873. A SERIES of Charts of the Freiburg Mining District, showing the location of Mines, the direction of lodes, &c. 5 charts. ASHLAND Copper Mining Company of Wisconsin. Act of Incorporation and Articles of Association.

Octavo series.

Vol. XXXII., Pamphlets. 8vo.

23 pp. See under

ASSOCIATION of American Naturalists and Geologists.


ASTRONOMICAL and Meteorological Observations made at the United States Naval Observatory. See under Journals.

A SUMMARY of Statistics relating to Mining for 1867. (In Russian.) 8vo. 363 pp. St. Petersburg, 1867.

ATKINSON, E. See Ganot.

ATOMGEWICHTS Tabellen. Besonderer Abdruck aus Berzelius, Lehrbuch der Chemie. Vol. XXVII., Pamphlets. Octavo series.

8vo. 31 pp. 1845. ATTFIELD, J. Chemistry. General, Medical, and Pharmaceutical, including the Chemistry of the U. S. Pharmacopoeia. From the English edition. 12mo. 552 pp. Philadelphia, 1871.

AUBEL, C. Das Raschettesche System der Patent,-Normal und
8vo. 62 pp. Leipsig, 1863.
AUBINEAU. Traité Complet et Pratique de la Construction des
Escaliers. Atlas, XXX. plates.

AUERBACH, G. Das Anthracene und Seine Derivate.

AUSKUNSTERTHEILUNG über Neu-Zeeland. Zum Gebrauch für Aus


12mo. 90 pp. Paris.


164 pp. Berlin, 1873.


12mo. London, 1873.


BACH, H. Die Theorie der Bergzeichnung in verbindung mit Geognosie, oder Anleitung zur Bearbeitung und zum Richtigen Verständnisse Topographisch-Geognostischer Karten.

Octavo series.

4to. 72 pp., XXIII. plates. Stuttgart, 1853. BACHE, A. D. Abstract of Results of a Magnetic Survey of Pennsylvania and parts of adjacent States, in 1840 and 1841, with some additional results of 1843 and 1862. Vol. V., Pamphlets. 8vo. 19 pp., 1 map. 1863. A Portfolio of VIII. Maps and Charts, illustrating the Isthmus of Tehuantepec. New-York, 1852. Discussion of the Magnetic and Meteorological Observations made at the Girard College Observatory, Philadelphia. In two sections. Smithsonian Contrib. Section I., comprising parts 1, 2, 3. Pamphlet. 4to. Experiments Relating to the Alleged Influence of Color on the Radiation of Non-Luminous Heat. Vol. V., Pamphlets. 8vo. 13 pp.

Octavo series.

Notes and Diagrams illustrative of the Directions of the Forces acting at and near the surface of the Earth, in different parts of the Brunswick Tornado of June 19th, 1835. Vol. I., Pamphlets. Quarto series.

Vol. IV.,

4to. 12 pp., II. diagrams. 1835. On the Diurnal Variation of the Horizontal Needle. Pamphlets. Quarto series.

4to. 21 pp., III. plates. Philadelphia, 1833. See, also, United States Coast Survey Reports. and Courtenay, E. H. On the Relative Horizontal Intensities of Terrestrial Magnetism at several places in the United States; with the Investigation of Corrections for Temperature, and Comparisons of the Methods of Oscillation in Full and in Rarified Air. Vol. I., Pamphlets. Quarto series.

4to. 31 pp. 1836.

See, also, under U. S. Coast Survey Reports.
F. See Wood, G. B., and Bache, F.

BACHELDER, Samuel. See Hayes, John L.

BACKLUND, A. V. Nagro satser om plana algebraiska Kurvors

Normaler. Vol. X., Pamphlets. Quarto series.

4to. 38 pp. BACON, F. W. A Treatise on the Richards' Steam Engine Indi12mo. 155 pp. New-York, 1869.


BEAR, W. Das Eisen-Seine Geschichte, Gewinnung und Bearbeitung. 12mo. 360 pp. Leipsig. BAILEY, J. W. Chemical Notes on Gunpowder and its materials. Selected for the use of the U. S. Cadets. Vol. III., Pamphlets. Quarto series. 4to. 14 pp. 1838. BAILY, F., and Filipowski, H. The Doctrine of Interest Annuities and Assurances. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1864 to 1866. of North American Birds. Smith. 8vo. 32 pp. Washington, 1859. Review of American Birds in the Museum of the Smithsonian Institution. Part I. Smith. Misc. Coll.

BAIRD, Spencer F. Catalogue
Misc. Coll.

8vo. 478 pp. Washington, 1864-1872. See, also, United States and Mexican Boundary Survey. Parts II., III.; also under S. F., and Girard, C. tiles. Part I., Serpents.

BALDWIN Locomotive Works.

Whitney, J. D.

Catalogue of North American Rep-
Smith. Misc. Coll.


172 pp. Washington, 1853. Illustrated Catalogue of. 4to. 134 pp.

134 pp. Philadelphia, 1872.

BALLING, C. A. M. Die Eisenindustrie Böhmens.

8vo. 108 pp. Vienna, 1868.

Die Probirkunde des Eisens und der Brennmaterialien.

8vo. 64 pp. Prag, 1868.

Zwei Abhandlungen über einige der wichtigsten Theile des Eisen-Hüttenwesens. 4to. 40 pp. Prag, 1829. BANKS, N. P. See Exposition Universelle de Paris en 1867. BANNAN, B. See Daddow, S. H., and Bannan, B. BARKER, George F. A Text book of Elementary Chemistry, Theoretical and Inorganic. 12mo. 342 pp. New-Haven, 1870. The Forces of Nature. An Address delivered before the Chemical Society of Union College, July 22, 1863. Vol. V., Pamphlets. Octavo series. 8vo. 45 pp. Albany, 1863. BARLET, C. H. Tenue des Lines appliquée á la compatabilité des Mines de Houille, des Hauts Fourneaux et des Usines á Fer. 8vo. 217 pp. Paris, 1861. BARLOW, Peter. A Treatise on the Strength of Materials. With several appendices. The whole arranged by William Humber. 8vo. 396 pp., XVI. plates. London, 1867. BARNARD, F. A. P. Address delivered before the American Association for the Advancement of Science, at the Chicago Meeting, August, 1868. Pamphlet. Svo. Salem, Mass. 1869. Modern Industrial Progress, and the Influences Accelerating its March. An Address delivered before the Am. Inst. of N. Y., at its forty-first annual exhibition. Vol XVIII., Pamphlets. Svo. 40 pp. New-York, 1872. Report on Machinery and Processes of the Industrial Arts and Apparatus of the Exact Sciences. Paris Universal Exposition, 1867.

Octavo series.

8vo. 669 pp., VII. plates. New-York, 1869.

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