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In this list the titles generally are verbatim transcriptions (according to the rule of the American Library Association) from books received. Books not received are indicated by a prefixed asterisk, and this office cannot be held responsible for the correctness of their record.

The abbreviations are usually self-explinatory. A colon after initial designates the most usual given name, as: A: Augustus; B: Benjamin; C: Charles; D: David; E: Edward; F: Frederic; G: George; H: Henry; I: Isaac; J: John; L: Louis; N: Nicholas; P: Peter; R: Richard; S: Samuel; T: Thomas; W: William.

Sizes are designated as follows: F. (folio: over 30 centimeters high); Q. (4to: under 30 cm.); O. (8vo: 25 cm.); D. (12mv: 20 cm.); S. (16mo: 171⁄2 cm.); T. (24mo: 15 cm.); Tt. (32mo: 121⁄2 cm.); Fe. (48mo: 10 cm.). Sq., obl., nar., designate square, oblong, narrow books of these heights.


Of Books recorded January 1 to December 31, 1890, with full titles and descriptive notes, arranged alphabetically by Authors.

Abbot, Willis J. Battlefields and camp-fires: a narrative of the principal military operations of the Civil war; from the removal of McClellan to the accession of Grant (1862–1863); il., by W. C. Jackson. N. Y., Dodd, Mead & (,[1890.] c. 9+349 p. il. O. cl., $3.

T chief battles of the period covered are graphically described and abundantly illustrated with full-p. pictures. Intended for young readers. Bound richly in blue, red and gold.

Abbott, Austin. A digest of New York statutes and reports, from July, 1882, to Jan. 1, 1890; comprising the adjudications of all the courts of the state [etc.], together with the statutes of general application contained in the laws from 1883 to 1889 incl., with notes and ref. [etc.], being the 2d suppl. (in 2 v.) to the rev. ed. of Abbott's N. Y. digest. V. 1 of 2d supp., v. 9 of the set. N. Y., Baker, Voorhis & Co., 1899. C. 31+1088 p. O. shp., net, $7.50. *Abbott, Austin. New cases selected chiefly from decisions of the courts of the State of New York, with notes; with an analytical index to all points of law and practice, and all code citations contained in the standard reports of New York issued during the period covered by this volume. V. 22. N. Y., Diossy & Co., 1889. c. 58+560 p. O. shp., $5. *Abbott, Austin. New cases selected chiefly

from decisions of the courts of the State of New York, with notes; with an analytical index to all points of law and practice, and all code citations contained in the standard reports of New York, issued during the period covered by this volume. V. 23. [with index to notes in v. 1-23 incl.] N. Y., Diossy & Co., 1889. c. O. shp., $5. *Abbott, Austin. New cases selected chiefly

from decisions of the courts of the state of New York, with notes; with an analytical index to all points of law and practice and all code citations contained in the standard reports of N.Y., issued during the period covered by this volume. V. 24 [incl.] semi-annual index-digest to all standard Ñ. Y. reports and code citations. N. Y., Diossy & Co., 1890. c. 4+47 +560 p. O. shp., $5.

Abbott, C: C., M.D. Outings at odd times., N. Y., Appleton, 1890. c. 10+ 282 p. S. cl., $1.50.

Short essays on nature grouped as: In winter: in spring; in summer; in autumn.

Abbot, Francis Ellingwood. The way out of Agnosticism; or, the philosophy of free religion. Bost., Little, Brown & Co., [1890.] c. '89, '90. 10+83 p. D. cl., $1.

Papers addressed "to those who, though able and willing to think, have been distressed or dismayed by the seeming inability of theistic writers in this age to meet and defeat Agnosticism on its own professed ground the ground of science and philosophy. By a wholly new line of reasoning, drawn exclusively from those sources, this book aims to show that in order to refute Agnosticism, and establish enlightened theism, nothing is now necessary but to philosophize that very scientific method which Agnosticism barbarously misunderstands and misuses. Abbott, Mrs. Mary. The Beverleys: a story of Calcutta. Chic., A. C. McClurg & Co., 1890. C. 2-264 p. D. cl., $1.25.


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the same author. It is a story of English and Irish A more extended and ambitious work than Alexia," people in India, and has a gracefully told story of love and marriage.

*Abel, Sir F: A. Mining accidents and their prevention. N. Y., The Scientific Publishing Co., 1890. 12°, cl., $4.

Abel, Mrs. Mary Hinman. Practical sanitary and economic cooking; adapted to persons of moderate and small means. (The Lamb prize essay. Rochester, N. Y., Essay Dep. American Pub. Health Assoc., P. O. Drawer 289, 1890. c. '89. 10+190 p. D. cl., 40 c.; pap., 35 c.: Same, German text, cl., 60 c.; pap., 55 c. American Public Health Association, two prizes, for the In 1888 Henry Lamb, of Rochester, offered through the adapted to persons of moderate and small means. best essay on, Practical sanitary and economic cooking Ms. Abel fulfilled the conditions, and to her was awarded the first prize. Her essay has now been issued in its present form by the Health Association.

Acton, Mrs. Adams, [formerly Jennie Hering.] Rosebud; il., by M. E. Edwards. N. Y., G: Routledge & Sons, 1891 [1890.] 5+248 p. il. D. cl., 90 c.

"Rosebud "was the pet name for Rosalind Trelaw ney. The story tells why Rollo, Felicia and Rosalind were forced to leave their beautiful bome in Devonshire,


and Uve in a little house on Norway Read, London, and how the children regarded the change Rosebud is the most interesting of the trio, and the most pleasing part of the book is that which tells how she won the love of her grandparents and returned with them to Fairyland. *Abel, W. Jenkinson. School hygiene; includ ing directions respecting ventilation, eyesight, infectious diseases and first aid to the injured, for schools and families. N. Y., Long mans, Green & Co., 1890. 8+54 p. 12°, cl., 30 c. About, Edmond. L'homme a l'oreille cassée. N. Y., W. R. Jenkins, 1891 [1890.] 3-273 p. D. (Romans choisis, no. 16.) pap., bo c. Adams, C: Francis. Richard Henry Dana: a biography. Bost., Houghton, Mifflin & Co., 1890. C. 2 v., 4+378; 3+436 p. por. D. cl., $4.

Mr. Dana la best known to the world of readers as the author of "Two years before the mast." But he was also one of the foremost members of the Boston bar, an authority in faternational law, a prominent political leader, a citizen zealous for the good name of his country, and intimately acquainted with a host of the most distinguished men of his time in this nation and in Europe, Mr Adame' authorchip guarantees a work of unusual interest, acide from the intrinsic attractions of his subject. It gives views of many illustrious persons, skotches of many important events, political and other, and contains a large number of valuable letters

*Adams, Douglas. Skating; with a chapter for ladies by Miss L. Cheetham. N. Y., F: A. Stokes Co., 1890. il. 12°, (Manuals of sports.) cl. $1.

*Adams, G: Huntington. A handbook of the tariff on imports into the United States under the acts of 129o. and the bond and warehouse system now in force; with notes of decisions, [etc.] 2d rev ed. N. Y., Baker, Voorhis & Co., 1890. C. 8+321 p. O. cl., $3.

Adams, H: History of the United States of America, v. 5 and 6; the first administration of James Madison, v. 1 and 2. N. Y., C: Scribner's Sons, 1990. c. 4+428; 41-488 p. D. cl., $4.

"The great value of these volumes consists in the new light which they throw upon the exciting years of Madison's administration, when the attempt was making to

retrieve the blunders of Jefferson's terms of office and to adjust the relations of the young republic with the great powers then at war. The gradual alienation from France, the efforts through Erskine to cecure the repeal of the Orders in Council, the failure of the administration to secure relief from British oppression on the high ceas, and from insolence and ar rogance in the negotiations to that end, the war debates of the XIIth Congress, the declaration of war, with the invasion of Canada, and the victories of the United States vessels in the naval battles-these stirring events are pictured by Mr. Adams with simplicity and power. The Ecok Buyer. A mass of important and significant material drawn from many sources-from the s. archives of the State and War Departments at Washington, diplomatic correspondence, personal letters, etc., form the basis of the work.

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the apologists, the hermits and monks. the prelates and knights, the reformers, the missionaries, the philanthro pists and the statesmen who have lived in history. Among the greatest Christian statesmen he counts Abraham Lincoln and William E. Gladstone,

Adams, Oscar Fay. Dear old story-tellers. Bost., D. Lothrop Co., [1830.] c. '89. 4

209 p. por. D. cl., $1.

A series of literary portraits, including blind Homer. Æsop; the shadowy inventors of the "Arabian nights entertainments; "Charles Perrault, to whom children are indebted for "Puss in boots" and "Little Red RidingHood; "La Fontaine "the Good: " the Brothers Grimm; Andersen, the story-teller of Copenhagen; the authors of Paul and Virginia," "Undine," "Abdallah," "Robinson Crusoe;" and the world-famous Mother Goose. Adams, Oscar Fay, ed. The poet's year: origi nal and selected poems, embodying the spirit of the seasons; including poems by Longfellow, Tennyson, Whittier, and others. Bost., D. Lothrop Co., [1890.] c. no paging, il. obl. O. cl., $6; full mor., $10.


The book is a combination of pictures and poems devoted to the twelve months of the passing year wealth of illustrations accompanies the text. Each month is prefaced by a dainty and appropriate design, and fullpage, half-page and small text-cuts are scattered through the book with almost prodigal profusion. The poetical selections show taste and judgment. Adams, W. H. Davenport.

The maid of Orleans, and the great war of the English in France. Phil., J. B. Lippincott Co., 1889. 10-227 p. il. D. cl., $t.25.

A popularly written biography in which the best authorities have been consulted.

Adams, W: Davenport. kambles in book-land: short essays on literary subjects. N. Y., A. C. Armstrong & Son, [1890.] 5+226 p. D. cl.. $1.25.

Contents: The treatment of books; Initials; Food for jest, Bards and the bottle; Charles, his friend; Diegecta The reign of romance; Cupid in comedy; Bards in the membra poetæ; Popular history; Amenities of authors; ball-room; Pocket-books, Personal catire; The stage handkerchief: Poetic eccentrics; Maxims: Shop: The realm of roses; A philosophical Crusce; Poets at the play: Winter reading: The married muce; Faust in England; Science and carcasm, Shakespeare in opera. Wit in quotation: Wit in allusion; Two old friends. Adams, W: T., [" Oliver Optic," pseud.] On the blockade. Bost., Lee & Shepard, 1391 [1890.] c. 5-355 p. il. D. (The blue and the gray ser., no. 3.) cl., $1.50.

On the blockade" is marked by all the popular features of the preceding volumes of the cerics, and deals with many of the came characters. The young readers will be interested in following the career of Christie Passford and his friends, whose varied experiences will be found as exciting as heretofore


Adams, W: T., [" Oliver Optic," pseud.] millions; or, the way of the world. [New ed.] Bost., Lee & Shepard, 1891 [1890.] c. '66. 2464 p. D. (Good company ser., no. 3.) pap., 50 c.

First published in 1866, under the title of "The way of Addison, Jos. Five select essays of Addison; with notes explanatory and critical. Cin., O., Rob. Clarke & Co., 1890. 30 p. S. cl., net,

Adam, H: History of the United States of the world."
America during the second administration of
Thomas Jefferson. V. 3 and 4. N. Y., C.
Scribner's Sons, 1890. C. 4+471; 4+499 P.
D. cl.. $4.

The first two volumes of this work, covering the first administration of Jefferson, were published last year. See notice," Weekly Record," P. W., Oct. 26, '89, [926,] covering the scope of the whole work,

*Adams, J: The doctrine of equity: a commen. tary on the law as administered by the court of chancery. 8th ed., by Robert Ralston. Phil., T. & J. W. Johnson & Co., 1890. c. 839 p. O. shp., $6.50.

Adams, J: Coleman, D.D. Christian types of neroism: a study of the heroic spirit under Christianity. Bost., Universalist Pub. House, 1891 [1890.] c. 3-208 p. D. cl., 75 c.

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(The author points out "types among the martyrs,

15 c.

Addison, Jos., and Steele, Sir R: Sir Roger de
Coverley papers from the Spectator; ed. by
Alfred S. Roe. N.Y. and Bost., Leach, Shewell
& Sanborn, [1890.] c. 5+ 198 p. D. (The stu-
dents' ser. of English classics.) cl., 42 c.
Esop. [Esopus.] The favorite book of fables.
N. Y., T: Nelson & Sons, 1890. 5-128 p. il.
D. bds., 50 c.

Esop's fables, prettily illustrated and bound.

*schines. In Ctesephonta [Gr.]; ed. with notes and indices by T. Gwatkin and Evelyn S. Shuckburgh. N. Y., Macmillan & Co.. 1890. 52+282 p. 16°, cl., $1.10.


Adsit, Byron D. A mystery of the fast mall. N. Y., J: W. Lovell Co., [1890.] 3-193 p. D. (Lovell's detective ser., no. 2.) pap., 25 c. The robbery of one of the pouches of registered matter, in the fast mail train bound westward from New York, leads to a great deal of intricate detective business, and is the central motive of an interesting tale.

schines Eschines against Ctesiphon (on the crown); ed., on the basis of Weidner's edition, by Rufus B. Richardson. Bost., Ginn & Co., 1889. c. tr. 4+279 p. D. (College ser. of Greek authors.) cl., $1.50. Affery, C: Misled a story of to-day. N. Y., The Minerva Pub. Co., [1890.] 163 p. D. (Minerva ser., no. 15.) pap., 25 c. *Afterwards; by the author of " 'Winning her way." [A story.] Bost., Bradley & Woodruff, 1890. 224 p. 16o, cl., $1. *Agassiz, Elizabeth C. Louis Agassiz, his life and correspondence. New cheaper ed. Bost., Houghton, Mifflin & Co., 1890. por. and il. 8°, cl., $2.50.

*Agnew, D. Hayes, M.D. The principles and practice of surgery: a treatise on surgical diseases and injuries. 2d ed., rev. and enl. Phil., J. B. Lippincott Co., 1890. 3 v., 8°, cl., ea., $7.50; shp., $8.50; hf. rus., $9.

*Aguilar, Grace. The mother's recompense. N. Y., G: Routledge & Sons, 1890. 532 p. il. 12°, cl:, $1.25.

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*Ainsworth, W: H.

Rookwood. N. Y., F: Warne & Co., 1890. 8°, (Warne's notable novels.) pap., 20 c.

*Ainsworth, W: H. The tower of London. N. Y., : Warne & Co., 1890. 8°, (Warne's notable novels.) pap., 20 c. *Ainsworth, W: H. Windsor Castle. N. Y., F: Warne & Co., 1890. 8°, (Warne's notable novels.) pap., 20 c.

*Alabam... A compilation of the laws of Ala. (and other states having statutes similar to this) on administrators and executors, guardians and trustees, [etc.;] to which is added the jurisdiction of courts of probate and chancery in matters pertaining to the estates of decedents, [etc.] by W.-D. Atkinson. Montgomery, The Brown Printing Co., st. prs., 1890. C. 682 P. O. shp.. $5.

*Alabama. Supreme ct. Reports of cases, Dec. term, 1887; by W. G. Hutcheson, ass't rep. V. 84. Montgomery, W. D. Brown & Co., st. .prs., 1888. c. 8+691 p. O. shp., $3.50. *Alabama. Supreme ct. Reports of cases, Dec. term, 1887-88; by J: W. Shepherd, st. rep, V. 85. Montgomery, Ala., Brown Pr. Co., st. prs., 1889. c. 8+720 p. O. shp., $3.50. *Alabama. Supreme ct. Reports of cases, Dec. term. 1888-89; by J: W. Shepherd, st. rep. V. 86. Montgomery, Ala., Brown Pr. Co., st. prs., 1889. c. 12+716 p. O. shp., $3.50. *Alabama, Supreme ct. Reports of cases, Dec. term, 1888-89; J: W. Shepherd, st. rep. V. 87. Montgomery, Ala., Brown Pr. Co., st. prs., 1889. c. 8+854 p. Q. shp., $3.75.

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Alarcón, Pedro A. de. The strange friend of Tito Gil; from the Spanish, by Mrs. Francis J. A. Darr. N. Y., A. Lovell & Co., [1890.] c. t 2-133 p. il. S. cl.. $1.

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shoemaker by trade, adopted by rich count and cast The strange friend of Tito Gil is Death. Tito was a out by his countess. He loves a n、le maiden, and when separated from her commits suicide. The history of six hundred years is compressed in the weird little story, which ends with the day of judgment, when the spirits of Tito and Elena enter the Promised Land. Album writer's (The) assistant: being choice selections in poetry and prose for autograph albums, valentines, etc. N. Y., Street & Smith, 1890. (Street & Smith manual lib., no. 1.) pap.,


Alcaforado, Marianna. The love-letters of a Portuguese nun: being the letters written by Marianna Alcaforado to Noël Bouton de Chamilly, Count of St. Leger, (later Marquis of Chamilly,) in the year 1668; tr., by R. H. N. Y., Cassell Pub. Co., [1890.] č. 3+148 p. S. cl., 50 c.

Miss Josephine Lazarus furnishes a charming introduction to this pretty little volume of love-letters. It gives all the facts that are known regarding the nun who for-got her vows and loved a French officer. Aldrich, Anne Reeve. The feet of love. N. Y., Worthington Co., 1890. C. 3-290 p. il. and por. D. (Worthington's international lib., no. 9.) cl., $1.25: pap., 75 c..


Gilead, a Long Island seaside summer resort, is the The leading characters are a handsome young clergyman of the Protestant Episco al Church, who is panion to the heiress. courting an heiress, and a fair young girl, who is comBetween the companion and the clergyman there is a disgraceful secret connecting their past lives together. The aracters are careful studies, and the conditions surrounding them are aftistically worked up, leading naturally to the dramatic ending. An episode is introduced of a French priest and his crippled nephew that is very tenderly dealt with. The author wrote a volume of poems called "The rose of flame." *Aldrich, T: Bailey. Prudence Palfrey: a novel.

Bost., Houghton, Mifflin & Co., 1890. D. (Riverside pap. ser.) pap., 50 c.

Alexander, Archibald. A theory of conduct. N. Y., C: Scribner's Sons, 1890. C. 3+III p. S. cl., $1.

ciples which are the foundation of all moral science; by Discusses concisely some of the more important prinsetting aside much that is false, the author hopes to arrive at conclusions which are beyond doubt. The harmony of moral science and revealed religion is also noticed.

Alger, Horatio, jr. The odds against him; or, Carl Crawford's experience. Phil., The Penn Pub. Co., 1890. C. 2-349 p. il. D. cl., $1.25.

home by a disagreeable stepmother, and goes into the A story for boys; the hero at sixteen is driven from world to seek his fortune. Alger, Horatio, jr.

Luke Larkin's luck.

Struggling upward; or,
Phil., Porter & Coates,

[1890.] c. 333 p. il. D. (Way to success ser.) cl., $1.25.

Groveton; he was poor, but intelligent and honest. First he is shown with his companions at school; a skating trial is given, a watch being the prize; but Luke, though boys, loses the watch. After some unusual experiences, the real winner, through a trick played upon him by the such as being accused of robbing a bank, the boy goes out into the world, and by dint of perseverance and courage, struggles to a position of importance and honor. *Allen, C. Bracebridge. London medical specialists: a classified list of the names, addresses, etc., of all recognized authorities in the branches of medicine and surgery, with information as to special hospitals. N. Y., Ward, Lock & Co., 1890. 60 p. 12°, cl., $1. Allen, Elizabeth A. Gold_nails to hang memories on: a rhyming review under their Christian names of old acquaintances in history. lit

The story of a young boy who lived in the village of

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