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(Letter from the National Federation of Settlements, Inc., is as follows:)


New York 22, July 18, 1950. Senator John L. McCLELLAN, Chairman, Senate Committee on Expenditures, in the Executive Departments,

Senate Office Building, Washington, D. C. DEAR SENATOR MCCLELLAN: Would you kindly put the following statement in the record of your hearings on Senate Resolution 302.

The National Federation of Settlements and Neighborhood Centers hereby oppose Senate Resolution 302. We favor the President's Reorganization Plan No. 27.

The National Federation of Settlements has 268 member agencies in 28 States and 81 cities. The following action was taken by our delegate body on April 21, 1950, at the thirty-fifth national conference:

“CABINET RANK FOR UNITED STATES WELFARE AGENCY “The welfare functions of the Federal Government are now distributed among a wide variety of agencies. With the increasing importance of welfare services in the life of the Nation, we urge the establishment of a Federal Department of Welfare with Cabinet rank. We are in favor of President Truman's plan No. 1 to be introduced in the present Congress. It constitutes the Security Agency as this Department of Welfare. It gives to the Secretary all the powers and duties now vested in the various units of the Federal Security Agency, with power to organize work and delegate responsibilities as he sees fit. It provides for an Assistant Secretary and three Under Secretaries.

“Along with the already established services to be included in this Department of Welfare, we urge the addition of a Bureau of Consumers Interests.

“We are opposed to the Hoover recommendation that the health services be taken out and transferred, along with all health and hospital activities of the Federal Government, to a United Medical Administration which would be an independent agency.' The President's reorganization plan No. 27 is in line with our resolution. Very truly yours,



Secretary, Social Education and Action. The CHAIRMAN. The committee will stand in recess until Monday morning at 10 o'clock, at which time we will have an executive session and during that period we will also have hearings on S. 3850. It is hoped that at that time the committee can act upon the pending resolution.

(Whereupon, at 3:38 p. m., the committee recessed to reconvene at: 10 a. m., Monday, July 10, 1950.)


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