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225. Addition of certain lands to Idaho and Payette national forests, Idaho.

226. Addition of certain lands to Weiser national forest, Idaho.

227. Congressional printing and binding.

228. Bridge across Cumberland River, Clarksville, Tenn.

229. Bridge across Susquehanna River near Falls, Pa.

230. Amending sec. 10 of act providing for Government control of railroads.

231. Construction of Alaskan railroad.

241. Production of potato flour and potato starch.

242. Bridge across Tug Fork at Kermit, W. Va.

243. Homestead entries by widows of soldiers and sailors.

244. Transfer of land to rural high school district 1 of Lapwai, Idaho.

245. Issue of bonds by Petersburg, Alaska.

246. Board of harbor commissioners, Hawaii.

247. Control and distribution of food products and fuel.

254. Authorizing Boulder, Colo., to purchase certain public lands.

255. Commissioned personnel for Army until June 30, 1920.

256. Stock-raising homesteads.

257. Homestead entry of public lands by minors.

258. Absence of soldier homesteaders for rehabilitation training.

259. Land for school purposes in Government town sites on reclamation projecto.

260. Preferred right of homestead entry for soldiers, sailors, and marines.

261. Claims of Indians of Fort Berthold Reservation.

262. To establish Zion National Park, Utah.

264. Unsurveyed public lands in Utah.

265. Lands for schoolhouse site and ground.

266. To amend war risk insurance act.

267. Sale of allotments for town sites in Quapaw Agency.

268. Ambassador to Belgium.

272. Transfer of employees in classified civil service.

274. Increased salaries for postal employees. 2 pts.

275. Addition of certain lands to Caribou national forest.

276. Homestead entries in Fort Peck Indian Reservation.*

277. To extend pension laws to soldiers, etc., of European War.

278. Bridge across Missouri River.

279. Water supply for miscellaneous purposes on reclamation projects.

281. Travel pay for men of Regular Army enlisted prior to Apr. 2, 1917.

285. Commissioned personnel for Army until June 30, 1920.

286. Reclamation of certain arid lands in Nevada.

287. Post Office, Santa Fe, N. Mex.

291. Repayment of certain commissions, etc., under public-land laws.

292. Amendments to Federal farm loan act.

301. Bridge across Minnesota River, Minn.

302. Library information service in Bureau of Education.

304. Schoolhouse in Ketchikan, Alaska.

305. Official stenographers for United States District Courts.

307, Travel allowance for certain retired enlisted men, etc.

308. Thanks of American people to Gen. John J. Pershing.

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