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tion from the mill into consumption within the specified area shall be made under permit issued under such conditions as will insure that the product does not leave the specified consumption area.

9 F.R. 8389. Exception is noted following section affected.

$ 319.59–1 Applications for and issuance of permits. Upon receipt of an application, giving the name and address of importer, country and locality of origin, United States port of entry, approximate quantity to be imported and approximate date of arrival, a permit will be issued authorizing, the importation of Australian wheat through the port of Los Angeles, Calif., during the period from the effective date hereof until December 31, 1944. Permits will be issued subject to the restrictions and requirements set forth in $$ 319.59–2 to 319.59–7.

CODIFICATION: In $ 319.59–1 the date “Dec. 31, 1944" was substituted for "Nov. 30, 1944", by B.E.P.Q.-Q. 59, Amendment 2, Nov. 27, 1944, 9 FR. 14095.

§ 319.59–2 Notice of arrival. A notice of arrival shall be submitted with each shipment entered at said port on forms provided for the purpose (Form EQ-368).

§ 319.59-3 Inspection and treatment. Each shipment shall be subject to such inspection as may be necessary to determine its freedom from injurious insects and plant diseases, and to such treatment as may be necessary in connection with pests found present.

$ 319.59–4 Safeguards governing unloading and handling at dock. Unloading and handling at the dock shall be under the supervision of an inspector of the Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine, and shall be subject to such safeguard and cleanliness requirements as he may prescribe.

$ 319.59–5 Wheat may be ground in approved mills only. Wheat shipments shall be moved from the dock only to specified, approved mills within the limits of the port for grinding. Movement from dock to mill shall be under the supervision of an inspector of the Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine and shall be carried out in such manner and under such safeguards as he may require.

§ 319.59–6 Identity of product to be maintained. The wheat shall be ground to such state of fineness as will fit it for feeding purposes, and the identity of the product shall be maintained after grinding by marking, certification, or otherwise as the inspector may require.

$ 319.59–7 Distribution for consumption safeguarded by permit. Distribu


ORDERS Sec. 321.8 Special provision for the importing of

potatoes from the Dominion of Canada and Bermuda, the States of Chiapas, Guanajuato, Jalisco, Queretaro, San Luis Potosi, Sonora, and Tamaulipas, Mexico, and the Northern Territory of Baja California, Mexico, into the United

States. (Revised] § 321.8 Special provision for the importing of potatoes from the Dominion of Canada and Bermuda, the States of Chiapas, Guanajuato, Jalisco, Queretaro, San Luis Potosi, Sonora, and Tamaulipas, Mexico, and the Northern Territory of Baja California, Mexico, into the United States. Potatoes may be imported from the Dominion of Canada and Bermuda into the United States or any of its Territories or Districts, free of any restrictions whatsoever, until otherwise ordered, under the Plant Quarantine Act of August 20, 1912.

Importations from the State of Sonora, Mexico, will be permitted to enter through the ports of Douglas, Naco, and Nogales, Ariz., and such other ports as may be designated in the permit; importations from the States of Chiapas, Guanajuato, Jalisco, Queretaro, San Luis Potosi, and Tamaulipas, Mexico, will likewise be permitted to enter through these ports and, in addition, through the ports of Brownsville, Laredo, Eagle Pass, and El Paso, Tex., and such other ports as may be designated in the permit.

Importations from the Northern Territory of Baja California, Mexico, will be permitted to enter through the ports of Calexico and San Ysidro, Calif., and such other ports as may be designated in the permit.

Importations of potatoes thus authorized entry from Mexico shall be in compliance with the provisions of $$ 321.2 to 321.7 inclusive. (Sec. 5, 37 Stat. 316; 7 U.S.C. 159. 7 CFR 321.1) [B.E.P.Q. Potato Reg. 7, Amdt. 6, Apr. 6, 1944, effective Apr. 15, 1944, 9 F.R. 3761)


(Crop Insurance) Part

contract, without the consent of the Cor412 1943 cotton crop insurance con- poration, and (ii) failure properly to aptract. (Amended]

ply irrigation water to cotton in proporPART 412-1943 COTTON CROP

tion to the water available for all irri

gated crops in instances in which insurINSURANCE CONTRACT

ance is written on an irrigated basis, a INSURANCE COVERAGE

number of pounds equal to the appraised Sec.

reduction in production, except that with 412.11 Amount of loss. (Amended]

respect to any acreage on which there $ 412.11 Amount of loss. (a)

is a complete failure in yield due solely

to a cause not insured against, such num(3) Where a reduction in production

ber of pounds shall not be less than the of cotton on any acreage results either

product of the acreage, the average yield, in whole or in part from one or more

and the insured percentage. (Subparacauses not insured against, including (i)

graph (3) amended Apr. 5, 1944, 9 F.R. the use, for any purpose other than the

3677) production of cotton, of insured acreage planted to cotton under an insurance


(Soil Conservation) Part

funds are available to maintain and ad601 Land utilization program under minister such lands. the Bankhead-Jones Farm Ten

(2) Determine whether public buildant Act. (Amended]

ings, within the meaning of section 355 PART 601-L A N D UTILIZATION of the Revised Statutes, wili or will not be PROGRAM UNDER THE BANK

constructed upon individual tracts of

land under contract of purchase. HEAD-JONES FARM TENANT ACT

(3) Execute contracts or agreements, Sec.

subject to the approval of the Solicitor, 601.11 Administration of land conservation

for the purchase of abstracts or certifiand land utilization program. cates of title in connection with the ac(Amended]

quisition of real property or any interest $ 601.11 Administration of land con

therein. servation and land utilization pro- (4) Determine whether any proposed gram-(a) Functions designated to Chief set-off against a payment to be made to of Acting Chief of Service. In connec- any person under Title III of the Banktion with the administration of the Land head-Jones Farm Tenant Act, by reason Conservation and Land Utilization Pro- of any indebtedness of such person to gram authorized by Title III and the re- the United S es, would affect adversely lated sections of Title IV of the Bank- the objectives of that act. If it is found head-Jones Farm Tenant Act, The Chief that such set-off would not affect ador Acting Chief of the Soil Conservation versely the objectives of the act, the setService, or any employee of the Depart- off may be made. If it is found that the ment whom either of them may desig- set-off would affect adversely the objecnate in writing, are hereby specifically tives of the act, such findings shall be authorized, on behalf of the United submitted to the Administrator for States in connection with the projects review. previously approved by the Secretary, or

(5) Exercise all functions under Pubprojects which may hereafter be ap

lic Law No. 683, 77th Congress, 2d Sesproved by the Administrator, subject to

sion, approved July 28, 1942 (56 Stat. approval by the War Food Administrator

725; 7 U.S.C., Sup., 1011), incident to of important changes in policy and with

the exchange of lands administered due regard in every instance to the protection of the interests of the United

under Title III of the Bankhead-Jones

Farm Tenant Act and execute deeds inStates, to perform the functions hereinafter outlined. The requirements of De

volved in such exchanges. The title to

the land accepted in exchange shall be partmental Regulation 1712 1 which con

approved by the Solicitor prior to the flict with this authorization are hereby

completion of the exchange. waived.

(6) Execute life leases to the grantors (1) Exercise options to purchase, accept donations and devises, and execute

or occupants of lands acquired, provided leases, licenses, and other forms of con

their occupancy and use will not intertracts for the acquisition of real prop

fere with the purposes of the project. erty or any interest therein, subject to (7) Execute easements, leases, liany reservations or exceptions which censes, permits, and other forms of conwill not interfere with the use of the tracts permitting the construction and property for the purposes of the project, maintenance of telephone lines, pipe as approved; Provided, No donation or lines, roads, irrigation and drainage devise of lands shall be accepted unless ditches, etc., (but not those power lines,

licenses for which are required by law to · Departmental Regulation 1712 does not be granted by the Federal Power Comappear in the Code of Federal Regulations. mission), across project areas when such

construction will not materially interfere with the purposes of the project.

(8) Execute amendments making additional lands subject to, or eliminating lands from, leases, cooperative and license, and other agreements made with Federal, State, or Territorial agencies involving the administration of lands.

(9) Execute leases, licenses, permits, agreements, and other forms of contracts permitting the use of, or involving the management of, lands acquired, for cropping, grazing, timber harvest, occupancy, recreation and other purposes, when consistent with the purposes of the project, provided they do not extend for more than ten years, with the right of renewal for not more than an additional period of ten years. These contracts may be entered into with individuals, partnerships, corporations, associations, districts, counties, townships, or other subdivisions of States, departments and agencies of States, colleges, universities, and other Federal agencies.

(10) Execute leases, permits, and other instruments which authorize prospecting for, or development of, mineral resources in accordance with approved departmental policy and with the procedures, instructions, and authorizations issued or granted by the Land Use Coordinator and the Director of Finance, pursuant to General Departmental Circular No. 25, dated February 15, 1944, and any amendments thereof.

(11) Execute and file, in the name of the United States, in accordance with the laws of the State involved, applica

i Not filed with the Division of the Federal Register.

tions, notices of appropriation, and other required instruments for the acquisition of water rights covering waters to be impounded, impeded or diverted in their flow, by construction of work contemplated in connection with, or to be used in, the development and administration of a project.

(12) Compromise claims and obligations which are not in excess of $500 and adjust and modify the terms of leases, agreements, permits, and other contracts executed in accordance with the foregoing authority, including contracts resulting from the exercise of options, as circumstances may require.

(13) Exercise all powers to revoke, terminate, or cancel contracts executed in accordance with the foregoing authority, or under which the United States has acquired, or may hereafter acquire, rights or obligations by virtue of the acquisition of property in the administration of the Land Conservation and Land Utilization Program, which are exercisable either by the terms of the contracts themselves or by operation of law.

(b) Submission of forms to Solicitor. All forms for leases, licenses, easements, agreements, use permits, etc., shall be submitted to the Office of the Solicitor for approval.

(c) Powers reserved to Administrator. All authority in connection with this part not expressly delegated herein is hereby reserved to the Administrator. (50 Stat. 522, 56 Stat. 725; 7 U.S.C. and Sup., 1000-1029. E.O. 9280, 9322, 9334, 3 CFR Cum. Supp., and E.O. 9392, 3 CFR 1943 Supp.) [Reg., Nov. 11, 1944, 9 F.R. 13547)


(Agricultural Adjustment)

Subchapter A-Agricultural Conservation Part

Part 701 National Agricultural Conservation 706 Naval Stores Conservation ProProgram. (Amended]

gram. (Amended) 702 Insular Agricultural Conservation

Program. (Amended]

Subchapter B-Commodity Marketing Quotas 716 Payments of amounts due persons 727 Flue-cured tobacco. (Amended]

who have died, disappeared, or 728 Wheat. [Amended]
have been declared incompetent.

729 Peanuts. (Amended]
722 Cotton. (Amended]

734 Conservation materials and serv724 Burley tobacco. (Amended]

ices programs. [Revised] Subchapter A-Agricultural Conservation

ments for farms on which cotton was not planted in any of the three years, 1940 through 1942, will be determined on the basis of land, labor, and equipment available for the production of cotton, crop-rotation practices, and the soil and other physical facilities affecting the production of cotton, taking into consideration also the producer's farming plans.


701.401 Allotments, yields, and grazing ca-

pacities. (Amended)
701.405 Production practice goals, allow-

ances, practices, and rates of pay-
ment. (Amended]

Subpart—1944 [Added]
701.501 Distribution of funds.
701.502 Conservation practice allowances,

practices and rates of payment. 701.503 Division of payments. 701.504 Increase in small payments. 701.505 Payments limited to $10,000. 701.506 Association expenses. 701.507 Conservation materials and services. 701.508 General provisions relating to pay

ments. 701.509 Application for payment. 701.510 Appeals. 701.511 State and regional bulletins, in

structions and forms. 701.512 Definitions. 701.513 Authority, availability of funds and


Subpart-1943 § 701.401 Allotments, yields

and grazing capacities.

(b) Cotton.
(2) Farm acreage allotments.

(ii) Farms on which cotton was not planted during period 1940–42. Allot

(e) Tobacco.
(1) Farm acreage allotment

Allotments shall be determined for farms on which tobacco has not been produced since 1937 insofar as acreage is available from the national reserve for such farms, on the basis of the tobacco producing experience of the farm operators; land, labor, and equipment available for the production of tobacco; crop rotation practices; and the soil and other physical factors affecting the production of tobacco.

(f) Wheat.
(2) Farm acreage allotments.

Allotments for farms on which wheat was not seeded for harvest in any of the three years, 1940 through 1942, will be determined on the basis of tillable acreage, crop rotation practices, and types

625507-45-SUPP. VII-BK, 1


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