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Part Subtitle A-Office of the Secretary of Agriculture..

1 Subtitle B—Regulations of the Department of Agriculture: Chapter I-War Food Administration (Standards, Inspections, Marketing Practices).

27 Chapter III—Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine.

301 Chapter IV-War Food Administration (Crop Insurance).

412 Chapter VI-War Food Administration (Soil Conservation)

601 Chapter VII—War Food Administration (Agricultural Adjustment)

701 Chapter VIII—War Food Administration (Sugar Regulations)..

802 Chapter IX-War Food Administration (Marketing Agreements and Orders).

901 Chapter X-War Food Administration (Production Orders).

Note Chapter XI-War Food Administration (Distribution Orders).

Note Chapter XII—War Food Administration (Commodity Credit Orders). Note

Subtitle A-Office of the Secretary of Agriculture Part

Part 1 Administrative regulations. [Amend- 4 Oil and gas leases. (Added]

2 Award of fellowships to applicants

from other American Republics.







9 F.R. page

NOTE: The following delegations of authority were made by the Secretary of Agriculture and/or War Food Administrator during the period covered by this Supplement.



[blocks in formation]


[blocks in formation]


Transfer of responsibility for ad

ministration and supervision of agricultural workers' health associations to Director of Labor... Delegation of authority to Director of Food Distribution with respect to maximum prices for fresh fruits and vegetables

[blocks in formation]


Delegation of authority to California

WFA Wage Board with respect to
stabilization of salaries and wages
of agricultural labor..

June 1
Authorization of Farm Security Ad.

ministration to make loans and
grants for flood relief...

June 2
Delegation of authority to Chairmen

of State Agricultural Conservation
Committees to requisition and

dispose of idle farm machinery ----| June 8
Authorization to purchase and sell
corn acquired by CCC.

June 10
Delegation of authority to Adminis-

trator, Farm Security Adminis-
tration, and certain officials with
respect to advertising in news-

papers and other publications. June 30
Delegation of authority to Washing-

ton WFA Wage Board with re-
spect to stabilization of salaries

and wages of agricultural labor. Aug. 21
Delegation of authority to Chester
L. Finch with respect to cotton..

Sept. 14
Delegation of authority with respect

to assignment of preference ratings
to farmers for internal combustion
engines for farm use.


Delegation of authority with respect

to assignment of preference ratings
to farmers for softwood lumber... Dec.

Delegation of authority to Oregon

WFA Wage Board with respect
to stabilization of salaries and
wages of agricultural labor...

Dec. 23
Delegation of authority to Idaho

WFA Wage Board with respect
to stabilization of salaries and
wages of agricultural labor..

Dec. 23


[blocks in formation]

Designation of persons to hold hearings, to sign and issue subpenas, and to administer oaths or affirmations.


2063 2925, 2934, 4965, 9774, 10546, 11247, 11286, 1178 6, 12995



[blocks in formation]

Delegation of authority to Director
of Labor with respect to approval
of claims of workers recruited in
foreign countries..
Delegation of authority to Director

of Distribution to perform certain
functions under the Grain Stand-
ards Act...
Delegation of authority to Director
of Distribution with respect to
pricing of fresh fruits and vege-

[blocks in formation]

PART 2-AWARD OF FELLOWSHIPS (d) Of good moral character and pos

TO APPLICANTS FROM OTHER sessing intellectual ability and suitable AMERICAN REPUBLICS [ADDED]

personal qualities;

(e) In possession of acceptable eviSec. 2.1 Type of fellowship.

dence of studies indicating the comple2.2 Qualifications.

tion of the equ nt of a four-year col2.3 Award of fellowships.

lege course in agriculture, economics, 2.4 Allowances and expenses.

engineering or related science at a rec2.5 Duration of fellowships.

ognized institution of learning, or a 2.6 Official notification.

minimum of two years of such education 2.7 Definitions.

accompanied by at least four years of AUTHORITY: S$ 2.1 to 2.7, inclusive, issued

experience in the field of his option. under R.S. 161, 5 U.S.C. 22; 53 Stat. 1290, 22 U.S.C. 501 and 502; R.S. 520, 5 U.S.C. 511; § 2.3 Award of fellowships. Fellow57 Stat. 271.

ships will be awarded by the Secretary of SOURCE: $$ 2.1 to 2.7, inclusive, contained Agriculture of the United States, upon in Regulations, Secretary of Agriculture, Mar. the recommendation of the heads of the 17, 1944, approved by the Secretary of State, respective bureaus, and with the apMay 1, 1944, 9 F.R. 5031.

proval of the Secretary of State of the $ 2.1 Type of fellowship. Fellowships United States, or the duly authorized repshall be of the interne-training type, resentative of the Secretary of State. No consisting of instruction by the respec- applicant will be considered in awarding tive bureaus of the Department of Agri- fellowships unless his application shall culture as follows:

have been transmitted by the government Bureau of Agricultural Economics

of the American republic of which the

applicant is a citizen, through the dip(Option I): (1) Agricultural economics,

lomatic mission of the United States of (2) agricultural program formulation

America accredited to that republic. and administration, (3) agricultural statistics, (4) rural sociology, and (5) $ 2.4 Allowances and exp

ses. An technological research in agriculture or applicant awarded a fellowship may be more specialized application in dairy in- granted any or all of the following, upon dustry, animal husbandry, entomology or recommendation of the head of the replant industry and soils.

spective bureau: Agricultural Extension Service (Op- (a) Monthly allowances. Monthly altion II): Methods and techniques for

lowances for quarters and subsistence adult education in agriculture, home- during the entire period spent in the making and rural life, and 4-H Club

United States, or its Territories or Poswork.

sessions, in pursuance of a fellowship, Soil Conservation Service (Option beginning on the date of arrival at his III): Agronomy, forestry, biology, range initial headquarters and ending on the management, climatology, sedimenta- date of departure for his home, as foltion, hydrology, agricultural and civil lows: (1) Not exceeding $180 per month engineering.

while under assignment to headquar

ters in a Department or agency of the § 2.2 Qualifications. Each applicant

Federal or a local government in a city selected for a fellowship shall be:

of more than 100,000 population; or not (a) A bona fide citizen of any of the

exceeding $150 per month while under American republics other than the

such assignment in a city of less than United States;

100,000 population; and (2) not exceed(b) In possession of a certificate of ing $135 per month while under assignmedical examination issued by a licensed ment to receive training at colleges or physician within sixty days of the date universities and residing in quarters of application, describing the applicant's usually occupied by students in attendphysical condition, and stating that he is ance thereat or in similar quarters, irfree from any communicable disease or respective of the population of the city disability that would interfere with the wherein the institution is located. proper pursuit of studies or research or

(b) Transportation expenses. Transthe performance of any activity incident

portation expenses from the home of to the fellowship;

the applicant (or place in which ap(c) Able to speak, read, write and pointment is accepted) to the place or understand the English language;

places in the United States, its Terri

tories, or Possessions, where the studies and research are to be pursued, and return to the home of the applicant (or point of departure), including travel via Washington, D. C., en route to the place of study or research and from the place of study or research to Washington, D. C., and return to that place, if necessary, for consultation with reference to the fellowship, and between places of study and research in the United States, its Territories or Possessions, in accordance with the Standardized Government Travel Regulations and the Act of June 3, 1926, as amended, in which connection claim for reimbursement may be made only for items in the following schedule and contingent upon prior authorization:

(1) Rail fare: *First-class fare. If travel is performed on an extra-fare train, expenses in excess of the first-class fare must be borne by the traveler. No receipts are necessary. (Government transportation requests are to be used, if practicable, within the United States.)

(2) Pullman fare: Lower berth or parlor car seat. No receipts are necessary if Government transportation requests are used. If purchased with cash the Pullman stub must be attached to the reimbursement voucher.

(3) Steamer fare: 'Not exceeding the lowest minimum first-class fare of the ship on which travel is performed. American vessels must be used if available (section 901 of the Merchant Marine Act of 1936, 49 Stat. 2015. This requirement has been suspended with respect to appropriations for the fiscal year 1944 by section 302 of Public Law 216_78th Congress, approved December 23, 1943). No receipts are necessary.

(4) Airplane fare: 'Transportation by air will be allowed regardless of the cost when authorized by the head of the respective bureau. When air travel has not been specifically authorized, the traveler may proceed by air with the understanding that he may claim reimbursement therefor only in an amount not exceeding what it would have cost had the travel been performed by public conveyance over land or water. No receipts are necessary.

(5) Taxicab: At the beginning and termination of the journey and at all points where a change of conveyance is necessary while in a direct travel status. No receipts are necessary.

(6) Excess baggage charges: For personal effects (not household furniture) which are not carried free by the transportation company. Receipts are necessary and they should indicate that the traveler has availed himself of the free allowance, if such an allowance is granted.

(7) Drayage or transfer of baggage: For the hauling of personal effects from home to the station or dock, et cetera. Receipts are not necessary but should be submitted if possible. Charges by porters for handling the bags or baggage will not be allowed.

(8) Steamer rug and steamer chair: Receipts are necessary. Charges for steamer cushions will not be allowed.

(9) Tips and gratuitous fees: Will not be reimbursed.

(c) Per diem. Per diem in lieu of subsistence while in travel status proceeding from, and to, his home at the following rates: $6 over land and by air in and outside of the United States, and $4 aboard vessels outside of the United States. No per diem will be allowed concurrently with monthly allowances, but per diem may be substituted therefor at the rate of $6 per day for any period of authorized travel.

$ 2.5 Duration of fellowships. Fellowships will be awarded for periods not exceeding one year each from date of arrival in Washington, and may be extended for not exceeding the same periods in the manner prescribed under $ 2.3 and subject to the availability of appropriations. Fellowships may be cancelled for cause by the Secretary of Agriculture on the recommendation of the appropriate bureau head, and with the approval of the Secretary of State, or the duly authorized representative of the Secretary of State. $ 2.6 Official notification.

Each applicant recommended for a fellowship by the head of a bureau and approved by the Secretary of Agriculture and the Secretary of State, or the duly authorized representative of the Secretary of State, shall be notified of his award through diplomatic channels. The notification shall name the option in which the award is granted, state the duration

In all cases, round trip tickets must be purchased if possible. In the event that the return portion of the ticket cannot be used, it should be returned to the respective bureau for collection of the refund.

and type of fellowship, and the allowances authorized; and shall describe in general terms the program of studies: Provided, however, That the head of the bureau concerned may in his discretion subsequently amend the course of studies and duration of the fellowship within the broad outlines of the prescribed option in order to develop a program better suited to the needs and capabilities of the individual fellow.

$ 2.7 Definitions. As used in the regulations in this part, the term “bureau" includes the Bureau of Agricultural Economics, the Extension Service, and the Soil Conservation Service of the United States Department of Agriculture. The term "heads of the respective bureaus" includes the Chief of the Bureau of Agricultural Economics, the Director of the Extension Service, and the Chief of the Soil Conservation Service. PART 4-OIL AND GAS LEASES

(ADDED] Sec. 4.1 Oil and gas rights to which the regu

lations in this part apply. 4.2 Policy as to development. 4.3 Right to reject bids and applications

and to waive informality in bids and

applications. 4.4 Maximum aggregate acreage of oil and

gas leases. 4.5 Compensation to the United States for

oil and gas leases. 4.6 Leasing of oil or gas resources in proved

territory, or in unproved territory where competitive interest in leasing

is evident. 4.7 Leasing of oil and gas resources in un

proved territory where competitive

interest in leasing is not evident. 4.8

Leasing of undivided fractional in

terests to co-owners. 4.9 Future interests. 4.10 Qualifications of lessees. 4.11 Drainage. 4.12 Assignment of oil and gas leases or in

terests therein. 4.13 Inclusion of leased lands in unitization

programs. 4.14 Bond requirements. 4.15 Leases on same land for minerals other

than oil and gas. 4.16 Non-discriminatory employment pol

icies. 4.17 Right to extract helium. 4.18 Officer in charge. 4.19 Lease forms and operating regulations. 4.20 Delegation to Land Use Coordinator

and Director of Finance. AUTHORITY: $$ 4.1 to 4.20, inclusive, issued under 39 Stat. 1134, 1150, 16 U.S.C. 520; 50 Stat. 522, 7 U.S.C. 1000-1029; sec. 5, 49 Stat. 115, 118; sec. 208, 48 Stat. 195, 205, 40 U.S.C.

408; 55 Stat. 795, 796, 797, 838, 839, 50 U.S.C. App., Sup., note prec. 1, 601, 611. E.O. 6209, July 21, 1933, 7027 and 7028, Apr. 30, 1935, 7041, May 15, 1935, 7200, Sept. 26, 1935, 7530, 7557. E.O. 9001, 9023, 3 CFR Cum. Supp. 40 Ops. Att'y Gen. No. 7, Apr. 2, 1941.

SOURCE: $ $ 4.1 to 4.20, inclusive, contained in Regulations, Secretary of Agriculture, May 13, 1944, effective 30 days after May 15, 1944, 9 F.R. 5103, 5397.

§ 4.1 Oil and gas rights to which the regulations in this part apply. The regulations herein promulgated are applicable to oil and gas rights owned by the United States and under the jurisdiction of the Department of Agriculture or any agency thereof. They are not applicable to oil and gas rights in (a) lands reserved from the public domain or acquired by exchange pursuant to the Act of March 20, 1922 (42 Stat. 465, 16 U.S.C. 485, 486), as such lands are subject to the mineral laws applicable to the public domain and the authority to execute such laws is vested in the Secretary of the Interior, or (b) to lands acquired in satisfaction of a loan from any agency under the supervision of the Farm Credit Administration.

§ 4.2 Policy as to development. Oil and gas leases will be issued by the Secretary of Agriculture or his representative, when one or both of the following conditions are found to exist:

(a) Well established necessity for the production of additional supplies of oil and gas, or for the development of additional oil and gas reserves, in order to meet war needs.

(b) Where the actual or impending development of oil or gas resources of nonFederal lands may, without adequate compensation to the United States, drain the oil and gas resources of the lands administered by the Secretary.

$ 4.3 Right to reject bids and applications and to waive informality in bids and applications. The Secretary reserves the right to reject any or all bids and applications and to waive any informality in bids

and applications.
§ 4.4 Maximum aggregate

acreage of oil and gas leases. (a) To prevent monopoly or concentration of control of oil and gas resources owned by the United States, no person, firm, association, or corporation shall be granted, nor will approval be given to an assignment or transfer of, a lease or leases by this Department of an acreage which, combined

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