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Montbly Chronologer.


Monthly Chronologer, for December, 1783.

Foreign News,

temporary government of the southera

diftrift, four abreaft MADRID, September 1.

3 Major-General Knox, and the R. des Affairs from the United

horsebackaStates of America, has been present

breaft ed to the King and Royal Family, by

s. The speaker of the assembly, the Count de Florida. This is the frå and citizens, on foot, eight a break.

Their Excellencies the Governor, public proof of our Court's acknow. ledging the ladependency of the and Commander in Chief, were escor. United States.

ted by a body of West Chefter lightLONDON, Sept. 29.

horse, weder the command of Capt.

Delavan. Letters from Iceland, of the 24th The procession proceeded down of Jaly, contain the moft dismal de. Queen Street, and through the Broadtail of the devastations occafioned by Way to Cape's Tavern. the course of the lava, and affirm that The Governor gave a Public Din. the eruptions continued even to that ner at Frances's tavern ; at which the dute.

Commander in Chief, and other gene

ral officers were present. After dia. American News.

ner the following toafts were drank. NEW.YORK, Nov. 29.

1. The United States of America. Last Tuesday morning, the Ame.

2. His moft Chriftian Majesty.

3. The United Netherlands. rican troops marched from Haerlem, to the Bowery-Lane. They remained

4. The King of Sweden. there varil about one o'clock, when

5. The American army. the Britim troops left the posts in the

6. The fleet and armies of France,

which ferves in America. Bowery, and the American troops marched into, and took poffeffion of

7. The memory of those heroes,

who have fallen for our freedom. the city, in the following order, viz. 1. A corps dragoons.

8. May our country be grateful to 2. Advanced guard of light infan

our military children. try.

9. May justice support what cou. 3. Corps of artillery.

rage has gained. 4. Battalion of light infantry:

10. The vindicators of the rights of $. Battalion of Massachusetts mankind in every quarter of the troops.

globe. 6. Rear Goard.

11. May America be an asylum to Af:er the troops had taken possefli- the persecuted on the earth. on of the city, the General and Gover

12. May a close union of the states COT made public entry in the follow- guard the temple they have ere&ed to iog manger :

liberty. 1. Their Excellencies the General

13. May the remembrance of this and Governor, with their suits, on day be a leffoa to princes. horseback.

December 3. 2. The Lieutenant Governor, and Yesterday evening, the magnificent the members of the Council, for the fire-works, in celebration of the De.


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at noon, their was a numerous meet.

nitive Treaty of Peace, between as to such individuals of the Medical Great Britain and the United States profeffion, as may wish to per use it ; of North America, were exhibited at and to assure them, that if they will the Bowling Green, in the Broad. address a few lines to me, figned with Way, which in fio tély exceeded every their names, I will immediately transformer exhibition in the Unitades: mit the came to the Minilter, who will The prodigious concourle of fpeéta. forward, by the French Packers, latetors allembled on the occafion, ex- ly established between port l'Orient Pressed their plaudits in loud and and New-York, as many copies of grateful clangors. The whole was these periodical publications as they conducted in a manner that reflects may require, free of any expence. As the higheft honour upon the Engineer. an ancient inhabitant of this country, The greatest order prevailed, and the I feel a peculiar pleasure in communiwhole was completed without any un- cating the intelligence, sensible it fortunate events.

It commenced at may be of universal utility. fix o'clock, and closed at seven.

ST. JOHN, Al Frances's tavern, laft Thursday Conful for the States of New York,

New Jersey and Conneaicut. ing of the officers of the first diftin&i

December 8, 1783. on in the American army, to take BOSTON, December 1, leave of their great Commander Gene- Last Saturday evening at eleven sal WASHINGTON ; who, on filling o'clock, a Nighi Mock of an eartha glass of wine, addressed his brave quake was felt in this and the neighcompatriots as follows :

bouring towns. "With an heart full of love and

On Friday, the last of O&ober, the " gratitude, I now take leave of you : following remarkable and unfortual moft devoutly with that your latter nate accident took place at Wren"days may be as prosperous and hap- tham: As three girls, the children of “Fy, as your former ones have been Mr. Jonathan Reed, and two the chil"glorious and honourable."

dren of Mr. Noah Pratt, were getting fand in a pit, about fix feet deep, in

the side of a hill, the earth over their To any Alociation of Physici. heads, which was about three feet

ans in che different parts of thick, caved in upon them, and burithe United States of America:

ed three of them entirely, the fourth

as high as her arms, but the fifth escaOr, or any individual of the pedalmöft un!hurt. Two of the three Medical Profesion.

who were about five years of age, as

they were filling a small basket, were HAVE it in command from one or 1

buried inor three feet deep, and the His Most Chriftian Majesty's Mi- third, about three years old, Dear Difers, to inform such societies, that eighteen inches. all the physicians of that.kingdom are A boy of Mr. Reed's, going to the incorporated; and at the royal press, pit just as it fell in, returned to his faat Paris, there is monthly, published ther's top, from which he was a bout at the K ne's expence, a Book, enti- twenty rods diftant, so affected at the iled, JOURNAL DE MEDICINE, Mocking fituation of his unhappy CHIRURGIE ET PHARMACIE, fillers, ihat he could not speak. The MILITAIRE. Containing a moft anxious father could not discover the intere&tiog colletion of various mat- cause of his little son's unutterable ters, such as Topographic Medico distress, till by a violent shake be reDescriptions of tlie different parts of stored to him the power of speech. the kingdom; causes of epidemical Five men, who were fortunately in diseases ; relations of the most exıra- the Mop, few immediately to the reordinary cases, and their cures ; me. lief of the poor sufferers, three of them dical waters, &c. &c.

dire&ly to the pit, and two of them This useful publication I am direc- after hoes and hovels. Those who ted to offer to such Medical Societies repaired to the pit loon relieved the or Associations of P.ylicians, as well one that was partly buried, and in two


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Monthly Chronologer.

79 # three minutes dug out, with their declared the prisoner GUILTY. Om hands, the youngest of the remaining Saturday following, after a solemu three, who soon recovered. Altho address to the prisoner on the malige every exertion was made that affecti- nity of his crime, the necefsity of his on or humanity.could dictate, one of being suddenly taken out of life, and ibose who were buried the deepest, the infinite importance of a peedy remained under ground seven, the preparation for another world, the other aine minutes. These two were chief justice pronounced sentence of taken out for dead. The first, how death upon him. He was then reever, by blowing in her mouth leve. manded to his prison, where, in irons, ral times, foon catched her breath, he now waits the execution of his coand in two or three minutes could lemn rentence. breath calmly, and in fifteen was able The faas charged against the prito speak. The other by her livid af. foner were so compleatly proved, and i pect, and her continuing breathless attended with such strong marks of appeared to all the spectators irreco- deep, in veterate walice, that the jury verable : But notwithstanding, her soon agreed on their verdict. food mother, Mrs. Pratt, conti- On the evening of the 6th of Notinued blowing in her mouth with vember, at about eight o'clock, while finall intermiflious, watching for the some young persons were dancing at Teturn of breath. After three or the house of Mr. Vore, in Royal Exfour minutes, the mother's anxiety change Lane, Boston, Garcelli, and was relieved. The child catched her two others, with clubs in their hands, breath ; but ao motion could be per- burft into the room, and treated the ceived in her for the space of an hour, young persons present with great ill. except that of respiration, which was solence. They however, loop found mort, weak and irregular. At length it convenient to retire. Immediatea general (palm caine on, which con- ly on their leaving Mr. Vose's door, tinued about three hours with some they discovered a young woman ftandSmall interm flions. The skin filling alone on the opposite side of the appeared lived, the eyes fixed, and lane. Enraged at their disappointthe extremities cold., Avein was ment, and the fate their rudeness opened in each arm, but did not bleed had occafioned, ahis unprotected fefreely. Volatiles were appied, and male at once became the object of their the patient being kept in a supine brutality. On her frieking murder, pofare, and the windows open, the two young men at the head of the spasms grew shorter ; in about twelve lane, were alarmed, and instantly ran bours the was able to speak by inter- to her aslistance. Upon a discovery vals, and in a few days the perfeAly of these men, they immediately left recovered.

the woman, and with their clubs fuDec. 15.Friday left, arrived at Nan- riously attacked one of them, who lasket-road, the ship Empress of Rullia, happened to be armed with a cane. in go days from Pete, fburg. In her The other, who had nothing in his came passenger, the hon. FRANCIS hands, dare not come to the aftlistance Dana, Brg; Minister from these of his companion.

The cries of the United States to that court.

woman and the man they were thus 30 Ar the Supreme Judicial Court of abuging, induced Johnson, who was the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, in the next house, to run to his on Tuesday the 23d day of December aslistance. As soon as they saw Johninfiant, at Boston, came on the trial of son, they turned their whole fury upon Cassamo Garceili, an Italian, who was him, instantly knocked him down, and indicted for the crime of murder,com.

as he tumbled on his fice,they pursued mitted by him on the body of John bim to the ground with their knives, Johnson, a native of Ireland, on the and stabbed him three times in his evening of the 6th of November laft. back, and once in his fide. On this The trial continued until late in the they immediately fled; two made their evening of Wednesday, when the escape, though inttantly pursued-Cause was committed to the jury, who but Garcelli, who was never out of returned in about two hours, and the view of one who pursued him, was


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foon caught with the bloody knife in has seen fit to determine otherwise,and his hand. Johnson, in about thirty to close the scene of a most active, fix hours, died of the wounds he at amiable and useful life. this time received from these cruel

At a late meeting of the CENSORS

of the MASSACHUSETTS MEDICAL On Monday laft, at noon, died, the Society, the following Gentlemen Rev. Dr. SAMUEL COOPER, paftor Candidates for the pra&ice of Phyfick of the church in Brattle Street, in the and Surgery, were examined, and apsgth year of his age He had been proved, viz. NATHANIEL PARKER, confined to his chamber with a disor- A. B. of Reading, PHILIP DRAPER, der of the lethargic kind for upwards A. B. of Dedham, in this Commonof fix weeks, and in the course of his wealth, and NATHANIEL APPLE. illness the anxieties of his church and TON, HAVBN A. M. of Portsmouth, the public, were, at times, relieved New Hampshire. with prospects of a recovery.-- Heaven


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S. W.






Meteorological Observations, December, 1783.
Barometer. | Thermometer. 1


Weather. 28. 74 28. 68 29. 40 41 39 31,5 N.E.6: N. W.6:4 stormy,f. fair. 29. 67 29.66 70 28,5 32 33

W 1: S. W.1:

cloudy, fair. 3 75 71 35 31 33 35

S Wo E 1: do, rain. 4 60 69 69

N. W.1; 35 37 38

fair, clo, f.&r. 28 25 40 36 36 35 N.1: W 1:2.

clo. (now, fair 78 87 go 33 35 35

fair, cloudy. 7 77 78 81

S. W. 1 WI. 33 39 39

cloudy fair, } 86 83

35 37 38
S. W.1

fair,clo. fair 9

W. I: N. E. I
30.00 30. 12
38 43,5 43,5

10 30.20
42 43 43,5

NE, 2: S.E.. cloudy. Il 29.97 29. 88 29.86 45,552,5 53

do. fair. 12 53 76 58 61,5 50,5

do, rain, fair. 13

N.W.2; 1; 94 94 94 39 39 38

fair. 14 30.05 30. 10 30.23 32

34 31,5

cloudy, fair.

N. W.!: 15 25 24 25 30 31

fair, cloudy. 29. 98 29.96 29 3' 34

do. do.

W.N.W 1 r7 29.84 85 35

rain, clo. fair, 18 98 go 68

32 33

clo. s. ftorm. 19 37 35

31 33 33,5

4: 2: snow, fair. 20 52 49 32 26,531 32

fair, Inow, A. 21 28. 29 oo o6

34 32

cloudy, fair. 22 29. 10 17 37

31 .29


4 cloudy. 23 64 66

24 24

fair. 24 83 81 81

N.W: :2: 14 14 12

do.ín. ftormy 25 81 ४० 73

do. (night. 26 30 15 17,5 18,5

do. 37


fair. (at night 34


33 34 33

do.clo, fair. 90 90 85 31 33 31

cloudy (night 57 55

31 33

do. f. rain at






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38 37

N. N E. N.4:
N. W.




S. W N.
N. W 1;

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36 44

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N. W.4
N.E. 2

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# Maternal Affection, 104 General Wahington's refig aa- Hiftory of Cold,

105 tion,

Story of, Perrin,

On Animal Haat,

On Natural Hiftory,

The Life aud Death of Ed. Anecdote of Mr. Whifton, 109
ward Drinker,

86 On Poetry,
Disquisition on the Nature of Enigmatical List of young La.

dies in Bofon,

Character of Swift's Style, 90 Ąn Enigmatical Lift of wear.
Character of Harvey's Style, 91 ing Apparel,

ibid. Character of Tillotiou's Style,


ibid. Ode for the New-Year, Chara&er of Templé's Style A Song,

ibid., Hayley, on Painting, ibid. Chara&er of Addison's Style,

The Mouse's Petition, 113 92

The Married Man, ibid.
An Essay on the Right of Con- Monody on the Death of Dr.


Sir William Hamilton's Ac- A Paradoxical Enigma, IIS
count of the late Earth.



Governor Trumbull's & ddress
Fenelon's Letter to Observa-

to the GeneralAfsembly, 117
98 Foreign News,

Sulanga's Letter to Observa.

American News,

An obituary of persons, 121
Arguments on Hoop-Petti

Meteorological Observations,

Strictures on S. Jenyns, &c. 102

"With the following EMBELLISHMENT $, viz. No. I. An elegant Likeness of Dr. Franklin No. II. Maternal

Affectiun. No. III. A Song set to Music,

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30 S т ON :
Priated and Publidhed by NOR MAN & WMITE, at their

Office in Marshall's Lane, near the Bofton Stone.

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