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Monthly Chronology, for December, 1784.


Foreign News,

mage to the latter place is estimated

at a million and a ball. LONDON O&ober 18.

The same letters say, that so dread. Extra&t of a letter from Dublin

ful were the effects of the late earthOftober 9,

quake at Ardsschinschan, that only He die is cast," as our vir.

one dwelling-house and two mosques tuous and patriotic prints

are left Aanding in the whole city i frequently exclaim.' Some of our

and that twelve thousand persoas

were buried in cae ruins. city worthies are determined to have done with legal formalities, ind to

Extract of a letter from Floshing,

Otober 5, over-leap at once every boundary of the conftitution. Freemen and

“ We are fitting here four large and freeholders, since the establish

frigates, one of 44, (wo of 36, and ment of Magna Charta cuuld be only

one of 30 guns, as a guarda coafla, ta convened by their respexive Sheriffs,

proleå our trade, a war with the Eaor when the preservation of the pub.

peror being expe&ted : and thougta fic peace demanded by the summons

that power has not much of a Daval of two or three justices for the re

force, imperial privateers are expect. fpe&ive counties. But Dublin is now

ed to be very oumerous ; this preabout to introduce the daring and

vention, therefore, is taken for the unprecedented measure of freemea

purposes of securing our commerce

before it is invaded." and freeholder: summoning a meeting of thetoseives. If a positive law

PARIS, Odober 8. is thus to be depended on, and utter

There is a difference of opinion in ly disregarded, it is high time for

the Cabinet about the propriety of men of personal and landed property

sending an Amballador to the Ame. to look around them, and stop the

rican States ; the Minifter and one progress of lo atrocious an outrige on

of the Secretaries are for the appointThe conftitution. The Sheriff's took

ment, while the other Members of the sense of the council on the legality

the Cabinet supported by his , of calling a meeting for the purpose

oppose it and say that a Conful for of Tending delegates to a national

the regulation of commercial affairs is Congress, who gave it as their opini

sufficient, and that a Consul in every on that it was unconftitutional, not

province can be supported at less es with ftanding which there is to be a

pence than an Ambilador attendiag meeting at Weavers Hill on Mon. upon the Congrels. duy next.”

WARSAW, (Poland) Sept. 13. October 19. The Dutch mail of

We learn that a fire, occalioned by yefierday is full of dreadful accounts an earth-quake, has reduced. che city from Vienna of damage Tuftained by of Adrianople to alhes. fire. On the 7th of September 107

MADRID, (Spain) Auguf 27. houses were defroyed in the city of They write from Mexico, in their Poring, in Hungary; and a greater Gazette of the 19th of May laft, that Lalamity has befallen the inhabitants there is now living a man named of Rokitzau, in Bohemia : In the Francis Saenz de le Rola, who was Space of two hours that once flourish. born at Tepego, in the year 1962, ing city was intirely reduced to ashes, and now at Xalapa, in the 1220 year except about eight licules. The da: of his age ; he was married io tis 75th 625


Montbly Chronology. year, and has had ten children ; he ing every preparation to go to war ; always travelled as a carrier ; he en- several parties are already out, and joys ftrength and good health, and have done confiderable mischief. The mounts and rides on horseback like a western Indians had been informed young man. It is said he sleeps only hy some ill disposed persons, that one hour each day.

their whole country was to be taken DANTZICK, (Poland) Sept. 20. from them, but on being assured to

The difference berween this city the contrary, they were somewhat and the King of Prussia, are at last pacified ; and it is said had determin. finally adjufted, through the mediati. ed to address Congress on the sube on of the imperial Court of Russia. jea. That the Indians about the Here follow the articles of the con- falls of Niagara, had declared war, vention, coocluded on the 7th in ft. at and were expe&ted to break out Warsaw, and by which the place every day. That the Spaniards had and trade of this city will be reftored made offers to several of the nations, to its former fiability.

and were endeavouring to incite them

againd the Americans. That a large American News.

army of Nothern Indians were on their way agaioft the inhabitants of

the Ohio; and that dreadful conreBRIDGETOWN,Barbadoes, O.14.

quences were apprehended, if rome We are sorry to announce to the mode was not speedily adopted for publick the following awful and me. their defence. lancholy circumftioce : and which


29. according to the beft information yet received is as follows: Early yefter Ira Allen and Nathaniel Niles,Esq'rs.

The Honourable Moses Robinson, day morning, Mr Reynold Philaps,

are elected Agents and Delegates to manager on Walcott's plantation, now in possession of William Morris, Congress for this state the ensuing Esqi beard, a diftant noise, and on


It is presumed, that Congress will his looking out perceived the carth

recognize this State's claim to be a from Hackleton's clift move down.

seperate government, and admit wards in amazing large bodies : be.

them into the Confederation. ii-3 much alarmed ne removed his samily from the dwelling house, and in

PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 11. a few hours after,the whole buildings on the plantation (being nearly 60

Extrad of a letter from the Wefern der the hill) were entirely covered,

Country, dated Smith's River, the mill excepted, which could only

October 26, 1784. be perceived from the eves of the

" About the roth inftant a party round house upwards. What ren. of Indians, came across some people ders this dreadful phenomenon more

travelling through the wilderners to extraordinary is, that there had not Kentucky, killed nine men and one been any rain for many hours before woman, wounded several others, and that no undulation or motion of took hfty horses and a good deal of the earth was selt where the build. other property. Ten days previous ings food or on the plain beneath the

to this, fix people were killed in the hill,

wilderness on the road to Kentucky. AN-N APOLIS (Maryland) Nov. 25.

One hundred and fifty men well His Excellency, William Paca, Elq; mounted, are in pursuit of them. I is vnanimously re-eleded governor

exped every day to hear of the Inof this state for the year ensuing.

dians breaking out on our frontiers. RICHMOND (Virginia)Nov. 13.

" If a few men cannot be ftationed

in Powell's Valley, the, people must By late accounts froin the westera break up, which will be of fatal concountry, we learn, that the Indians Sequences to the settlers and travelare to exasperated at the proceedings lers, as there are large crops of corn of some of the settlers from North. made, which would be a great supCarolina, who had encroached upon port to them, and all that the settlers their territory, that they were mak. have to depend on.".

27. The



27. The voyage of discovery which NEWYORK, December. is at present preparing for in France, Letters from Paris, by ibe !28 222, by order of the King, will be one of mention, that the celebrated Va the completeft for the purpose of dame d'Eon is hortly to be musel science (the great eod of it) that was to a gentleman of dit odion, ia tie ever undertaken. These plans for the fuit of Prince Henry of Protia. improvement of the sciences are like 9. On Friday last bis Excellency to be very much extended; for the H. J. Van Berekel, Minister Pies. King of Spaio has not only appointed potentiary from the United Nether a similar one, but also ordered that a lands to the United States of Ameriphilosophical survey Mhould be taken ca, arrived at Trenton. of all his American dominions.

Dec. 1. Benjamin Johnson,one of the Extraå of a letter from Trentos; pirates lately advertised for running dared Wednesday Dec, 1. away with the schooner Friendthip, Captain Lewis, bound from Porii

« On Monday laft the Congreis mouth, in Virginia, to the Iand of

of the United States affembled bere St, Thomas, and murdering the Cap

and on Tuesday they proceeded to

the choice of a Prefident, When the tain, mate, supercargo, and others belonging to the above vellel, was

Honourable RICHARD HENRY larely apprehended at Kingston, in

LEE, Esquire, of Virginia, was electnaci, and acknowledged the fa&t. It was expected that Joseph Twenty

« This is the geotleman who Erk another of the murderers,

made the motion in Congress, for de would alfo be fecured, he having

claring the States of America indefailed from Kingiton to Montego. pendent, in the year 1776." Bay as mare of a small vefrel, and ex

HARTFOR D, Dec. 6. presses having been dispatched to apprehend him. Johnron declared The present age seems to record that they had landed Morris Keaton, every attempt to recover freedos, the third villain, at Hispaniola, but

civil and ecclefiaftical. The Kiag si it was ftrongly suspected that Twen- France, à character as amiable as be tyman and be bad murdered Keaton is great, has the honour to be the Erft allo, to fecure to themselves a larger to rescue the oppreffed. The hiftory Mare of the booty.

of the American war and conftituti8. Extract of a letter from Do. ons of the several States, have is

The diffentions be. spired the Emperor of Germany tween the governor and the inhabi- with a generous love of freedom, tants of this inand, have arisen to an and he feems determined to diftiounhappy crihis. One afsembly is dif- guish his reign by relaxing ebe rigours foived, and another fummoned ; yet of depotism by difofing learathe same opposinon, headed by Lieut. ing and wealth, and encreafig the Governor Stewart, constantly main- happiness of his fubje&ts. Ireland tains its ground. Oir ports are thin ; has caught the fire of patriotian (rom the captains complain of the extraor. America, and may heaven crows dinary charges of them, and the their efforts with the same glorious abandoned estates make the island a

success. melancholy spectacle. Most of the

PROVIDENCE, December 18. troops from hence are sent up hy order of General Matthews to St. We hear from St. Jago de Cuba, Vincent's, to suppress the Caribs, that some alarming advices bately who begin to be a formidable enemy, reached the Havanna, from the spr amouding 101200, aud woh ruppiied nith Viceroy at Mexico, which are by the French, who are very vigilant withheld from the knowledge of the in easti istand fraining every nerve to publick with every precaution ima keep an intereft, in case of another ginable, though it is thought they re. war, which, in the West Indies, is late to the breaking out of freth com. the conftant discourse.''

• motions on the contiaent of South.



[blocks in formation]

America, the natives of which have have their option, and as they find Several years past, earnestly endea. the market in the islands, they may voured to rescue themseives irom the continue their route to me continent iniupportanle tyranny of Spain, and of Alii, they may return to the Mouldsney providenciaily lucceed in islands, may sell their cargoes there, any of those righteous aitempis, that or proceed farther and fhorten conk.ogdom would be plunged into ali fiderably their voyage. It is expedthe miferies of contempi, disgrace, ed that this liberal arrangement will and poverty. Deftituie equally of be very beneficial to the American genius and inclination for agriculture India trade and to the islands. manufactures aud commerce, the Joss of the immense relources of the EXTRACT from the Journals of South Amerkan provinces, would CONGRESS Thursday Dec. 9, 1984. Bring tue government of Spain to irLetrie able ruin.

THE committee, confifting of Mr.

Jay, Mr. Williamson, and Mr. PORTSMOUTH, Dec. 17. Hardy, to whom was relerred a letOn Monday laft, the son of Major la Fayette, report, that in the opini

ter of the 6th. from the Marquis de Jaine. Gray,ui Epsom, about 16 years old, in attempting to lead a very un

on of the committee, the merit and raly horse of his father's to water,

services of the Marquis render it promade the end of the alter about his

per, that such an opportunity of wrift, in pracing nove him down and taking leave of Congress be afforded ran away wito nim, draßzed nim over

him, as may 'strongly manifeft their a four board fence and through the

eleem and regard for him : wherefield, unul the halter broke. The fa.

upon, mily tapposed tae young man had

Resolved, that a committee, to gone to ipend the evening with nis re

confift of one member from each flate latious, were unconcerned about him be appointed to receive the Marquis, wout the next morong, when to their

and in the name of Congress, to take great nut pole, they fouud the blood leave of him. That they be inftrueton the trace were the horse had ed to assure him, that Congress, dragged the young man over, then

continue to entertain the same high following the cloud, der fometime sense of his abilities and zeal to profound him at a confiderable diftance mote the welfare of America, both alive, bure per tettiy hcipiess and senie. here and in Europe, which they leis i bie nife is despaired of; as it is have frequently expressed and maniSw:'Foied muft of his bones were bro

fested on former occafions, aod which the recent marks of his attention to

their commercial and other interefts, BOSTON O&tober 6.

have perfe&tly confirmed.

That as his uniform and unceasing The Consul General of France has received official information re.

attachment to this country has re

fembled that of a patriot citizen, the specting the trade between the United States and the islands of France

United States regard him with parti

cular affe&ion, and will not cease to and Bourboni, otberwise called the

feel an interest in what ever may conMauritius.... The American vessels thall enjoy full liberty to import that their belt and kindest wishes

cern his honour and prosperity, aod into the said inlagds cargoes the produce of this continent, and to sell it

will always attend him. for money, or bacter or exchavge it On motion of Mr. Mercer secondfor the produce of the lands, or of ed by Mr. Reed, Jadia or Chioa. This regulation is Resolved, that a letter be written a material addition to the former, by to his moft Chriftian Majefty, to be which American vessels were admit- signed by his Excellency the Prefited to take refrelements, and after. dent of Congress, expressive of the wards proceed on their voyage to high sense which the United States, China and India. Now they will in Congress assembled, entertain of



the zeal, talents, and meritorious ser- reft, and every local situation. ke. vices of the Marquis de la Fayette, collection insured it futurity and recommending him to the ra. does bur enlarge the profpe&vour and patronage of his Majesty. and the private intercourse will every

day increale which independent and MONDAY, Dec. 13. 1784. advantageous trade cherishes as it is

well understood. Mr. Jay, chairman of the commit.

In unbounded withes to America, tee, cooliiting of a member from each

Sir, I am happy to observe the preftate, ap;ointed to receive and take leave of the Marquis de la Fayette, firengihen the confederation, pre

vailiog disposition of the people to reported, that on the oth Ditant

serve public faith, regulate trade, and they received the Marquis in the

in a proper guard over continental Congress chamber, and cook leave of

magazines and frontier posts, in a gehim agreeable to the inftru&ious giv

neral system of militia, in foreseeing en them on the subject ; that they

attentioa to the navy to ensure every communicated to him the purport

kind of safety. of the resolutions of the niorh ; and

May this immense temple of freethat he thereupon maje the follow

dom ever stand a leffon to oppreffors, ing answer.

an example to the opprefled, a lancSIR

tuary for the rights of mankind WHILE it pleases the United. and may there happy Voited States States in Congress, so kindly to re. attain that complete splendor and ceive me, I want words to express the profperity which will illustrate the feelings of a heart which deiights in biefings of their government, and their present situation, and the be. for ages to come rejoice the departed flowed marks of their efteem.

souls of its founders. Since I joined the standard of Liber- However vo willing to trespass on ty, to this wifhed for hour, of my per. your time, I must yet present you sonal congratulations, I have seen luch with grateful thanks for the late faglorious deeds performed, and virtues vours of Coogress, and never can displayed, by the sons of America, they oblige me so much as when they that, in the iuftant of my first concern put it in my power in every part of for them, I had anticipated but a part the world, to the latest day of my of the love and regard which de vote life, to gratify the attachment which me to this riling empire.

will ever rank me among the moft During our revolution, Sir, I ob- zealous and respearul servants of the tained an unlimited, indulgent con. Vaited States." fidence, which I am equally proud

Extra&t of a letter from Dr. Frank. and happy to acknowledge. It dates with the ume when, an unexperienc.

lin, to the President of Congress, ed youth, I could only claim my re

daced Passy, January 25,1784. fpe&ted friend's paternal adoption. « With resped to the British Court .... It has most benovolently continu- we should, I think, be. conflaotly on ed throughout every circumstance of our guard, and impress Atrongly oa the cabinet and the field ; and jo per. our minds, that though it has made sonal frendihip, I have often found peace with us, it is not in truth rea support against public difficulties. conciled to us, but Bill Aatters itrelf While on this rolemn occafion, I with hopes, that some change in the mention my obligations to Congress, affairs of Europe, or some difusion the ftates, the people at large, per. amongst ourselves, may afford them mit me also, to remember the military an opportunity of recovering their companions, to whole services their dominion, puo:thing those who have country is so much indebted.

most offended, and securing our fuHaving felt both for the timely aid fure dependence. It is ealy to see of iny country, and for the pari the, by the general terms of the minifiewith a beloved king, aded io che cause rial news papers, (light things ivideed, of mankind, I enjoy an alliance so well as Araws or feathers, but like thema riveted by mutual affeaion, by ince- they the w which way the wind blows)


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