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6 or hunger; knew neither how to « build a cabin, take a deer, or kill “an ederay ; ['poke our language im" perfectiy; were therefore neither “ fic for buntert, warriors, or coun. 6 leilors; they were totally good for is nothing. We are however out the 6 less obliged by your kind utter, " though we decline accepong it: " And to how our grateful sense of cil, if the gentlemen of Virginia will “ send us a dozen of their ons, we "s will take great care of their educa. 65 tion, inftruit trein o all we know, 6 and make meu of them."

11:ving frequent occalionis (5 hoi! public councis, they irave acquired Erent order and deceary in conduct. dig them. Tue vid. meo fit in the foreinoit ranks, the warriors in the 13txt, and the women and children in the hiudmoil. The busiers of the women .6 to take exact notice of what pifles, imprint it in thinir memores, for obey base 10 writing, androm. musicise it to the r children. They are the records of the council, and lrey preserve traditica of the fipula. rioos in treaties a hundred years baris; whicii, when we coinpire

!!! Our ivrilings, we always ond ( He that would fpeak, riles. increil obierve a protound hence. When 62 is haired and lie dowo They leave in five or fix minutes 12 recule: t, that if he was on red any iting he intended to fuj', or has any thing to add, he may nagan, and delser it To interrupt votuer, pre common con ve: 13:0:1,teck onezi igiitrate eni. Hadifor rt 118 is from the couduct or a police But it intre of cons mus, Wilere karcenday pulits without suine confubigit, una miske the ideaker house inciting 10 ordur; and bo. dr. ent from one toode vf convenirinin many postele (0) Inies of Europe, where you do not deliver your tente:19:18 fara' ragicli'y, you 21€ cui oil in tre cite or it by iheimpairat liquidity of those you con: verin wité, und never suffered to tic.n it.

The politeness of these favages is conversation, is indeed, carried io excels; since it does not permit the to contrad:ft, or deny the 11017 of what is afierted in their preieace. By this means they inoced avaldsputes; but then it becomes dis Bu koow their minds, or what impic lion you make upon them.

Wuen any of them come into cor towns, our people are ape 10 croat round ihem, gaze upon siem, 200 iscommode thein where ikey celeste pr vale ; this they esteem great tu-hers, and the effect of the waut ni atruciion in the rules of civil y and good manners. " We have, :27

they, as much cur oliy as your “and when you coincidio out tos, "we with lor opportunities of loos "ing at you; bue lor this purpole se "hule outieives beundhulhes naere ss you are io pass, and never intrede rs our:elves into your compaay."

Their minner of enter og ope 27. others villages bas likewe its rules. I: is reckoned uncivil 10 travelling strangers to cuter a village abruptly. without giving nouce of their opproicis. Stere!ore, as soon as 11.3 arri.e without hearing, they top and ho:lov, remaining ilere till vard

Tivo uld mea atually come ou:10lem, and lead remiu. Tx72 is in estry village a vacant setiap called the oranger's i:ouse. · HR iney are placed, wuile the old mea Co round 11 om but to hut, acquainting be inimbulans that tiraogera uit arrived, who are probably hungry a:id weary ; and every one (euds them what he can (pars of viduris und k'os to repose 03. W: the fizingers are refreshed, pipes and (0. hicco bivught and sled, but not beiore, cooversation be gids, with tnguries who they arpy whither bound, whal news, k. and ir ulusly ends with offers of lere vice ; If the itrangers have occaloa of guides, or ay neceffar.ts for Cuoti. 110 og their journey ; and nothiag is exacted for the entertainment.

to enter.

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Poetical Esays.


Poetical Essays, for October, 1784,


Advice to a Young Lady lately To fix your empire in his heart,

With kind, ob iging carriage Arive Married.

Tok-2p the lanip of love alive;

For thould it thro' cegled expire, [By an Unmarried Lady.] No art again can lighi the fire.

To charm bis reason, dress your

mind, EAR Pergy, since the fingle DEAR ftare

Till love thall be with friendship You've left,and chose yourself a mate,

joiu'; Since metamorphos'd to a wife,

Rais'd on this baris, 't will endure, and bliss or woe's insur'd for life ; From t me, and death itself iecure. A friendly muse the way would Mew, Be sure you ne'er for power con. To gain the bliss, and miss the woe.

tend, But firn of all, I must suppose, Nor try by tears to gain your end; You've with mature reflection chole, Sometines the tears which cloud our And this premisid, I took you may,

e;es, Here find, to married bhf, the way. From pride and obftinacy rise. Small is the province of a wife,

Heav'o gave to man superior (way, And narrow is her (phere in life;

Then henv'n and him at once obey. Within that sphere, to move aright, Les fullen frowns your brow neer Should be her principal delight.

cloud ; To guide the house with prudent Be always chearful, never loud

Let trifles never discompose And properly to spend and (pare ; Your leatures, temper, or repose. To make her husband bless the day Abroad for happiness ne'er roam ; He gave his liberty away ;

True happiness resides at home ; , To form the tender infant mind; Siill make your partner easy there, There are the talks to wives afliga'd. (M10 finds anroid sufficient care.) Theo never think domestick care It every thing at home be right, Beneath the notice of the fair;

He'll always enter with delight; But daily those affairs inspect,

Your converse he'll prefer to all That bought be wasted by neglect.

Those cheats the world does pleasure Be frugal, plenty round you seen,

call. And always keep the grilden mien.

With clearful chat his cares beguile, B: always clean, but seldom fine, And always meet him with a smile. Let decent neatas(s round you shine; Should paffion e'er his soul deform, If once Pair decency be fed,

Serenely meet the bursting form ; Love soon deserts the geo al bed. Never in wordy war engage, Not nice your house, tio' neat and Norever meet his rage with rage. cleill;

i With all our lex's foll'ning art In all things there's a proper mien : Recailloft reason to his heart; Some of our lex miflake in this, Thus calm the tempest in his breast, Ton anxious fome, fome too remifs. And sweetly footh his soul to ref. The early days of wedded life,

Be sure you ne'er arraign his sense ; Are o't o'er call with childina frise ; Friv huibands pardon that offence; Then be it your peculiar care, Twill discord raise, disgust it breeds, To keep that reason brightand fair ;" And hatred certainly fucceeds. Forthea's the time by gende art Then shug, Q mun chat fatal thell,

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But thinks admitted to the realms on

To Mi's

on the orri. nigh, To thine unrival'd thro'che g?zing

val of ber Silier. sky. Go reis caught child, and in thy par.

Faright of frienth'p yet te mins,

Beriveen us till glass,

** ccepi the laj: Survey eich beauty of thy pretty

Pirmit the mule is gentie strains, fice;

To hail with you the happy day.

II. Call rouge tha hluth of heairh, or th nk it (urch,

This ever happy day that gives, Bu: mould there be too little or too

A filter to your louging breall,

Wom all with open arms receive, much, Bl: Rroy the colours for thy rage or

And each fond heart's compleiely bleft.

III. And cry,' ir woman suffer herren's uniul.

Why then Mould down each bloom. If the [mart frizieur plait thy boro

ing cheek, Tow'd hirir,

The unexpected tears oft bow?.. And make one error here, another Hun! -- they are tears of joy, whicla

fuck there, Snatch from his hand the powder

To hide themselves in drops of roe. and the tools,

IV. Petouch his touches, be the fool of

True love like this remains unchang'd fools.

Nor time itself can e'er remove; Nor years, nor absence can eirange,

Souls wrapt 10 sympatay and love: 4 Song. By a young Miss of 13.

E mules come, return again,

For when fond youth shall glideaway,

And age advances to its clore,
Helpme iofing my tender grief;

Shalleach returning happy day
Since firn I saw the charming rwaini,

Succeed to nights of caim pepole. Nothing can give my cares relief.

Ilow the beauties of his eyes,

The Kiss.
Hs killing glances piore'd my heart,
Tnofe reader words and roli replies,

A S O N G.
Alas! they woun me like a dart.

BEHOLD,my fair,that loaded bee, III.

Rich with the spoils of many a Who can behold us berureous face,

how'r Morfeel a Pime as pure 25 mine? There mark if any trace you see, D} -?/?2.1orn | with integrace, Where ibefly wel impresa'd his Tis jusi ço call aim : haif divine.


fou'r. IV.

No, no! each Aow'r is fill the lire, For him, I figa antiell in.y gries,

The same in coluur, form, aud rare!!, Trewry pro e, and purling stream;

You know not wheoce the booty
Toe clous frein rogive relier,
Andzenil; .7h, ve dearkiv name.

Yet it is honey...-bees can tell.
But the paraparie'er thinks I love,

Bilinda, cease then to reline,

At my too fond!y ravish'd kils; Ivor does one sende: thougut return,

To me it was a bliss divine. Norlinks his charms so faral prove,

And you loft nothing you can miis! To me, who for his absence mourn.

V!. Bye if Alixis kuew my pain, Epitaph on a talkative Old Such son tiels could not cruel prove,

Maid. 11- wwid rotura an equal fare, And kindly give me, love for love. D'ENEATH this filent fione is laid VII.

A noily, antiquared maid.' i then, ye winds that gently hlow! Who, from her cradle, talk'd till And whilperthrote nodding trees,

deith, Tissim, the nury of my woe,

And ne'er before was out of breath. 1 vai my love, vithery breeze,





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State Papers.

millioned officer and private a musketa Report of a Committee of Cri iwelve rounds of powder and ball

, bayonel, and callouch box, with gress, containing a Plan for Tlie corps of lingle men to be obliged & Military establishment for críe, once in two months by cornpasle United States, in time of nies, and once in four months regiPeace.

mentally ; 1o be Tubject to proper

penalizes in case of delinquency. The (Concluded from our lat.)

corps of married men to be obliged MILITIA.

to alíemble for the same purposes, on, ibatio considering the means in three months by companies, and of national delence, Congress ought once in fix monitis og mentally. not 10 overlook that of a well regu. When the State intent is invaded the laced militia ; that as the keepiog up COIDN of either cials indifferently to of such a militia and proper arlenals be obliged to take the field in its deand magazines by each siate is made sence, and to remain in service one part of ine Confederation, the alten. year, unless sooner relieved by specition of Congress to this objeit becomes al order. When another State is at. a constitutional duty ; that as great tacked, and it is necefíary to march advantages would result from uni- to its succour, one half of all the corps formity in this article in every State, of fingle men Mall be obliged to take and from the militia eftabith menc their tour of duty first, and to serve being as similar as the nature of the for the same period, to be succeedcase will admit to that of the conti. od for a like period by one half of all mental forces, it will be proper for the corps of marned men, and then Congress to adope and recommenda alternately. plan for this purpose.

In addition to these two classes The Committee submit the follow. tjere Mould be a third, under a paring outlines of such a plan, which, if ticular denomination, as fencibles, thought necessary, may be digefted fuzileers, train bands, or whatever and improved.

elle may be thought proper, with the All the free male inhabitants in same organization as the infantry of each State from twenty to fifty, ex. llie other claffes, but composed as cept such as the laws of the Staie Mall. foliows: Of all such of either of the exempt to be divided into two general two other clafits inhabiring cities, or classes - one class to coolift of marrieri, incorporated towels, as will volun. the other class of single men. Eacii tarily engage to serve for the term class to be formed in corps of infantry of eight years; provided they shall and dragoons, organized in the same not exceed the proportion of one to manner as propoled for the regular fity of all the enrolled militia of the troops. Those who are willingio be Staie, and provided that if a war at the expe ce ofequ pping themselves breaks out, they shall be obliged to for dragoon service to be permitted serve three years after they take the to enter into that corps--the relidue field, and to march wherever the to be formed into infantry ; this will service may require. The conditiconsult the convenience and inchina- 015 on the part of the public to he lions of different classes of citizens. there- . Lach non commillioned offi. Each officer of the dragons to pro- cer and foldier to be furnithed with a vide himself with a horie, saddle, &c. mnuiker, bayonet and cartouch box,and piftols and faire, and each non-com- every tivo years, with a suit oi unikniffioned officer and private with the form, conhning of a coat, jackets preceeding articles, and there in addi. and breeches of cloth --the arms and tion, a carbine and cartouch-box, accoutremenis to become his pro with twelve rounds of powder and perty at the end of his time of rer. ball for his carbine, and fix for each vice. Thele corps to be obliged to pitol. Each officer of the infantry arremble verimentally once a month, io have a sword, and eacn fur exerciic and inspection, with a RO."


Extra& of an account of the late dif- already expressed, of the intended

turbances at Wyoming, published violence of the Cranedicot claiby authority.

ants, and the diftreffes and fofferings “ About 12 o'clock at night, on which we are afraid the better fub Sunday the 26th ultimo, a party of jeas of the fate are fated to goder. the Connecticut claimants, whose number is yet undetermined,attempt. (Signed) Jobo Boyd, ed to break open the fore-house, in

John Armftrong, jn't. which the publick and other arms

James Read, were de posired. It is probable that

john Okely. their original design upon this occa- Commissioners of the Supreme Ex. fion, went no faitlier"; and that if ecutive Council of Pennsylvania. they had been able to succeed in the Extract of a letter from Wyoming, robbery, no other excess would bave

September 28. iminediarely followed ; but having * Eleven hours after you left this been early discovered from a neigh place we were surrounded by the bouring house (the quarters of Co Connecticut band. They kept up Jonel Armstrong) and meeting with a hot and incessant fire tor the space some opposition from thence, they of two hours. You know that our loon turned their arms thither, and house is nor proof against thet. Poor exchanged several shot with that gen Leutenants Reed and Heoder on tleman, and three or four others who are both mortally woended. Mr. were with him. * Retiring however Reed is not from the back and into from this reliance, they carried cheir the guis ; Henderson is thor in fre attack to the house of Mr. John Hol. places." Tenback, tere the remaining part of .. We are informed, thit to us lodged, and after discharging se

the disturbances at Wyoming, the veral guns 'apon it (from the refifts Supreme Executive Council of Pennof which Mofl'rs Boyd and Okely fylvania have taken order that a narrowly escaped) they then with body of militia be again called out, drew inid the buttes and disappeared. and that the direction of this impos. We now saw an end to cor business lant buliness be comminted to joan with the utmost regies, and that it Armsrong, jun. Esq; now appointed was improper for us to remain longer Adjutant General of the militia of in a country where every nioment thai Commonwealth, and Brigadierthreatened us with the dangers of General of the same. aflaslination. Under the influeoce SPRINGFIELD, acber s. of this opinion, we called upon the Lall Tuesday, the 28th of Septemmagiftrates, and some other principal ber being the time appointed by laws Pennsylvanit claimanis, and left for holding a Supreme Judicial Court with them a paper of acknowledg: here for the Counry of Hampthire, ment, for the fupport of which they the same was opened with the ulual had in every inilance discovered an folemnities, and continued till Sarur. inclination ro give us; of advice to day evening. keep themselves in as defensible a SALEM, O&tober 3. Slace as poflibie, and of afsurance, Capt. Cox of this place, who lof that as we believed the late attack his tirg in the late torricane at saupon us to be introductory to further maica, informs, that, in consequcace mischiel, we would exert every nerve of the present calamitous firuation of in our power to bring government that ifland, the authority have of inco fome decisive measures for their dered their ports to be kept open to iclief.

all nations for fix month, and full Under these assurances, we left liberty allowed for bringing away them aboui three o'clock on Mon- the produce of the island. day the 27th inftant. The events 0:0 19. At the annual Comwhich have fince happened, and mencement in New Jersey College, which have been brought forward hy on the 29th ult, the degree of Biche. express, are truige Jarbentable, and lor of Arts was conferred on 24 lerve to confirm the gminions we have young gen:lemen. The degree of


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