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fions, to be accustomed to all this God our Father, and Jesus Chrif oor variety, because it would help lo re. Lord. 1 Tim.i. 2. The word MERCY, move their superfitious reverence of which is introduced in this, and some fyftems, and to fx their attention following forms, is clearly implied in upon the good word of truth. I the former. have, therefore, for the benefit of Grace, mercy, and peace, from your readers, furnished you with a God the Father, and Chrift Jelus out colletion of all the New Testament Lord. 2 Tim. i. 2. benedictions and doxologies, and pre. Grace, mercy, and peace, froa fume that you will give them a place God the Father, and the Lord Jesus in your next Magazine.

Chrift, our Saviour. Tit. i. 4. · I Mall, first, lay before you the Grace be with you, mercy, and New TESTAMENT BENEDICTIONS. peace, from God the Father, and the

Grace he to you, and peace from Lord Jesus Chrift, the Son of the F:God our Father, and the Lord Jesus ther, in truthi and in love. 2 Joba 3. Chrift. Rom. i. 7. The same form is Grace, and peace, be multiplied to to be found, Col. i. 2. 1 Thesi. i. you, through the knowledge of God, 2 Theff. i. 2. Phil. i. 3.

aud of Jesus Christ our Lord, accordGrace be to you, and peace from ing as his divine power hath given to God the Father, and from our Lord us all things, that pertain to life and Jesus Christ. Gal. i. 3. This is the godliness, through the knowledge of fame in fubftance, with the former. him, who hath called us to glory, and . Grace be to you, and peace, from virtue. 2 Pet, i. 2, 3. God our Father, and from the Lord - Peace be upon you, and mercy, and Jesus Chrift. Eph.i. 2. This is li- upon the Israel of God. Gal. vi. ib. terally the same with the firfi, except Peace be to you, and love, with that the word FROM is bere added faith, from God the Father, and the by our tranflators, which is, however, Lord Jelus Chrift. Eph. vi. 23. necessarily implied in the first. We Peace be with you all, who are in have the saine forms in Phil. i. 2. Christ Jesus. Amen. 1 Pet. V. 24. , i Cor. i. 3. 2 Cor. i. 2. Which is Peace be to you. 3 John. 14. a proof; that it was a favourite one,

Grace be unto you, and peace, with our apoftle.

from Him, who is, and who was, and The following forms, which men who is to come and froin the seven (pj. tion only the grace of our Lord rits before his throne, and from Jelus Jesus Chrift, were evidently intended Christ, who is the taithful witness, to convey every sensiment contained and the first begotten of the dead, aad in the preceeding ones.

the prince of the kings of the earth. The grace of our Lord Jesus be Rev.i. f 5. with you all. Amen. Rom. xvi. 24. : Now, the God of peace, fill you 2 Theff ii. 18. Eph. iv. 23. Rev. with all jcy and peace in believing, xxii. 21.

that ye may abound in hope, through The grace our Lord Jesus Christ the power of the Holy Spirit. Rom. be with you. I Cor. vi. 23.

XV. 13. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ Now, the God of peace, be with be with you. Amen. 1 Thess. v. 28. you all. Amen. Rom. xv. 33.

Grace be with you. Amen. Col. The grace of the Lord Jesus Chrift, iv. 18. I Tim. vi. 21. 2 Tim, iv, and the love uf God, and the com

niunion of the Holy Spirit, be with Grace with you all. Amen. Tit. you all. Amen. 2 Cor. xiii. 14. jii 15. Heb. Xi!1. 25.

The very God of peace sanaily Brethren, the grace of our Lord you w bolly, and preserve you blame. Jesus Christ, be with your spirits. less onto the coming of our Lord Jesus Amen. Gal. vi. 18. Phil. 25.

Chrift. i Thel. v. 23. i Grace be with all them, who love Now, the Lord of peace bimrell, our Lord Jesus Christ in Encerity. give you peace always by all means, Amen. Eph. vi. 24.

The Lord be wish you all. Amen. Grace, mercy, and peace, from 2 Tim. iv. 22.



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10, II.

Scriptural Benedi&tions and Doxologies. 519 Grace unto you, and peace, be in peace; and may the God of love moltiplied. Per. i. 2.

and peace be with you. 2 Cor. xiii. The God of all grace, who hath called us to his eternal glory, by Now, may the God of our Lord Christ Jerus, make you perfea,

estab. Jesus Chrid, the Father of glory, give ish, strengelen you. 1 Pet. v. 10, 11. unto you the spirit of wisdom and

Now, the God of peace, who revelation, in the knowledge of bim ; brought again from the dead our and may the eyes of your underLord jerus Christ, the great Shep: ftanding be enlightened, that we may herd of the sheep, through the blood know what is the hope of his calling, of the everlasting covenant, meke and what the riches of the glory of you perfeet in every good work, to his inheritance in the saints. Eph. do his will, working in you ihat i. 17, 18. which is well pleasing in his fight, Brethren, may ye be blameless, and chrough Jesus Chrift. Amen. Heb. harmless, the fons of God without xiii. 20, 21.

rebuke, and, in the midft of a crook. I pray that your love may abound ed, and perverse generation, may ye fill more and more, in knowledge, thine as lights in ihe world, holding and in all judgment, that ye may ap. forth the word of life, that we may prove things that are excellent, that rejoice together in the day of Christ. ye may be sincere, and without of Phil. ii. 15, 16. lence, till the day of Christ, being May the peace of God, which pastfilled with the fruits of righteousoest, eth all understanding, keep your which are by Jesus Chrift, to the hearts and minds, through Jesus praise, and glory of God. Phil. i. Chrift. Epb. iv.7.

May the God of peace be with The Lord give you understanding you. Eph. iv. 9. in all things. 2 Tim. 11.2.

May ye ve filled with the knowNow, the Lord dired your hearts ledge of the divine will, in all wisdom, to the love of God, and the patient and spiritual underftanding, that ye waitiog for of Chrift. 2 Thell. iii. 5. may walk worthy of the Lord unto

Now our Lord Jesus Cbrift him. all pleasing, being fruitful in every fell, and God even our Father, who good work, and encreasing in the bath loved us, and given us everlast- knowledge of God i ftrengthered ing consolerion and good hope, with all night according to his glothrough grace, comfort your hearis, rious powe', un to all patierce and and enablith you in every good word Iorg suffering with joyfulness; and and work. 2 Theff. ii. 16, 17. may ye give thanks unto the Father,

The Lord make you to encrease wlio hath made us meet to be parand abound in love one toward ano- takers of the inheritance of the saints ther, and toward all men-.10 the end in light, Col. i. 9, 12. he may establish your hearis un. Now, brethren, may your hearts be blameable in holiness before God comforted, being koit together in love, even our Father, at the coming of the and unto all riches of the full assuLord Jesus Christ with all his saints. rance of understanding, to the aci Theff. ijj. 12, 13.

knowledgment of the mystery of Other passages of scripture, allo, God, even the Father, and of Christ, containing devout wishes or instruc- in whom are hid all the treasures of tions, may be changed into benedic- wisdom and knowledge. Col. ii.2, 3. rions, in the following maoner.

Now, may the peace of God role in May the peace of Christ be given your hearts ; may you be thankful; you ; may his peace, which has no. may the word of Christ dwell in you ining of the (pirit of this world in it, richly in all wisdom; and what ever Tenhain with you for ever ; and let ye do in word, and deed, may ye do not your hearts be troubled, neither all in the name of the Lord Jesus, be ye afraid. John xiv.27.

giving thanks to God even the Father Brethren.--. may you be perfett, by him. Col. iii. 15, 16, 17. may you be of good comfort, may May our God count you worthy you be of one mind, may you live of bis heavenly calling, and fulfl all

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the good pleasure of this goodness, and may be adminiftred to you abua. the work of faith with power: that dantly into the everlait ng king der the name of oor Lord Jesus Chrift of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Chrift. may be glorified in you, and ye in 2 Pet. 1, 10, II. hin, according to the grace of our M:y you grow in grace, aadig God, and our Lord Jesus Chrift. the knowledge of our Lord and Sa. 2 Theft. i. 11, 12.

viour Jesus Chrif. 2 Pet. u. 18. May the grace of our Lord be ex- Now, may salvation, ind frength, ceeding abundant toward you, with and the kingdom of our God, and the faith and love, which are in Chrift power of his Christ, be with you, fof Jerus. Tim.i. 14.

Amea. Rev. xii. 10. Miy you k ep the commandment's of God without spot, unrebukable, The New TESTAMENT DOXOLOuntil the appearing of our Lord Jeius Chrift. 1 Tim. vi. 14.

To Him, of whom, and through May ye all, brethren, obtain the whom, and to whom are all things ; salvation, which is in Christ Jesus, to Him be glory, for ever. Amen, with eternal glory. 2 Tim. ii. 10

Rom. xi, 35. Now, may the Lord deliver you Now, to Him, who is of power to from every evil work, and preserve establish you according to the gospel, you unto his heavenly kingdom. and the preaching of Jesus Chrift, a. 2 Tim. iv. 18.

cording io the revelation of the myí. May the grace of God be always tery, which was kept secret since the with you, which teachein us, that world began, but now is made magidenying all usgodliners, and worldly fest, and by the scriptures of the pro. luns; we should live roberly, righte- phets, according to the commind. ovdy, and godly in this present ment of the everlastinig God, made world, looking for the biesiad hope, known to all nations, for the obediand the glorious appearing of the ence of faith. To God only wife, be great God, and our Saviour Jesus glory for ever. Amen. Rom. xvi. Carist. Tit. il. 11, 12, 13.

25. 27. May you all be of one mind, hav- Thanks be to God who giveth as ing companion one of another...may the victory, through our Lord Jesus you love as brethren, and be pitiful Chrill.

i Cor. xv. 57 and courteous, Dut rendering evil for Blessed be, or, all praises be ascribe evil, or railing for railing, but con- ed to God even the finer of out frarıwire, biti fog, knowing that ye Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mer are called to this, that ye should in. cies, and the God of all comfort, dierit a blesGng. s Pet. n. 8, 9.

2 Cor. i. 3. When the chief Shepherd Dall ap. To God our Father, be glory for pear, may ye receive a crown of ever and ever. Amen. Gal. i. 4, 5: glory, that fadech pot away.

Blefleri be the God and Father of

our Lord Jerus Cina, who hath blessNow, brethren, may you give all ed us with all spiritual blessiogs in diligence, to add to your faith virtur, heavenly things in Chrift. Eph. i. 3. and to virtue koowledge, and to Nos, unto Him, who is able to do knowledge temperance, and to iem. exceeding abundantly, above all that perance patience, and to patience we ask, or think, according to the godliness, and to godliness brotherly power that worketh in us, unto him kindness, and to brotherly kindness be glory in the church, by Christ charity: that these things beiog in jesus, world without end. Amen. you, and abounding, they may make Eph. iii. 20, 21. you to be neither barren, nor un- Now unto God, even our Father, iruitful, in the kuowledge of our be glory for ever and ever. Amen. Lord and Saviour Jesus Chrift. 2 Pet. Eph. iv, 20. . .

Now, unto the King Eternal, Now, brethren, may you give all Immortal, Invisible, the only wise diligence to make your caling and God, be honour and glory for ever election (ure ; that thus, an entrance and erer. Amen. I Tim. i. 17.


i Per.


20, 21,

Scriptural Benedi&tions and Doxologies. $21 To Him, who is the blessed and and power, unto the Lord our God. only Potentate, the King of kings and

Rev, xix. I. Lord of loris, who only hath iminor. Before I proceed, I Mall make tality, dwelling in the light to which, some remarks on the preceding Dox. no man can approach, whom no man ologies. hath feen, or can fee ; to Him be, In the first place, it is worthy of honour and power everlasting, iTim. particular notice, that there is no in-, vi. 15, 16.

ilance whatever in the sacred writ., Now to the one Lord he glory forings of any, ascriptions of praise to the ever and ever Amen. 2 Ti. iv, 18. Holy Spirit. Whatever med may

To the God of all grace, be glory think, who admit that the neuter bpih now and for ever. Amend gender is properly translated He, the 1 Pet. V. 10, 11.

apostles had more wisdom than to To Jesus Chrift be glory, both now personily the miraculous powers and for ever Amen. 2 Pet. iii 38. ) which they poslessed, or to ascribe

To the God of peace, be glory for glory and honour to those powers. ever and ever. Amea. Heb. xvi. Men only who copy from the Weste,

minster confeflion, what the com-1 Blesed be the God and Father of pilers of that confession copied from our Lord Jesus Christ, who, accord, ibe mass-book, can fall into such ing to his abundant mercy, hath be- idolatrous abfurdities. gotten us again to a lively hope, by Secondly, The doxologies, that are the resurrection of Jesus Chrift from offered to Jesus Chrift, are ooly five, the dead, to an inheritance incore, and these are taken from two of the i roptable, undefited, and that fadech doubtful books of the new Testamente: pot away, reserved in heaven for all that is, írom two of those books those, who are kept by the power of which were rejected by some of the God, through faith unto salvation.- primitive christians, and which, there-; 1 Pet.i. 3, 5.

fore, are never confidered as equally Now' unto Him, who is able to authoritative with the orher books, keep us from fallog, and to present, upon any matter of faith. But, as I. us faultless before the presence of his believe both the second Epiftle of glory, with exceeding joy, to the ongi Peter, and the book of Revelations to wy, wise God our Saviour, be gloryo be genuine, I can readily adopt all and majesty, dominion and power, their doxologies, ofing them in the both now, and ever. Amen. Jude; sense in which they used them, using xxiv. 25.

them in a perfeAt consistency with the Unto n m, who loved us, and watha, grand leading doctrine of the whole ed us from our sins in his own blood, scriptures, giving glory to Jesus and hath made us kings and priels Chift to the glory of God, or giving unto God and his father, to bim be glory to Jesus Christ, as Jesus Chrift, glory and

dominion for ever and ever. - or as the appointed Saviour, or Amen. Rev. i. 5,6.

ascribing to him, under the one Lord, Glory, and honour, and thanks, to who fitieth on the throne from evera him who fitreth on the throne, who lafting, all dominion in the church livet h for ever and ever. Rev, iv... for ever. But, as all the apostles al.

Blefling, and honour, and glory, ways knew and declared ibat Jesus and power, be to him, who listech Chrift, received all his glory and do. upon the throne, and in the lamb minion from the Father, and that the for ever and ever. Rev. V. 13. time is coming when he Mall again

Salvation to our God, who liiteth, deliver upihe kingdom to the Father, upon the throne, and to the lamb. they never intended to teach us to Rev. vii. 10.

ascribe to Jelus Chrift the same gloBleking and glory, and wisdom and ry that we ascribe to the Father, or thanksgiving and honour, and power, to consider derivative dominion or and might, be vato our God, for thie pofleffor of derivative dominion, ever and ever. Amen. Rev. vii, 12. as upon a level with unchangeable Salvation, and glory, and honour, dominion and the unchangeable so


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vereign. Such blasphemies were far limbs, that lo they might be the fourfrom them. John, therefore, has er sempred to defire ebem in martaken care, in at these doxologies riage ; though after marriage, the which he has introduced to Jesus were en joined the utmoti decenty Chrift, to point out to us the supre. and gravity of garb. macy of the Father of all. In Rev. Now, Mefl'rs Editors, you canno! j. 5, 6, he teacherh us, that God is bor be sensible that marriage is very the Father of Chrif. And, in Rev.. much upon the decline in Boston, and iv. 9, v. 13, vii. 10, he sufficiently dif- that, amongftcoo many of our young tinguishes that glory which is duc men, it is as unfashionable to be mar. to the Father, from that which is due ried, as it is not to keep a misusele, to Christ, by ruper-eminently cha- What cause is to be afligned for it, ! ra&terifing the Father, as " Him, who will not pretend to say ; hot this 1 Sitteth upon the throne."

dare venture to infift upon, that it is • I Mall now conclude, with observ. not owing to a want of sufficient dising, that the following Doxologies, covery of our young ladies charms; may also be used, upon the authority for that, with the magnitude of their of the Scriptures, by making that al- hoops, and the disuse of their hand. teration in the scripture language, kerchiefs, they discover as much as which ruch forms necessarily require. men can in conscience defire, unless

Unceasing thanksgiving be ascribed they would have them frow all they to God, through Jesus Chrift, our have. I might here say a great deal Lord. Rom. vii. 25.

in praise of the present fathionable To God, even our Father,be ever-' hoops, and of their great use ip dir. Ming praires, in the name of our covering the limbs : An inftance I Lord Jefus Chrift. Eph. v. 20. lately law in the Mall, where two

May Ord in all things be glorified, young ladies, walking together arm in through Jerus Chrift; ani to him bé arm in close conversation, with their praise and dominion, for ever and hoops pressing hard on one fide againft ever. Anden. 1 Pet'iv, ur.

eacli other, the other fides at the "To shee, who art supremely wor.' fame time few up very bigh, to the thy;to'ekee O Lord, who has created great inlormation of the fpe&ators, all'eilings, according to thy pleasure, while the poor young ladies, to be be 'glory, and honour, and power. sure, knew nothing of the matter. Rev.

But I must not forget that the design All glory be to the God of heaven. of my letter is to tell you, that since Rev. X. 13.

marriage is at fo low an ebb, I mould To Thee, o Lord God Almighty,' think you would do great service to who alone art traly everlasting, be the publick, if you set up an office of glory from all thy creatures, through intelligence for marriage, where all iny boundless dominion. Amen. young women might be informed Revi xi.7.

where to find young men dispofed to TA NEW TESTAMENT CHRISTIAN.' marry, and where young men might

meet with the like information about To the Editore of 'the BOSTON young women. I need not dwell on MAGAZINE.

ihe usefulness of such an office, or Gentlemen,

I now how many matches it will, in all Think it is universally allowed, probability, fpeedily produce, and

how many parties will, by these tion to encourage matrimony amongst means, be brought together, who it's inbabitants ; and we are told of a would, perhaps, otherwise have conwire people in Greece, who had lo tinued useless in their generations, great an opinion of the advantages of The greatest objectioas you can have it, and of the neceffity of encouraging to ruch a scheme will, i presume, he it, that their young virgins were or- the great trouble it mufioccafon you; dered to go abroad in garments full' but i hope this will not discourage of lits and openings, to give the you from the undertaking. Try the young men an opportunity of disco- experiment: If you find bufiners in. vering clie Mape and beauty of their creare too fall upon you, you may



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