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Montbly Chronology.



Not quite exaå,but

ry near the truth.

eneral to be appointed to each brig.

Dollars. de, with 200 dollars per month, and The total expence of rations of forage per day.

this establishment, as GENERAL HOSPITAL..

reduced in

peace, 359,53 A general hospital, for the recep:

would amount Eon of the invalids of the army and

about navy will be necessary; to confiA for Dedut the produce be present, of the following per

of the manufacts

131,950 ons :

ries, which is efti. Pay per Month, Dol.

mated at Direktor, to have at the same time the fuperin.

80 tendance of the regi.

upon the Uaited States, mental Hospital, Surgeon,

50 4 Mates, each


The Committee are.of opinion that i Purveyor and Apothecary, 50 this expence is necessary, and that the Steward,

15 only question is, whether it Mall be 1 Matron,

8 borne by the United States, or by 4 Nurses, each

5 particular States ; in which laft case it To be entitled to draw each one ra- is probable it will be increased for tion of provision per day, but to do want of-a general fyftem. The conother allowance.

Gderations already Aated, leave no The invalids to receive 1 dollar per doubt with the committee, in what month, and the provifions and cloath, manner the question ought to be de. ing of a common soldier during life. cided.

} 227,580

Monthly Chronology for September, 1784.

Foreign News,

Defoitive Treaty aforesaid, bave ap.

proved, ratified, accepted and con. GEORGE the Illd, by the grace offirmed it, in all and every one of its God, King of Great Britain, France articles and clauses, as we do by these and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, presents, for ourself, oor heirs, and Duke of Brunswick and Lunenburg, successors, approve, ratify, accept and Arch Treasurer and Prince Ele&tor confirm the Tame ; engagmg and proof the Holy Romao Empire, &c. mising upon our royal word, that we

will lincerely and faithfully perform of Peace and Friendship be- and observe all and singular the things tween us and our good friends the which are contained in the aforesaid United States of America, viz. New- treaty, and that we will never suffer Hampshire, Malachusetts Bay,Rhode. it lo be violated by any one, or traus. Iland and Providence Plantations, gressed in any manner, as far as it lies in Conne&icut, New York, New Jer. our power. For the greater teftimo. sey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Mary. ny and validity of which, we have land, Virginia,North Carolina, South- caused our great seal of Great Britain Carolina, and Georgia, was concluded to be affixed to these presents, which and signed at Paris, on the 3d day of we bave signed with our royal hand. September last by the Plenipotenti- Given at our Court of St. James's, aries of us and our faid good friends, the gth day of April, 1784, in the 24th duly and refpe&tively avi horized for year of our reigo.

(Signed) GEORGE R. We having seen and considered the


tfrar purpose :

LONDON, July 14. Mall be conhdered as part of the 27 Extrait of a letter from. Warfaw, federacy, on the same principles as the June 2,

new States, who thuli bave eftabhthad **The following is what transpires- permanent governments agreebly to of the dispatches fent-by the Court of the act of Congress of the 23d day of Peter (burgh to her Ambaffador here, April lalt, um it fall accede to the Lespecting the affair of Daotzicks : articles of confederation, and be ad.

" The King of Prussia shall cede to matred into the federal voioa oi theit that city, the exportation trade to

States. Resolved, Thal Coogress a Poland ; and that it may not irker itere to the guarantee to the States of fere with the exporiation on the pro. New Hampthire- and New Yord, duits of Vest Prulla in their passage agreable to the resolutions of the 7th by Dantzisk, the magiftrate the give and zoth days.of Auguf, 1981 ; and if a list of the articles that are of the it thall appear, on, runding the line be. most importance for his commerces, tween the States of New-York and which shall be specified in the conven- Vermont, that the latter bas made any tion that is to be concluded on that cacroachment on the territory of the object: The other products of Pruf. former, the same thall be immediately sia Mall pay, on tticir- paisage-from removed. Your committee further Dantzick, the same daries which the seport, with respe&t to the matters alinhabitants of that city are obliged to ledged lay the delegates of New York, pay for the export of these objeets. concerning the sufferings of indi videAs to the importation-by rea, the. als by banishment and confifcation si Profifaa subjects thall pay for all pro: property, and the disorders apd vioducts in generals without diftinétions, lence that have happened in confeto the city of Danızick, the same quence of the oppofite and interfering, duties which the subjects of Dant. jurisdi&tion exercised by the State of zick pay to the custom houses of his. New York and the government of Prosliin Mijéity; when there mer. Vermont, over. Some persons, wrtien chandizes pass through the Prussian. the said diftria, That the several letterritory. The merchandizes or ef. ters and papers from the Governor facts for the account of the King of of New York and the people of VerPruffia and the persons of the Court, mont,. relative to those maiters bare jhall be exempt from all dety, and been heretofore committed,and no re. Mall pals freely, on the same footing port luath been made thereon ; your as those of his Polija Majesty,. committee are therefore of opinion,

that if Congress shall judge it exped American News.. ent to take any further order respect

‘ing those matters, it will be proper .PHILADELPHIA, Auguft 7a. again to commit those papers.” Extract. from the Journals of Con.

N. B. Tắe foregoing resolve-bas. grefs, June 12, 1784.

not yet been acted upon, The committee to whom were re

NEW YORK, Sept. s. ferred the confideration of the terri. Mr. Arthur Donnaldfoo, who tory, commonly called Vermont, re- some few months fince was esployed ported as follows, viz.

by the Supreme Executive Council Resolvedt; That the diitriet of ter of Pennsylvania to raife the chevauxritory, lying on the weit .de of Con- de frize, has effe&ually accomplished ne&ticut river, called Vermont, with. the laborious undertaking: and it is in the limits and boundaries deferibed with pleasure we inform the public, in the act of Congress of the 20th Aa- and our nautical brethren in particuguft, 1786, and the people inhabiting here that the channel between Billingfthe same, be, and they are hereby re- port and Mud-Ifand are entirely ccgoized and declared to be a free, freed from those dangerous obiruclovereign and independent State, by tions, and the Bavigation of that mie name of the State of Vermont. part of the river Delaware rendered That the said State of Vermont, heing as. Cafe and caly as before the late within the limits of the United States,



Montbly Chronology:

499 NEW HAVEN, Sept. g. In the evening an elegant ball was Yefterday the anniversary com- attended in the State House, to mércement of Yale College, was which almoft 800 ladies and gentleheld in his city.

*men were invited. The ubal proceffion, conting of

BOSTON, September 16. the Audenter the candidates, the le. gislative and executie authority of At the late meeting of the Ame. the college, the clergy, and other re- rican Academy of Arts and Sciences, fpe&table gentlemen, entered the the following communications were brick meeting house at z o'clock, presented ,. viz. The president introduced with

A method to regulate the bobs of prayer the following exercifes of the pendulums, to make clocks keep day.

mean or equal time : also, observa. A falutałory oration, by Mr. Den tions of a Lunar eclipse, March 29, pison.

178; of a solar eclipfe, April 12; and A forenfic disputation on this que of thotranfit of Mercury, Novembar tion : " Is the society of the Cincin- 12, folloving ; made at the president's nati dangerous to the liberties of the house in Sambridge. By the Rev. United States.?" by Messieurs Wool. president Whard. worth, Goodrich and Cogswell.

A memoint on the latitude of the A fyllogific disputation on the University of Cambridge, with ob.. queftion, « An deus extra fe ullam servations of the variation and dip finem ultimum habeat ;” by Messieurs of the magnetic needle::. also, afra, Holt, Lord and Munson,

nomical observations made in the A dialogue by Meffieurs Greene, Commonwealth of Massachusetts. By Huntington, Lyman and Taylor, in- the Rev. Professor Williams. terspelled with a variety of sentiment An account of the tranfit of Mer. and humour, and exhibiting a speci,

Cury., observed at Cambridge, Nov. men of that natural prejudice and 12, 1782. By James Winthrop,Esq; partiality which arises from different Observations upon a new hypothe. principles of government, and fyr- fis concerning light, with incidental tems of education.

observations tending to how the An English oration, by Mr.Marsh, heterogeneousness of light, and the on arts of peace.

ele&ric Auid, by, their intermixture The exercises of the afternoon were or union with each other; also, obintroduced by Mr. Tutor Baldwig, servations tending to prove by phæ. with an Engliih oration on the origin nomena and scripture, the exifence and progress of commerce, and its of an orb, which surrounds the whole in Auence on government and man- visible material system,and which may

be necessary, to preserve it from the The President then conferred the ruin, to which, without such a coun. degree of Bachelor of Arts on fifty. terbalance, it seems liable by that one young gentlemen : and the de. universal principle in matter. Gra. gree of Mafier of Arts on nineteen. vitation. By the Hon. James Bow. The valedi&ory oration was pro

doin, Esq; nounced by Mr. Tutor Channing, Descriptions and drawings of a and the president closed the exercises pump, and a fire engine on a new with prayer,

conftru&ion. By Mr. Benjamin The literary exhibitions received Dearborn, of Portsmouth. general approbation and applaure. A description and drawings of an

There, together with the decent air pump, on a new conftru&ion. By and polite behaviour and the number the Rev. John Prince. of the students and the candidates for A description of a moondial, and the academic honours, muft convince methods of pointing out the stars and every unprejudiced mind that the planets. By the Rev. Ifaac Mans. College ellablished in this city is in a held, o! Exeter. Aouriling condition, and that it is On the migration of house-swallows. the beft and brightest ornament of By the Hon. Samuel Dexter, Esq; the State.

An essay on the nature of the wa.



Ton, :

ders in Bolton By Mons. John iFe- Aaron Dexter, Phyficiao and fro.

felfor of Cheminry, and lhe materia Afronomical observations made at medica in the Univerfiry of gamChelsea. By the Rev. Phillip Paxo bridge, was elected a Fellow of the fon.

Academy at the last meeting. A rule for measuring fruftrums of Ar the Supreme Judicial Court, bepyramids, whole bafes are long gax and held in this town, the gift iquores, without extrading the ule. and continued by adjourn ment frjare root of the product of the areas. until Tuesday laft, Durach Grout and By Mr. William Crorwell.

Francis Copen, were tried aod found An account of a volcano in Veft.

guilty of burglary, and thereu pon reBiver mountain. By Daniel Jones, ceived sentence of Death. The folEsq;

lowing prisoners, committed for va An account of observations TE- rious thefts, were found guilty, and fpeting Herschel's planet. By the received fentence, viz. Rev. Richard Price, D.D. of London. Michael Pool, to pay 3l. 195. be.

Remarks on the parallaxk of the whipped 13 Aripes, pay cofle, &c. fixed fars. By James, Winthrop, Cornelius Airy, to pay 241. 178. fet Ela;

one hour on the gallows with a rope Observations upon the art of taak- about his neck, be whipped 29 Aripes, ing feel. By the Rev. Daniel Little. Pay cofts, &c.

An account of some of the vege- James Cambell, to pay 131. 18s. fet table produ&ione naturally growing an hour op the gallows, be whipped in this part of America, botanically 30 Aripes, and pay cofts. arranged. By the Rev. Manallah Edward Cooper, to pay 8s. be whipCutler.

ped 20 Atripes and pay cofte. A continuation of an effay on the Colen Gibson, to pay 8l. 123. whipnature of the waters in Bofton. By ped 20 Aripes and pay cofts. Monf. John Feron.

William Scott, to pay 241. fet on the A hili of mortallity, &c. for Salem, gallows an hour, be whipped 25 Aripes for the year 1783: allo, an uncommon and pay cofts. care of emphysema. By Edward James Appleby, to pay 81. 86. lollie A. Holyoke, Efq; M.D.

person injured, and 31. to the Com.. An account of a Aream-engine. al. monwealth, and pay cofts. to, an essay on the conftruction of John Goodbread, to pay 81. 88be chimoies. By the Hon, Joseph Brown, whipped 13 Atripes, and pay cofs, &c. Brg; of Providence.

Thomas Joyce, to pay 341.4d. be Ad account of the principles and whipped 20 ftripes and pay cofts. method of conftruéting aeroftatic ma- John Goodbread, to pay 3l. 126. be chines. By Jonathan Williams, Efq; whipped 13 ftripes, and pay cofts &c. in France.

Thomas Joyce, 'to pay 13t. 145. be A description of a new orrery. By branded on the forehead with the let. the Rev. Perez Fobes.

ter B, and pay cofis. A tranflation of a memoir written

September, 20. in France, concerning the cultivation General Haldimand, the governor and produce of a kind of grain, called of Canada, we learn, has refused to colzat. By the Hon. Cotton Tufts, give up the posts in that quarter, with. Ergi

in the limits of the United States, Sundry books have been prefented agreeable to the late treaty; and the to the Academy, by Thomas Brand gentlemen who larely waited on him, Hollis, Esq; of London ; Richard by order of Congress, “ for the pur. Cranch, Elg; of Braintree ; and pore of ascertaining with precision and Noah Webiter, jun. Efq; of Hart- expedition, the time when those posts, ford,

now occupied by the Britih troops, Samples of different species of grain, Mould be evacuated," have returned imported from Evrope, and presenta from an unsuccessful embafly. ed' by Mr. Benjamin Guild, have The ad of North-Carolina, conboep' fubmitted to experiment the taining their territorial ceffion; an part seafon.


Monthly Chronology

501 atrat of which, Mhewing the extent prevailed throughout the whole. of the tersitory ceded, follows: That the American frontier pofts

"Be it enaded, &c. That thja State HOW occupied by the British, have do hereby cede to the Congress of the Lately been relieved 'by fresh troops, United States, for the said States, all

and are viduelled up to July, right, title and claim, which this State 1785? has to the, Weft of the Apalachian or Alegheny Mountains,begioning at the

The General Affembly of Virgi Virginia line, wliere the laid line intera nia, have paft the following resolutiSeas the extreme height of said moun- on, viz. “ Resolved, that the Exe tain to the said 35th degree of North cucive be sequefted to take measurea latitude, being the Southern boun. for procuring a Atatue of General dary of this state : thence ruoning in Wallington, to be of the fineft marthe said 3sth degree to the Misfifippij Dle and best workmanthip, with the thence up the M ffippi, to 36 degrees following inscription on its pedesand an half, north latitude, being the tal, viz. northern boundary of this State ; * The General Assembly of the thence to the first Aation."

« Commom wealth of Virginia have The following is an extraat of a « caused this ftatue to be ereated as a letter from a gentleman in England, u Monument of affe&tion and gratidated July 1, 1783.--.- A Medal has á fude to' GEORGE WASHJarely been ftruck, to perpetuate the

ING TON, who, uniting to the , memory of Captain Cook, the execu- " endowments of the Hero, the virtion of which is equal to the subje&. « tue of the Patriot, and exerting On one fide is a bold relief of Capt. both in eftablishing the liberties of Cook, with this inscription, IAC. " his country, has rendered his name COOK OCEANI INVESTIGA. " dear to fÁs fellow-citizens, and TOR ACERRIMUS : Immediate. & given the world an immortal exly under the Head is expressed, in ample of true glory. Done in the chara&ers, Reg Soc. Lond. Socio suo. * year of Chrift, and in ther On the reverse appears an erect * year of the Commonwealth si figure of Britannia ftanding on a plain. The left Arm refts upon an The publick are hereby informed, hieroglyphick Pillar. Her Spear is that the Light House on the north in her hand, and her Shield placed at eaft of Sandy Point, at Nantucket is the foot of the Pillar. Her right compleated, and that the lamps will Arm is projected over a Globe, and be lighted in a few days. contains a Symbol, expreffive of the celebrated circum-navigator's enter

Bill of Mortality,for September 1784. prising genius. The inseription round the reverse is, NIL INTEN. Male Whites above 60, TATUM NOSTRI LIQUER & ; Females do and under the figure of Britannia--..

Male do. between 12'and 60, II. Auspiciis Georgii III.

Female do.


White Children under 12,'
September 30.1

Black do. under do.
A letter from Albany, dated Sept.
16, says, “ Da Monday evening his


36. Excetlency the Governor, the čom- Proportion of Males to Femates,

as missioners of Indian affairs, for this

to i ncareft. Alate, with a number of gentlemen of

An OBITUARY for Sept. 1984 this city, returned from Fort Schuy.

DE D ler, where a treaty has been held with At Tunbridge, in England, on oth the Sx Nations and other Indians June, Francis Waldo, Bíq; late colresiding within this state. We are lector of the customs at Casco Bay, not informed what has been the sub- and many years one of the General ject, but are happy in communicating Assembly of this Province. to the publick, that the most perfect Sept. 4. Ac Bofion, Mrs. Hinnah harmony and good underftanding Andrews, relia of the late Benjamin



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