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the earlier part of these arrears, aodi -incompetence of the rule'would imme to rely for the residue on the efforis: diately thew itself, and debrous that of the ensuing year.

no time should be unnecessarily loft,

they followed it with another recom. Individual States have at times. meidanion of the 18th of April, 1783, thought it hard, that while, in their to subftitute, in lieu of thai article in own opinion, they were in advance the confederation, another, wirich for the United States, on accounts ex- fhould make the number of inhabi. iding and unsettled between them, taris, under certain mod fications, the they should yet be called on to furnith measure of contribution for each State. adual cootributions of money. The Both these propositions are fill under Committee observe, in a plavar to this, reference toebe, several Legislatures ; first, that almoft every State thinks the latter accompanied by the earnest it celf in advance; and, secondly, that willies and preference of Coagreis, it has been the cogitant with of Con- under full conviction that it will be gress, that there accounts thould be found in event as equal, more fatis. fettled, and the contributions of each fadory, and more easy of execution : be known and credited. They have the former only preffed, if the other accordingly taken measures, and will thould be rejetted. The Committee continue iheir endeavours to effe&t are informed, tliat the States of Con. these fettlements : And as a furtuer necticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania encouragement to haften this delir. and South-Carolina, have acceded to able work, the Committee are of opi- the alteration proposed ; but have no nion, Congress thould dsciare, that ro ovidence that the other States have as foon as there accounts Mall be settled, yet decided thereon. As it is neceffary and it shall appear in favour of what that the one or the other measure States ballances arise, fuch States shall hould be immediately resorted to, have credit for the same in the requi- they are of opinion it Mould be re ftions next ensuing.

commended to the Legislatures which

have not yet decided between them, But it will be necessary to remind to come io decision at their next the States, that no maier als have meeting. yet been furnished, to enable Congress to adjust the ultimate ratio in wnich

In order to prefent the eye a gede be expenditures of the late war fhall ral view of the several existing re. be apportioned on the States. The

quisitions, and of the payments made confederation directs, that this thail

under them, the Committee had rub. be regulated by the value of the lands joined them in the form of a table, jo the severai States, with the build. wherein the oft column enumerates jugs and improvemeots thereon. Ex. the States; the ad the apportionment put onneols made, bonever, since the of the 1,200,000 dollars; the 3d that date of that inftrument, for the pur. of the eight millions ; the 4th that posts of ordinary taxation, liad in

of the two millions ; the 5th the fums duced doubts astothe pratticability of paid by the several States, in part of this rule of apportionment ; yet Con. ibeir respective quotas, to the last day grets thought it their duty to give it of the year 1983 ; and the 6th the fair trial, and recommended to the

rums now required to make up ont several Srates, on the igih of Febru. half of their respečlive quotas of the ary, 1783, to furnith an account of eight millions, expressed in dollars, sheir lands, buildings, and uumber teuths and hundredins of dollars. of inhabitants, whereon they might proceed to elimile their respective quotas, : but apprehending that the

A Table

A TABLE of the several Requisitions, and of the Payments made under them.

JApportionment of Apportionment Apportionment Paid of the 8 Bums now required the 1,200,000 dol. of the 8 mil. of the 2 mil. fore Dec.31, 1783 liomake of the8m.

State Papers.


247,676 66

New Hampshire
Rhode Illand
New York
New Jersy
North Carolina
South Carolina











I 10,000


67,847 95
131,577 83

39,064 1
102,004 95
346,632 98

405,121 34

40,491 5
147,734 9
140,834 55
233,764 Ź

56,042 5
377,95 89
538,693 47
311,338 5

89,302 11
IIS,103 53

344,301 57

129452 5




1,486,511 71

2,670.987 89

Resolved, That Congress agree to the said report.

W & D N E S DAY, April 28, 1784.
It remained laftly to consider, whether no facilities might be given to the payment of these sums by the several
States ? The Comniittee observed, that of the purposes for which money is wanting, about three-fourths can be
answered by nothing but money itself ; but that the other fourth, consisting of intereft on our domestic debt, may
be effected by procuring a discount of the demand in the hands of the holders ; an operation which will be fhortor,
and less impoverishing to the States. And however in times of greater plenty the accuracy of fiscal adminiftration
might require all transactions to be in a&ual money, at the treasury itself ; yet till our constituents thall have had
Some respite from their late difficulties, it behoves us to prefer their eafement. The Committee are therefore of
opinion, that the several Legislatures may be admitted so to model the collection of the fums now called for, that



the three-fourths of any som being presented to the loan-officer, they paid in adual money, the other hall be reduced to their specie value, fourth may be discharged by pro. according to the resolutions of Concuring discounts of interest with our gress of June 28, 1780, that specie domeftic creditors ; always taking value expressed on some part of tbe care that the colle&tion of money certificate, and the interest thereon Thall proceed at least in threefold pro- (ettled and certified as in other cases, portion with the operations of dir. Resolved, That Congress agree to coupt. Aud to ai certain the evi- the fame. depces of discount which thall be re. Thursday, April 29, 1784. ceivable in hieu of money, the holders Congress, by their resolution of of loan office certificaces Mall be at September 6, 1780, having thuught diberiy to carry them to the office it adviseable to press upon the Staies, from wbich they issued ; and the having claims to the western country, holders of certificates of other liqui- a liberal Surrender of a portion of dated debts of the United States, to their territorial claims; by that of the carry the same to the loan-office of 20th of Odober, in the same year, that State wherein the debt was con- having fixed conditions to which the traded, and to have the intereft due union should be bound oil receiving thereon fetiled and certified to the such ceffions ; and having again pro. Jaft day of the year 1782; for which pored the same subject to thole Stales, intereft the loan.cfficer thall give a in their address of April 18, 1783. certificate in such form, and under wherein, ftating the national debt,and fucb caurions and inftruâions, as the expressing their reliance for its dir. Superintendent of Ficance fhail trans- charge on the prospect of vacant termit to him ; which certificates of in- ritory, in aid of other resources,they, tereft being parted with by the hold. for that purpose, as well to obviace er of the principal, thall be deenied disagreable controversies and conevidence ibat he has received satis- lufions, included in the same recomfadion for the same, and therefore mendations a renewal of those of Mall be receivabie from the bearer, September 6, and of O&ober 20,17805 within the same State, and from the which several recommendations have State when obtained from the bearer, not yet been fully complied with: in lieu of money in the proportion Resolved, That the same subje& be. before Kated; which payment in cer. again presented to the attention of the tificates by the State into the public said States; that they be urged to treasury, in the proportion that each consider that the war being now State avails itself of the facilities, Mall brought to a happy termination, by be considered as a discharge of so the perroual services of our soldiers, much of the intereft due upon the the supplies of property by our citi. domefic debt, so that the three zens, and loans of money from them fourths or greater proportion, if any as well as from foreigners ; these seState thould not avail itselt of the fa. veral creditors have a right to expect cilities in the degree hereby admitted, that funds hall be provided, on which paid in money at the same time, Mall they may rely for indemnification ; be applied according to the above that Congress ftill consider vacanc ftatement, giving preference to the territory as an important resource; discharge of the expences of internal and that therefore the said States he government, and the interest due up earnefly pressed, by immediate and on the foreign debt. And where liberal ceflions, to forward these neloan office certificates, issued after ceffary ends, and to promote the har. the soft day of March, 1778, Natt bemony of the union.


Monthly Chronology.


Monthly Chronology, for Auguft, 1784.

kith army.

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Forcign News.

Montenegrins, who have revolted

again it their sovereign, the Grand LONDON, June 7.

Signor gave battle on the banks of the Marizza, to 40,000 Jinissariesy

Arnots and Tamariots, led by Bego the following intelligence : ail ler Bey, of Upper Albany ; the late the letters by the ihips lately arrived

ter were defeated. Alter ihe a&ion, from the East Indies are filled with the moft Mocking accounts of the de.

the conquerors despoiled the dead, vaftations upon the coast, by famine

and thus caught the infection of the

Plague, which theu raged in the Turand an epidemical diseale, oot less rapid in its progress, or fatal in its

The price of filver was seldom, if effe&ts, than the plague ; which, most

ever known to be so low as at predeplorable of all human calamities, it

sent --resulting we underland, from either produced, or at leaft was succeeded by. The Europeans escaped

the large quantity of al ver coin that the famine, by having large focks of from their cuftomers in America.

has poured in upon our merchants tice and other provisions ; but great numbers of them, as well as the natives feil miserable sacrifices to the

American News,
ravages of the peftilence ; and Pon. CHARLESTOWN (s. C.)
ticherry, in particular, has sustained
the most lamentable devastations, -

July 1.
The famine was partly occasioned by

Extra&t of a Letter from Winnibo. monopolies, and partly by the im

rough, June 23. mense quantities of all the articles of « On the eighth day of May laft, 2 life being colle&ed for the use of the most extraordinary shower of hail, numerous armies of the several pow- attended with thunder and lightning, ers at war; but ftill more by the de- fell in this diaria, and along the vaftations of the Mahrattas, and of banks of the Wateree ; the hail ftoner Tippoo Saib. Since the French or rather pieces of ice, measured army separated from him, Tippoo about nine inches in circumference; bas conftantly kept the field, and the it killed several negroes, a great numdivisions among the English afforded ber of sheep, lambs, geese, and the him opportunities of greatly annoy. feathered inhabitants of the woods ing his adversaries. He has burnt without number : its greatest vioand utterly destroyed both Arcate lence did not extend more than two and Paliacate; and having advanced miles in breadth, but where it began to the very gates of Madras, has or ended is not known; within that scarcely left one fone upon another space it Aript trees of their leaves and in the suburbs thereof, called the even their bark, and every blade of Black Town. Thus is one of the grass was beat to the ground. But fineft and moft fertile countries in the what is still more afonifhing, there world reduced to a situation the most are at this time many waggon loads miserable that imagination can con. of hail fones unmertéd, lying in the ceive. Thanks to the ambition and hollows and gullies on the Wateree. the avarice of the Europeans !

The truth of the above facts can be June 10. By advice from Poland teftified by the inhabtants of this we hear, that on the 7th of April the place.


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BALTIMORE (Maryland) vince includes Long-Iland, and for June 30.

ty leagues square in the Jerseys. Capt. James, of the ship Intrepid, It is remarkable that this is only arrived here from, Limerick, informis the third Governor fioce King Charles us that on his passage, at daylight in the First granted the charter. Earl the morning of the oth ult. in lat. of Albion, the second Governor, 39 N. long. 25 W. he fell in with an being killed by the Indians, the copy armed vefiel that made overtures of of the charter was lost, and even ibe speaking with him ; and when she name of the province forgot, until came within bail, fired a broad side the present beir, being a Peer of Ireinto him ; but Capt. James baving land, found the original charter re. advantage of her in failing happily giflered among the records of that got clear. On the 12th, lie touched kingdom. at the Ifland of Fyall, the Governor The present Governor,we are told, of which advised him, that the holile is a natural genius, and a literary veffel was a Barbary cruiser (lup- man---- having invented many imposed to be from Salie) and had taken

provements in agriculture ; and is iwo Portuguese vefleis, the crew of also the author of a valuable work, one of which had escaped on more at called " The New System of HulTercera, and reported, that two bandry," and has also employed his other armed vessels, from the same pen in defence of the Americans in country were cruising off the Azores. the late conteft. This information of Capt. James, it Yefterday arrived the foow Mary, is hoped will be received, as it was Capt. Ross, with 250 passengers from defigned as a friendly and reasonable Londonderry, and the Mip Irish Vocaution to masters of velfels, not to lunteer, Capt. Dillon, from Learne, be too ready to open a correspondence with 500 passengers. The Bloodwith vefiels near the alorementioned hound, from London, also brought iflands,

100 German passengers. PHILADELPHIA, July 14. A special meeting of the American

ExtraAs from the Journals of Philosophical Socieiy, will be held at Congress, May 7. Ou motion, re

the Univerfity, next Friday eveniog solved, That from the firft day of

at fix o'clock, at which time will be August next, the salary of a Minister

fubmitted to the inspection of the of the United States at a foreign

members of the society a Lulus NaCourt, shal} not exceed nine thou

turæ of a moft extraordinary kind, sand dollars per annum.

the property of Mons. Valois, a gen. 17. The wardens of the port of

tleman of France, lately arrived Philadelphia inform the public, that

from St. Domago, viz. a negro child beacon was fixed on the Cross

chiefly of a black colour, but having Ledge Shoal, in the bay of Delaware,

in several parts of great extent, a very on the sth inftant, in 9 and 1-2 feet at

white skin, in some parts spotted like high water, at low water 2 fett 7

a Leopard, with curious marks te. inches. The bearings from the hea

sembling constellations--- Also a mula con are as follow : Fortescue's Inand

laito child, in some parts white, in N. E. 1-4 N. the fingle tree in the

others spotted. The intention of mouth of the Mother kilo S. W.

this exhibition is to satisfy the curi. Bombay. Hook N. W. and E88 11

osity of the learned, and to afford land E 1-2 S.

them an opportunity of comparing July 28. Saturday last the brigan

sentiments on the nature and causes tine Bloodhound, Capt. Rawbottom,

of such extraordinary phenomena. arrived here in eight weeks from

NEW YORK, July 29. London.

His Excellency John Jay, Efq; In the above vefsel arrived a num- with his Lady and family, and Philip ber of respectable passengers, among Liviogllon, Ésq; arrived in this city whom is Charles Varlo, Erg; Gover. from London, on Saturday laft, in nor and Proprietor (agreeable to the Edward, Capt. Coupar. Charter) of New-Albion, which pro. We underftand that he has brought




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