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that in some of h's letters ove would of some of the must distinguished perDo yake Lord Chesturbield for a fint, fons in the nation ; and is already was not his cloven tip dulcovered by knowo to the public for his correspon115 pracipi'one to procure an arrange- dence with me celebrated Sterne. en for lisoviciaie.

The original motive for introducing I am hapry in having a son, to his name to the world, was the degre who lidi d.fclose tie full How of of evi'cing, that an untutored African statment and tie m xruie of indigna- may polleis abilities equal to those of rio', that arises in the internal bolom of an European; and it must be ac. wien Curvey ng such a {pecicus digest koowitsged that, in support of this of ief, foarttully adapted 'o lead propofition, the le:ters before us afford into error the moft valuable part of fuil and indubitable tellimony. The fociety, the youth, adorned with na present, however, is not the only ia. tive prace, and ine rudiluents or eve- fiance of the king iecorded in the an. Ty excellence implanted in his beart. nals of literature. Rome, in the moft I feel inexpreffibie pleasure in believe flourishing age of the republic, acquir. ing you to be a reader capible of in- ed by the leadis of a native of Airca, vefligating irut, wale charmed with such reputation to her theatre as 100 the ey numbers fportively rarged only rendered per the rival of Greece in rotify use it; and though you admire corredy, but has tranfmitted to all le painted evil, the polished ad- pofterity au unequalled example of drels, and melodious ftile: you cannot dramatic purity and elegance. Alied 10 be a profelyre of the modern Clodius. Terence,bytie quarter in which he was

'It is the race or lops and fribbles, bon), and io Epicietus by the fortune the ball learned sceptic: the disciples of of his early life,li may be affir mec, that Hume, ad Bolrig broke, who are the in these leriers of Ignatius Sancho, we devotees of a man, bold enough to a- meet with the ingeau.ty of his comvow bimseif the champion of every patriot, and the palciophical len:ifpecies of vice, cnly cioathing it de. inents of the moralift. This extrauidicently, that will rubserve the guilty nary person was born in the year 1729pieasure of the accomplished debau- on board a f. pinine il vetade,ales Chce. Had I not made my letter so days after it iud quited the coast lengthy, I would and an obrervation Guines for the Spanih left ladies or two from the celebrated Mr. Ad. where the per climate con puta difon, who did more to the improve

end to the line of his mother ; 20€ ident of the English language, and to fit of desperation, excited by the correct the file of the age, thun per. supportable torrors of flavery, to bips, ary other man ; and was a pr. exiftence of his tarder. Atlitten jellei justly rua, with regard to talle, than two years of iet, the child, ranners, and even the graces, so far had already received the name oi as they can be taughi by letters, I be- Darius, was brongi.t to Englalic lieve Lord Cheilerfield would drop in his matter, who have him to the comparison.

maidea bleis, icliccnt at Green ! expect the pleasure of seeing you by whom, in the pttulance of hère daily, hut if you are prevenied, difpofition, he was difungu 1 you will antwer some of my letiers, as the surname of Sancho. T. you are ratherio arieirs; when you re- Duke of Illvatagu, who theo Collect that circurifiance, you will not at Blackheadli, says the blog tero dehcient in Les Bienseances, as to 2ccidently saw the little Nre diege a point of polieress to a Lady, admired in tim a franknefs o ay mell as duly to a inost affectionate

nors, as yet uobroken by (-5 and unrefined by educatio:

biought him frequently home Memoirs of the life of IGNATI- duchess, indulged his turn for

with presents or books, and a US SANCHO.

recommended to his miftreil (irom the CRITICAL REVIEW.) dury of cultivaring a genius THE worthy Ignatius Sancho apparent fertility.

The tem \.& l.onourad with the intendih:P


Memoirs of the Life of Ignatius Sancho.


those ladies, however, was far from of the atmosphere--- made me involunbeing suited to lo generous a dispo- tarily cry, « Lord, what is man, that stion ; and, instead of loitering the thou in thy mercy art fo mindíul of natural talents of young Ignatius, him ! or what the son of man, that they often threained to return bim thou so parentally carest for him !” to his African savery. He deter Divid, whore heart and affections mined at init to abandon the house of were aturally of the first kiod (2nd the three fiiters ; and his noble patron who indeed l ad experienced blemings being recently dead, he few for pro without number) pours forth the tection to the duchess, who, after grateful sentiments of his eoraptured fome difficulty, occafioned by the re- joul in the riveeteit moduiations of port of an amour in woich Sancho parnelick oratory ;-- the tender mer. was said to have been deteftet, at- ces of the Alm ghty are not less to mitted him into her housenold, where miny of his cicatures but their he remained, as tutier, unul hier hearts --unlike the royal disposition of death. He was afterwards taken into the thepherd king, are coid, and unthe family of the present duke of touchei wich the sweet ray or grati. Montagu, who honoured him with tude. Let us, witi:out meanly thelhis fovours during a service of confe- tering our infunities under the examderable length. Towards the close ple of others pariaps worle taught.of the year 1773, repeated articks of or poffested or less le:ture for sell-exthe gout, and a conftitutional corpu- araination lei vs my dear M .,lcok Jence, rendering hini incapable of far- into ourselves-- and, by a critical ex. ther attendance in the duke's family, amination of the past events of our he settled himself in a shop of grocery, lives, fairly confess what mercies we in Westminster, with a deserving have received. what God in his goodyoung woman whom he had some ne's hath done for us--and how our time before married ; and here, with gratitude and praise have kept pace in rigid industry, they decentiy, main- imitation of the fun of Jesse.... Such tained a nuinerous family of children. a research would richly pay us, for the At lait, in December 1730, a series of

end wouis be conviction-so much on complicated disorders put an end to the side of miraculous mercy. -such the life of this honest and respected au unanswerabie proof of the superinAfrican.

tendency of Divine Providence, as Such is the account of Mr. Igna. would erectually cure us of raih de. tius Sancho, as delivered by his bio. fpondency-- and melt our hearts... grapher. With regard to his talents, with devotional a!piration, till we an idea of them will be best conceived poured forth the effufions of our souls from bis letters ; for which purpose in praise and rankigiving. When I we have made the following extracts. endeavour sometimes to turn my

thoughts in wards, to review the power August 8, 1777. or properties the indulgent all-wireFa“ K:10w your ownfell, prefume nct ther has endowed me with, I am ftruck God to scan;

with wonder and with awe-worm, “ The only science of mankind, is poor inlignificant reptile as I am, with min," )

regard to superior being --- mortal HERE is something so amazingly ike myself. Among it, and at the

grand --so supendously affect very head of our riches, I reckon the ing in the contemplating the works power of resetion : Where? wiere, of the Divine Architect, either in the iny friend doch it lie? Search every moral or the intellectual world, that I member from the toc to the nose.ali-think one muy rightly call it the cor- all ready for altion - but all dead to dial of the is the physic of the thought,t lies not in matter,gor inte miod. and the best antidote against blood; it is a ponty, which thous! we weak pride and the supercilious mur- fe-l and acknowledge, quite past the manags of discontent. Smoaking, my power of definition it is tot breath of morning pipe, the friendly warmth of life which the sacred Architect breaci. that glorious pinnet the fun---the le- ed into the noftrils of the fram2..Dieacy of the air-- the chearful giow image of his gracious XI.ker, and let


it animate our torpid gratitude --it Sunday evening we expected bim, the rolls on, although dim

oiled by our hearth was (wept the kettle boiled... crurl fail, through the whole race. the giris were in print--and the marks • We are fenfully and wonderfully

of the folds in Mrs. Sancho's apron Inade," &c. &c. were the sentiments till visible --- the clock paft fix. 00 of the royal preacher upon a lelí re

Mr. R

Now to tell the View ; but bid be been bleffet with

whole truth, he did add a kind of the full blaze of tie christian dipen. clause, that in case nothing material fation what would have been his rap- happened of hospital bulinels he would ruies? The prom le of never, never surely do himself the &c. &c.&c.-end ng exiftence and felicity, to possels So upon the whole I am not quite clear eternity . Glorious, d'ediul thought.' that he deserves censure, but that lie to rile, penaps, by regular progres d lappointed us of a pleasure, I am ve. Jion, froin planet to planet, to herold ry certain. You don't say you have the wonders of immensity ; to pass feen Mr. P. I beg you will, for Ithiok from grond looeller - iniresfing in he is tre kind of soul congenial 19 goodness knowledge Live to glory

your own Apropos, the right hand 30 eur redeciner.. to joy in ourselves... fide (almost the bottom) of Gray to be acquainted with proplets, lages, Street, there is a Mrs H. an honest beroes and poets of old times - and

and very agreeable Noribern lady, join in symphony with angels ! And whom I thould like you to know some. 110w, my friend, thou (initeit at my fie thing of, which may easily be done ; tile notions - wuy prech to thee? For if you will do me the credit just to this very good and finple reason, to kuiock at her door when you go that get your thoughts in return.


way, and iell her there is a Devil that ihall be my puilosopher -my mentor hus not forgot her civilities to him, my friend ; yol, happily disengag. and would be glad to hear Me was ed from various cares orlife and laini well and happy. Mr. R called on me ly, can review the little world of man in toe friendly ftyle, when I say that, I with steadier eye, and inore composed mean in the R. manger, be asked a thi ugot, tı:n your friend, declining queftion, bought some rea, Iooked hapfaft into the vale of years, and beset Fy, and leit us pleased. He has the with infirmity and pa n. Write now

graces. Tie gout seized me yeiierday and then, as thought prompts, and morning, the second atteinit, I look inclination leids-refute my errors... ed rather black all day ; rell M15. where I am juft, give ine your plaudis. I will lay any odds that the së ein Your welfare is truly dear in my the handromeft or ughest woman fight ; and if any inan has a Mare in

Bath, and among the miny trinn my heart,or comraads my respect and He meals to bring with her, tell eficem, it is I .. M..

not to forget healin. May you al Wireís my mark,

enr ched with that blefliog, war I. SANCHO,"

which, tie good things of tuis

are framh. You can wire rise • To Mr. R.

Jerters! Alas! will you yield"

receipt of this? if not, that pals
M1y, 1779.
queftionably belongs to your

OUR leiter wis a real gratifi-

Cation to a romething better principle th!? pride --it plezred my

Anecdotes of the Rufian E self 'ove...bele tre very lew (believe mbhole regard or notice I care about

OUNT Plurinh ..yourself.. hrocier, and O----, with

minifer of Rui', in abuso tirpe more at mo..forintre csile empress Anna Ivanov Wole of my mile riendly connex ons. in that of her fucceffor I Your bro:

bis 00: hall lo honent as I condenrottfr.fter death by thought him, he prom feslike arradas. prei. Elzbeth, but receiveri mands but performs like a lord. On and the fourtvis; 2.4, ioleuri



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Anecdotes of the Rusian Empire.


beheadedl, was ban:shed into Siberia. The count found amusement in the ex. Count O termin, his political rival, ercises of a well regulated underlandwas to have fuffered death at the same iog i ne imployed niinielf in writing time,and in the same manner: ne ascend temem irs of his life, and in drawing ed one scaffold; cum the ax and the ex- pianis ol lieges and fortifications. ecutioner ; committed big fou to But there alleviations of their captiheaven ; laid his head upon the back; vity wereinterrupted. A Rufian officer expected the deadly blow. ; was lived pusing thro' the country, and staying up; had his eyes uncovered ; and was some days at the fortress, observed told that the enpress biad (pared his the liberty enjoyed by Munich, and life, but that he mud go into banith had the singular inbuinan ty, on his renent. . One might aik whether, in turn to S. Petersburgii, to in'orm Elithis instance, mercy wore the vizor of zabeth of all we had ieen. The difpo. cruelty, or erutl'y the vizor of mercy?' filions which led införın, ied The counteís Munich hadebe liberty him also to exaggerate. He infiquated, o choofing, either to accompany her coat the count was plotting husband into a wild and dreary region against the empress, or ag unit the state: in the North of Afia; or to remain and that nis plans and writings were with her acquaintance and friends in no matter of mere amusement. AcPetersburg! Without hefiration or cord ugly, the fund of Munich was reluctance the chose to follow her hur. suddenly recalled, diverted of his aubind.

thority, and threatened with the pun“ Toe commanding officer of the for. ithapent of treasonable disobedience. tress where the court was confined, was due the count, in order to excuipate ftr.ctly enjoined to allow him no more h s benefacior, sent all the papers he than the mere necessaries of life ; and positfied, those memoirs and those was ordered to indulge him in noallevia- plans, which were the objects of his tion of his fuffer 168 But, fortunatelyfor atfection, and his folice for many winMunich, the filer bad lerved under ters of dismal solitude : be sent them him in the Turkish war, and was a with the utmoft readineso to Sc. Petersperfon of a generous and humane dir. burgh. This effort cost him a griepofition. Moved by veneration for vous pang. They were burnt. But his general, whom he had seen per- they were an oblation offered on the forming r, many gallant exploits, and altar oi grateful friendship ; for he had conce:ving himseif out of the reach of the consolation of learning, that they ioformation, by his great distance from bid heen the means of preserving his the capital, he did every thing in his friend from rigourous punith bent. He power to luften the rigour of exile; had not, however, he happiaefs of seeand, among other indulgences, permit. ing 1 m return to Siberia. ed him the use of materials for writing ; O, the acceffion of Peter the third, aod to have some intercourse with ice he was releived from his captivity ; inhabitants of the country.

The aod, after an exile of twenty five years, counters found amvíement, plea

was restored to his former honours. fure and relief, during many folitary One of the firft persons he met with years, in iaitru ting the children of the at court, after his reloration, was his ne zbouring pealants. For this alle- old eneiny and rival count Oderman, Vitton of her misfortune, the was in- who, as was above mentioned, had debted to the sim: goodies of heart been exile at the same time with himthat carried her from the giety of sell, and was nov alío at court for the fuciai life into the midit of a lonely firsi tine since his recall. What do you dert: for had the been proud and apprehend, were tlie sentiments of fihin, the coold not have 'ubmited to, those two remarkable men, on this exor had capable of, any such imploy. traordinary and unexpected meeting? m'na mult consequently have Tipy had been equally ambitious; brer deorived of the comiorr which had possessed similar political abilities, it attirlidher. Even the discharge had been engaged in the same pursuits;

dury to her hubund, and his competitors for the same pre-eminence, outrctiquattitude, could not other- and of course in violent oppofition to wile :22re prefervedbe: from pising. each other : they had both been disap


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pointed, had suffered fimilar punith greally carefied by him. The dates ment,and were now after a long period, happening to die by some accident, the in the same manner, and at the same merchant was inconsolable ; but, to inftant, released. Would any remains mitigate in some measure bis grief, he of their old animosity Hilllurk in their wrote an epitaph, and erected a lomb bosoms, and fill darken their hearts? for him in his gardea. In the even. Or, rather, crrd of the ambition ing he invited his friends to an enterwhich had torverly let them at vari- ra'nment ; during which, he expati ance, would they not regard one ano- ated largely on the animal's praises, ther with lome complacency? would and so pur an end to the ceremony. they not feel as if they had met in hea- The next day, some malicious persons ven? and, delpling the liveness of made a report to the cadi, or judge in their former diffenfions, would not the chief of the place, of all that had pafl. recolle&tion unite their affections? ed the night before ; and they added, Such, perhaps, would have been the to verify the fact, a detail of all the tendency of their feelings, if the pre- funeral ceremonies of the Mostul men, tense of so many spectators, who be. which, they laid, had been practised held them with gazing curiosity, had at the dug's interment. The cadi, not impressed their inincis with the greatly scandalised at this a&ion, lent dreid of impropriety, and so reftrained ins em flaries to apprehend the actheir emotions. The circumstances cused; and, after feverely reprimandwere indeed disagreable ; and the em ing, he asked him, if he was one of peror, by whose clemency they were those infidels that adored dogs ? Be. reilored, would have thewe a delicate, cause he had done more honour to his instead of a whimtical.generosity, if he than had been paid to the dog of the had prevented a fituation so very pain- feven sleepers, and to the ass of Esdras. ful. I am indeed persuaded, by the The dog's master answered bim, with. following anecdote, that if the teart of out the least emotion : Good Er, the Manich nad been allowed to flow un. hiftory of my dog would be too long retirained, it would have fowed in a to récount to you ; but there is a full stream of complaceacy. Soon after thing which you have not, perhaps, his return to St. Peterburgh, the per. been told : He made a will, and, son who had so malicioudly informed among other matters which he has difagainil the officer who had fewn him pored of, he left you a legacy of 209 so much attention in Siberia, sought an alpers, which I have brought to you, eirly opportunity of waiting upon him, on his part. The Cadi, hearing money threw nimelt at his fees, and craved spoken of,turned towards his folks,and his forgiveness. " GO," said the old said : " Mind how honest men are ex: man,' were my heart like ywurs, per. pored to eovy ; and, whai has not Maps I might seek for revenge; but as

been said to 'this man's prejudice ?" Iain out of your reach, you have no Then, addrefling himself to the ac. resion to be afraid.".

cused : “ Sioce you bave not offered up any prayers or the deceased, I think it ady:table that we thould be.

gin them together.” This expresion, JUSTICE ficoyed by Money. in the Arab:an language, is equivocal,

fignifying equally " to begin prayers,

and open a bag of money." Juriges {From ibe bisiory of the Arabs.] and juiticos, says the Arabian estar

who teils t'uis lory, were formerly N Arabian MI:rchan: had an ex- naked i words, which made theiních is

ceitenidog, wuich nunied for him to be dreaded by lie wicked ; but in the day, and kept a strict watch at. they are now become empty scabbards, righi. No dog could be so faithful as seeking to be bied up with the io nis malier, and he was therefore money si tie parties.


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