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Truth, that the contests between the About six years ago, I found moty Patricians and Plebeians of Roine for self a ftudent of the third clafs at the that part of the supreme power, which Cambridge University. My parents was vested in the l'arquins, and which had placed me there with the dehga on their expulsion, in a sense became of preparing me for one of the learned derelia, ended in the destruction of profeffions. Knowing my deftination, the ballance, and the consequent ruin

I had hitherto Audied the sciences of that great miftress of the world. with no small degree of application,

Tiere examples and many others except that my reading was now and that might be adduced from bistories then interruped by an elegant poem of Venice, Genoa, Holland and other or pathetick novel. Theie had no European States inconteflib!y prove other effe&t than to serve as agreeable the principles of human nature to be relaxations. My mind remained calm, fuch, that to preserve a goveroment and was agitated with no emotions, free,or in other words,topreservea bal. which were either tender or trans. lance of power between thepersons and porting properties of the governed, it is not In the winter, by the invitation of enough ro divide and ballance it betweu Mr. Andelt, a friend of my father, I them ; but a certain portion of the su- rode a few miles from Cambridge, to preme authority must be reserved and pass the vacation at t'is house. Taplodged in other hands which Mall be proached it without anxiety, as I bid able at all times to check those en. no presentiment of the tumults, which croachments, that muftever terminare were soon to agitate my breaft. Mr. in tyranny. With the means of preseve Andell was a gentleman about forty. ing this ballance of power, the confti. five years old. He lived upon the tution of England is admirably fur. eftate of his ancestors ; and he had, nimed. How these means are provided by his industry and lafte, greatly imin that governmen', and how the fu- proved it in convenience ant beauty. preme power is diftributed, billanced He was hospitable and generous ; and and checked in our own, may be the

he entertained his visitors in a man. fubject of some future observations. ner, which never failed to please. One

was at a loss which to arimire noft,

tie ingenuity of his observations, the To the Editors of the BOSTON MA.

gaiety of bis wit, or the decency of

his language. He had one fault only, Gentlemen,

which was an exceflive love of proTI

Here is nothing,again ft which the dence : He allowed too little to the

old more frequently caution the feelings of the heart ; and ridiculed young, than the forming of allach- them all as extravagant and roman. monis,w.ben there is poimmediate pror

tick. peci of supporting a family. Mothers His family confified of four fons are conftantly enjoining upon their

and a daughter. The daughter was diughters, 10 give no encourage

the second child, and presided at the ment to any youth, however amiable, table; for his wife had been dead a who has not already fortune fufficient bout a year. Her lors was not yet for to maintan a woman genteely; and gotten. The boys indeed wept not young men are laughed at as fools, But a tear frequently fiood in the e when they presume to fall in love, of Maria. She was indulging F istfore they have acquired, at leaf?, a gries, when I encered her fatne con petence. Prudence is the per.

boule ; for me had just receiver ferual theme of praise. It is a virtue letter of condolence from a friend interd, which deserves commenda. Europe, which brought freth to to. ;. but it may nevertheless, I con- mind the virtues of her

pare ceive, be carried too lar ; and, by There is something in female affii. aiming to preserve a person from em. or so inexprefibly tender, that buriallinents, may render him com- cannot fail to touch any heart, wh pletely wretched for life.

But my

is not entirely hardened. It touch Lear throbs, with too much anguinh

Had'a smile brightened to reason upon the subje&t: I will re- face of Maria, I believe I mould ha e my flory.

Leed proof against her charms;



Story of Francis Cobbam.

275 at leaft, the first impreffion would not her my filter, and the acknowledged have been so lafting.'

me her brother. Wnen her father introduced me to The vacation being finished, I was her, Maria attempted to be cheerful; obliged to return to my studies. But but without success. In a few mi. I did not leave Maria, till I told her, nutes, nowever, the defifted from the in the presence of her father, that I attempt; for involuntarily, I know would write to her, and that she must not how aor why, my tears began to write to me. Her father, I remem. flow; and her father, taking up the ber, looked gravely ; but he made no letter, and reading some lines, found objeAion. hiiníelf also affected.

Maria now Nothing is more frequent in' lovers gave way to her sorrow. I beheld than complaints of absence. Every her; and compartion and love at once ftep I took from Maria brought a detook poffefsion of my soul.

gree of pain with it ; but ftill plea. But melancholy did not predomi. fure predominated. My mind was pate in the heart of Miria. 'No; at filled with romantick deliriums, times the was sprightly andgay.She had which were more delicious than any received a large portion of her father's pleasures I had ever enjoyed. wit, which was readercd Aill more But I find that I am going into too plealing than his by the peculiar minute a detail. Let me say then, delicacy and felicity, which always that the fame, which was kindled in diftinguished it. I had been in the mybreaft, continued to burn with inhouse but a few hours, when her creasing ardour for upwards of three cheerfulness returned, and her wit years. Maria did not endeavour to broke forth in Aashes of light, like the quench it. I had frequent opporbeams of the sun after a fhower in tunities of seeing her. What we sup: Jorre.

posed at first to be friendship was now Sweet girl ! with what pleasure did known to be love. I lived but for I hear ; with what pleasure did I view her. We had the same sentiments, her! Her form was fine ; her face, the same pleasures, the same pains, not beautiful indeed, but marked and, in fine, the same soul. Did not with tne intelligence of an angel. Her heaven behold with complacency a Eyes ! it was a long time before I connexion, which was formed by aacould discover their colour ; but I

ture, by sympathy, by virtue ? perceived at once that they shot forth Our passion was soon too visible grace, beniguity, and love.

Her not to be perceived by the family of voice was liquid and melodious. In Maria. Charles wrote me upon the the evening the sang in concert with subject.

He informed me, that his Charles, her eldeft brother. Iliften. father began to notice it, and that it ed all ear, all rapture ; and the con. gave him

uneasiness. I was deftitute queft was completed.

of money, and without any immediFive weeks passed away in a dream ate profpe&t of acquiring it ; my fa. of joy. Towards the end me was ther of a decayed family, and though fenible, that I was never happy but in a gentleman, yet poor ; unable there. her preseoce ; and he did not com. fore to affit me. It was imprudent mind me to retire. She was not yet in a young fellow of twenty, but a fixteen, aod had never loved ; I had year out of college, to be engaged in a jult compleated my seventeenth year. courtship. He would run himself, Though my accomplishments and vir- and he would ruin the obje&t of his tues were not equal to bers, yet in affe&ions. some respects I resembled her. Like I was alarmed with this letter. My her I was fimple and innocent in my breast became the seat of misery. I manners. I was gay and cheerful ; flew to Maria, and found relief. She and like her I delighted in tears. She assured me, that interefted motives was fond of musick ; and I played weighed not with her. She was hap. upon the Aute. Without declaring py in my affe&tion, and she wanted no my paflion, or indeed without know- more. Heaven, Mhe said, would in ing that my heart felt any, I called time reward my merit with a fortune.


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point out.

If it did not, she would live with me will never love. I will live upon the in poverty, in wretchedness. But, idea only of Maria. I will never see Frank, the added, why need you be her. Gracious God! The hall not ro anxious ? You are always looking be mine. She Mall become the wife forward to the nuptial day. We can of another. De happy as lovers for many years to I wrote to Mr. Andell, and gave come. I am your friend; what can him a candid account of my deteryou desire more? The Aame which mination. He returned me a very animates our boroms, is pure and vir. favourable answer, and permitted me tuous. Can it be rendered more de- to come to his house and take my laft lightful, Believe me, I will never farewell of his daughter. I went, and marry any person, whom you do not he received me with a smile. You

now condu&, said he, like a young One year more passed away, but man of prudence. You were a fool not in ro continued a stream of happi- in boy, Frank, to fall in love, before ness as the foregoing ; for it was fre. you were settled in any kind of bu quently interrupted with the disquiet finels. Believe me, your puerile pafoccasioned by her fazher's coldiers. fion can easily be conquered. This gradually increased, till at length He had scarcely spoken these words, he sought an opportunity to come to when I flew to Maria. I informed an open rupture with me. The effect her that I was determined to be was an absolute prohibition from vi- wretched ; for so prudence required: fiting any more in his family.

that I intended never more to see her; In the mean time I received a very and I, berought her to marry one of harfte letter from my father, who, those gentlemen, who desired to ob. living in a diftant part of the conti: tain her hand. She heard me with the nent, had been but lately made ac- scorn of female dignity. But dignity quainted with my amour. He con was soon melted into tenderness. We demned in very severe terms the im. embraced each other in the most para prudence of my attachment, and told fionate manner. We wept. And I me that I had trifed away that time, was just beginning to curse prudence which ought to have been devoted to. in the bitterness of my soul, when

Mr. Andell entered the room. ReI began now seriously to refled. I tire, young man, cried he ; a&t worwas conscious that Maria's image had thy of yourself. Maria, he bids you very often obtruded itself into my farewell : he parts from you forever. mind, and deftroyed every scientifick I obeyed his commands, and halidea. And though I had paid as much tened to the place of my habitation. attention to my books as ftudents in There I received a letter from my general, being by a virtuous paffion father, ordering me to come to him preserved from gaming, drinking, and immediately; for he thought proper the usual vices of youth, yet fill I that I Mould ftudy under his eye. I might have read more, had I follow- was gratified with the summons ; for ed the guide of prudence. This re I hoped that absence and distance fection ftung me. I wished to be emi. would assuage the anguish of my mind. nent. I adored Maria ; but I panted I had been but a few months with for fame.

my father, before I heard that Maria From that moment I determined to

married. She facrifice my love to prudence, and' ed by the solicitations of her pato my regard for Maria's father. He rent to give her hand to Mr. Price, a was a worthy man. He had created young gentleman, who lived in the me with greai friendship. I thought neighbourhood. He possessed an easy it base and ungrateful to deprive him forcune, was induftrious; honeft, and of his daughter against his consent. worthy. My londoess for Maria and When I had formed this resolution, the return which it had received, my soul was elevated with a consci

were not unknown to him. But bis ous dignity: I called myself a hero ; feelings were not lively, nor his delibut I was a hero in the agonies of cacy extreme. He confided in this Heath. I will be great, cried i. I maxim, which Maria's father had

my ftudies.


was indac.


"Account of Bethlehem in Pennsylvania.

277 taught him, that a woman's affections out her heart. She pined. Her hur may be gained after marriage, by any band endeavoured to console her buiband, who will be kind and atten- mind and to restore her health. His tive. I was informed that my amia- assiduities served only to embitter her ble friend was led trembling like a anguish. She refigned herself to her lamb to the altar ; and that, while grief. It continued to prey upon her the sacrifice was performing, her conftitution, till at length the springs cheeks faded ; till at length the fell life- of life were totally deftroyed. She less to the ground.

died four weeks before I arrived. In Evil thoughts, which I indulged her last moments, me called Charles witb conscious guilt, began now to en- to her bed five. See, my brother, said ter my miod. I wished for the death the, the vi&im of prudence. My beof Price. I even prayed my God in Joved Frank, I trust, will be satisthe agony of my soul, that he would fied with this proof of my affe&tions. blait him with the lightning of Hea- Tell him, that however my person has ven. Is not Maria, I exclaimed, mye been disposed of, my soul has not cearkindred spirit ? It is subverting the ed a moment to be his. But you need decrees of Providence to separate us not tell him this : I will declare it to from each other.

him myrell in heaven. I know he Maay months passed away ; and I cannot survive me long. I shall meet beard nothing more of Maria. The him soon. torment, which I endured, at last Yes, amiable girl, I will follow you. grew intolerable. I die, said I to my I find my health begins to decline. I father, unless you permit my return have just strength (ufficient to carry to my native country. I have an me to the grave of Maria, where I indulgent parent. He saw my dir. Spend whole days in weeping over the tress, and was touched with pity. My rods, which cover her remains. My mother interceded. He granted my physician forbids me to indulge this request

Juxury any more. I will not obey The journey was long ; but as I his commands ; for why should I wish rode night and day, I soon completed to live? No: I will suffer my life to it. It is three weeks fince I arrived.

wafle away. I looked not to the right hand or to My story will not intereft many; the left, till I saw the house of Maria's but as it may preserve some of feeling father. The east wind blew, when I hearts from following too closely the alighted at the gate. The branches di&tates of an excessive prudence, I reof two large elms, under the Made of

queft, gentlemen, that you would which I had often ruminated with de- publish it. Love is puerile and trilight, Mook with discord. A spaniel, Aing in many instances ; but it free a favourite of Maria, met me at the quently gains such pofíeffion of the door. The poor creature's limbs

soul, that it cannot, and ought not trembled, as he leaped upon me. I to be controlled by the cold maxims entered the house ; and the firft ob

of the prudent and the insensible. ject, which presented, was Charles

FRANCIS COBHAM. Sitting before the fire, with a minia.

April 22d. ture picture of his fifter in his hand. His eye was fixed upon it ; tears flowed down his cheek. I felt their cause

To the Editors of the BOSTON MAimmediately. Is Maria dead? cried I in an agony. Charles, who knew Gentlemen, not that I was in the room, till he The flattering marks of your approheard my voice, started up, and press- bation bestowed, in your Magazine ing my right hand in both of his. Yes, for March, upon my proposals for said he, the is relieved from all her a poem, have encouraged me to miseries.

send you the inclosed,which, I hope, I have but little more to add. The you will receive favourably, Marriage of Maria gave a wound to

I am, your's &c. her breaft, which dever could be

SECRETUS, healed. She confidered herself as a HAVE express'd to you my feel.


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merica after an absence of many served, each seeming absorbed in the months, Although above 300 miles dis. contemplation of the surrounding obtant from my vative place, I fancied jees. Upon reaching the tavers we myself at home ; and the prospect of could coi help congratulating each so loon visiting my friends contradied other upon the full completion of our the distance between Philadelphia and most sanguine expe&ations. Bofton into a mere span,in comparison This building is neatness itself; it of the vast Atlantick, which had sepa- is built wholly of stone ; even the rated me from them but a Mort time partitions between the apartments are before.

of the same materials; these are plase My laf informed you that we mould tered, and white washed so exceedingproceed homewards by the scriert ly white, as make the looking upon course ; but the pleasing accounts them painful to the eyes ; the house which we heard of Bethlehem, greatly is divided into a great number of excited our curiofily, and 10 gratify rooms for the accommodation of trathat powerful incentive we were in. vellers i we were attended with a duced 10 alter our intended rout, and chearfulness extremely pleafing, and vifit that terrefrial paradise. I mall had each with gratified in ro obliging not take up your time in complaints a manner, as to fully compensate for of bad roads and worse accommodati. the bad entertainment on the road... ons, but inform you, that on the after- After a refreshing night's sleep and a noon of the second day from our set- social breakfast, our whole party, conting out from Philadelphia, as we were duäed by one of the minifters of the pafliog solitarily beiween two over- place, went out to view everything hanging rocks, we suddenly found our worthy of notice, of which I now selves on the banks of a winding river; mean to give you an account. and the beauty of the prospe&t which The town contains about 100 houses immediately presented itself to view, besides the public edifices, all built of left no room io doubt that we had ar: a very rough fone, in the simplest rived at the end of our excursion, in manner. The church, the fingle fir. faA, Bethlehem was fituared on the ter's house, the fingle men's house and oppofite fide. The view of this place the minifter's house, are the most ftrikes a traveller very agreably, it is Ariking objects. We first visited the in itself beautiful, and the pleasure single filters. At the door of their arising from a view of its beauties is house we were met by the abbess, who not a little heightened, by the reflects with the trueft poliieness, conducted on, that you have aötained to the eod us into every chamber ; we were much of a

very disagreeable ride. The gratified at the sight of this Temple of town is built in a verdant valley Induftry, each chamber, which is large plentifuly watered by <he Delaware. and commodious, is set apart for some

The banks of this freMh water river. branch of useful manufa&ures ; in one afford a moft romantick spectacle, as were five or six looms, at which the they are covered to the very waters fifters were weaving linnen of various edge with shrubs of myrtle, and other qualities ; in others, numbers were verdure, which are suffered to hoot in carding wool, spinning, knitting, and all their natural luxuriancy. The ale making various parts of wearing ap: most impenetrable woods on the sur. parel. After just looking into these rounding hil's, serve, pot only to give rooms we v fited the kitchen and bed an idea of an entire reclusion from a room ; here their neatness is moft par. wicked world, but reftrain the eye, ticularly observable. The kitcher and fix the attention upon the many where iwo young women were prebeauties brought into one point of paring dinner for the whole fifterhood, view. I believe there are few who was perfeâly cool, clean and neat ;, a reach this spot, but stop some minutes number of coppers built in brick, to regale the right, that mof delicate serve to dress each days provision, of the senses,

which are either boiled or baked, There refeAions occord to me roaft dishes, I found, they were utter while crofling the river ; during this strangers to. The bed room extende Mort pallagethe fri@ei Glence was obe over the whole house, and is it ale


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