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Monthly Chronology.

213 muntenanced by the fatutes recited, the morning, and the earth, during tince they were thereby considered the whole time, in a continual tremor. as capable of committing a pofitive We never expected to have seen otience against the government, which another day. Our house, being a it was absurd to suppose could be ftone building, we have not lodged in committed by aliens, it being founded it fince." on allegiance, qad that could not be

25. At a meeting of the Stockhold-
due from persons of this defcriprion. ers of the Massachusetts Bank on
The debates were not confined to one Thursday lasting the following gen-
point, they branched out much fur- tlemen were chosen Directors:
ener thao we have opportunity to Hon. JAMES BOW DOIN, Esq;
trace them. Bat, though they were SAMUEL BRACK, Esq;
loog, and in many instances intricate ; Hoo. GEORGE CABOT, Esq;
yet, it muft be acknowledged, that, HD. STEPHEN HIGGINSON, Bra;
confidering the nature of the subject, Hon. JOHN Lowell, Efq;
they were, upon the whole, exceed.

ingly dispassionate. The report was SAMUEL A.Oris, Esq;
at leagth recommitted, and appeared EDWARD PAYNE, Efq;
a secood time much less altered in Hon, WILLIAM PHILLIPS, Esq;
its essentials than was expected. It THOMAS RUSSELL, Esq;
was finally succeeded by a bill for re- LAAC SMTH, Esq;
pealing the laws extant against ab. Hon. OLIVER WENDELL, Esq;
sentees ; for excluding such as have

meeting of the Directors taken up arms against their county, on Monday, the Hon. Mr. Bowdoin or loaned monies to the British go.

was chosen President of the Bank.
vernment for carrying on the war;
and for permitting the others to re-

Ao Obituary for March 1784.
turn home and remain under a cer-

DIED tficate from the governor and coun- On the 15th ult. at Hebrog in Concil, to be confirmed at the next suc. necticut, Mrs. Lydia Peters, wife of ceeding court. It also provided for Col. Joon Peters, and second daughthe re-delivery of all estates not con ter of Joseph Phelps, Esq; the was fiscated by aá of attainder, or by

married at the age of 15, and lived judgment rendered on process of law.

with her confort three times 15 years As ibis bill is now a public act of the and had 15 living children, thirteen government, a furtber description of now alive, and the youngest 15 years it is revdered unnecellary. Thuster

old. She has had three times 15 grand. minated a subje&t of as great specula

children. She was fick 15 months, and tion, perhaps as any one that ever pre

died the 15th day of the month, aged ceeded it; a subject in the settling of

four times 15 years. which many public and private pre

On the 18th ult, at Martha's Vine. judices, and in some instances, no yard, Cap. Thomas Simpson of Portsdoubt, honeft refeniment, were made

mouth, New Hampshire, commander to give way to national faith. And of the ship Ceres, formerly commanit is with pleasore ne can say that, so der of the continental frigate Ranger, far as our observation has extended,

aged 40. the result bas been satisfactory to all

On the 25th ult. at Uxbridge, Naparties concerned.

Having dwelt than Tyler, Esq ; Atorney at Law thus long on two of the molt impor

and a Colonel of a regiment of Massatant tranlatioas of the Seffion, we

chusetts militia, aged 55. find ourselves obliged to omit

March 2. &t Bollon Mr. Samuel observations on many others of great,

Eliot, Merchant, jua aged 36 though not of equal consequence.

At Roxbury, Reverend Joho WalExtract of a letter from St. Kitts, da

ley, late paftor of a church at Bolton, ted December 9, 1783.

aged 68. The frequent earthquakes we

3. At Boston, Mrs. Hannah Welch have experienced has been truly a.

consort of Mr. John Welch, aged 21. Jarming, more particularly those of 4. Mr. John Arnold, Cabinet-mahe 4th of this month ; eight smart

ker, aged 43 Mrocks from three to fix o'clock, in

Mr. William Andrews aged 59:



had 5


Miss Charlotte Seaver, daughter of the marshes, in August 1775, and reMr. E benezer Seaver, aged 10. turning, plunged into Medford river,

ABraintree, Col. Josiah Quincy, upon which he was taken ill, and was aged 75

soon seized with a rigidity of his joints II. A Falmouth, Hon. Jedidiah Pre- of a moft extraordinary nature, the ble, Esquire late one of the honorable hiftory of which, as also the appearSenate of this Commonwealth, aged 77. ances of the body after death, we have 14.

Ar Hollifton, Mrs. Alice Win. reason to expeá will be handed to chester, Widow, aged 105. She had the public

usbands and left pofterity of At Bofon, ruddenly, Mr. E. the 5th generation.

noch Brown, Merchant, aged 40 18. Ac Taunton, Hon. Benjamin 23. Mrs. Stone, Widow, aged 68. Wiliams, Esq; Judge of Probate and 25. Mr. Joha Laurens, a young of the court of Common Pleas for the gentleman from Virginia, pephew of county of B-itlol, aged 63.

the Hon Mr.Laurens Tale President of 19 A Mlíord, Mr. James Albee. Congress, deed 26 He rode írom nome well and was found. 28. At Barnstable, Mrs. Elizabeth dead in the road, supposed to have dia

G thìam, confort of David Gotham, ed in a fit.

Elg; in ter 58th year. At Daovers, in a very advanced 30. A: Brouktioid, Mr. Josiah Hobbs, age, Mr. Bartholomew Rea.

jun. killed by lightning, aged At Braintree lately, Capt. Thomas Willis, aged 93.

Buried in the Town of Bofon in At Woburn, Peter Wyman, aged


41 35, he had lahou od very rard pro Baprired,

29 Veccorulugia VD:t Voiluting

Malta 170.4.
Barometer. || Thermometer.


Weather. 29.60 29.58,29.634 6 16

1.4. 4.

Pair, 73 701 771|14 22 26

do. 3 791 74


cloudy, snow. 40 381 39||:9 133 31

(now lor, cloudy. 5 69 | 31 35 137

do. cloudy.

39 36,
N. N E.

99130.0330.04 | 35

N E.

8 30.09
12||33 37
N. E.


N E. E. 4.

do. Inow. 10

05 11 131 133 32, 5! N E. 4.
1433 35

031 00135 40 40

N. E. W.

do. foggy 13.29.93|29.9029.8837 47 SI

N.N B. S.

do. fair, foggy 14 691

3947 53

toggy, rain, heavy 151 28 271 3647 50 43

S. 4.

cloudy, fair (at ni. 16 58 64 37 39


fair. 17 70 65 62 32 36 35

W. S. E.

do. cloudy, snow
65133 38

37 36
S. W. S. E.

do. cloudy.
40 32
135 133

491,29 33
30 W 4.

60 67,22,527 30


do. .3 84 88 9025, 534


cloudy, fair. 24 99

89: 29 37

E. S.

67: 55 56136 42 44 S..4.

cloudy: 26

7337 41

W. E.

fair, rain at night. 27 53 SI 63138 140 141


rain, cloudy.
74 70 7333

137 139

cloudy, sair.. 39) 75 72 7033 139 5142

fair, cloudy. 301 261 16 1040 44 144

E. S.

cloudy, rain, clo. 31 20 341 58 36 139 38

W.4.N W. 40 fair.



3. W


Si|| 18


N. W.

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Page Op the Love of Fame, 219 Oo Making Bricks, 219 Remarkable Charaders of

French writers,
Memoirs of Major-General

Efsay on Vanity,
Superftitions praised in

224 Method of diftributing Jurtice,

226 On Man, On the Right of Conscience, 230 Judgment of the Weather, 234 Observations on the Wind, 235 Answer to H. Inconftant, 237 On Education,

238 On Agriculture,

239 On the Folly and Wickedness of War,

242 Account of Whale Fishing, 243 Advertisement,


Letter to H.Iaconftant, 247 Ag Enigmatical Bill of Fare

for Ele&ion dinner, 248

POETICAL ESSAYS. Ode to Liberty,

249 On Paper,

250 On Forritude,

ibid. Translation of Horace, lib. I. od. 22,

251 On Peace,

ibid. Translation of Somne levis, 252 A Rebus,

ibid. STATE PAPERS, Treaty of Peace between

Ruffia and the Porte, 253 A plan for ten néw States, 254 A Proclamation,

255 MONTHLY CHRONOLOGY, Foreign News, American News,

258 An Obituary for April, 261 Meteorological Observations, &c.




With the following EMBELLISHMENT $, viz.

No. I. Frontispiece. No. II. An elegant Likeness of Ma.

jor-General Warren.


S T ON :
Priated and Published by NOR MAN, WHITE

At their Priatiog-Office the North side of the Market


ATURE stands ready to strike the Lyre, while

the Genius of Liberty presents a medal of the illustriOUS MAN who hath defended ber standard in this new World.Fame blows her trumpet, and Aftrea finds a part of the earth where the may fix her residence.


Acknowledgments to Correspondents.


HE Editors of the Magazine are sensible of the re

gard paid to them by their Correspondents. The author of the Free Republican, and the very respectable gentleman, who favoured us with his sentiments upon the quellion of the Academy of Lyons, Whether the discovery and settlement of America, bath tended to the advantage and happiness of the World? And others, whose speculations would have done horour to our publication will excu se our not inferting them this month: Due respect fall be shown to them in

our next.

Erratum. Page 251, for “Matin's, Mutius.


Boston Magazine,


APRIL, 1784.


On the Love of Fame.

the moft indolent creatures existing,

were he to be directed by reason a. Monos alit artes, omnesque incendun- lone ; the flow" progressive steps of this 'tur ad ftudia gloriæ.

faculty, would retard a&tion, and freTusc. Quieft l. 1.

quently while he was contemplating HE vaft variety that prea the means to obtain any end, while he fents itfel,opon the highest was examining every objection that reflection, to our minds ; could be made to each different mode

the different sources from of action, the opportunity for exertion whicu a&tion appears to originate, and would be loft. This can only be rethose lo compounded, are frequently. medied by a sudden impulse, which he produttive of an opinion, that the may feel upon presenting the proper mind is incapable of being analyzed, object to excite it. This useful im. But however complicated in its modes pulse is wisely made a part of our of activity, there are still come Arike constitution. Among the strongest in *ing trai:s, which upon a nearer views its operations, and most beneficial may in degree tend to develope the parts of our nature, is the Love of subject. The different paffions. Hy Fame to be ranked i 'tis chicây to this woich men are agitated, are some of we are indebtes for ail thore noble acthe most remarkeble: To pretend to tions which have so highly benefited reduce thee to one source would be man in different ages of the world; nugatory. They appear to be d. Pinct the cold view or intention of doin, and original principles of action though good to mankind, how pra se wortny claffed under the general term PASSI- soever it may be, would operate witi

With various and aintoit in- but finall force, were it not for t5 's finire diferences, do they appear in ftrong incentive to action, a londotis dirferent persons; and to tliein are we for praise. 'Tis from this principle in tebied for the largén portions of the warrior encounters dangers and our happ ací3. Man, as is observed destruction without dilway. Toe by a great writer, would be one of fare (men, the patriot is un wearioed in



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