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t'u to bed.


hal and loow were formed. He like. acquaintance, and threate:ed to prole wife reduced water, placed in a vase, cute him for charging her with being in the aforeiaid ccid barn, to hal, with child. The second witness for by electrifying it, and immediately government was a woman whose serleiting it ruil off into the cold barn. vice the prisoner had entered as a The ciedric inster only palie's maid, fome weeks before her delivethrough the water in the vale, and ry. Tois witnels de poned that the the luiming of the brail depends great- riro er denied liet pregnancy icon ly on the qux koels of the operation. after the came to live with the depoIn thirteer experiments, two only had nert ; further teftified that the pricomplete !ucceis. Todlew that elec- foner toe day before her fuppo ed de. tricity expe's the rain from the clouds, livery, work'd exceedingly hard at M. Quliquet fler a cord of cotton wathog, and at evening complained with water, and discharged the elec. to the de ponent of being in great tric Huid intuir, when immediately pain, and after tak ng foreica,le. che cotton contracted infieli,d expel.

Tie deponent also, a fed the water in diops i'ke rain. few hours after, retired to bed and American News,

la v ind lower roon under the pri

funer's Chainber, a:id at midnight HALIFAX, Decemler 183. Heath, as fe thouent, 'tile cry of a By the General El ot we learn, that

child over beat, and me,iioned it to the Ros! George had beans?!!?,

her (the deponent?) husband, who and that many oítse deed!d sire Waughed at his wife, telling her that in her; but do not learn whether id.

the was used to beir founds in the srit..!Kipenie t was anong the num

night, being a woman of nervous ber. The splorards har een bombard

complainis. The deponent, bow. ing Alptors, and as usual upon tiile

ever, left her bed and went up to the onalbis, returned tone again la- priver's room and asked her if any ving ice ved aboucas nach demise

tuig was the matter to woich the preas they had done. The probability

fouer aviwered NOTHING, and that of a Turkiff wat leenis to gain ground,

fhe was very well, and appeare quite and great preparations are making by

composed; upon wbicli the deponent the powers likely to be engageri in it.

Cime down and went to bed 272in. Many ci ine Pruth Naval Ofers

Next mornis, quite early, it being are errerira' intorpe Puth in rervice. intensely cort, ne prifoner cime There is likewise à Rufin 25entin

downl, went out of doors, tarried

fome time, returned and went to her England, hiring traníporis lor ine ser. vice cf the Einprele.

daily labour, and appeared to the de.

fcient every way as usual, except BOSTON, Mirch 37. that the looked imaller about the The Tridl of Sufannah Jones.

Waist. Abeut ten days after, the

priwwer went abroad to see foine of March 4, Come on, before the Sun her acquistance, and in her abseica, preme Judicial Cnori, the trial of

the deponent went into the prisoner's Susanna Jones, fungie wom: o for the chan her and found a drid chili bemurder of her baltard etild.


tween the two beds on wh ch the pri. was in diffed upon the Nature of con- foner used to lie. The child was wrap'd cealment so called, by which it is in linnen, bad no marks of violence önaded, that « if a woman be deli. on it, but appeared in loine parts con. tered of a bistard, and ille cou eat the fiderably putrid. On the prifoner's delivery that it may not come to return the child was thown to her; Ight, whether the baltard were born the said it was ber's, but that it was alive or not, the offender shall suffer born dead : that, ever fince it was death except the can prove by one burn, she had taken it to her arms in witness that such child were born the night and in the day placed it dead.” Tire first witnels for the go- where it was found, between the beds. vernment proved that the prisoner Upoo this the prisoner was taken into denied her pregnancy, come weeks cuftody ; but, before her departure before her delivery, to a man of ker to prison, beg'd to take a last look of


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her child, which was granted her, to be fair and upright in her tefti. and the expressed much grief at leave mody, yet ber present certainty arose ing it.

from her having had the matter long This is the fate of evidence given in her mind, and not wholly from the by the prisoner's mistress. The next ideas she at first received. The pri. witness called by government was al

foner's couosel contended that not. physician who had examined the withftanding the ftatuie of conceallungs of the child, and deposed that ment, yet the practice for many years the lungs, being put into water, had been to consider the trial meerly floated; but that they were in some ai common law, as there almost uni. measure putrid. The common quer- . verfally appears, and certainly in the tions were asked ; and they cale at har fufficient evidence in be. answered with ingenuity.

Tue half of the prisoner to take the case Attorney General then applied out of the Mature. The case being the evidence, arguing

then at common law there is oot rur. concealment was intended by the pri. ficient evidence brought by goverosooer from the beginning of her pieg: ment to prove the murder. The fancy even to a week airer the deli.

arguments were used on very ; and that this concealment was both fides. Tre Attorney.General evidence or the murder.

closed the cause. And the court The prisoner's counsel then open charged (with great impartiality) the ed the defence and called three wit. Jury, who foon brought in their vernefíes who swore that the prisoner dict NOT GUILTY The communicated to them her pregnan. prisoner's counsel then moved the cy some weeks before her delivery, Court for her total discharge, which and mentioned such a fage of her was immediately granted, the cause pregnancy as that it appeared to having lasted iwo days with some Then she was miftaken as to her time, uncertainty which way it would be and that it was nearer than the ap. determined : But reasonable doubts, pr hended, from which and other, among a reasonable people are ever in circumftances was argued that Me favour of life, wi$ surprised in her delivery and

The Trial of Mrs. Kirrily. Dever had intended to conceal....The prisoner's counsel then called AT the Supreme Judicial Court fcrerai eminent phyficians from whom holden at Bofon, for the county of it appeared that all arguments drawn Suffolk, in February laft, Rebecca as to the life of the child from the Kirrily was indicted and tried for the lungs ficating, elpecially when in any crime of petit treason, committed on degree patrid, must be quite equivo the body of her husband, James Kircal Trele physicians gave also many rily, on the 6th day of December last circunstances in evidence to Mew the past. probability that the child might have The honourable Robert Treat Paine, been dead. The next witness called Efq; the Attorney General appeared W25 a woman who deposed that she in behalf of the Commonwealth, and accidentiy saw in possession of tire the Hon. James Sullivan, Esq; and Pcprisoner, at the day of ner imprison. rez Morton, Esq; in behalf of the pri. ment, a small quantity of baby lin. foner. Dei voch me luppored the prisoner The Attorney General, to support bat prepared for the comfort of her the charge contained in the indietchild. Toe last witness called was a ment, produced a number of witgeileman who deposed that the pri. nelles on the land, who teftified Toner's marers tid, before the Jury of in the following manner and to Inyult,difered in'ome measure from the following facts. her prelent teftimony touching her NANCY MARBERRY teftified, that Ducertainty or hearing the child cry. on the 6th of December last, being at Tiis evidence was not adduced to the door of the prisoner's house, the lignra the credibility of the prisoner's heard the found of blows, and some mihire's as an unfai: nels, but on- body groan. Looking into the winly to thew that although me meant dow, the faw Kirrily lying on the



floor, and the prisoner kneeling near have been done with an in frument him and striking him, though not There were three other contufions or with great violence. On going into bis head, but afridure in neitner. the room with Mrs. Wbiller, and Dr. W lsh teftified, that on being Mrs. Bulkly, she lovod Kirrily on the called to see Kirrily on the oth of DeAoor, and both the deceased and the cember, he discevered several bruises prisoner druok, the hair of the latter on his head and one over his left eye over her Jace, and herfelf in a great about as big as an eight pence, but rage.

Near to the prifcaer lay a without deprention of the kull in ei. flick. Tne witness further added,i hat ther. The prisoner at that time apo the observed 'blood upon Kirnily's peared under the ipfiuence of liquor, face, but that it was dried ; that the grief or rage, and oppofed the Doxor had often seen them both before ex. in his examination of the wound. ceedingly drook, the husband on one The wirnefs furiber added, that the side of the floor, and the wife on the next day after the decease of Kirrily,

he examined the body with Dr. JarMrs. WAILLET teftified to the vis, and found the vefleis next the fame fats, particularly that the blood bone contures, but the skull not Iracwas dried upon Kirrily's face, that tured. After the full was removed, Me tas often seen the deceased drunk, the witness perceived juft over the and after his fits of intoxication which right ear a quantity of water and would sometimes laft three or four blood extravarated from the brain, all days, has known him to be much the veffels turgid, and a quantity of bruised by the falls he had suffered, coagulared blood near the center of

Mrs. BULKLEY, in addition to the the left lobe of the braio. On removSoregoing facts declared that ine saw an ing the upper part of the brain, some ax handle about an arm's length from extravasated blood was found on the the prisoner, that on Ifting Krrily cerebellum. up, blood run freely from his mouth Dr. JARVIS teftified to nearly the and nose, aad on her telling the pric fame fa&s, and both expreffed their foner her husband would choak, the opinion, that those wounds on the answered let him choak, I hope he brain were the probable cause of the will.

The witness further testified, man's death, but that it was very exthat the had often reen them both traordinary, and an inftance their drunk and quarrelling, and that in memory did not furnith them with, parricular Me knew that he tumbled that a blow on the head, without fracover a cradle about, three weeks ago, ture, Mould produce lo sudded a death. and bruised his head very much, ro

Dr. PECKPR said, that the greateft inch that he kept hoose from that extravasation of the blood was in the time upril he died. On the witness in cerebrum dire&ly under the 'cantuffthe eyening, asking Kirrily bow he on over the left eye, and that the did, and who hurt hini, be answered · brain did not appear turgid only he should die before morning, but no nearly the places, where there was as oge had firuck him a blow,

anjury without. Mr. Smith teftified, that the ax The WITNESSES brought by the handle was delivered him by the prifoner, were principally for the coroner, and that it was binody: purpose of establithing these two faits,

Mr. BRAILESFORD and Mr. HUNT that there was no blood on the ax teftified to the drurikerners of both hardle, & that the deceased oniformly and that in going frio Kirrly's loure confeffed to the moment of bis death, upon hearing the stoise, they saw the that the prisoner had not hurt him. ax handle, bat no blood upon it. After the witpefles were examined

Dr. PACKFR tell ford, that on the and the case argued wirh great learn6th of December, being called to fee ing and ingenuity, both by the Ar Kirrly, he found him on the Aror. He, torney General and the counsel for the had been bleeding, and was cold. On prisoner, it was committed to the ju. examination, be found a large contu ry, who in a short time returned fon over his left eye, and I wound and pronounced the prisoner NOT in his left arm, which appeared to GUILTY.


Monthly Chronology:

21L Proceedings of the General fcruple of yielding up a duty that they

had hitherto deprecated as the bane Court.

and ruin of the land. Thus did parOn Thursday, the 25th inftant, the ties not only change their grounds General Court of this Commonwealth of defence, but in the mancevre ocwas prorogued by his Excellency the cupied the deserted posts of each o. Go ernor to the last Tuesday of May

ther. Those who were in favour of next, after a fefsion of more than nine this report, 'held it up on the boldest weeks, during which forty-two as principles. They confessed themselves public and private, were passed. not unaware of the effets it might In the sketch of the proceedings at

have on trade; but the husband man this session of tie Legillature, coo

was the support of the country, and tained in ourlift number, we left the ought to be the favourite obje&t of plan of ways and means in the hands government. His labour gave rise of a second committee, who, if we may

to commerce, which on the other judge from the form which the report hand might be the instrument either affumed under their revision, were re

of much advantage or much evil to folved to improve to the utmoft the the community. That it was a depredilection generally mewn in the triment at present was obvious to the House, for import and excise duties, as Rightest observer'; for, their being no the only subftitute for a tax upon articles exported, the money was polls and eftates. The plan was cal- drained off to pay for the luxuries Culated to raise all the monies require

which were poured in upon us from ed in the first mentioned method, ex- every quarter of Europe. No less cepring about thirty one thousand than 60,000 dollars had been remitted pounds, which were to be witheld in a single bottom. To this it was from the continental requifions, for owing that the demands of governso much money advanced to Congress, ment on the people were left unsatisfi. on a seperate account. The prioci ed by a sum, in their conje&ture, not ples of this report were of a moft im less than 450,000 pounds, and that portadt nature ; the firft part of it the whole community were in debt could not fail to have a violent effe to each other. They indeed withed on trade : And many persons scrupled not to deftroy trade, but only to'avail not to say that the latter part was themselves of its inftrumentality to a dirc& attack upon the union of the bring the neceffary sums into the States. The introductory article public cheft ; but if its abolition was was a duty of one shilling upon eve. to be the consequence, would that be sy barrel of cyder imported or made worse than its existence in its present is this State. On the debates on the fate? and the necessities of the peoreport at large, and on this article ple ought to warrant the experiment. in particular, the inverted order of The opposers of this report, after the House afforded tou curious a phe- commenting on the advantages of nomenon to pass wholly unpoticed. commerce, observed that duties of The maritime members considering this kind were repugnant to the nathis duty only as an apology for im- ture of a republic ; that the mode of pofing of greater weight on trade, now colle&ting must be either by numerous sejeded with the utmoft firmness, Officers appointed for the purpose, or what a few sessions past was, in their by the oath of the party ; in the one opinion, nothing more than a jnft cafe, the ruinors tendency of encreas. measure, and what gentlemen of the ing the infuence of the ruling power countrycould not deny upon righteous was obvious ; in the other, there was and equal grounds.Ou the other hand, an opening for perjury and fraud. the landed intereft elated with the The Houle were called upon to reidea of eafing off the dry tax, by the colle&t the indecent scrutiny that was insensible exa&tions of impofts and ex: made into the wearing apparel of a cises, which too in all the subsequent female in England by an excise officer. articles were to operate primarily, if And the question was asked, whether not ultimately, on the commercial. America had emancipated herself part of the community,' made no from an haughty power to become the


at their


insulted vi&im of her own minions ? were not exempted. It was enard The import was alleried to be an un- by both Houses, and laid before the equal tix, since the dutied articles Governor on the fame day, with their were consumed in a far greater pro request for a recess. His Excellency portion by the people of the sea ports informed them that he had objections. inan by those of the country. It to make to it, which it was was unequal too as the necessaries of option to fit and hear, or to refer the life were its object, and so the poor bill to a future court. The lengia of mao would be taxed ju the same de. the fefion occafioning but a bare quo. gree with the rich. The wisduin of rum of either branch, the latter mea. the Spartan system was highly applau. Ture was neceffarily adopted ; aud ded, by which it was ordaned, that thus ended all the proposed methods.

man of trifling property Mould of raifog monies to deirey the exigenbe wholly exempled crom these kind cies of government. of burtheils. But, above all, imposta The other great oljea of the leffiand excises were anti republican on on, which was the recommerdai.oo another principle. The railing of of Congress in behalf of the absentees, mones was thereby rendered iníenfi- did not pass in ro undeterm.Date a ble, and the people might be lulled manaer. The committee on this bä. into a fatal security, while tyrants finess, after a moft attentive coofideraar med themselves with power before ton of the subje&t, made a report the sources of their ftrength could be 'which confifted of definitions of all the properly realized. W nereas, it be- essential terms used in the sth and 6th came a free people to part with their articles of the treaty, and concluded money and their power in such a way that the penal laws then in force against as to awaken a jealousy of the rule, absentees were inconfiftentia it. and even to goad them into a sense of and ought to be so declared by the their righis The inexpediency of Legillature. On the morning of the encreasing the import duties already day aligned for considering this regrunted, on account of throwing the port, a circumstance took place which trade into the hands of neighbouring we think worthy of notice. A num. States, who might court it with great- ber of printed hand-bills were deliverer ateition, was urged with equal ed to the Messenger at the door by zeal. Nor was the latter part of the a person unknown. This officer con. report for witholding monies granted jecturing them to have been papers to Congress, suffered to pass uncon- ordered for the use of the meinbers, as tefted. Yet a majority was found in is common, placed them under the its favour, and it was fually sent up eye of the Speaker. A' fuggeftion to the Senate for their concurrence, was immediately made by an honoraas the ground work of a money bill. ble member, that they contained matIt however, reverberat-ci back upon ters relative to the order of the day,& the House partially negatived, and, were laid there in order to influence the abrerírequent agitations of this kind, debates. The greatest indignation was finally died with the Mock.

shewfrom all quarters of theHunietie This measure being wholly defeat. papers were burned in their presence ed, the House turned their attention by special dire&tion, and the person to a committee anpointed to revise the concerned in handing them to the impoft and excise a&t, who made their door ordered to be apprehended for report by way of an add tional bill, his contempt. The report of inc which the affection fortaxes of this committee was opposed chiefly on the kind hitherto o prevalent in the principle of it's permitting the reHoufe, foon (weled both in the num- turn of the Absentees, as a marrer of ber of articles and the rates of the du. right. It was asserted that thay were nies. To give a particular defcripti. Alicus to this country, and ro declared on of this bill, or to relate the debates by the excluding Axts, and cool1 that attended it, would exceed oor claim the privileges given them by plan. Suffice it to observe, that even the report, only as a special favour. the necessary exports of provifioos This opinion, however, it was obfrom the favourite oation of Ireland served did not seem to be altogether


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