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State Papers.

203 Tranflation of the Preliminary Arti- fall be ftipulated by the fifth article

fles of Peace, between his Britannic of the present treaty. Majesty, and the Mont Chriftian Art. III. His Moft Chriftian Ma. King, signed at Versailles, the 20th jefty, in order to prevent quarrels of January, 1783 .

which have bitherto arilen between In the game of the Mot Holy Trini- the two nations of England and

France, renounces the right of timing, THE HE King of Great-Britain, and which belongs to him by virtue of the

the Mott Chrift:anKing, equally said article of the treaiy of Utrecht, animated with a defire of putting an from Cape Bonavista to Cape S. John, end to the calamit es of a deftructive situated on the eastern coast of New. war, and of re establifhing union and foundiand, in about 50 degrees of good uaderftaading between them, as.. nortn latitude ; whereby the French necellary for the good of mankind in fishery Mall commence at the said general, as for that of their respeđive Cape St. John, thall go round by the kingdoms, ftates, and subjects, have north, and, going down the western nuned for this purpose, viz. On the coift of the itland of Newfoundland, part of his Britannic Majesty, Mr. fhail have for boundary the place Alleyne Fitz-Herbert, Minister Pie. called Cape Raye, situated in 47 denipotentiary of his Said Majesty, the grees 50 minutes latitude. King of Great Britain ; and on the Art. IV. The French fishermen part of his Moft Chriftian Majelty, Kall enjoy the filery assigned them Charles Gravier Compte de Vergen by the foregoing article, as they have nes, counsellor in all his councils, a right to enjoy it by virtue of the commander of his orders, coupíelior treaty of Utrecht. of Atate, minister and secretary of Ari. V. His Britannie Majesty will! fate, and of the commands and finan- çede in full right to his Mont Chriftia ces of his said Majesty for the depart- an Majesty the isands of St. Pierre ment of foreign affairs ; who, after and M quelon. having duly communicated to cach Art. VI. With regard to the right other their full powers in good form, of ing in the Gulph of St. Lau. have agreed on the following prelimi- rence, the French shall continue to wary articles :

enjoy it conformably to the fifth arArt. 1. As roon as the prelimina- ticle of the creary of Paris. ries shall be figned and ratified, fincere Art. VII. The King of Great Brifriendship hall be re-established be tain Mall refore to France the island in een his Britannic Majesty and his of St. Lucia, and Mall cede and guaMoft Chriftian Majesty, their king: rantee to her that of Tobago. doms, ftates and subjects, by sea and Art. VIII. The Mont Chriftian by fand, in all parts of the world: King Mall restore to Great Britain, orders shall be sent to the armies and the islands of Grenada, and the Gre. squadrons, as well as to the subjects nadines, St. Vincent's, Dominica, St. of the two powers, to flop all hokili Christopher's, Nevis, and Montser. ties, and to live in the most perfect rat ; and the fortresses of those flands union, forgetting what is pafled, of conquered by the arms of Great Briwhich their Sovereigns give them the taip, and by those of France, Mall order and example ; and for the exe- he restored in the same condition in cution of this article, lea passes Mall which they were when the conquest be given on each side for the lips of them was made; provided thai the which thall be dispatched to carry the term of eighteen months, to becom. news of it to the poffeffions of the puted from the time of the ratification said powers.

of the defiaitive treaty, shall be grant. Art. Il. His Majesty the King of ed to the respective subjedts of the Great Britain fall preserve in full crown of Great Britain and France, vigne the ihind of Newfoundland,and who may have settled in the said ine adjacentrands, in the same man- islands, and in other places which ner as the whole was ceded to him by hall be restored try the definitive treade 13th articl: of the treaty of ty, to sell their eftates, recover their Direchi, fave the exceptions which debts, and transport their effe As,


and retire without being reftrained on and Bahour ; and, as a 'dependeney account of their relig on, or any round Karical, the four contiguous other cause whatever, except in cases Magina of debl, ur of criminti prosecutions. Art. XV.- France that again enter • Art. IX. The Ki g of Great Briu into poffeffion of Mare, and of the tao thall cece aod guaranty, in full the Coinproir, at Surat ; and the right, to bis Mont Chriftian M jesty, French Mall carry on commerce in the river of Senegal, and its d-jenden. this part of India, conformably to the cres, with the sorts of St. Louis, Po- principles laid down in the thirteenth dor, Galam, Arguin, and Portende ; art cle of this treaty. bis Brilanc Majesty thill reflore XVI In care France h98 allies in likewise tảie fland of Guide, wnch India, they thall be invited, as well Muit be given up in the condition in as those of Great Britain, to accede which it was when the British arms to the present pacification; and, for took pofíetlion of it.

that purple, a term of four months, Art. x. The M f Christian King to be computed from the day on mall, on his fire, guaranty to his Ma- which the proposal hall be made to je rty the King of Great Britain, thie them, Bali be allowed them to make poifeffion of fort Jumes, and of the their decision ; and in case of relusal Tiver Gmbia.

on their part, their Britannic and ALL.XI. In order to prevent all Moft Chriftrao Majesties agree, notdiscussion in that part of me world, to give them any affiftaoce, diredly the two courts Mall agree, either by or indirealy, agamft the Bridth or the definitive treaty, or by a separ.te French polieflions, or again it the anaut, upon te boundaries to be fixed cient poffeffions of their respective alto their respective poffeffions. The lies ; and their said Majeftė: Mall ofgum trade Mall be carred on a future, fer them the r good effices towards a as the English and French nations mutual accomm dat on. carried it on in the year 1755.

Art. XVII. The King of GreatArt. XII. In regard to the rest of Britain, detirous of g ving his Moft the coafts of Africa, the subj.ets of Christian Majesty a fincere proof of both powers shall continue to frequent reconciliation and friendfhip, and of them; according to the custom which contributing to the colidity of the has prevailed hither.o.

peace which is on the point of being Ait. XIII. The King o' Great-Bri- re-establifhed, will consent to the aa taia thail restore to his Moft Chrifti brogation and suppression of all the an Majesty all the establishments articles relative to Dunkirk, from which belonged to him at the com. the treaty of peace concluded at mencement of the present war on the Utrecht, in 1713 inclusively, fo this cooft of Orixa, and in Bengal, with liberty to surroundChanderoagor with Art. XVIII. By the definitive treaa ditcn for draua og the waters; and ty, all thoie who have existed till his B itaonic M ajetty engiges to take now between the two high contractsuch measures as may be in his pow. ing parties, and which thall not have er, for securing to the subjects of been derogated from, either by the France in that part or Ind a, as also sa d treaty, or by the present prelimion the coasts of Orixa, Coromandel nary treaty, Mall be renewed and and Malabar, a fate, free and inde. confirmed ; and the two courts shall pendeat trade, such as wis carried on Dame commissioners to enquire into by the late French Eaft India Com. the fate of commerce between the poy, whether it be carried on by two nations, in order to agree upon inem as individuais, or as a compa- new arrangements of trade, on the by.

footing of reciprocity and mutual Art. XIV. Pondicherry, as well as chovenience. The said two courts Kurical, thall likewise be refiored Mall together amicably fix a com.. and guaranteed to France; and his perent term for the duration of that Britannic Majesty thall procure, to

business. serve as a dependency round Pondi. Art. XIX. All the countries and cherry, the two districts of Valadour territories which may have been or



[blocks in formation]

which may be conquered, in any immediately after the ratification of part of the world whatever, by the the definitive treaty, without ransom, arms of his Britannic Majesty, or by and on paying the debts they may those of his Moft Chriftian Majesty, have contracted during their captiviand which are not included in the ty ; and each crowu thali respectively presen articles, thall be restored reimburse the sums which thall have without difficulty, and without re- been advanced for the subfiltence and quiring compeolation.

mantenance of their prisoners, by the Art. XX As it is oecessary to assigo sovere go of the country where they' a fixed epoch for the reftitutions and Mall have been detained, according the evaluations to be made by each to the receipts and attested accounts of the high contracting parties, it is

and other authentic titles, wbich Mall agreed, That the King of Great Bri- be produced on each Gde. tain thall cause to be evacurled the Art, XXII. In order to prevent ilands of St. Pierre and M quelon,

all causes of complaint and dit pute three months after the ratification of which may ar:se on account of prizes the definitive treaty, or sooner if it can *hich may be made at sea alter the be done ; St. Lucia, in the West In. figning of these preliminary articles, dies, andGoree in Africa,threə months it is reciprocally agreed, that the verafter the ratification of the defutive seis and effects woich my he taken treaty, or sooner if it can be done. in the Channel and in the North The Kag of Great Britain Mall, in Seas, after the space of twelve days, like maoner, at the end of tree to be computed from the ratification months after the rarification of the of the present preliminary articles, definitive treaty, or sooner if it can

thall be restored on each side. be done, enter again into poffeffion

That the term shall be one month of tne illands of Grenada, The Gre- from the Chappel and the North nadines, St. Vincent, Dominica, St. Seas, as far as the Canary Iflands, inChristopher's, Nevis, and Montfer- clufively, whether in the Ocean or in

the Mediterranean. Two months, France fhall be put in poffeffioa of from the said Canary Ifands, as far as the towns and comptoirs which are te EquinoctialLine or Equator. And restored to her in the East Indies, and lantly, five months in all other parts of the territories which are procur:d of the world, without any exception, for her, to serve as dependencies or any other more particular descriprobod Pondicherry and round Kiri

tion of time and place. cal, fix months after the ratification Art. XXIII. "The ratification of of the definitive treaty, or sooner if it the present preliminary articles shall can be done.

be expedited in good and due form, France Mall, at the end of the and exchanged in the space of ove fame term of six months, restore the montii, or sooner if it can be done, towns and territories which her arms to be compuied from the day of the may have taken from the English, cr Signature of the present articles. their allies, in the East Indies.

In witness whereof, we the underIn consequence whereof, the ne- written minifters plenipotentiary ceffary orders shall be sent by each of of his Britannic Majesty, and of the bigh contracting parties, with re

his Moft Cristian Majesty, by ciprocal paffports for the ships which

virtue of our respective full powhill carry them, immediately after ers, have signed the present prethe ratification of the definitive trea- liminary articles, and have caused ty.

the real of our arms to be put Art. XXI. The prisoners made refpectively by the arms of his Britan- Done at Versailles, the twentieth Dic Majefty, and his Moit Cirriftian day of January, 1783. Majesty, by land and by sea, Mall he ALLEYNE Fitz HERBERT. (L. S.) refored reciprocally and bona fide GRAVIER DE VERGENNES. (L. S.)




Monthly Chronology for March



appears, by the most authentic ac. Foreign News.

counts, that accepting the sum of PARIS, October 23, 1783. 23,000l. from the Rajah, who hadever

F.HEY write froid Vivarais, that acted as a friend io Great Britain, 1

a natural ft naving examined 101-' this officer, upon' oo real foundation, to the nature of the lava of some ex. persecutes him to defiruction. The tinguiMed volcanoes in that province, unfortunate lodian Prince was arhatn discovered elie iécret of employ- rested in his capital, in bis palace, ia ing it in making bottles of an extreme the face of all his people, to give oc.. Jigutness, and walch wegh no more caloo to an insurrection.

On prethan four ounces, though inose or glass text of that insurre&ion, all treaty weigh from fixteen

seventeen). and explanation was refused him, and Some particulars of this discovery are die was' driven from his government expected soon to appear. The bottles and his country, proscribed in a gemade of the lava are leis transparent, neral amnesty, and sent over all India and more butle, than the ordinary, an unhappy fugitive, to publish the ones; but if their price is less, they thame of the Britith government in may be useful; and there is reason to all the nations to whom he fucceffivethink that other vefleis may be formed ly Aed for refuge !! of the im Vä, and, by new combination

A gentleman of the name of Wilson, a folidiny given them,, which did not who is now about 66 years of age, who occur on the first experiment.

in lierited an esta'e of about a thousand BOLOGNA, October 25. pounds a year in Cornwall, when Tney write from Fermo in the

only 23, set off (within a year of his Marches of Ancona, that the Neapo. father's death) for the continent on hiall courier was a few days belire his travels, and it is very remarkable murdered in the Pouilla, by a gang of, that he has continued on his travels baliditti, who robb'd him of 25,000 ever since. He has rode on horseducats, wbien he was carrying to the back, with one servant, over the Treasury. The Court of Naples im- greatest part of the world. He firft mediately sent in pursuit of the rob. viewed every European country, bers, and finding they had embarked

spending eight years in doing it. He in a vellel for the Ecclefailical fate, then embarked for America, was two 24 Miqueiers were put on board of

years in the Northern part, and three baik w latch pursued them to Fermo, more in Souin-America, travelling as where the Neapolitans landed, and

a Spaniard, from the extreme facility found at au inn leven of the villains : he had in that language. The clifive of whom they apprehended (the mate, prospeas, and some other cir. two others having inade their escape ) cumstances of Peru, enchantod nim ro and at the same ume recovered the

moch, that he hired an estancias, or whole money, after which they imme- farm, and resided near a year in it..--diuidiy embarked for 'Naples. The His next tour was to the East ; ho Pontifical government have caused all


afled fucceffively through all the the soldiers whose duty it was for that ferr::ories in Africa, to the south of night to guard the coafi,to be imprison. the Mediterranean, Egypt, Syria, &c. ed becaule they did not oppose this and all the dominions of the Grand violation of territory.

Signior ; went twice through Persa, LONDON, December 2. once through the Northern, and once The crueľ treatment of the Rajah

through the Southern provinces, alt af Benares, by a great officer in ihe over India, Indofian, Siam, Pegu, &c. service of the Eart-India Company,

made reveral excurfions into China, 28 almof vacxampled in historj. do

for some months each time. He wae



Montbly Chronology,

207 twelve years in the Ea! Indies. He of members appeared on the oppofitiafterwards, on his return, ftopped at on fide; while the benches on the the Cape of Good Hope, penetrated Treasury fide of the House, were, far into Africa, and on his returning comparatively, very thinly occup.ed. to the Cape took the opportuoity of ă Nota symptom of gloom appeared thip that went io Batavia, and from among the former ; all was gaiety thence viewed the islands in the great and good humour. Indian Archipelago. Returning to Letters lave been received from Europe, he landed at Cadiz, and paff. Ireland, which mention the most reed in a ffrait line from that place to rious apprehensions to be entertained, Moscow, in his way to Kimchatka in consequence of the late resolution and Pekin: he is now supposed to be of the House of Cominons. The resomewhere in Siberia. He has been presentatives have not only determiia correspondence all his life with one ned against a parliamentary reform, or two. Cornish gentlemen, with whom but they have in direct terms called. he was at college, and their opinion is, on the goveroment for aftance, to that he is determined never to put a support their resolution again ft the period to his travels, while able to general sense of the nation expressed

At 65 years of age, he is in by the delegates. Both parties must all respects as healthy, hearty and vi. contend, or one party must yield,and gorous, as other people at 46. all the advices from Ireland concur December 18.

in apnouacing the most determined YeAerday there was a very curious resolution on the part of the volunrevolution of principles in two diftin- teers to effect a reform of parliament, guished leaders of powerful parties. and the fixed system of the Castle beLord North became a Wnig, and Mr. ing not to give way, another conflict William Pitt a Tory. Lörd North attended with fatal consequences, is spoke against secret influence, and much to be dreaded. Mr. Pitt for it.

The resolution of her Imperial MaHouse of COMMONS, Dec. 19. jefly to make an annual increase of At three o'clock Lord North ap. her navy in order to increase her peared in the House, and confirmed a strength and dignity upon the ocean, report of a change of Ministers, by occafione great jealoufies at the court taking his seat on the opposition fide, of Versailles, where, it is well uaderover against the Trealury Bench: food, fhe is an enemy to Fronch poHe was soon after followed by Mr. liticks, and at the farne time suspicious Fox, who finding Mr. Duodas (the of the views of the House of Bourbon late Lord Advocate) fictiog with united. The language of her ambasLord North on the opposite side, jocu- sador on a late occañon, refpe&ing = larly took him by the arm, saying,

Turkith war, carried with it an inte "what business have you on this ? go nite degree of firmness and determiover to the Treasury Bench." Tbis nation, expressive at once of the raised a loud laugh in the House, the ftreagth of her own mind, and her inIwo Ex Ministers and Mr. Dundas difference for foreign interforences. joining in it mof heartily. Lord There has been an experiment at North and Mr. Fox being seated by Paris very aftonishing, and very much each other,were soon followed by Mr. to the honour of its inventor, Mra Burk, Col. Fitzpatrick, Gen.Convay, Quinquet, made upon electricity, Gen. Burgoyne, Lord John Caven- wnich proves that hail, snow, hoar dilb, Lord Surry, Sir Grey Cooper, froft, and all the aqueous meteors, are Messi'rs Lee and Mansfield, the late formed by the electric fluid. He reduAttorney General, the late Solicitor ced water to a vapour, and (in a reGeneral, and General Lutteril, who ceiver) placed it in a cold bath 18 and all ranged themselves on the same 1-2 degrees below cypher. The sides lide with the rvo Secretaries of State ; of the receiver were inftantly covered and the House having soon after be- with a hoar frost, and by introducing gun to fill, a moit formidable body a large quantity of ele&ric matter,

hail DI

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