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House thought fit to take no further appeals from the judgment of any feps in the matter. In the heat of court, papers taken out of the Secrétathis debate a question arose, whether ry's office, for the benefit of private Collectors of Excise were eligible to a persons, cyder and dogs. In addition seit in the Legislature: and it was to this, they computed 50,000l on the finally determined, that they, came ftate import and excise already laid, w thin the terms of " Officers of the and they also reported a dry tax of Cuftoms” and so were excluded from of 100,000. Of all these articles, that rte House by the Confiitution. This alone, relating to papers taken out of decision deprived two members of the Secretary's office, was accepted, Iheir places; and so far was this prin and the report was again committed cipal of fern republicanisin carried, for the purpose of deviling ways and that it was hinted from several quar: means, mure agreeable to the minds of Ters, that hy strict constitutional rules, the House. In this stage we shall Justices of the Peace had no right to leave it with the other affairs of the make the Laws they themselves were Legislature for the present month. af erwards to execuie : But a question, February r7. This being the third which, if determined against the sitting Tuesday of the month, the day apJuilices, possibly miglit have left the poinied by law, for the fitting of the Hrure without a quorum, was not supreme judicial couit of the Comprefied to a final decision.

monwealth, for the county of Suffolk, Much time has been spent in part

the Honourable the Judges arrayed in

their scarlet robes, the Attorney-Geing the Bills reported by a Committee,

neral and other Barristers at Law, in long since appointed to revise the standing Laws of the Commonwealth.

their proper habits, walked in proces

fon from State Street, preceeded by Of this business an idea may be form their Prothonotary, and the Hgh-Sheed írom a list of Ads which will be

riff, with his officers and servants, to, published; we only observe at pre

the County Court House. There was sent, that the most material alteration

a large concourse of respectable citithat has been agreed upon by the zens colle&ted on the occasion, who two Houses, is extending the juris

shewed much pleasure in this additidiâion of Justices of the Peace to ac

onal proof of confrmed peace, liberty. tions, where the judgment for debt or and law. The court being opened in damages may amount to the sum of form, the grand jury were impa nelfour pounds

led, to whom Mr. Chief Justice Cush. The granting of taxes has been usu. ing gave a learned and animated ally confidered as a subje& of great charge. The Rev. Mr. Howard then importance, and attended with much at the request of the court, made an debate in all countries. We cannot, excellent prayer, well adapted to the therefore expect, nor ought we to

occasion. After which the following with, such measures to be silently ar- gentlemen, pradifing attorpies, were, sented to, in our own. After several by special writ called to the bar, to debates upon an estimate 'of the neces-, take upon them the character, degree, fary expences of government the prę. and dignity of a Barrister at Law,viza fent year, the lower House finally Caleb Strong, Esq; of Northampton voted the sum of £39,000 for the Theodore Sedgwick, Efq; of Sheffield, support of the civil lift, and!£91,000 John Sprague, Elg; of Lancaster, Wily for discharging the public.securities Jiam Tudor, Benjamin Hitchborn ard giten to the officers and Soldiers of the Perez Morton, Erq'rs. of Boften, army, which became due in January William Wermore, Esq; of Salem, and Jaft, with 90,000 more for paying the L-vi Lincoln, Erq; of Worcester.** interest on governmental consolidated To whom tne Chief Justice gave the securities for the present year,amount.

following charge: ting in the whole to 220,000.

THĚ Court have thought fit to A committee on ways and means to Théophilus Parsons,ĘCq; of Newburaise the aforegoing rum, reported an ry Port, being by fickness hiodred excise upon the foilowing articles, from attending, had day given him to deeds regisered in the county records, appear at a loture term, to take the

degree of a Barrister.


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pall 'each of you gentlemen, to the

to the poblet conduet. And learn bar, by special writ, to take upon ing and kill in the laws, under the you the chara&er, dignity and degrue governmeat of right principles, emiof a Barrister at Law. The qualifica- nently qualify for every department tions necessary for which, are a com- in the ftate, as well as to promote petent degree of knowledge and learn- truth and justice in the cause of your

clients. ing in general; particular ikill and experience in the honorable profeffion, I TH*REFORE NOW, in the name of to whict you have devored your- theCourt,solemnly CHARGR YOU,roio, helves; close induftry and applicacion conduct yourselves, and to improve to ftudy, by which knowledge is ac- the talents and abilities, both natural quired and increased; joined with and acquired, with which you are that firm probity, that inflexible in- blerted, as to be of Gngular service to tegrity of mind, producing rectitude your country, by ever defending is of conduct, and fairness of practice, conftitucional freedom; by strength. by which thoie taients are directed to ening, as opportunity calls you, that the most useful purposes, and with- union of the 'ftates, which has been out which the greatest abilities may the groundwork of the present rero. be but the occasion of the greatest lution, and must continue the basis of mi chief io mankind: There quali. our liberty, lo long as liberty shall fcations united, must form the useful endure; and in your general conduct member of focięty, and be subservi

and behavionr, as well as in youi Got to the great and good purposes of pirticular profession, so to dentai promoting public and private justice, yourselves, as to continue and increase of preserving the freedom and advanc- the reputation you have already ac. ing the general welfare and happiness quired, and thereby do signal honour. of the people. "Tis a perfuafion of

to tre court aod to the bar. your being possessed of these qualifi. An Obituary for the Month of Fels. cations, that has induced the court to

DI E D. çall you to this honor.

There is a February 1. At Northheld, Mis. wide field open for the exertion and Hinnah Whitney, consort of Aaruli display of the greatell human powers Whitney, Erq; member of the Gene. and abilices. The union of the States ral Court for chat town, and daughter is in its infancy, and ought to be firm of the late Rev. Mr. Stearns of Lu. ly cemented on the principles of equals nenburgh, aged 36. ity and justice. Our couftitution is 5. At Cambridge, Miss Elizabeth now, au- wants the vigour and sup. Cooke, daughter of the late Rev. port of its framers and their conftitu. Samuel Cooke. ents. Our fyftem of laws is imperfect 5. At Marblehead, Mrs. Ruth and oçeds the skilful finihing hand of Mansfield, consort of Ísaac Mansfield the lawyer. There ever will be par. Esq; Register of the maritime court, ties, more or less, even in the best con- aged 64. Quoted government, and some to fo- 7. At Boston, very suddenly, Mrs. meut them ; while the wisdom of lhe Hannah Shaw, consort of Mr. Will faresmen and the patriot, moderates, bamShaw, of Gouldsboro', and eldet conciliates and refrains, or dire&ts all daughter of Edward Procior, Esqi. of to the public good. There are tlie this towa, aged 26. weighty affairs to be transacted for 9. Mrs. Mary Yorke, widow ni Teuing public credit upon a sure and the late Dr. Yorke, of this town, perinnent foundation; a point most aged 75. efíential to our security and happiness. 9. At Cambridge, Rev. Dior As, from your character and lituati: Nathanael Appleton, senior paftor of on in life, you may expect to be called the first church in that town, in tive to take part in carrying into effect gift year of his age, and 670 or his Thele great public deligns, of which miniftry. you readily comprehend, and feel the 12. A: Silem, Mrs. Elizabeth Bar. importance ; permit me to remind ton, widow of Samuel Barton, Et;; you, that the love of our country late of at town, agert 83. will ever, onder all circumstances and it Boston, Mrs. Elizabet'i upon all occafions, guide and direct

Render, aged 97


13. At Marblehead, Mr. John At Newbury Port, Mrs. Dorothy Pearce, in the 97th year of his age, hav. Carbes, widow of the late Col. John ing rusained the office of a deacon in Carces of this town, aged 84 the second congregational church in 16. At Danvers, Mrs. Ruth Good. that tow!, 42 years. Of 17 soos

ale, She went to bed as well as usual and daughters, with which Providence and in the morning was found dead had blelled him six were twin chil. by her husband, Mr. AbrahamGooddien: The first two arrived at an age ale, in her 7th year. to bear the last twins to the temple,

22. At Bufton, Mrs. Lucy Cushing, for a solemn dedication by their mu- the am able consort of Thomas Cushtual parent, who, with the then pastor ing, jun. Esq; and daughter of the of that church, ranked under the same late Mr. William Whitwell, aged 26. description : These, with other c.r. 24. Very fuddenly, Miss Nancy comliances concurring, gave rise to Amory, third daughter of Mr. Thothe following anecdote. “Twins car- mas Amory, aged 14. ried out twins, a twio held up twins, 25. Mirs Poily Henderson, eldest and a twin baptized them. On the daughter of Joseph Henderson, Elq; hift day of the week, ou the first day aged 20. of the month, and un the first day of Buried in the town of Boston, in the year."

February, 39. Whites, 4 Blacks. 1? 13. In the same town, lately, Mr. all 43. Baptized 34. Henry Webber, aged 86.

Buried ru ine cowl i Sale-n, in the Mrs. Dimart, aged 82. month of January, 15. Baptized ui. Lately, at Northampion in New. Buried in Marblehead, in the year Hampshire, Rev. Henry Alline of

1783, 40 adults, 76 children, 3 blacks. Falmouth, in Nova-Scotia,

la all 1.9. Baptiz. 182.

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571 18


Mereorological Oolervations, February, 1784.
Dr Barometer.
Thermometer Wind.

I! Weather.
I 30.00 29.99 29.99||20,525 128, 5

Cloudy, 229.90 79 59130 33, 541 S.E.

du. foggy, r. nigh 22 18 3 7811 8 47 S. 4.

cloudy fair.
123, 5|| N. W.

fair. 30.07 30.05 96116 21

N. W. W.

29.44 29.15
38 127,531 29

E. 6. S. E. N. W fo. form.clo. fair 72


781:7 22

S. W. N. W

83 10 16
16, 5l w:

cloudy, fair, do 30.10 30 09 30.0414,51I

N. W.

fair. 11 29.97 29 89/29.79|11 15


60 531
123 N. W.

fnow, fair, 13 75 77 9413 120 17


fair. 14 30.03 94 4,512 13

N. W.2.

do. 15 29.77 29.63

63 4 16 N, W. N. do16 60

8 13
13,5 N. w.

do. 27 48

23, 5 N, W.

72 79 85120,529,532

N. W.

do. 19 87 $2,534, 5l w.

cloudy, fair.
81 80

76132 135 135,51 W.N. W. cloudy.
691}32 35, 535,5 N. W.

73 70:29 31, 531


do. 23 67 67

6222 27
129 W.

cloudy, ra. Big! 24 5+

W. S. E.

40; 26,5 31
31,5 N. W.

lair, cloudy. 26

28 129
N. W.

fair. 37 31


30 28
18, 5|N. W.2. 4.

do. 19 148 441 57|| 6,519 111, N. 2.4.

cloudy, fair.


61 48




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13. At Marble herd, Mr. Pearce, in the 97th year of biraz ing rusained the office of a deat the recond congregational che, that tow!), 42 years. and daughters, with which Pro'. had blelled him fix were twi. dien: The first two arrived at a: to bear the jail twins to ine en for a solemn dedication by their tual parent, who, with the then of that church, ranked under the i description : There, with other comliances concurring, gave nie the following anecdote. “ Twins ried out twins, a twil held up w and a twin baptized them. On hift day of the week, on the first of the month, and on the firft day the year."

13. In the same town, lately, N Henry Webber, aged 86.

Mrs. Dimart, aged 82. Lately, at Northampion in Ne. Hampshire, Rev. Henry Alliner Falmouth, in Nova Scotia,



96|| 16







116 115


57 118


Meteorological Oolerv. Dr Barometer.

Thermomets 1 30.00 29.99 29-99||20,525 128, 229.90

79 5930 33,5141

18 3

7811.8 47 40

911 25 26 23,
30.07 30.05
29:44 29.15

38 127,53119

-2 60

78 117


18, 9


10 '30.10 30 09 30.04|| 4:51 13
11 29.97 298929.79111 115


21 13 75

94|13 20 17 14 30.03 30.00 94

4, 512

13 15 29.77 29.63


16 16


8 13 13,5

? 17 48 48

9 18 72 79 85.20,529,532 19 87 86

52, 534, 5 81 80 76132 135 135,5 72 69

691}32 35, 535,5 73

73 70:29 31,531 33 67 62122 27 29 24 54 54 60128 33 34 25 62 56

4026, 531 31,5 26


29 27 31 281

28 125

N 28 30 28

18,5 N 148 441 53|| 6,519 N.



116 23, 5)



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