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At such a temple who would not

adore, To the Editors of the Boston Ma- At beauty's fhrine the parest off'ringe

pour, Gentlemen,

Venus and Dian ip sweet Betsey fee, If the following Solution meets with Join'd to Minerva and the graceful your approbation, by inserting it

three. in your useful and entertaining

CASTALIO. Magazine, you may probably amuse some of your readers, gain a

We are much obliged to young correspondent, and oblige à

Caftalio for the above solution, and YOUTH.

wish for a continuance of his fa. ITH

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her eyes,

Monthly Chronologer for February, 1784.

they have lately. The original inven. Foreign News.

tion of Meffi'r's Montgolfier is daily SALONICA, (Turky in Europe) brought to a higher degree of perfe&iSeptember 10.

The following detail will, I hope, On the 6ta inft. we had two smart

sufhciently prove it : M Ni’rs Charles ihocks of an earthquake. On the

and Roberts, two celebrated acade8th, at hall paft 8 in the morning,

micians, have formed an areoftatic we had a very violent one, and in the

globe, which is covered in such a space of a quarter of an hour three

manoer as to be proof agaioft winds, others, and eleven more within twen.

rains, and every other injury of the ty four hours. Part of the city walls,

elements ; beneath this globe they a bagaio, and some other buildings have fixed a most seperb vehicle, in were thrown dawn..

which several persons may, fit with PARIS, (France) O&tober 17.

ease, carry. provisions, telescopes, a.

small furnace necessary to feed the IS Excellency Benjamin Frank- globe, and the proper pumps intend

ed to diminish,or to encrease the quanry, Major in the regiment Saintonge tity of their gaes, thus prepared, they and Litut. Colonel in the service of , ascended, the other day, from the centhe United States, a medal which had tre of the Tuilleries to an amazing. heen intended for him by Congress, height, in the presence of an immense after taking of fort Stony Point. This number of spectators ; they came 'fort, though defended by 30 pieces of dowo again to within fifteen feet of brass cannon, and 600 choren men, the ground, conversed with the peowas taken in the nigit of the igth of, ple, and proceeded up again, someJuly, 1779, by a detachment of 1100 times accelerating, sometimes dimiAmericans, under the command of Dishing their speed, to sew that they General Wayoe. . Mr. de Fleury, could perfe&tly command the velocity who commanded the van guard, jump. of this machine. I was there ; bút ed the firft into the English entrench- words cannot express the fingular ment, and lowered himself the English mixture of terror and admiration fag. The medal, intended to perpe- which filled my mind, as well as the tvate the memory of this gallant a&i- innumerable crowd which fi'led not on, represents on one side the fort only the gardens, but covered the Stony Point, with this legend, Ag. roofs of all the adjacent houses. Algerea, Paludes, Hoftes Viei. And on

ter having descended four times, perthe exergue Stony Point expug: xv. ceiving that a brisk wind sprung up Jul. M.DCC.LXXI. On tre other from the north, they took leave of ui, fide, a warrior taking a fandard and and told as they intended to spend the trampling it under his feet, with night at -, 31 miles diftant from this legen t ..Virtutis et audaciæ Mô- Paris. After having raised themselves num: et Premium. And on the ex. to an height superior to that of any ergue..-D. Fleury, Equiti Gallo Pri. of the feeples, we saw them traverle imo, Super Muros, Resp': Amer : the whole city, wafted by the wind; D. D.

and we have since learnt that in a veDecember 7. 'Mankind have never ry little time they alighted at their gone so far in natural philosophy as intended deflination. Like mariners,


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In my

Monthly Chronologer.

16) they made use of a fair wind to pro- real of the United States, bearing date ceed on their journey.--the first ever this r4th day of January, 1781sn apundertaken in to new a machine, and prove, ratify and confirm ihe same, executed in that element.

and every part and clause thereof, endezt I will not fail to inform you of gaging, and promising that we would the time they employed.

fincerely and faithíully perform and

observe the same, and American Wews,

never suffer

them to be violated by any one, or KINGSTON, (Jamaica) Nov. 29. transgressed in any manner as far as

We are informed by a gentleman of Mould be in our power : And being undoubted veracity, who is just arri. fincerely disposed to carry the said arved from Port-au Prince, that the har. ticles into execution truly, honestly, bour is crouded with American velleis, and with good faith, according to which are admitted to an entry on the intent and meaning thereof, we the same footing as their own veffels have thought proper by these presents trading to that place, and that liberty: to notify the premises to all the good' of trade is granted to them at the o- citizens of these United States, hereby the other ports of Hispaniola, not with., requiring and cojoining all bodies of Aanding what has been asserted to the magiltracy, legislative, executive and contrary.

judiciary, all persons bearing office,

civil or military, of whatever raok, ANNAPOLIS, January 15. degree or powers, and all others the By the UNITED STATES in CON. good citizens of these States of every

'GRESS assembled, Jan. 14,1784. vocation and condtion, that reverOn the report of a committee to encing those stipulations entered into

viliom were referred the definitive on their behall, under the authority treaty of peace between the United of that feederal bond by which their States of America, and his Britan existence as an independent people is nick Ma jefty, and the joint letter bound up together, and is known and of the roth of September, from Mr. acknowledged by the nations of the Adams, Mr. Franklin and Mr. world, and with that good faith which Jay, Resolved unanimously, Nine, is every man's furent guide within States being present, That the said their several offices, jurisdictions and definitive treaty be, and the fame vocations, they carry into effect the is hereby fratified by the United, said definitive articles, and every States in Congress assembled, in the clause and sentence thereof, fincerely, form following:

ftrictly and compleatly. By tire UNITED STATES in CON.' Given under the seal of the United, GRESS assembled.

Slates.: Witness his Excellency A PROCLAMATION.

Thomas Mimin, our' President, at,

Annapolis, this 1.4th day of JanuaWHEREAS definitive articles of ry, 1784, and of the sovereignty and the United States of America and his

independence of the United States

of America the eighth. Britannick Majesty, were concluded CHARLES THOMSON, Sec. and figned at Paris, on the 3d day of By the UNITED STATES in CONSeptember, 1783, by the Plenipoten- GRESS assembled, Jan. 14, 1784. tiaries of the said United States, and RESOLVED unanimously, nine of his raid Britannick Majesty, duly States being present, That it be and and reípedively authorised for that purpose ; which definitive articies are the legislatures of the respectiveStates:

it is hereby earnefly recommended to in the words following.

to provide for the reftitution of all [for which articles our readers are estates, rights and properties, which

referred to the Bofton Magazine of have been confiscaled,' belonging to December, 1783.)

real British subjects; and also of the And we the United States in Congress assembled, having seen and duly fons refident in diárials which were

efares, rights and properties, of perconfidered the definitive articles aforesaid, did by a certain act, wpder the jesty's arms, at any time between the

in the possession of his Britannick Ma

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goth day of November, 1782, and the lives, having been a confiderable time 14th day of January, 1784, and who in the water, but the waggon aod the bave not borne arms against the faid whole of the baggage (in which is in United States ; and that persons of cluded a truok having between s and al; other description, Mall have free 600 guineas in cash, with bank notes liberty to go to any part or parts of and other papers of value) was totally any of the Thirteen United States, loft. and therein to remain twelve months, BOSTON, February 22. uhmolested in their endeavours ta obe They write from Vienna, Capital of

the reftitution of such their the German Empire, that the Empe-, eftales, rights and properties, as may ror has appointed the Sieur de Bealer have been conf'cated ; and it is also to repair to these States in order to hereby earnestly recommended to the settle a commercial treaty with Confeveral nates, to reconsider and revise gress; and that the Emperor had cauall their acts' or laws regarding the red notice thereof to be given to all premises, so as torerder the faidlaws the Merchants throughout hisdominions or ads perfectly confifteot, not only The General Assembly of Conne&i-, with justice and equity, but with that cut have incorporated the Towns of fpirit of conciliation, which, on the New. London and New.Haven with return of the blefli.:cs of peace, should city privileges. In consequence of uh verfully prevail. And it is hereby which they have had meetings and ealso earnestly recommended to the lected the Mayors, Aldermen and comseveral states, that the estates, rights mon Councilmeo ot those cities. Roand properties of such last mentioned ger Sherman, Erq; is elcced Mayor of persons, thall be restored to them, they the city of New-Naven. gefunding to any persona, who may be Mr. Morris, Financier of the United now in potseilion, the bona fida price States of America, has advertised the (where any has been given) which

Public, “That the United States are luch persona may have paid, on pur- held to payment of monies in Amsterchafing any of the said lands, rights or

dam and Paris, for the principal and properties, since the confiscation.

interest of sums borrowed there ; which CHARLES THOMSON, Sec.

payment will be provided for, out of We are informed that the ratificati- the funds to be granted by the several on of the definitive treaty was imme- States, in consequence of the recomdiately dispatched to the Ministers mendations of Congress in that behalf Plenipotentiary of the United States made,and that to reduce fuch paymento at Paris, under the care of Colonel in Europe, to precise sums in America, Harmar, who set out from this place contracts must be entered into for the early yesterday morning for New making of them. As it is probable York, with a view of sailing in a pac- therefore, that all will now speedily arket froin that place to France, and sent to the aforefaid recommendations that yefterday - triplicate was order already adopted by the greater part, ed to be sent under the care of Lieu- the time for proposing. such contracts tenaot-Colonel D. S. Franks, who was muft foon arrive, and consequently the to set out with all dispatch, and take persons who may hereafter incline to passage in any other vefsel which shall offer proposals, would do well to ob fir A lait from any port eastward of tain in time the necessary informations Philadelphia.

and form the proper arrange.nents with PHILADELPHIA, Jaduary 14, their several correspondents." We learn from different parts of

On Wednesday moruing the country, that considerable dam. Jaft, an infant (supposed to be about a age has been done by the sudden and week old) was found dead, concealed extraordinary rise of water, occafion- between two beds, in a chamber, ed by the thaw and great rain last, at the south part of the town. A jury of week The stage from this city to inqueft being summoned, returned Baltimore with fix pufsengers was up their verdia WilFUL MURDER. A fet in a run, four miles on the other

young woman, supposed to be the mos Gde of Hartford ; the pafsengers and ther, was soon after, taken .up.aod driver narrowly escaped with their commited to goal.


Feb. 23



Monthly Chronologer. The great frethet on Tuesday laft, should recomend the return of the carried away part of the great bridge Refugees. Although nothing decifive in Watertown.

has yet been done relative to this mo. It is universally agreed, that the mentous affair, the opinion of the late heavy rains and unsettled wea. lower House seems to have been an. ther bave rendered the roads ro ex- ticipated on the subject by an accia ceedingly bad, that a like instance can. dental circumstance. Mr. Archibald eot be noticed by the oldest person McNeill a proscribed person, reliving.

turned to Bofton at this jun&ture. In the snow form on Friday last, A complaint was entered against him two fishing boats, beroaging to this before two Justices, who for special town, were loft and 'tis reported three reasons adjourned their court reve. perfons perihed.

ral times. Some members struck with On Wednesday the 21st of Jan. what appeared to them to be an evaDary tàe General Court or Allem. fion of the law, which pointed out a bly of this Commonwealth, met ac- moft fummary mode of proceeding cording to adjournment, at the State against the obje&ts of it, moved and House in this town.

carried their motion, for a committee A sketch of the proceedings at the to examine into the condud of Jurpresent Seffion of the Legitlature, we tices of the Peace, relative to their conceive will got be dilagreeable to executing

laws provided our readers : for, although it is im- against the return of the abreotees poffible for us to foretel, what will be This committee was succeeded by the final result of many mealuies that another, who drew up articles of im are now before them; yet the variety peachment against the Justices : and of bufioefs which it is probable will be the House began seriously to turn transacted, and the importance of its their attention to fuch evidence, as object in many inftances we think might warrant them in laying these muft render it in some degree amusing articles before the senate. This proand joftru&tive. Certain it is, the ceedore afforded time for the law to period at which this Şeflior opened, operate upon Mr. McNeil, who was was a period of great expectation. immediately transported out of the Tbe Definitive Treaty was to arrive, fate, and upon the Justices producand the conje&tures of speculative ing an exemplification of their record men were about to be finimed, by an before the House, agreably to direcactual decision upon the recommen- tions for that purpole, the whole mat., datory articles of peace. Provifion' ter was ordered to subside ; not how too was to be made for the improving ever as many people supposed, before of fach advantages and the remedy. the majority of the House bad eviing of such evils as might arise either denced a difpofition by no moans prog from the Treaty, or from the subfe- pitious to the interests of the retugees. quent measures adopted by the ne- This scrutiny did not ftop with the gotiating powers.

examination of officers without doors. The reftri&ions laid upon Ameri. In the laft Sefion a committee was can trade in the British Well-Indies appointed to correspond with the. were not unattended to, and early in delegates at Congress ; and it was the feffon a committee of both Houses' niggested that letters had been rewas appointed to confider of fuitable ceived, by them relative to the long measures for removing this difficulty. contefted grant of an' Impor tochat

The refult, no doubt, will be either body, which were never communipobtive reftritions of a fimilar nature cated to the House. An enquiry in pon British trade in this Srate, or a having been made into this matter by tender of powers to Congress for that a committee, it was found necessary purpose.

for a member who was privy to the The interesting point, to which the receipt of the letters, to give his rea.. attention of all ranks of men appear fons in writing for not making this to be turned, is the Articles of the circumstance known. These reasons Creaty Aipulating that Sorgress were voted anfatisfactory, though the

House Х

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