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Mr. LAMKIN. The places of all the temporary employees were not filled by permanent employees.

Mr. BLANTON. They were not?
Mr. LAMKIN. No, sir.

Mr. BLANTON. I am glad to see that one department especially is putting in every item so as not to hoodwink the Government in any way.

Mr. LAMKIN. I am trying to get every item, no matter how big it looks.

Mr. BRAND. Will you give your opinion as to whether or not this bill, in providing for the appointment of this new man, is necessary or advisable?

Mr. LAMKIN. Mr. Chairman, I hardly like to reply to that. I see no objection to it.

The Chairman. I think the director feels some delicacy in regard to that question. Mr. BRAND. I didn't ask a question.

question. I asked whether you had any objection to giving your opinion.

Mr. LAMKIN. I see no objection to putting a soldier on for a time while the rehabilitation program is in progress.

The CHAIRMAN. The general idea is that it may allay considerable criticism.

Mr. LAMKIN. Yes, sir; it might allay some criticism; but I want to say this, if you will allow me to say it, that when Congress delegates to a board or to any person the discretion of saying whether or not this man meets the condition of the law for rehabilitation somebody is going to criticize.

The CHAIRMAN. Members of the committee, the Green bill, H. R. 11724, will be taken up for consideration probably at the next meeting. Mr. Husted has a resolution before the committee and asks the privilege that he might be heard this morning. My suggestion to that was to wait until the committee could have a chance to look it over, but if there is no objection on the part of the committee we will hear Mr. Husted now.

(The committee then proceeded to other business.)


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