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"Some say that 'amnesty' will 'bind up the country's wounds.' I say that it would be a mass precedent for desertion and draft dodging and we will never stand for it; and no candidate for political office at any level should forget this for one moment.

"And I specifically include those who call for a Presidential 'pardon.' Changing the word 'amnesty' to the word 'pardon' doesn't fool us for one moment and I don't believe it will fool the American people ...

"Should you ask me why we do what we do, my answer would be brief: to celebrate our tricentennial as the richest, freest, and best nation in the history of the world.

"And, to make this event happen, we are going to make patriotism pay at the polling place more than ever.

"Since 1964, our Navy has gone down by 50% in ships, 31% in aircraft, 23% in manpower, and 22% in total displacement. Now, we have fewer ships than we did just before Pearl Harbor! Feel any better?

"Four years ago – in 1972 – the Soviets had a 2 to 1 advantage over us in the throwweight of their missile arsenal. Four years from now, unless reversed, their advantage will be 4 to 1...

"Now, apart from our position in Korea, the 'domino theory' has moved from 'theory' to fact in Asia. American power and influence have been ejected from Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand. The Philippines may well raise the ante on our two bases there Subic Bay and Clark Air Force Base. A political shift in Japan could force us off Okinawa ..

"In short, our position in the world has eroded and those who seek to be our leaders are busy looking the other way...

"Now for some specific jobs for all of us to do in the year ahead:

"Block, and then reverse, the impending sell out of the Republic of Taiwan. What is morally wrong can never be politically right and any sell out of our staunch ally of 35 years would stain American foreign policy for all time.

"It will not happen!

"Keep our flag flying over the United States Canal located on the Isthmus of Panama without any 'ifs,' 'ands,' or 'buts.'

''Start today to assure that the United States Navy and the United States Merchant Marine regain their position as the world's foremost ocean going force. America is a blue water world island and we should never forget this inescapable geographic and strategic fact.

"Never quit telling the 94th (and 95th) Congresses that if they quit on military commissary stores, every member who so votes will have the V.F.W. to contend with back where he lives ...

"Now, so long as one American is carried as 'MIA' we will continue our heartfelt support for the tragedy-touched next-ofkin...


Yes, TOGETHER WE WILL MAKE IT, and again, your V.F.W. will show the way to the timid, the apathetic, and the deceived,

For we set our course by the distant stars and not by the light of every passing ship.

[blocks in formation]
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upon the Congress and the Administration the importance of the B-1 Bomber and request that the United States promptly purchase and deploy, as available, the long overdue 244 B-1 replacement bombers.

Nations "Genocide' Convention, and so inform the United States Senate and the President.

4. To prevent America being in an undeniable position of military, hence political, inferiority and vulnerability, we continue our opposition to the heedless and unexamined American acceptance of "detente."

13. In an effort to keep Americans alive and free, we urge the President to appoint a panel of citizens to study the current status and projected effectiveness of U. S. Civil Defense measures. In light of the panel's findings, recommend both short and long term measures needed to defend exposed America, and as a stop gap measure, fund the beleagured and by-passed Civil Defense Preparedness Agency by at least $110 million for FY 1977, and charge this Agency with developing plans to move "out front" and become a truly national component of our "common defense" willing and able to provide the national lea rshi necessary to protect exposed America. 14. In view of the concommitant mortgag. ing of our national security and freedom of action, we support a fair and comprehensive U. S. energy policy designed to reverse growing U. S. dependence on OPEC oil imports.

5. We call upon the President and the Congress to continue the present policy of no trade with, or diplomatic recognition of, Communist Cuba, and under no circum.. stances grant concessions affecting complete and undiluted U. S. sovereignty, control and use of Guantanamo Bay as a U. S. Naval Base of Supreme strategic and political importance.

6. We urge the U. S. Government to fully honor and stand behind the Mutual Defense Treaty of 1952 with the Government of the Philippines as long as the Government of the Philippines honors their commitment under said treaty.


7. In an effort to combat the problem of illegal aliens in the United States, we recommend as a Congressionally-mandated effort be undertaken to rid the United States of illegal aliens by causing employers to verify the immigration status of their employees, and, border patrol surveillance and illegal alien detection techniques be intensified to assure that this hurtful traffic does not resume again in the future.

1. We convey to the President and the Congress our conviction that the current policy of neglect towards the 20 nations of Latin America, save retreat on the Canal Zone, is bankrupt, and that a new and discriminating pattern of nation-to-nation policies be undertaken.

2. We urge the President and the Congress to reduce U. S. financial support to the United Nations from its current level to a pro rata share; ie, 1/144 of the UN budget, and unless the blatantly anti-American bias cease, we withdraw from the UN General Assembly.

8. In reaffirming our unalterable support for the Constitution and the government established thereunder, we continue our strong opposition to the subordination of the United States of America, its government, and its citizens to any form of World Government.

3. We oppose U. S. adherence to the United




4. Any action by the President or the Congress to reduce traditional military commissary privileges and services will continue to receive total opposition by the V.F.W.

1. We will continue our unalterable position of total opposition to unconditional or conditional "amnesty" or "pardon" and, through our membership, inform the Congress and the American people of our total commitment to pursue the "amnesty never" doctrine. We cannot and will not advocate support for any political party or candidate proposing to grant amnesty or pardon to those who fled at a time when loyal citizens were fighting and dying in conflict with our nation's enemies.

5. We call upon the Executive Branch of the Government, in close consultation with the Congress, to draw up a plan for truly universal military training for all U. S. citizens in a specific age group, and upon completion of this plan, hold it in readiness to be formally and unequivocally presented to the Congress for implementation should the expensive and experimental reliance upon "All Volunteer Forces' prove to be unworkable or, for any reason, fall short of doing the needed job.

6. We urge that the Selective Service System be fully supported by the Office of Management and Budget as a key part of our total manpower mobilization effort, and that annual registration of 18-year old males be resumed as soon as feasible. We also request that a headquarters be reestablished in each state of the union, as well as at the national level, with adequate funds and staff necessary to carry out the foregoing.

2. As a part of our total commitment to obtain a complete accounting of our men Missing in Action, we urge continuance of the Select Committee on MIAs beyond the January, 1977 expiration date to examine and recommend upon all aspects of the MIA situation still unresolved. We denounce as the lowest form of international blackmail any attempts to barter for information on our men listed as Missing in Action. We requ 'st the Administration and the Congress to speak out forcefully and publicly on this issue, and recommend that no most favored nation status be granted, or no further trade agreements be negotiated with either the Soviet Union or Red China. We also oppose any material or monetary aid for North Vietnam or any like-minded countries until such time as our remaining Prisoners of War are released and a full and accurate accounting and/or return of our men Missing in Action has been made. As called for in Resolution 319A, the Secretary of State will be urged to move the MIA issue up among his negotiating priorities.

7. We oppose any effort by the Congress or the military Jepartments to eliminate characterization of discharge, or to lower the requirements for an honorable discharge.

8. One of the most outstanding programs for producing military officers and future leaders of our nation is the Reserve Officers Training Corps, as well as the Junior ROTC Program. In this regard, we continue our staunch support for both the ROTC and Junior ROTC programs, and recommend to all college and university students that they take advantage of the tremendous opportunity for training, leadership and achievement which the Reserve Officers Training Corps presents.

3. We will continue to take the lead in pressing home to both the Congress and the Executive Branch our total and uncompromising opposition to any proposal from any quarter which would have the practical or potential effect of unionizing our armed forces.

9. We continue our strong support of the USO, an organization so important to the



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