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VA Hospitals: Patients Discharged, Type of Patient, Age, Length of Stay
VA Hospitals: Patients Discharged, Age, Marital Status, Diagnostic Grouping
VA Hospitals: Patients Discharged, Compensation and Pension Status,
Type of Patient, Age
VA Hospitals: Patients Discharged, Compensation and Pension Status, Type of Hospital,
Type of Patient, Sex
Operations Performed in VA Hospitals
VA Hospitals: Patients Discharged, Type of Patient, Percent Hospitalized in
Reported State of Residence
VA Hospitals: Patients Discharged, Diagnostic Grouping, Average and Median
Length of Stay, Length of Stay Distribution
Cost of Operation of Medical Inpatient Facilities

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VA Domiciliaries, VA Nursing Home Care Units, and Community Nursing
Homes: Turnover
VA and State Domiciliaries: Average Daily Census, Average Operating Beds
State Nursing Homes: Average Daily Census
VA Nursing Home Care Units: Average Operating Beds, Average Daily Census
Community Nursing Homes: Admissions, Average Daily Census, Remaining
State Nursing Homes, State Home Domiciliaries, State Home Hospitals: Turnover


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Outpatient Medical Care: Purpose of Visit, Staff, Fee
Outpatient Dental Care: (Class I-VI) Applications-Fiscal Years 1969-1976
Outpatient Dental Care: Examinations and Treatment Cases Completed,
Fiscal Years 1969 1976

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Disability: Class of Dependent, Period of Service
Disability, Degree of Impairment, Type of Major Disability, Period of Service
Death: Total, Class of Beneficiary, Period of Service


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Disability: Total, Period of Service, Type of Major Disability
Death: Total, Class of Beneficiary, Period of Service


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Persons in Training During Fiscal Year by Program, Period of Service
Post-Korean Veterans and Service Personnel Training Programs-Individuals Trained
Sons, Daughters, Spouses and Widows/Widowers Training Programs




Guaranteed or Insured Loans, Direct Loans, Property Management


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Appropriations and Other Receipts versus Expenditures, Cumulative through June 30,
Summary of Operations (Accrual Basis)
In Force

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70 71 72 73 74 75 76

VA Gross Expenditures-Fiscal Years 1967-1976
Appropriations, Expenditures and Balances, Cash Basis
Veterans Administration Comparative Consolidated Balance Sheet
VA Supply Fund: Comparative Balance Sheet
VA Supply Fund: Statement of Income and Expense
Estimated Selected Expenditures by State
Location and Status of National Cemetery Gravesites

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NOTE: These estimates have been developed from "bench mark" veteran population statistics for the states as of June 30, 1970, based on 1970 Census of Population data on veterans' place of residence, extended to June 30, 1976 on the basis of (1) 1965-1970 veteran interstate migration statistics from the 1970 Census; (2) Bureau of the Census provisional estimates of 1970-1971 net civilian migration of the states: "Current Population Report, " Series P-25, No. 468 October 5, 1971; and (3) mobility of the United States Population 1970-1971, "Current Population Reports, " Series P-20, No. 235, April 1972. They are

independent of, and therefore not directly comparable with, estimates for June 30, 1970 through June 30, 1974, previously published. Excluded are an estimated 194 (thousand) who served only between World War I and World II, and 251 (thousand) who served only between World War II and the Korean Conflict.

See footnotes at end of table 3.

87-044 - 77 - 17


Estimated Number, Regional Office, Period of Service - June 30, 1976

(In thousands)

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veteran population estimates as of June 30, 1970 based on the U.S. Census of Population 1970. Refer to general note below table 1.

NOTE: For alle regional offices whose jursidiction includes only part of a state or extends into another state, the estimates of veterans are computed by applying the most recent veteran population ratio factors for the counties or uban places involved. These factors were developed from county

See footnotes at end of table 3.

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