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Such extensive services would not be consistent with the purpose of the emergency grant program. In other words, it would not be reasonable to have an accumulation of long-standing physical defects or ailments corrected at public expense while receiving emergency grants. On the other hand, when clients are beset by acute illness, broken limbs, toothache or are in need of obstetrical care, and so forth, they should not be permitted to suffer for want of indispensable medical, surgical or dental aid. State and local health authorities will be consulted when arrangements for medical care are under consideration.

When illness and accident necessitate medical and surgical aid entailing considerable expense, local private and public agencies should be requested to cooperate in meeting the problem. Arrangements should be made and an understanding reached with physicians, surgeons and dentists for special rates to emergency grant cases. When a schedule of charges for medical and dental services for relief clients, has been agreed upon between the medical profession and relief agencies, such charges will not be exceeded for services to grant recipients. When situations arise wherein it is impossible to enlist local co-operation and there is an apparent disposition to force the Farm Security Administration to carry the whole load and meet all costs at regular commercial rates, any arrangements contemplated will be submitted to the Administrator for approval.* [Par. 4, A.O. 92, rev. 2, Aug. 14, 1936, 1 F.R. 1124]

321.5 Resettlement Information Service. In order to prevent the aimless migration from drought areas of farm families who feel that there is no hope for successful operation of their farms and to provide such families with information as to conditions and alternative opportunities in other areas, there is established herewith, as a function of the Rural Rehabilitation Division, a Resettlement Information Service. This Service will provide farmers with information as to (a) types of farming in other areas; (b) problem areas where closer settlement is inadvisable; (c) capital required to become established in areas suitable for closer settlement; (d) employment opportunities available in other areas; and (e) soil types, natural cover, climate and other physical data in other areas.

This Service will be maintained strictly as an information service. No attempt will be made to advise farmers to remain where they are or to move to other areas.* [Pars. 1, 2b, A.O. 191, Aug. 13, 1936]


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*For statutory citation, see note to § 321.1.

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