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Amending schedule B, subdivision I, para

graph 8, of the Civil Service Rules. Amending schedule A, subdivision III, para

graph 7, of the Civil Service Rules. Amending E.O. 7845, Mar. 21, 1938, prescrib

ing regulations relating to annual leave of

government employees. Amending section 5 of E.O. 7846, Mar.

21, 1938, prescribing regulations for sick

leave of government employees. Establishing the Tybee Migratory Bird

Refuge, Georgia.
Reestablishing the Toiyabe National Forest,

Extending the provisions of the Civil Service

Retirement Act to certain classified

employees. Restoring to the Territory of Hawaii the

land comprising the Upolu Point Military Reservation for aeronautical purposes

and reserving land for military purposes. Enlarging the Hart Mountain Antelope

Refuge, Oregon.
Amending E.V. 9, Jan. 17, 1873, to per-

mit employees of the Virgin Islands to
be appointed as deputies by the United

States Marshal of the Virgin Islands. Establishing the Tamarac Migratory Water

fowl Refuge, Minnesota. Establishing the Back Bay Migratory Water

fowl Refuge, Virginia. Establishing Ruby Lake Migratory Water

fowl Refuge, Nevada. Establishing the Wheeler Migratory Water

fowl Refuge, Alabama.

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* Cited as authority. 1 Appears in tabulated form. 2 TA–Trade Agreement. 3 Appears in footnote. 4 Appendix A. 5 Superseded by Proc. 2265, Proc. 2266, and Proc. 2267 of December 29, 1937. 6 Superseded by Proc. 2267, December 29, 1937. 7 Superseded by Proc. 2266, December 29, 1937. 8 Superseded by Proc. 2265, December 29, 1937. o Introduction to Subchapters A, B and C. 10 Reservation known as Camp Scott was changed in 1862 to Camp Douglas. 11 Revoked by E.O. 7757, Dec. 1, 1937. 12 Appendix C.

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Part 1 Recognition of attorneys, agents, and 6 Checks and warrants to deceased or other persons

incompetent payees 2 Revision, reopening, review of settle- 7 Transportation requests; identifica

tion of traveler ments

8 Bills of lading for transportation of 3 Safeguarding accounts, records, in

Government property formation, and furnishing copies

9 Transportation vouchers 4 Doubtful accounts and claims

10 Federal tax exemption certificates 5 Applications for settlement for de- 11 Certifications by contractors and ceased or incompetent persons



Accounts and Deposits, Department of the Treasury: See Money and Finance:

Treasury, 31 CFR Chapter II.


Decisions of the Comptroller General of the United States. Annual, v. 14,

1921For list of the abbreviations used in this chapter, see note to § 1.1. PART 1-RECOGNITION OF ATTORNEYS, AGENTS, AND



Sec. 1.1 Committee on enrollment and dis- 1.6 Authority to prosecute claims. barment.

1.7 Substitution of attorneys and revo1.2 Applications for enrollment.

cation of authority. 1.3 Restriction of right to be heard. 1.8 Withdrawal or amendment of rules 1.4 Complaints and disbarment pro- and regulations. ceedings.

1.9 Effective date. 1.5 Causes for disbarment.

Section 1.1 Committee on enrollment and disbarment. A committee on enrollment and disbarment is hereby created, consisting of the Chief Attorney, who shall act as chairman, the Chief Clerk, who shall have the custody of all papers, records, rolls, etc., and one member detailed from one of the auditing divisions. The members of the committee shall serve for the calendar year and shall perform the duties herein prescribed in addition to their other duties. The said committee shall meet regularly on the first Monday of each month, if a business day, and shall meet specially on other days at the call of the chairman or any member. Two members shall constitute a quo

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rum. The committee shall receive and consider applications to be recognized as attorney, agent, or other representative before the General Accounting Office; receive complaints against those enrolled; conduct hearings, make inquiries, perform other duties as prescribed herein, and do all things necessary in the matter of proceedings for enrollment or disbarment of such attorneys, agents, or other representatives, pursuant to the regulations in this part; and submit recommendations therein to the Comptroller General for approval.**

*88 1.1 to 1.9, inclusive, issued under the authority contained in sec. 311 (f), 42 Stat. 25; 31 U.S.C. 52 (f).

fin 88 1.1 to 1.9, inclusive, the numbers to the right of the decimal point correspond with the respective section numbers in Circ. 3, General Accounting Office, Nov. 1, 1921.

ABBREVIATIONS: The following abbreviations are used in this chapter:
Bull. Bulletin, Comptroller General.
Circ. Circular, Comptroller General.
Regs. General regulations, Comptroller General.

1.2 Applications for enrollment. Applicants for enrollment pursuant to the regulations in this part shall submit to the Comptroller General an application, properly executed, on the form provided therefor.1

*Form of application. General Accounting Office. Office Comptroller General,

Form 25.


Application of Individual or Firm for Admission to Practice Before the General

Accounting Office.



. [Words inapplicable to be lined out.) The Honorable


.----as an individual
(Name of individual or firm)

as a firm composed of -(Name of member.)

(Name of member.) (Name of member.)

(Name of member.) (Name of member.)

(Name of member.) (Name of member.)

(Name of member.)

-----(Name of member.)

(Name of member.) with my office at-------

----------------hereby apply for enrollment to be recognized as -----

(Attorney--or agent---sent others before the General Accounting Office.



We and each of us are members of the

of the bar of.-------

-----------and attach hereto certificate.. to that effect from said court.

I am
We are now

tre now in active practice and in good standing in said court.



* Paragraph 2 should be filled out only where the applicant is not a member of the bar of a court of record. Page 2

Applications in any other form will not be considered. The attorneys authorized to be admitted to practice by section 311 (f), Act of June 10, 1921 (42 Stat. 25; 31 U.S.C. 52 (f)), are defined as embracing


24 I am familier mit We are

familiar with the laws, rules, and regulations of the General Accounting Office and ama qualified to act as the representative-- of others and render them valuable service, particularly in matters relating to-------

----------because of bly, education, training, and business experience, which have been respectively as follows: (State in chronological order, giving dates.)




i i ri


never 3. We and each of us have never been

been rejected or suspended or disbarred from appearing as attorney or agent, or in any other representative capacity, before any branch of the Federal or any State Government or municipality, or court thereof, except----


never 4. We and each of us have never

or been an officer or employee of the United States, except as follows: (State name of office or nature of employment and dates.) ------------------

5. have read and noted paragraph 5 of General Accounting Office Circular No. 3, dated November 1, 1921, and particularly the following clause thereof:

“The Comptroller General regards as unethical advertising in any form which represents the fact of enrollment as a solicitation for employment, and particularly any suggestion of acquaintance with officials of, or prior

connection with, the Government of the United States." 6. ma have made no previous application to be recognized as attorney-- or agent-- before the General Accounting Office, except-------------------------



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we do solemnly swear (or affirm) that we will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that

will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which ai to enter. So help me God.

we are about

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[blocks in formation]

*Paragraph 2 should be filled out only where the applicant is not a member of the bar of a court of record.

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